The Lunatic: Poems

The Lunatic: Poems

Charles Simic / Apr 06, 2020

The Lunatic Poems From Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate Charles Simic comes a dazzling collection of poems as original meditative and humorous as the legendary poet himself This latest volume of poetry

  • Title: The Lunatic: Poems
  • Author: Charles Simic
  • ISBN: 9780062364760
  • Page: 121
  • Format: ebook
  • From Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate Charles Simic comes a dazzling collection of poems as original, meditative, and humorous as the legendary poet himself.This latest volume of poetry from Charles Simic, one of America s most celebrated poets, demonstrates his revered signature style a mix of understated brilliance, wry melancholy, and sardonic wit These sFrom Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate Charles Simic comes a dazzling collection of poems as original, meditative, and humorous as the legendary poet himself.This latest volume of poetry from Charles Simic, one of America s most celebrated poets, demonstrates his revered signature style a mix of understated brilliance, wry melancholy, and sardonic wit These seventy luminous poems range in subject from mortality to personal ads, from the simple wonders of nature to his childhood in war torn Yugoslavia.For over fifty years, Simic has delighted readers with his innovative form, quiet humor, and his rare ability to limn our interior life and concisely capture the depth of human emotion These stunning, succinct poems most no longer than a page, some no longer than a paragraph validate and reinforce Simic s importance and relevance in modern poetry.

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        Charles Simic born Du an Simi is a Serbian American poet and the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States He is co Poetry Editor of the Paris Review Simic is the 2007 recipient of the Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets This 100,000 US prize recognizes outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry.


    1. Because all things write their own stories / No matter how humbleNobody has the ability to extract the soul of everyday existence and transcribe it into beautifully surreal, luminous prose quite like Charles Simic. Former poet laureate to the United States and Pulitzer prize winner, Mr. Simic returns in print with his 2015 collection The Lunatic, published simultaneously alongside his collected essays in The Life of Images: Selected Prose, and it is certainly cause for cerebral celebration. The [...]

    2. Charles Simic is one of my favorite poets. So it pains me to say this is not a very good book. At all.I should know better by now. It seems to be the rule rather than the exception that the very late books by the greatest poets I know disappoint me. Some recent cases in point: Gerald Stern's In Beauty Bright, Stephen Dunn's Lines of Defense, Louise Gluck's Faithful and Virtuous Night (I'm no sure how it won the awards it did). I am not trying to be mean spirited. I owe so much to Simic. But when [...]

    3. My habit of snapping up each Simic book as it appears reminds me of the guy who always orders the same dish in the same restaurant long after the flavor's familiar and any surprise is gone. After 30 years, it's difficult to distinguish one book from the next; but some elemental need is satisfied.With Simic there's always the same harrowed constellations turning slowly in the kaleidoscope, too tired to terrify, occasionally dazzling, underscored by the base note of melancholy. There's the cluster [...]

    4. I grabbed this from the local library as I have recently been much more interested in reading writers from the same countries as my family. Charles Simic came to the USA from Yugoslavia about the same time my family came to Canada from Yugoslavia. This is the first time I have read anything from him. It was Okay?The Lunatic has a few poems that I connected with, that made me stop and think. I don't think I really disliked any, but a lot of it was just really not my style, and I didn't feel like [...]

    5. This rating/review is based on an ARC I got from work.I enjoyed this quite a bit and I'm glad I grabbed it off the ARC shelf. This is the first work by Simic I've read, and I think I'll read some more of his work (specifically, his Pulitzer prize-winning The World Doesn't End if not more). These aren't especially difficult poems, which is how I feel about some of the poetry books I pick up off the ARC shelf. These are lovely, lively, clever poems that have suck with me quite a bit.This also is p [...]

    6. Since I was feeling let down by the quality of the last two items I returned, unfinished, to the library (Halt & Catch Fire Season 2 yesterday, The Caveman's Valentine today) it seemed like a good time to finish something whose quality hadn't been an issue when I left it idling. It was waiting for me on the shelf as I figured it would be. Read a few pages about quiet and light while I walked home in the oddly-dark late morning. Got to the bunch about New York and aging going up the drive, th [...]

    7. I like Simic, but I'm glad I borrowed this instead of buying it. I'm wondering why this collection is so absent of strong craft or interesting content or even the sharp wit he's known for. Does one not feel the need to try as hard once they've won enough awards? Maybe I'm just out of the loop on "old dude" poetry. But there's very little that's memorable about The Lunatic, and I immediately had to pull one of Simic's old, good collections off the shelf after reading this to get the taste of it o [...]

    8. You know how difficult it is to write good poetry? Or even okay poetry? Really fucking difficult. That's why I feel bad rating this lowly, because it's not bad at all. Just not my thing. There were a few nice turns of phrase here and there.

    9. Some good bits, but not the strongest collection. However I do appreciate Simic's brevity, clarity, eye.My favorite poem from the collection: “The Dictionary”Maybe there is a word in it somewhereto describe the world this morning,a word for the way the early lighttakes delight in chasing the darknessout of store windows and doorways.Another word for the way it lingersover a pair of wire-rimmed glassessomeone let drop on the sidewalklast night and staggered off blindlytalking to himself or br [...]

    10. went to a reading he did a couple days ago. an audience member asked him to read one of his short poems from this book again. he said he doesn't do that, and that once he went to a reading where a poet read his poem four times. when the poet offered to read it a fifth time, Simic bellowed No! from the audience. so, uh, something to keep in mind reading these?

    11. The LightAdmittedly, yours is an oddSort of work, galactic traveler.I watched you early this morningGet on your knees by my bedTo help a pair of my old shoesFind their way out of the dark.

    12. 4.5There's a beauty and a playfulness and gentle melancholia in these poems that has this sweet, sad, intangible quality that was really pleasant to just sit with and take in.A small but very effective collection, I sense will only grow on me more with time.

    13. I want the poems to succeed, but overall the poems lack ambition. most of the poems are like somewhere something there is there is, true there is always something somewhere doing something but give me a reason I should read about it.

    14. Threads the needle between haunting and nostalgic really well, but is ultimately an extremely uneventful collection unfortunately.

    15. Economical and straightforward, this collection of verse can be read in one sitting. The poet's voice has a clean simplicity that is coupled with an authentic tone.

    16. Enjoyed this a great deal. I should’ve marked off the poems that I really enjoyed, but unfortunately, I’ve neglected to do so. Anyways, Charles Simic is so clever it kills me.

    17. I was more than satisfied by the poetry in this volume. I enjoyed the writing style of the poet moreover and, though I wouldn't say Simic is now a favorite, I would say that I would be happy to read another of his sets to familiarize myself further with his work. Good stuff. Below are some poems I really enjoyed:The Lunatic, Eternities, O Spring, Late-Night Inquiry, The Dictionary, The White Labyrinth, Meet Eddie, Our Gang, Some Late-Summer Evening, Let Us Be Careful, Bare Trees, The Light, Nigh [...]

    18. Sometimes, I found the poems in this collection elusive, like the kind you read and think, "Yeah, okay, that's poetry, but I don't really care about what it means, and if I did that would be even more frustrating because there is no way this author would let me understand it even then." Then, there were poems that made me laugh and, once or twice, give an actual, verbal sigh. And those were what I thought to be the good ones. That, of course, is only based on my personal preference in poetry, an [...]

    19. From HFR contributor Sarah Katz:"The self-conscious noisiness’s a little rough here and there, but Simic’s still my silly and brilliant “uncle” no matter what. Although I can’t say that this collection conveyed the depth of the Pulitzer prize-winning The World Doesn’t End, The Lunatic’s still one that juggles its images and themes in a winningly unified manner. And anyway—any poet committed to “annoying God and making Death laugh” has my support."Full review here: heavyfeathe [...]

    20. The same snowflakeKept falling out of the gray skyAll afternoon,Falling and fallingAnd picking itself upOff the ground,To fall again,But now more surreptitiously,More carefullyAs night strolled overTo see what's up.Not my favorite collection of Simic poems that I have read. This felt different, a little off. There was something missing within. Still good, just not quite the typical Simic I am now accustomed to!Favorites: Oh, I Said, The Lunatic, About Myself.

    21. From the little else I've read of Charles Simic (though I plan to read more), this collection felt lackluster - almost mediocre - in its attempt. It felt like Simic was just hitting on his usual themes as a nod to his larger body of work, failing to really hit any emotional resonance, and moving along. A few of these stood out, for sure: his darker, more punishing tone is always a treat. This was a nice read, but I know there is a world of Simic that puts this collection to shame.

    22. Some of these short poems which explores moments in life made me think, but other's just made he say "huh?". Overall I enjoyed some of the imagery and looks at the little things we visit every day.Good if you are a fan of poetry.

    23. I love reading Simic's poetry. He makes it look so easy like anyone could do it. But when you give it a try, you realize how difficult it is to choose the exact word at the precise place in the line for maximum effect. Amazing!

    24. Maybe Simic's older works are more intriguing. I found most of these poems missing something from his older collections. I will continue to find a collection like "The Noiseless Entourage"My Favorites-The White Labyrinth-The Escapee-Vices of the Evening

    25. Simic fills this collection with his usual cast of characters- fleas, insomnia, devils & angels, card games. Simic's sense of humor shows stronger than usual in this collection of poems balancing the lightness and darkness of the everyday

    26. There was a disconnection somewhere, something was evidently missing because it seemed almost flippant? If that was his purpose, then more power to him but I'll stick to his essays.

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