Being Zolt

Being Zolt

D.L. Raver / Dec 09, 2019

Being Zolt Irelyn Wilkes was Zolt Hamil s seraph His angel His hallucination suddenly real But her abrupt departure from his life has sent him into a tailspin of nameless women alcohol and drugs When Zolt real

  • Title: Being Zolt
  • Author: D.L. Raver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Irelyn Wilkes was Zolt Hamil s seraph His angel His hallucination suddenly real But her abrupt departure from his life has sent him into a tailspin of nameless women, alcohol, and drugs When Zolt realizes that Irelyn lied to him, he sobers up and sets into motion a public rescue, making an even greater enemy of Marcus Xavier Marcus doesn t take kindly to people takingIrelyn Wilkes was Zolt Hamil s seraph His angel His hallucination suddenly real But her abrupt departure from his life has sent him into a tailspin of nameless women, alcohol, and drugs When Zolt realizes that Irelyn lied to him, he sobers up and sets into motion a public rescue, making an even greater enemy of Marcus Xavier Marcus doesn t take kindly to people taking what is his, and he s not about to let Zolt and Irelyn ride into the sunset without a fight He s already murdered her brother taking out Zolt Hamil would make his day Can Zolt and Irelyn mend their broken relationship and find a way back to each other Or will Marcus succeed with his plans to separate this fated pair forever

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    1. This is not a standalone book. It is the resolution of the first book which apparently ended in a cliffhanger. I would not recommend reading this one unless you have read the first. It is my own fault that I started with the second book- I needed it for a challenge and once I committed to it I was too far in to choose a different one. There were no less than 6 characters mentioned in the first chapter and there was definitely the assumption made that you had read the first book. It was very conf [...]

    2. i am honoured to have been a beta reader for this book. i thought there was no way this book could be better then Indulging in Irelyn(book 1) but boy was i wrong! this book went above and beyond my wildest imagination and i am still reeling about Zolt and Irelyne and all the things they endured! this book is packed with emotion and everything flowed so perfectly together. If you havent read this series, what are you waiting for??

    3. I just finished Being Zolt and I liked it. It was a good follow up. This is apart of the Indulging Series so it will need to be read in order starting with Indulging in Irelyn then this one. Zolt is an ex-NFL Quarterback that has been sidelined for his whole career from a dirty play during one of his important games. Because of that he hasn't even been the same. Until he meets Irelyn. She was actually at his game with this happened so seeing each other was a shock for him. It is an instant attra [...]

    4. Indulging in Irelynleaves us with a lot to wonder about. Being Zolt picks up right where we are left. Zolt comes to realize the truth about Irelyn's leaving him after his initially self-destructive actions. He is able to see the truth and work with those close to him to get Irelyn out of danger and then try to help her sort through the mess that has been caused by her father and Marcus. Marcus is not about to accept any form of defeat or something not going the way he wants. He will stop at noth [...]

    5. This is the second book in the Indulging series by D.L. Raver and I cannot say loud enough that you MUST INDULGE! This is a fast-paced, action & attraction filled series that examines the lengths we will go to for love, hate, greed and revenge. It examines the motives of everyone for every action until they have proven themselves worthy or show their true colors and eliminates them from the lives they have already damaged before they can completely destroy them. What we learn is that love fo [...]

    6. This book gave me everything I craved and more I mean way more! Lets list it shall we?Drama~ Check! *The relationship between Zolt and Irelyn is set in the midst of drama, with Zolt fearing that she has left him.Mystery~ Check! *They need to figure out how to best Marcus and keep themselves free of harm.Hot sexy scenes~ HOLY CHECKA ROONEY!*Reading how Zolt loves his Irelyn will burn your fingers and set you ablaze.Danger~ Check!* They need to keep themselves and everyone they love away from Marc [...]

    7. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is the second book and finishes their story. I would highly recommend that you read Indulging Irelyn immediately before reading this book, so that the story flows smoothly from one to the other. It is a complicated tale, to say the least and a quick refresher helped plunge me back into the story. This is a super book, which really brings to the fore the thoughts of the main protagonists and points out the dangers of m [...]

    8. Fantastic second book in the story of Zolt and Irelyn.This book picks up where Indulging in Irelyn left off. With Zolt returning to his old ways, after Irelyn's shock return to Marcus.The plot thickens in this book, with lots of twists and suspense and mystery to keep up with, all wrapped around the romance of our lead couple.Irelyn is such a strong character who has brought about amazing changes in Zolt, changes that continue to happen right through this book. Zolt was a lost soul in "Indulging [...]

    9. 4.5 stars. This book made me angry. I found myself swearing out loud more than once. There's crime and love and self-discovery and truth in this, book 2 of this series. This one also made me a bit teary-eyed at times. It was very good but far from a light read.

    10. Once Zolt's POV appeared I was lost and hooked. A great read overall and I totally love the ending worth the 4.5STARS.

    11. The Indulging Series is one that grabs you, takes a hold of you and doesn’t let you go and you’re left completely dumbfounded and in total awe, wondering and asking yourself, “OMG…did that just happen??” We were all left reeling after the humongous cliff-hanger in “Indulging In Irelyn,” but it was definitely worth the wait, because Being Zolt was beyond AMAZING! The character development and emotional connection to all the characters was created so beautifully by D.L. Raver in “I [...]

    12. We have another winner from one of my favorite Indie authors!! The conclusion to this series was exactly how it should have been. I couldn't have been happier, although, bittersweet to see it end, but, still happy nonetheless. :) This book picks right up where the first left off, with poor Irelyn being held against her will by the hands of that sleazeball Marcus. Ms. Raver does an excellent job with writing this villain, let me tell ya, he's a peach, ha! The conditions that he has Irelyn living [...]

    13. This picks up right where Indulging in Irelyn left off. I must say im in love with Irelyn and Zolt. I thought the book was even better than the first. The drama was intense and some of it was not what I had expected and that thrilled me that I was surprised at the twists and turns. The side characters are very well written and I love how, while during the drama, both Irelyn and Zolt grow together and mature and their love grows and evolves into something really wonderful. Ive kinda got a little [...]

    14. Being Zolt begins where we left off with Indulging Irelyn. Irelyn is still with Marcus and Zolt has gone off the deep end, not taking a minute to understand what is going on. Luckily for him he has T-bone and Brody to get him to understand what they need to do to get Irelyn back from the clutches of evil. Irelyn is unsure of anything at this time, she thinks she is doing the right thing to help out the ones she loves and keep them safe. But in reality no one is safe. Zolt regresses back to his o [...]

    15. ** I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. **Being Zolt picks up right where Indulging Irelyn left off. Indulging leaves you a massive cliffhanger but it is a must read before you pick up Being Zolt. When Zolt finally finds what he only thought was a hallucination, he knows he has meet the woman of his dreamsterally. Zolt being an long time womanizer he doesn't know how to do relationships. So when he acts selfishly and Irelyn walks out of Zolt's life he falls ba [...]

    16. 4.5 StarsIrelyn is gone or so Zolt is led to believe, luckly he doesn't believe it for long and with the help of friends and family he'll fight to get her back. Irelyn never wanted to lose Zolt but with Marcus threatening everything she cares about she had no choice. What happenes after they find each other is nothing short of complete craziness. Can they work together to overcome the evil that is Marcus or will it be too much for their new love to handle?Irelyn is strong, stronger than she beli [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. Zolt could not get Irelyn’s words out of his head. She said “green”. Zolt is faced his actions have cost him his angel, or has it? It takes Brody and T-Dog point it out to him, but Irelyn is not safe, as matter fact is anything but that. Now in a race against time and evil Zolt must win back Irelyn. And they must defeat Marcus Xaiver. There was no time lag between Indulging in Irelyn and this book. I’m a big fan of [...]

    18. This is the second book and concluding book to indulging in Irelyn…. And WOW it does not disappoint…This book picks the story right back up from where you were left hanging in the first book…. I was so excited to dive into this book because I needed to know if Zolt would see through Irelyn lie and rescues her from the twisted son of a bitch MarcusThis story is jam packed with drama, angst, tears, heartache, action and sex.The brief period Irelyn and Zolt are apart only solidified their fee [...]

    19. JustWoW!! Phenomenal way to end Zolt and Irelyn. I couldn't have asked for a better book!!!! This read will put one a some twists and turns but never fail it's smokin H-O-T with their undying love for one another. This picks up where the first left off. Zolt is devestated that Irelyn called and is now with Marcus. He basically does what Zolt doesuntil he has his brother, Brody, and security BFF, T-man, hunt him down and ready to knock sense into him. Knowing Marcus kidnapped Irelyn they devise a [...]

    20. Being Zolt had everything I was looking for in follow up to Indulging in Irelyn. There was lots of drama, suspense, and steamy scenes.Irelyn is a much stronger character than I originally thought from the first book. She tries to do what she thought was in the best interest to save the people she loves. She makes some stupid choices but I don’t know what I would have done if I was in her position. I started off extremely pissed at Zolt but he definitely redeemed himself. He took care of Irelyn [...]

    21. Wow, Being Zolt was a great read! Being Zolt is the second book in the Indulging series. You must read Indulging in Irelyn first. Being Zolt takes off where Indulging in Irelyn left off. Indulging in Irelyn left us with a crazy cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to read Being Zolt. Being Zolt (if possible) was even better than Indulging in Irelyn.In the beginning, we find Zolt isn't dealing well with Irelyn being gone. Luckily he has a great brother and friends let are able to get him on track. A l [...]

    22. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was even more intense than Indulging in Irelyn. Irelyn is in trouble with Marcus and Zolt and his crew do everything to save her. After they do the tables are turned and instead of Irelyn helping Zolt with dealing with his pain Zolt is instead helping Irelyn deal with hers. Throughout this book there was tragedy, heartache, happiness and love. Zolt and Irelyn supported each other through all of this. There was many sh [...]

    23. 4.5 stars. Zolt and Irelyn's story concludes. A lot of bad stuff happens. Marcus is the mastermind behind it all. Zolt and Irelyn are pushed to their limits and when there is nothing left, they still have each other but not without significant challenges and sacrifice. There's more twists this time around. Zolt really steps it up to be that guy that Irelyn needs during a gloomy time in her life. Irelyn holds herself together as best as she can but she is put through the wringer so when she does [...]

    24. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Being Zolt picks up the story where Irelyn's left off. She's in danger and doing her best to protect those she loves. Zolt is out of his mind, believing that she has left him for another man -- the self agrandizing monster named Marcus Zavier. After a much needed wake up call from his brother and his friends, Zolt realizes that Irelyn is in trouble and he feels guilty for not going after her right away.Lots of twists and tur [...]

    25. I received this for free to read and review for Netgalley.Plot thickens with the second book, Irelyn and Zolt start this book off separated by Marcus. The cliffhanger in the previous book was pretty nasty so I was relieved that Irelyn got away from Marcus. What a nasty character, seems he is not going to let much stand in the way of what he wants. Zolt returns to his previous stupidity, getting high and hooking up with faceless women. Makes him feel like a weak male character. His friends seem t [...]

    26. The conclusion to an amazing storyI just really loved this story and the faith they had in each other. There were some shocking events that happened and I just sat there and was like, "did that really just happen?".just a great story. Zolt is super and hot and just the kind of guy you wantonce he gets his act together that is. This was a great love story and I will be sure to read this one again and again. I also loved the "epilogues" and what played out over the years. Haven't read a book like [...]

    27. Irelyn and ZoltThis was the conclusion of their story. I am not sure if the author will be writing more, but she should consider it. She is really good. I was a bit put off with some of the things in the story, but was completely captivated. It is so worth the tears you will feel for the pain the woman go through. I felt a part of the story at times. So yeah if she writes more I would love to get to know more.

    28. I really liked the 2 person POV in this story and I liked how the ending their was no cliffhanger and I got to see what happens after the hole Marcus big deal goes on(must read the story to find out). I really enjoyed the story over-all it was a great way to show that love does last a through a lot of hard times.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ jmhoward2007 ***

    29. I love Zolt amd Ireland. I am strongly upset with Irelyn. I understand why she went with Marcus, but at what cost?? Zolt has a lot to come to terms with and his past career and that illegal hit he took has been a long time coming. Brody had helped so much with him and we see a lot of him in this book. I wonder if he will have his own book? Either way this was a good read and I am glad this one did not pass me by.

    30. Being Zolt is the second book in the Indulging Series by D.L. Raver. You have to definitely read the first book to know who the characters are and the back story. This series was really good. There was all kinds of craziness going on in this book and I couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen next.

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