The Songbird's Overture

The Songbird's Overture

Danielle L. Jensen / Dec 12, 2019

The Songbird s Overture I wrote this story as a tool to help me with writing Hidden Huntress and it turned out well enough that I decided it would be fun to share it with fans of Stolen Songbird rather than leaving it to la

  • Title: The Songbird's Overture
  • Author: Danielle L. Jensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook
  • I wrote this story as a tool to help me with writing Hidden Huntress, and it turned out well enough that I decided it would be fun to share it with fans of Stolen Songbird rather than leaving it to languish on my computer s hard drive It takes place four years prior to the events of Stolen Songbird, and it will give a taste of what C cile s life was like before the trollsI wrote this story as a tool to help me with writing Hidden Huntress, and it turned out well enough that I decided it would be fun to share it with fans of Stolen Songbird rather than leaving it to languish on my computer s hard drive It takes place four years prior to the events of Stolen Songbird, and it will give a taste of what C cile s life was like before the trolls.

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    1. 2.5 stars!This was okay. I appreciated this as a prequel because it really did give an insight into Cecile's life from before she went to Trollus, but at the same time it's everything that you could kind of guess for yourself. Like, her life before is exactly what I imagined it would be so this was kinda ??? pointless, in my opinion, but I love Cecile so it's okay!

    2. A nice 2.5 starsThis would have served better as a flashback someplace in book two, to avoid spoilers I won't say more then that. But it was nice to see Cecile again even if it wasn't as the fierce bad ass we know her to be later on in the timeline.

    3. This little prequel sheds some very interesting light on Cécile's mother.Very. Interesting.Call it a hunch, but I think the insight you get into Genevieve's character here is going to become rather important.

    4. Pretty good novella. Though brief, the characters are engaging, and I'm intrigued to learn more about Cecile. However, I did laugh a lot about how these farmers with French names talk like they're from the American south.

    5. I've forgotten the plot of the series so the novella didn't as much of an impact as it could have (not that it had any spoilers or earth-shattering secrets to reveal).

    6. Of course I'm biased in this rating because I read and loved the first two books, so I understand the hidden meanings in the story. And the way the characters so causally mention trollsTRISTAN!! Ugh, I feel so bad for Cecile's dad. I ship him and the real Genevieve so bad. I wish the author would write a prequel about them.

    7. 3.5 starsThis was a very quick read and while I really really LOVE everything about the Malediction trilogy, this short story I guess seemed not entirely necessary. I understand the purpose it was written for but it's definitely not required reading if you've already read all the other books, as it doesn't really add anything new to the existing story.

    8. This is a very short story that takes place years before the events of Stolen Songbird. Cecile is young and a hard-working farm girl, but she has dreams of singing on stage like her mother. In this story, we meet both siblings and the rest of her family, including her mother. Tensions are high within the family, as hints toward Frederic's obvious unhappiness with his mother and Joss's sad feelings that her mother has forgotten her. Plus the bitter feelings between her father and mother, who are [...]

    9. In this short story we learn a bit about Cecily's life before Stolen Songbird takes place, and we see a bit of her mother. It wasn't especially great but it was ok as a companion to the novel.

    10. Great prequel story. It's so nice to learn a little bit more about Cécile, her mother and the rest of her family. It's a small taste for what we can expect in the next book, Hidden Huntress. I can't wait for her to visit Trianon and sing on a stage, and of course, to meet up with Tristan once again in Trollus. The key must be there in Trianon!P.S. Tristan, Tristan, Tristan. <3

    11. This is going to be one of my favorite series, and getting a glimpse of Cecile's early years, before the events of STOLEN SONGBIRD, was just what I needed. Although brief, Jensen is brilliant at setting up a scenario and nailing characterization in only a few pages. If you haven't started the series yet, this is the perfect place to begin!

    12. I'm a little biased, since I finished the trilogy last night and just want *more* of anything I can get. The Songbird's Overture is as well-written as any of the rest of the books, and it gave a very clear picture of Cecile's life prior to being dragged off to Trollus. I enjoyed it (and, ngl, I enjoyed hating her manipulative mother).

    13. The Songbird's Overture came attached to my eARC ofThe Broken Onesand it was such a pleasant surprise! I don't usually read novellas, but now that this was already here, I figured I could lose nothing from it!There was nothing new about this novella. Most of them give you some insight into the characters, but a basic gist of this scene was already there in book two,The Hidden Huntressor book one, I can't really remember which and there was really no point to it. I suppose if I read it as it was [...]

    14. A short prequel story about 13-year old Cecile, it gives a glimpse into her life before she was taken to the trolls. Her ambition and her desire to be a songstress like her mother war with her desire to stay with her father and be the dutiful daughter. And when her mother visits her on her birthday, you see how cold she is - for her, her daughter was akin to some apprentice she is taking under her wing, not her own flesh and blood. Short as a story, but still an effective insight into Cecile's b [...]

    15. a nice novella.I only understood Cecile here was 13 on the very last page. but I actually didn't read the synopsis so it was an extra scene. it didn't add much since we already knew what happened.

    16. I read this before Stolen Songbird and it is a nice intro to the story. It is nice to see the relationship of Cecile's family because it is barely mentioned in the Stolen Songbird. We don't even met her father. So in conclusion, nice little background story.

    17. There's not a lot here to review, since it's a super short story, but we did get an insight to the main character and her family, who I'm assuming will be important characters later in the books. Still, it was well written, which gives me lots of optimism for the main series!

    18. I really loved Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen, and I was super excited when the title reveal for its sequel came with a short story (which you can find below!)! I love finding out more about characters through short stories and novellas, especially when they provide background information that isn't necessary to the story but helps develop the characters anyway.The Songbird's Overture, which is set four years before the events of Stolen Songbird, was a really interesting look into Cécile [...]

    19. More reviews on my blog, Exploring Pages."I had four years to practice. Four years to learn. Four years to prepare. And when I turned seventeen, I'd be ready to take on all the world had to offer."- Danielle L. Jensen, The Songbird's OvertureI always thought that Stolen Songbird, the first book in the Malediction trilogy, took place in modern times. Because of that, I was always seriously annoyed with the way the characters spoke. After all, these days, nobody talks like the Queen anymore. Reali [...]

    20. I was so excited when I saw that The Songbird's Overture was available as a prequel to Stolen Songbird, which I recently read and loved. Especially in knowing that the second book in the series is supposed to have more stuff with Cécile and her mom, it was really cool to get a glimpse of what their life and relationship was like pre-Trollus. I also liked that, unlike some "prequels," you can definitely read The Songbird's Overture before the first book — it takes place four years beforehand a [...]

    21. I think I like Jensen's writing more here than in Stolen Songbird; there's no awkward dialogue or phrasing here. (Not that the book was riddled with it, but it did strike me.)This story is a fun glimpse at Cecile's family life, if nothing monumental. Definitely made me more curious about her siblings, and also her parents' relationship. Perfectly adequate, but I stand by my agreement that short story addendums usually feel superfluous (which, to be fair, they're usually supposed to be).

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