The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls

The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls

Valorie Schaefer Norm Bendel / Dec 12, 2019

The Care Keeping of You The Body Book for Girls This head to toe guide answers all your questions from hair care to healthy eating bad breath to bras periods to pimples and everything in between With tips how to s letters from girls and fact

  • Title: The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls
  • Author: Valorie Schaefer Norm Bendel
  • ISBN: 9781562476663
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • This head to toe guide answers all your questions, from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods to pimples, and everything in between With tips, how to s, letters from girls, and facts from the experts, here s straightforward advice you can really use.

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    1. When we were little, American Girl publications were a pretty big deal in our house. I had a subscription to the magazine and my sister and I had dolls and books that corresponded with those dolls. Of course, as I started to grow up the American Girl phenomenon was no longer something I was interested in, but this book was still really really helpful. My mom bought it for me and left it on my bed when I was at school. She understood that some of the issues of being a pre-teen (or just hitting th [...]

    2. This book is part of the American Girl franchise and it shows. Some positives and negatives:The information seems well-balanced for the most part. There's talk about diversity (but ethnic, not gender-based, size-based, or anything-else-based), the urge to compare oneself to images of women/girls in the media, deets on boobies (shapes, sizes, care, how long they take to grow, bras, etc.), eating disorders, periods, etc. But it also does some all-over grooming advice that I found tedious and overl [...]

    3. I bought this book for my almost 9 year old daughter. It was a great book for going over all the changes that would be happening in the near future. I love that it covers everything (with the exception of sex) but it lended itself so I could lead into that topic from the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a daughter that is pre-puberty and you are looking for a way to have a talk about it. I also recommend doing what we did and having a girls night shopping, dinner and then sta [...]

    4. I would recommend most of this book (90% of it) for 9 year olds and up. Why? Because it talks about a ton of things you're dealing with right now. Things like exercise, hair care, washing yourself, teeth brushing, eating right, vitamins, ear car, eye care, stinky breath care, etc. But there was one section (the other 10%) that I think would be better for 10 or 11 year olds and up. I wouldn't recommend page 76 and 77 for 8 and 9 year olds. The illustrations are too much! My mom suggested just pap [...]

    5. This book has a lot of good information for the 8 to 13 crowd. It gives "head to toe advice" on all the issues girls that age worry about: braces, shaving, periods, teasing, breasts, eating disorders, and zits (and even more).I like the way the book says that removal of underarm hair is a personal decision, that some girls aren't bothered by having underarm hair. I also like that this book says there "no real reason to remove leg hair."I really appreciate that the book emphasizes that who a girl [...]

    6. Read this with my 8-year-old. Provided excellent framework for good conversations about all the changes that will come with puberty. Covers personal hygiene, nutrition, exercise, bras, menstruation (including diagrams showing how tampons work and details on the various things that pads or tampons are better for), and throughout, acknowledgement of all the weird ways that these things might make girls feel and how normal this is. The book does not cover sex, so if you are looking for that you'll [...]

    7. I have to giggle a little at my tags on this book. In all seriousness I read this with my daughter age 12 and I liked it but I am not sure she did!!! ha ha

    8. This is a great mother/daughter book! I read this book with my 10 year old daughter to teach her about all the changes that happen as you mature from a girl to a young woman. We had a lot of fun reading, laughing and enjoying this book together. She looked forward to it every evening, and so did I! I don't want my girls to be embarassed or feel uncomfortable talking to me about the changes they are/will experience. This book has helped me get off to a healthy start with my daughter and was a gre [...]

    9. Standard book for every girl! A book which should precede Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Like an owner's manual for girls ages 9-12. Includes very cute, simple explanations and cartoons about why our bodies change. I bought this for my friend's 5th grade daughter whose friends are starting their periods and can't understand what it is or why she hasn't gotten hers. She has a lot of questions her mother isn't prepared to answer, so this book should help fill in the blanks.

    10. If you're a mom with a 9 year old daughter, this is a MUST READ!! Then have your daughter read it because it's meant for her. :) This book opened conversations that I had attempted and failed miserably, and now we're able to talk openly about the things she's already beginning to notice, and things girls at school are already talking about. There are sections of the book that I'll also be going over with my 7 year old. Yep, his book is an extremely valuable resource!!

    11. I remember loving this book when I was a young teen. The illustrations and page layouts are inviting, casual, and matter-of-fact, and I read it over and over, just thrilled to have such clear answers for things adults all seemed to know but never mentioned to me (at least not without it being super awkward). Not just about sexual development, but about health and hygiene in general. On re-reading, the advice and tone are still super good. A few things are a little out of date, like the food pyra [...]

    12. This book had some nice tips, but there were some tips that I didn't agree with. At one point in the book, I thought they were being hypocritical because they said one thing on a page, then said the complete opposite pages later. In other words, I have outgrown this book.

    13. I don't usually add my small childhood books, but this book was such a huge part of my life that I had to. Forever love. <3

    14. This is a great book for girls to read that answers questions they might have about puberty in a reassuring, factual and straight-forward way. I appreciated how the book emphasizes the differences in each girl's experience, and each girl's body. Alternatives are offered (pad v. tampon, shave or not to shave?) with no bias and with enough information to help a girl feel confident in figuring out which option works for her. The writing is simple, but the tone is not condescending. Information is p [...]

    15. Genre: nonfiction; reference materialTopic: hygiene, exercise, self image, friendship, puberty, Theme: taking care of one's body, liking oneself for who one isIllustrations: the illustrations are bright and colorful. They are supportive of the text, and they also add another layer of information to the book.Use: independent reading, research materialReading level: FluentLiterary elements: short articlesThoughts:The Care and Keeping of You: the Body Book for Girls is a reference book for young gi [...]

    16. I got this for my daughter a while ago and I think it does an excellent job introducing lots of subjects about the body and how to care for it. It discusses more intimate subjects like developing breasts, pubic hair, periods, and even gives step-by-step instructions for how to put in a tampon and advice on shaving your armpits. However, most of the book deals with easier subjects, such as taking care of your hair, being active, eating right, and more. It does not discuss sexuality at all. I HIGH [...]

    17. Starting to think about having "the talk" with my daughter as she is in a hurry to grow up. It is hard to find a book that is appropriate for a nine year old that addresses simply their own body and just what she needs to know now. I have to say this book does a pretty good job though - nothing inappropriate or too advanced for her. The things she needs to know now are well-written and this is probably the book I will buy to have the talk with her in the next few months or so. Eek! How can my ba [...]

    18. Definitely a book to read with your emerging tween especially if puberty, etc is covered in school and she has questions but not quite sure where to start. This book served as a great tool for my daughter to begin a dialogue with me about the topic of "growing up" and what that means specifically for her.

    19. I'm tempted to wryly use so many tags: drama, dystopia, epic, fantasy, horror, humor, idgi, mystery, nature and science, nipple- navel-gazing and melodrama, puzzles but I'll be good.Rachel suggested "period lit" as a name for my history shelf, and I immediately remembered this book, which is why that is never gonna be the name for my history shelf.

    20. This wonderous book explains to girls that: 1. You should love your body2. You are beautiful!3. It explains everything about a girls body in a loving and caring environment! Read this book! BUT NO BOYS ALLOWED!

    21. Wanted to read this one before passing it onto my 8 year old. I found the book had a lot of great info that I remember being too afraid to ask my own Mom as a kid. Hoping this will help fill in the gaps that I may not think to cover.

    22. I really can't say enough good things about this book. It covers every topic an adolescent girl is curious about, so informative! It's a must read, couldn't put it down!

    23. Super to read with your daughter. This book makes a child know that it's okay to feel comfortable with your body and the changes that are to come.

    24. A good introduction to body changes for girls. Covers changes from head to toe. I have an 8 year old I plan to read it with. Is it really time for those discussions already?!

    25. This book is just what I needed to start a dialog with my 9 year old daughter. It explains the basics in a very clear and age appropriate way.

    26. Recently, I saw this on the shelf at the public library, where I work. We actually have a couple copies. My mom got me this guide when I started asking her THE questions that personally didn't make me uncomfortable, but grossed her out. LOL. I believe this was given to me after my first "know yourself" class at school.Although this book touched base on subjects that I already knew, it was helpful when there were upcoming changes to my own body, and what to do when those certain changes happen. P [...]

    27. I'm not sold on this being the best option out there. it is aimed at preteens, but a lot of the information is geared towards younger girls. let's face it, basic hygiene should be taught immediately. does a 9 year old girl really need to be told to change her panties on a daily basis? I guess so. also menstruation should be covered a little more thoroughly. as well as skin care.

    28. Previewing this for upcoming discussions. There is a newer edition out—two actually—one for younger girls, and one for older girls, so I think I'll take a look at those.That said, this is an excellent book and I would have no qualms about giving it to my girl age 8+. There are illustrations of body parts, so if that bothers you, skip this book. I think the simple illustrations and diagrams will go a long way towards helping girls understanding what's going on with their bodies.This book isn' [...]

    29. This was an essential book when I was in middle school. Informative without being too explicit, perfectly age-appropriate.

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