QQ Sweeper 1

QQ Sweeper 1

Kyousuke Motomi / May 29, 2020

QQ Sweeper The manga s ad uses the tagline brush away all the soot of the hear The cleaning story of love and bravery follows Kyuutarou who never leaves a speck of dust behind when he cleans One day he meets a

  • Title: QQ Sweeper 1
  • Author: Kyousuke Motomi
  • ISBN: 9784091363169
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • The manga s ad uses the tagline brush away all the soot of the hear The cleaning story of love and bravery follows Kyuutarou, who never leaves a speck of dust behind when he cleans One day, he meets a girl who wants to be his apprentice.

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        Kyousuke Motomi Motomi Ky suke is a Japanese mangaka whose stories have frequently been published in the monthly Betsucomi magazine She is most currently working on Dengeki Daisy.She uses a male pseudonym and draws herself as a man, but she s actually female If my stories can touch you, make you laugh, forget unhappy things, or even give you that good job feeling, then I ll be super, super happy Kyousuke Motomi


    1. Loved it! It had all the elements that made me love Dengeki Daisy, and it's a story I've not read a million times. The concept is interesting, and the characters are intriguing. This is the first new manga series I've been excited about in awhile.

    2. Who knew a manga about cleaning would be so interesting?So this series is one which equates cleanliness of the home with cleanliness of the heart. A dirty area draws in negativity and causes the people to become "infested" with the same dirty bugs as the places they inhabit.Volume one covers from start to finish one such case.There's not much to say right now, other then the eccentric characters really draw me in. I'm interested and I think I'll keep going on this.

    3. I wasn't too sure about this. The premise sounded interesting but, it's always hit and miss for me with shoujo because I don't like romance. But I adored QQ Sweeper!! It's got something for everyone and Fumi is a fantastic female character. She's bold and brazen in her pursuit for a Prince Charming. She wants a handsome rich man and has no shame in saying so. She has the good-hearted, kind nature of any Disney princess. On the other hand she kicks ass, boldly goes where ever the heck she wants, [...]

    4. This comic was ok. 2/5 stars.Sebenarnya nggak ada yg salah dengan komik ini. Gambar bagus, ceritanya juga jelas. Hanya mungkin ekspektasi saya yg terlalu tinggi. Setelah sekian lama, saya mengharapkan cerita dengan rasa berbeda dari Motomi Kyosuke sensei. Tapi ternyata plot cerita yg saja dapatkan sama saja dengan karya-karyanya yg sebelumnya: kehidupan SMA di mana karakter utamaya adalah cewek tangguh yg punya impian menikah dengan cowok kaya/tangguh/etc; lalu tokoh utama cowoknya selalu yg kel [...]

    5. Fumi is a sixteen year old girl that has been left alone by her guardians. They just skipped town and left her on her own. She tried to play it off but it comes to light when she sleeps in an old building and Kyutaro finds her.Through varies actions Fumi enters a weird door trying to save a classmate where bugs are crawling. It's unlike anything she's ever seen before. She's about to give up finding a way out when she remembers her dream of finding Prince Charming and thus she carries on.She mak [...]

    6. كعادة كل مانجا يابانية في الحياة , مدرسة ثانوية, طالب\ـة منتقل\ـة , لكن انا أحب موتومي كيوسكي , أحب رسمها وأحب تعبيرات وجوه الشخصيات , ولو اني ماحبيت نهاية دنجيكي دايزي وكيف كبرت القصه عن حجمها , اتمنى أتمنى انها تتلافى هذا الخطأ هنا وما تكبر القصه اكبر من حجمها , القصه خفيفه كومي [...]

    7. --- The Handsome QQ Sweeper 1-3 ---Plot: Kadang rasanya lucu, tapi sebagian besar-- tidak cocok dengan selera humor dan ekspektasi plot saya.Penokohan: Ok.Gambar: Ok.[7.3/10]

    8. "People's hearts aren't simple things."A very promising start to a 3 volume series!! Fumi is the unreliable narrator with a possible fake name and background that she offers to the President of the school. She snuck in for a nap and Kyutaro (nicknamed "Q") found her.She transfers to his class and reveals she's here to full-fill her Cinderella Dream: Get a Rich Man. But things might be a little more complicated than she thought. When Fumi opens a door that no one else can see she discovers Kyutar [...]

    9. I’ve tried getting into Motomi Kyosuke before—I read a couple volumes of Dengeki Daisy, but it didn’t really grab me and I wasn’t fully interested in Beast Master. But the premise for QQ Sweeper sounded interesting and so I decided to give the first volume a shot.So I really enjoyed this first volume! There’s an interesting premise right at the beginning, and the characters are really engaging from their first on-page appearance. I love that although Fumi’s the picture of a “can-do [...]

    10. 3.5 stars to be exact. Karya Kyousuke Motomi kali ini lain dari biasanya, tentang sebuah keluarga (!?) yang bekerja di bidang spesialisasi kebersihan yang tugas utamanya justru dirahasiakan dari orang luar yaitu spesialisasi "kebersihan" hati / pikiran manusia. Kisah ini saya beri tag fantasy dan supernatural walau masih belum jelas juga karena penjelasan dan fakta yang disuguhkan di ceritanya serba ambigu. Melibatkan dunia di alam bawah sadar manusia dan (sepertinya) seputar kekuatan pikiran ma [...]

    11. I guess this is paranormal romance? A homeless orphaned high schooler, Fumi Nishioka, has just transferred to a new high school. She meets Kyutaro Horikita - tall, dark, handsome, and excellent at cleaning - and, through hijinks, becomes his apprentice cleaner. But they don't just clean up normal messes, they clean away negative energy and vanquish the monsters that come with such bad feelings. Can Fumi do it? Will Kyu fall for her? Probably. This wasn't awful, but I found it just tolerable. It' [...]

    12. Contains Sweep 1 - 5: This series looks like another interesting story by Kyousuke Motomi. I enjoyed this volume and like the characters involved and am looking forward to reading what happens in the next volume.

    13. It was alrighti was so in love with beat master but this series so far is pretty boring i sure hope it gets better glad i got this at the library.

    14. Today's post is on QQ Sweeper volume 1 by Kyousuke Motomi. It is 189 pages long and is published by Shojo Beat. It is the first in her QQ Sweeper series. The cover is pink with the two main characters on it. The intended reader is someone who likes shojo, cute characters, and an interesting world. There is no foul language, no sex, and no violence in this volume. The story closely follows the main female character. There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the back of the book- One day, Kyutaro Horikita, the [...]

    15. This review is for the whole series. Proceed with caution. Um how did this rip out my heart and stomp on it in three volumes? Very impressive. Anyway, QQ Sweeper is a stinkin cute romance with a healthy dose of mystery and a dash of fantasy. It’s a great “prequel” of sorts to the main story (which is Queen’s Quality) in which we will learn much more about this word. If you don’t like reading series without solid endings, this isn’t for you. A lot of questions are left unanswered, the [...]

    16. WOW, this was really good. The plot was intriguing, and each character has his/her own quirk. Fumi is no Teru (from Dengeki Daisy), but she held her ground as a strong female lead. Both Kyutaro and Koichi have great personalities, though I wonder how they're related. And who's this Fuyu person, hmmmmmm????? I've got to say though, the last chapter really caught my attention. Why does Koichi doubt Fumi's background? P.S: I loved Onizuka's "guest appearance"!

    17. YOU KNOW KYOUSUKE MOTOMI IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MANGAKA SINCE I WAS IN COLLEGE?? I stopped binge-reading mangas a few years ago but by that time I've read everything she's published (I eventually gave up on Dengeki Daisy when it was just airing the 11th? 12? 13th? volume but man, I really, really love Kyousuke Motomi!) The premise is uncommon and I like it.

    18. C'est intrigant, c'est sympa, c'est plutôt drôle et bien fichu, et ça m'a même motivé à nettoyer et ranger (un peu) ma chambre.

    19. Although the name of this book sounds weird , the plot and characters are absolutely awesome and will drive u on ur nerds!

    20. Review by K.M.: "This manga is a little improper, but it is funny and cute-ish. Story may not be good for those under 16."

    21. Ce livre est génial, enfin un shojo ou il se passe quelque chose, il y a des mystères, et même si on se doute déjà des réponses, l'histoire n'est pas centré sur l'amour des héros, ce qui est chouette.

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