Safety in Silence

Safety in Silence

Survivah / Feb 24, 2020

Safety in Silence Teen Wolf FanficIt s perfectly understandable Even Derek wouldn t want to be Derek s soulmate Words completeArt by hitorimaron

  • Title: Safety in Silence
  • Author: Survivah
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • Teen Wolf FanficIt s perfectly understandable Even Derek wouldn t want to be Derek s soulmate.Words 66,901 completeArt by hitorimaron

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    1. Oh sweet baby Jesus.Hello, blubbery emo tears and 5AM "oh, there is the sunrise" Sterek fic.Not perfect, but oh my stars much emo. *holds self and rocks in place*If ever there was a pining Derek fic competition, this is the Derek-pining fic to end all of them.In short: Derek meets his soul mate and realizes that he's fallen victim to Soul Mate Dysfunction, which means his soul mate doesn't feel the same way. Nevertheless, they become friends over timed eventually Stiles moves in while he's in co [...]

    2. Se me rompió el corazón por Derek varias veces leyéndolo y como soy una adicta al angst, Le doy 5, genial, aunque hubiera sido perfecto ver un poco más como Stiles se enamora.

    3. This was just so sweet and angsty, and oh, the pining that Derek does! Derek knows at first meeting that Stiles is his soulmate, it just takes Stiles a bit longer to figure out, and of course, BOTH are afraid to talk to each other, so they bumble along for YEARS before finally getting it together.This was just the most emo Derek you'll ever see(that I've ever seen, anyway),but I adored every word.

    4. I have some major thoughts about this which I will put down on real paper and type up later. I thoroughly enjoyed this regardless of some major hard limits I normally have. As sad as this was, it was also healthy and happy and funny and I did feel sad but never bad. So, full review to come!

    5. As Bitchie says the most emo Derek ever. He's more socialised than normal which makes his 'broken' pining seem a bit much at times. It's not a version of him that did much for me but there are some real pulls to the heart-strings with what he goes through. Ever the martyr but a good friend.A few plots happened in quick sucession with the nogitsune burnt out without fanfare or mayhem.

    6. 3 or 4? 4 or 3 stars? Grrr. The hard decisions in life Sigh.There was a delicious amount of USTing, which I am usually really a sucker for. And it was good. Don't get me wrong. But imo the length Derek goes to hide that Stiles is his soulmate, the length he's willing to go to make Stiles happy while sacrificing his own happiness completely, the length he goes to do all that while playing the martyr bitter sweet, of course. And really well written. (My heart ached for Derek.) But also a teeny-wee [...]

    7. Oh. My. God. Seriously. But first, this description sucks. It should be so much more! Fuuuuuck it was heartbreaking. The tears, poor fucking Derek. But the laughs and the joy. Oh my. And don't worry, it all worked out perfectly and this author knows how to write a fully complete and thorough last few chapters!I also really liked the way the world was set-up, with supernatural creatures being out and the way soulmates were presented. It really made me feel for Derek to understand how visceral a s [...]

    8. one enormous miscommunication. like, the most miscommunicated miscommunication ever. for, you know, years. the stuff with nose ring dude was horribly painful, alsous!!! worst fan art ever, to boot:

    9. I am not a fan of miscommunication tropes. The situation here lasted entirely too long. I really needed more time with them as a couple. And the nose ring guy almost made me quit reading.

    10. 3.5, it was cute and sweet and way too long. I overall enjoyed it, but would have liked it to be a little shorter and, seriously where was the smexy times?!

    11. Sweet angst of soulmate bonds.At least Stiles is not as young as Renesme (ugh, even typing that name hurts) was when Jacob bonded.

    12. Warm and fuzzy. That's what this story left me with.Excellent title choice. Really well chosen. (view spoiler)[And if I thought it suited the story, its dual purpose became evident only in the last pages.I was really impressed with Derek's quiet resolve, sadness and pain as he struggled to come to terms with the idea that Stiles was his soulmate but did not love him. The way he really put Stiles' needs above his own, the way he accepted being near Stiles but able to touch, accepting Stiles' boyf [...]

    13. Fanfiction- Teen Wolf - Sterek Angst, angst, and more angst. I never enjoyed angsty stories until I met Derek. I do have one question about this story for those who read it. (view spoiler)[So if Stiles was secretly in love with Derek it would stand to reason that he at one time or another lusted after Derek while in his presence. Why didn't Derek smell arousal on Stiles? If they were home alone Derek would have to know it was about him. I had hoped the writer would work in some magical explanati [...]

    14. More like 2.5 but it's enjoyable throughout, so 3* it is! I guess I'm just not a huge fan of 1. fae/witch magic of any sort or in any case used like this 2. self-pitying Derek TO THE MAX and 3. a dragged-out POV switch towards the end that could've done with a lot of editing. There's some really good stuff too, but the plot/misunderstanding was, as it often is unfortunately, very heavy-handed and unrealistic.

    15. Technically I hate when the couple doesn't talk and just let the other person know their feelings, but I understood why Derek did what he did and kept silent, and when it was time they did communicate just fine. This book broke my heart in the best way possible :)

    16. 2,5 rounded up. Too many plotholes. Also the blurb is really misleading. Derek is more functioning and approachable than usual.

    17. I did it to myself. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to read this one. There was going to be pining. I was in a pining mood, so it was okay. But for some reason I just didn't feel like there was enough pining. It felt kindaI don't know. The emotion just didn't really make a connection. Usually I cry when there's pining because I'm a huge sap like that. This book didn't make me cry. It was disappointing. But it was also well written, and I loved the pack dynamic.

    18. not entirely sure it actually deserves a 4 (writing ok, and suspension of disbelief skills needed), but oh it has ALL the pining, ALL the self-worth issues, miscommunication resulting in so much angsty feels for both boys and just, hits all those grapefruktssked-iga buttons. so, yeah.

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