Double Dealer

Double Dealer

Max Allan Collins Mike Flaherty / Dec 11, 2019

Double Dealer Meet the little known and even less understood heroes of police work in Las Vegas the forensic investigators Led by veteran Gil Grissom the remarkable team assigned to the Criminalistics Bureau s gra

  • Title: Double Dealer
  • Author: Max Allan Collins Mike Flaherty
  • ISBN: 9780743444040
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet the little known and even less understood heroes of police work in Las Vegas the forensic investigators Led by veteran Gil Grissom, the remarkable team assigned to the Criminalistics Bureau s graveyard shift including Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, and Sara Sidle must combine cutting edge scientific methods and old fashioned savvy as they worMeet the little known and even less understood heroes of police work in Las Vegas the forensic investigators Led by veteran Gil Grissom, the remarkable team assigned to the Criminalistics Bureau s graveyard shift including Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, and Sara Sidle must combine cutting edge scientific methods and old fashioned savvy as they work to untangle the evidence behind the yellow police tape While Nick and Catherine investigate a newly discovered fifteen year old murder, Grissom and the rest of the team must uncover the indentity of a cold blooded killer one whose execution style, double tap signature has provoked the interest of FBI agent Rick Culpepper.

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    1. 4 Definitely better than I expected. I watched CSI from the beginning (& really miss Grissom, so book helps a little) & watched all 3 cities over the years (& still miss CSI: Miami even though last yr I binge watched all 8 or 9 seasons on Hulu & still appear on A&E or some cable channel, BUT new ones would be great OR let some of the characters fr NY & Mia show up or short runs on the one that's left; I haven't watched weekly for a few yrs but watch On Demand/binge watch) [...]

    2. As posted in [amazon].*Double Dealer: CSI* was a fast-paced mystery that left you guessing who did these crimes. *Double Dealer* is an easy read that doesn't dwell forever on the technical aspects or jargon of forensic investigation. A mummified body has been found at an abandoned building that used to be a casino. There are 2 bullet entries at the back of his head. Fingers are missing. This body had disappeared 15 years ago. Another body has been found at a casino. 2 bullet entries are found at [...]

    3. Better than most tie-in books, altho that's not saying a lot. Not even half as good as the most middling fanfic.I continue to be bemused by the cash economy, which means good fanfic writers hide their work on the net under pseudonyms with elaborate disclaimers meaning "PLEASE DON'T SUE ME I HAVE MADE NO PROFIT FROM THIS WHATSOEVER," while "pro" writers take tie-in and spin-off and novelization hack jobs basically to eat, and those books are promoted with all the considerable force of the Hollywo [...]

    4. I noticed some reviews panned this book for not going into the characters personal lives and personalities those reviewers must not get that this is NOT a book that can be separated from the TV show it was based on. That being said, this WAS a good literary episode of that series. I am a big fan of CSI (especially the first seasons), and this book captures the flavor of those first season episodes, in some ways it does even better because the book can span more time and give attention to some of [...]

    5. This is my first TV tie-in book. I love all three "CSI" series. These books would hold you over during your summer vacation and during repeats. What a rush! Great suspense, good drama, and a nice cold case that's connected to a newer case to tie things up. Nice reading!

    6. The storyline is nice. I like the plot.But the characters are a bit out of character for me. Especially Grissom.Didn't really enjoy the book as much as the show.

    7. Look, don't go into these books expecting the same story and characters as the tv show. The characters might share the same names, but that's it. The people in the book act nothing like those on screen and once you accept that and separate the two, it's actually pretty enjoyable.Yes it's just as cheesy and outlandish as the tv show, and though it doesn't move as fast and the science is still questionable, it's engaging. I'm probably going to hate myself after reading eight of these in a row, but [...]

    8. Good tie-in to the showI loved the show and since it has ended, I discovered the tie-in novels. I'm glad I found them because I can continue to get my CSI fix. LOL This book was a good read and was written close enough to how an episode plays out that you can visualize it as you read it and the characters sound true to their TV versions. I'm looking forward to reading even more of these tie-ins.

    9. This was a really intriguing case. First case is a mummy found at a construction site, the other happens in an alcove in a hotel. Both are killed by a professional assassin with the same double-tap signature. There are many twists and turns as Grissom, Willows, Stokes, Sidle, Brown, and Brass work together to gather evidence, chase down leads, search for clues, until everything comes together in an explosive finale.

    10. "Doble juego" es una novela sobre el CSI de Las Vegas. Los protagonistas son los mismos que en la serie y es como estar viendo un capítulo, pero sin verlo. Ayuda conocer a los protagonistas y poderles poner cara, y acordarte de los inicios. Ya no recordaba que Warrick había sido un jugador empedernido, y tenía casi olvidado que Greg fue una rata de laboratorio antes de que le dejaran ser CSI por las calles. El libro en sí no es que sea una maravilla, pero entretiene. Me ha recordado un poco [...]

    11. Being an avid fan of CSI and having finished a marathon of all the series, CSI:Double Dealer was a godsend to me! I was excited to learn about books based on the T.V series and bought the first book as quick as I could. Max Collins has obviously researched CSI because he was aware of every character and their traits – my only issue, however, was that he spent way too much time describing them as pretty characters. Yes, we know they're pretty. It's an American T.V show. Of course, they're prett [...]

    12. Just like the TV series, this starts off with two cases. Gil, Warwick and Sara are called to a hotel where someone has been shot, the killer using an execution style double tap in the head. Their first thoughts are that it is a mob hit, the victim being a lawyer for a low key gangster. Meanwhile, Nick and Catherine are called out to a building lot, where the contractors have found a mummified corpse hidden beneath an old trailer. They eventually identify him as an old missing person case, but th [...]

    13. I was addicted to CSI and when summer hit and I was out of episodes to watch, I headed straight for these books. And usually, I like to read books involving TV shows and movies so I can get an insight into the characters minds - monologues and such. I will admit that the characters were somewhat out of character from their TV counterparts, but that's also not too unusual. This book is set up sort of like a CSI episode where the team gets split up to work multiple cases and throughout the cases t [...]

    14. Double Dealer is the first in a series of tie-in novels based on the hit TV series, CSI. Written by famous mystery author, Max Allan Collins, I give this one a full five stars. It progresses just like an episode of the show, except it's a book.There are two cases, the first is the death of a man in a Vegas casino that leads Grissom, Sara, and Warrick into the path of FBI agent Rick Culpepper again, due to the killer's particular "double tap" signature when he executes his victims.The second case [...]

    15. Double Dealer by Max Allan CollinsI'm a massive fan of CSI, and CSI:Crime Scene Investigation is my favourite, so when I realised there were accompanying books I leapt at the chance. Collins knows what the characters are like and how they speak. It's evident he's researched the show. It was great reading new stories about some of my favourite characters. Overall, they're a good, easy read that require practically no imagination because you already know the people and their history.

    16. The author annoyed me. He kept going on and on and on about how handsome and pretty everyone is. I agree. Just don't restate it a million times. I've only seen the first season of CSI so far, but if this isn't an actual episode I want to give this guy a LOT of props for creating this story line. Jesus. Oh, and Nicky! He keeps getting into trouble. Poor dear. And if I hear another word about Sara Sidle's "cute gap-toothed smile" I swear I'll commit suicide. Really. I will. Wellyou get my drift.

    17. Ugh, this book took all my love for reading for few hours and I HATE that feeling -.-I’m not used to giving 1-star rating, but reading this was a complete waste of time, I can’t think of a single good thing about it. The storyline was boring, it wasn’t really a mystery who was the killer, we just wait for them to catch him. All the characters were “oh-so-great”, but in fact shallow and dull and we don’t get to know anything about their personal life (or their personality).It was like [...]

    18. Ehh, it reads too much like a TV script though I did get into it eventually. There was some language that I wasn't expecting ( I guess because we were inside the character's heads more).It seemed a little out of character but this could be because I think it was set in the first season and the TV show is in the seventh now. It will do to hold me over until the new episodes start coming.

    19. I liked the books ,just as much as I liked the CSI tv show. It was an easy read ,because I already " knew" the characters and could picture them working the scenes. Very interesting and I recommend this to anyone interested in crimanal justice, crime stories , or the tv show.

    20. Basically it reads like a t.v. episode. Very easy to imagine all the faces and personalities of the t.v. characters in the roles mentioned in the book. Also a very easy read, and if you like the show, you'll most likely like this book.

    21. This was a 3-star book, I gave the extra star for the fact it's CSI and that's one of my favourite TV shows.It's like an extended version of the episodes, with more witness / suspect interviews, more evidence gathering, and more character development.

    22. Very good novel featuring the characters of the TV series' first season It features all the characters - as they are in the series Reading this novel feels very much like watching one of the episodes of the series Can't wait to start on the next novel

    23. CSI novel. I don't remember much (read it in 2005), but I think it was okay entertainment for the 1,5 hours it took me to read it. Probably worth it for fans of the show.

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