Bound to You: Volume 3

Bound to You: Volume 3

Vanessa Booke / Dec 12, 2019

Bound to You Volume The final volume in this part serial Arrogant brooding domineering possessive dangerously handsome and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men

  • Title: Bound to You: Volume 3
  • Author: Vanessa Booke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The final volume in this 3 part serial Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men, but she s about to meet a man who s the epitome of these and After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of sc The final volume in this 3 part serial Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men, but she s about to meet a man who s the epitome of these and After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in her life and in her bed So when the opportunity to work for StoneHaven Publishing, one of New York City s most respectable publishing empires, presents itself, Rebecca doesn t hesitate moving to the Big Apple Convinced she can show the owner of StoneHaven Publishing that she has the right stuff, Rebecca agrees to a six month trial as the personal assistant to the owner s playboy son, Nicholas StoneHaven This is her big chance If she can just get through these six months without strangling Nicholas with his Armani tie, she ll be okay easier said than done Nicholas is the last person Rebecca thought she d find herself pining for, especially when he hits every category on her list Get ready for a battle of the sexes All three volumes are now available.

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    1. This one was definitely the hottest part of the serial. Holy Trinity of Hotness! I will probably go back and re-read those scenes because they are so well written and naughtily delicious!Sadly those scenes are not enought to mend some - for me - strong weaknesses of the story, althought I wasn't as disappointed as I was of the second part where our leads behave that non-grown-up. Yes, your braing might not work at full capacity when a sex-god(dess) stands in front of you, but when they aren't b [...]

    2. wait!!! that's it??? I want more! it was so good!! better than the first two for sure. that trilogy was way tooooooooo freaking short and it's sad. There were one or two things that didn't get resolved.which sucks because I would have liked to know how they turned outbut I really enjoyed Nicholas and Rebecca and their story :)

    3. ** 3,5-4 STARS ** Not the best novella series I've had the honor of reading, no, certainly not, but stillIn fact, it got better and better with every new volume.While I've really enjoyed Rebecca and Nicolas' sweet love story, the one hidden behind their's was the one that actually got my attention: Tristan and Em.I am SERIOUSLY curious about what Vanessa Booke has planned for those two And after reading the Prologue for Drawn to You: Volume 1

    4. I really like this series. What a great continuation of Rebecca and Nicolas! Although they had an insta-lust/love from the first book, sometimes it just works. This one definitely worked for me! Rebecca and Nick try to fight their attraction/connection to each other. Nick's father has a pre-arranged marriage for him with Alison the she-bitch because her father is a large investor in his publishing company. Nick has absolutely no feelings for her and has no desire to marry her. Rebecca is Nick's [...]

    5. I am soo ready for this book! :) I read this final book awhile ago, but had an unfortunate event and was not able to write my review sorry for the delay I LOVED this series Vanessa is FABULOUS!!This final book was amazing how she kept me guessing and on pins and needles with Rebecca and Nicholas and if they will get there HEA dang, they soo deserve it!!! But with that awful witch of a fiancé, Alison. (who Nicholas has told her several times he is NOT going to marry her) tricks to keep Rebecca [...]

    6. I loved first 2 books,and i expected this to be 5 star but it was not.Why?-unfinished story,yes it have HEA but other things left unfinished like:did Nick will get his company back?what happen with Alice and his father??-Epilogue seemed rushed,it's after few days for me was major dislike ,i will loved if we see Nick and Becca after few years with kids and married.-Rebecca i loved her in first 2 books,in the 3 book not so much.-It was boring,first 2 books i read in one sitting.

    7. Oh yeahI really enjoyed this series and loved their romance. you should be able to love who you want and not who others want you to be with. Loved this series and it was a great book.

    8. Oh, at last I know if this couple gets their happy ending! ;o)I liked to be inside Nicholas' mind which helped me understand his detachment from fulfilling relationships. The scope of the novel is also broadened thanks to some flashbacks, though it was bittersweet to read about that particular character.Things get pretty intense which got me glued to my e-reader. Despite all that is at stake, Nicholas finally realizes his feelings for Rebecca. I love it when a man's reluctance just explodes into [...]

    9. Review for Bound to You Volume 3 (Millionaire’s Row) by Vanessa BookeBound to You is a serial type series that follows Rebecca and her desire for a fresh start and Nicholas as he finally figures out what it is he wants out of life even if it means losing everything. How bittersweet… I feel like I’m losing some of my favorite characters with the beginning and the end of Bound to You Volume 3. I don’t even know how to write this review. Days later I’m still hungover from this ending. It [...]

    10. So y'all know we have been waiting been waiting for BTY vol 3 fooooreverrrr lol not really but you know how impatient FANGIRLS work. So anyways how can I put this lightly if you do not read this book as soon as you can what are you waiting for! because you truly missing out on one of the great book BFs out there I kid you not! I love Nicholas Stonehaven though the galaxies, through a black hole, through the second quadrant of who knows and all the way back again! This story is amazing the charac [...]

    11. Well I was all excited in the first two books but in the last one there was one thing that I didn't like and that's the reason why I give the last Volume 4.45 starsThe thing I didn't like was the epilogue. It was very fast. Like a lot of people I think that it would be much better if we knew what happened next. Like did Nicholas's father really took the company away from him? What happened to Alice? ( I hope she rots in hell) Did they got married and had kids?Everything else was just great. I lo [...]

    12. Highly addictive series! I just read all 3 parts within this last 24 hrs. and could not put them down! Nicholas & Rebecca's chance meeting on airplane is incredibly hot & romantic! Despite their intense attraction and a sensual kiss between these 2 strangers, Rebecca is recovering from a cheating ex and moving from LA to NYC, they exchange goodbyes. They never expected to see either other again, but fate has other plans! Nicholas Stonehaven is hot alpha playboy who works for his father's [...]

    13. 4-4.5 starsWowI really liked this series! This is a new author for me, and I will definitely add her to my list!Once again, Nick and Rebecca try to run from their feelings. Honestly, the only reason this didn't get 5 stars from me, is because there were some key parts that I really think/wished she would have expanded on. Their chemistry is fantastic. I laughed out loud, and cried. I missed my buss stop on the way to work, and home! Dammit.uld not put this book down!It's a great series! I cannot [...]

    14. I loved this series!! I'm so sad that this is the last book for Nicholas and Rebecca! I really need more Like the wedding? The future of the company? His ex-fiancé?? Soo many unanswered questions I still have. I need more!!


    16. Vanessa Booke has done it again , Bound To You 3 takes us in a roller coaster of lust, steaming sex, jealously, angst, romance , humor .It's a wild ride of emotions. Nicholas finally realizes that he is head over hills in love with Rebecca , but he is still engage to Alison and ending that engagement will cost him his inheritance, can he give up everything that he has worked so hard for in order to have the woman he loves ? Miles is back and he is trying insistently to win Rebecca back , stalkin [...]

    17. I was really nervous about reading this last book in the Bound to You trilogy. I knew I would still love the characters, but I was anxious about whether the book will end well and live up to the anticipation the author has been building. The book was everything I’ve been hoping for and more! It was a perfect conclusion to Rebecca and Nicholas’s story.Rebecca Gellar once thought Nicholas StoneHaven was a narcissistic bastard who didn’t care about anyone but himself. But after getting to kno [...]

    18. Such a great conclusion to Nick and Rebecca's story. All along, I've loved the way Rebecca is so down-to-earth and easy to relate to. She is a complete realist and while her life isn't as stable as she'd like it to be, she's determined to get to that point because she is independent and self-sufficient. She's also learned not to count on other people, particularly guys, when life gets tough. Nick is so fascinating to me. He's got so much turmoil inside while he tries to run his father's business [...]

    19. I READ THIS AS A SET BOOKS 1-3 TOGETHER LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT !!I admit I had the first two books on my kindle and not a chance to read them so when I saw the tour I had to jump on it so I could make the time and finally dive in !! I was in love with Rebecca right away , YAY for CURVY girls !! I felt her pain and despair when her man tried to pull one on her and I was so thankful she was strong enough to ditch Miles and go for her dreams and start over in NY. Of course I knew she was going [...]

    20. Liked the book, loved how it ended, left a more detailed review on the series below book 2's page on GR, but still wanted to add something about the third volume. As much as I liked how everything played out, I found myself frustrated pretty much all the way through, due to the constant silly misunderstandings and hurried out reactions of the heroes. Especially Rebecca, with her "leaving/running before having all the facts straight" trademark. And Nicholas dragging out the fact of his broken-off [...]

    21. I just finished Bound to You, Volume 3 and I just loved it! What a great conclusion to a sexy story. You will definitely root for Rebecca and Nicholas. As you know this is a series, I highly recommend you reading this in order or you will be lost but to me honest so if you haven't read them yet, READ THEM NOW!! Following the story you know that Rebecca is Nicholas personal assistant. Their feelings from day one have been so hot but they cannot be together or at least they try not too! Nicholas i [...]

    22. WOW!! This was the best end to a serial It leaves you happy but also left where more can be written if wanted. Nicholas StoneHaven loves being a true confusing male and this volume is nothing short of HUH, WHAT, HOT Rebecca is still looking for her happy ever after, Miles is back will he be the one? Will she end up with Nicholas, does he really loss everything? Then there is Tristan OH man he is hot and opens his art gallery which we learn something a bit more about Tristan if you read between t [...]

    23. Loved this 3rd volume too!!What can I say? I loved Rebecca, she never disappointed me, and I loved Nicholas, even though I didn't understand why was he dragging the thing so long?? He could have told his father sooner, made a press release or confessed his love to RebeccaI loved the ending, but I would have loved a longer one, with some glimpse of their life together. I didn't understand as reader if his father did what he threatened to do in case Nicholas married Rebecca, how the bitch Alison a [...]

    24. YES! What a fabulous conclusion to Rebecca and Nicholas' story. Of course, nothing is ever easy and Rebecca has to face her ex-fiance along with coping with Nicholas "technically" being engaged – really hate Allison. Nicholas knows what he wants be has a real problem communicating that to the right people. I love Rebecca's strength as she focuses on doing her job while keeping her distance from Nicholas because of Allison. Of course, Nicholas's Dad doesn't help the situation since he gives an [...]

    25. Rebecca stars off leaving California because she finds her boyfriend cheating on her and needs a new start. She ran into millionaire playboy Nicholas StoneHaven on the plane and they both felt an instant attraction. During the series of books they have to be around each other all the time while Rebecca finds out Nichols is engaged to someone.Book 3 brings everything to the surface with their true feelings and hot scenes they end up in with each other. This is a very sweet, sexy, and romantic boo [...]

    26. I was kindly given this ARC for an honest review. I loved Nicholas and Rebecca's crazy all over the place relationship from book one. Their chemistry and pull toward each other is such a site to read.I love that Rebecca is such a spit fire and doesn't back down to him no matter what he throws at her.Nicholas is such a powerful sexy man and in this book you see such a different side to him almost a desperation for her and being torn to choose between her and the life and all the perks he knows no [...]

    27. Ultimately this series has taken me on an emotional roller coaster I never want to get off from. Nicholas and Rebecca's love for one another is represented in each interaction they have it's extremely passionate. Their love overcame obstacles that we're placed in their paths. They fought hard to fight their attraction but they eventually gave in and it made me so happy. The end left me wanting more of these two beautiful characters please say you will think about writing more. I loved Nick & [...]

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