When I Lie with You

When I Lie with You

Sandi Lynn / May 29, 2020

When I Lie with You After Rory Sinclair suffered a brutal attack she fell into the arms of Millionaire Ian Braxton He took her in healed her and they both gave each other something they never had love My name is Rory

  • Title: When I Lie with You
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
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  • Page: 290
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  • After Rory Sinclair suffered a brutal attack, she fell into the arms of Millionaire, Ian Braxton He took her in, healed her, and they both gave each other something they never had love.My name is Rory Sinclair, and for the first time in my life I m truly happy I ve found the love of my life, my soul mate, and my best friend We were the missing pieces in each other s liAfter Rory Sinclair suffered a brutal attack, she fell into the arms of Millionaire, Ian Braxton He took her in, healed her, and they both gave each other something they never had love.My name is Rory Sinclair, and for the first time in my life I m truly happy I ve found the love of my life, my soul mate, and my best friend We were the missing pieces in each other s lives, and now that we re together our bond is stronger than ever We re building our future together a future I never believed I would have.Then it happened.My name is Ian Braxton, and for the first time in my life I feel complete A woman named Rory Sinclair did that to me She breathed life into me and gave me hope Money didn t matter to me any, and I would ve given it all up for her She s my dream and I never want to wake up.Then it happened Ian and Rory found their happily ever after in Lie Next To Me A Millionaire s Love Will it continue Or will something that happens unexpectedly tear them apart

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    1. Ma koliko god ja mrzela Ianovo ponašanje, ova knjiga je savršena. Čitajući poslednja poglavlja ove divne priče sam tako neizmerno uživala i plakala od sreće. <3

    2. I really like this author but I have to say that I was disappointed with this book, the first book was excellent and this one was rushed and some major moments weren't captured properly just skimmed. This should if been made into 3 books and captured those moments in the book better Ian also became at bit if a childish immature character and it didn't fit in from the first book He became very annoying and a man in his so called power just wouldn't react to some of the scenes played out in this b [...]

    3. I really like Sandi Lynn as an author but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in this book. The plot was great, the characters were great but the writing was not the same quality as the other books I have read by Ms. Lynn. I found the first chapters choppy. They have sex and then they have sex again. So there is a lot of sex. I like a steamy novel but really the characters were having sex ALL the time. Many of the sex scenes were also similar - Ian always checks Rory to make sure she was read [...]

    4. 4 stars!Dual POV!!! It is so good to be able to get inside Ian's head, I get to know him so much better than book 1.This series or duet, especially this book was able to pull my heartstrings! There were some pretty emotional scenes that made me :) :( ;) This may not be a very extravagant story (Billionaires), it ain't dark, it's not humorous, there's no 'other woman', it's just not super dramatic, but damn! the way it was written was just flawless. It ain't boring and I got to enjoy every bit of [...]

    5. Holy crap!!!!!!Sandi Lynn,You warmed us all to get the tissues ready but did I listen NO I didn't. What a fab finish to a fantastic series, Ian and Rory and passionate and explosive with each other. Connor, Ellery, baby Julia and of course manny Mason are back giving both Ian and Rory advice. Epic scene between Rory, Ellery, Connor and Ian oh and some other ladies in the queue, but which one says something?Throughout the book my heart broke in places and shone in others. You also find yourself l [...]

    6. This one was a little better than the first one. But make me cringe sometimes. They tried so hard, but can convince me of their love. The constant love declarations annoyed the hell out of me, it was so false. And Ian´s reaction to her pregnancy just confirm the sensation of "they´re not so in love as they say"

    7. Muy buen cierre de historia me despejo varias dudas y la verdad si me siguió pareciendo que la trama era muy parecida a forever Black aunque Connor no fue tan cabezón como Ian, me pareció muy triste que Richard tuviera que aparecer con cáncer para que cambiara su forma de ser tan fea para tratar a las mujeres me pareció una cobarde con palabras mayúsculas la madre de Ian porque no lo pudo buscar antes, me encantó como Ian defendió a la chica del servicio en fin me gustó muchísimo 😍

    8. Um, it was just ok. I was REALLY looking forward to continuing the story of Rory & Ian so this is hard for me to write. The story really doesn't even have a story, meaning it was repetitive and didn't even really have a story. This is honestly the 1st book of Sandi Lynn 's that I didn't care for. I didn't even care if I finished it, but I kept hoping it would get better. Sadly, it didn't.

    9. WOW Sandi Lynn has done it again.When I Lie with Youis the conclusion story of the Millionaire's Love series. Ian and Rory got an amazing and beautiful happily ever after. I loved how we got a whole different Ian in this book. Both Ian and Rory really grow up in general in this last installment as individuals and as a relationship. If you loved the first book then you will love this one. We have amazing scorching hot scenes between the love birds and we have precious moments between them as well [...]

    10. Where do I begin?Ian and Rory are finally in love. Its about time, but damn I'm surprised she wasn't pregnant in the beginning because did they ever take a break from sex?I enjoyed their story and my heart broke for Rory regarding her brother. I wish it didn't happen though. The story flowed well and let me just say Ian have the best ex wife ever. Such a sweetheart to Rory and always there for her and him, eventhough at times he did not deserve it. His "best friend" Andrew? I have no words.Now w [...]

    11. Wow!! I can't believe that I loved this book as much as I did. I was not a fan of Ian in book 1 because let face it people he was an asshole and I didn't think he redeemed himself in my eyes at the end. That being said I was so scared to read this book but man I gotta tell ya I fell hard for Ian in this 2nd book. Yes he was controlling, yes he said some really stupid crap and some of the things he did I was like WTH is he thinking lol. In the end though he put on his big girl panties and literal [...]

    12. I had to question if this was the right follow on book from book 1, comparing them you would think they were 2 diff books, nook1 was awesome, book 2 it's almost as if the writer struggled to get a story together. It lacks depth, character and storyline, it drags on and at Tim it's boring. The characters have become silly esp ian, it's predictable and poorly written and poorly rushed to the point where it is awful,at times. The author is talentd she proved this in book 1, if I was to buy again I' [...]

    13. Come back and fall in love with Ian and Rory all over again. What a beautiful way to end such a beautiful love story. Will Ian ever be able to get over his issues to see that he can't afford to lose Rory? Will Rory forgive Ian for all his stupid mistakes he makes? My favorite part of this book is where Rory says: " Your over the Rainbow, no more pain." this statement hit home to me more than you will ever know.

    14. 4.0 Stars!!!Book two is always better than book one. In this case that is also true. I liked this part of the story much better and the ending. A bit sappy but we all need a little of that in our life once in a while. Of course it is nice to see Connor & Ellery from the (Forever Black) series which I loved. They are so centered and happy. This was differentybe not as intense as the previous series but enjoyable non-the-less.

    15. I wish I could give more starts! Sandi Lynn has done it again. I absolutely LOVED this book! I laughed, cried and yelled. I wanted to jump through my nook and punch Ian on several occasions. The intense writing had a lump in my throat for many many chapters. I kept thinking OMG no. It made me wish every girl could find an Ian. Thanks for a great story. Hopefully we can get a novella later with updates on them.

    16. Wow! This book took me on one hell of an emotional roller coaster! I laughed, cried, and wanted to throw my Nook on more than one occasion! The book was beautifully written, and I would recommend having a box of tissues, a bottle of wine (maybe a case!), and tons of chocolate! I did not take the warning, and wished I would have! But it was a wonderful ending to the series!

    17. True meaning of lovewow. amazing storyline. I had so many emotions brewing inside of me. I was excited, sad, angry and then I felt love beyond the limits. I can't say I felt this emotional with my husband. I love your books and your very creative and romantic mind Sandi. Can't wait for the next book.5 STARS

    18. What an amazing book. I could not put it down I had to finish it I started to read it at 10am this morning and finished it at 1pm utterly amazing you need tissues I had tears love love love . Thank you for an amazing book and for an amazing finish to the series xxx

    19. this was an amazing story, I loved how you incorporated your other characters from your Forever Series in this one. This actually was a loving tender roller coaster ride of love forgiveness and trust.but most of all unity. I loved it and well just bravo!

    20. This is one of them books I was really sad to see end. Ian and Rory are my favorite couple from Sandi. Ian didn't upset me AS much as he did in Lie Next to Me. But I absolutely LOVED their story. and at the end of the book No question was left unanswered. AWESOME job Sandi definitely 5☆

    21. I couldn't ask for more better ending. 5 golden stars wasn't enough for me to rate this. Its very touching and beautiful piece that any reader will captivate till the end. I love Ian and Rory's story and I enjoyed reading every second of it.

    22. I loved this book and the first one!!! This series was full of power, hot sex, love and so much more!! Sandi Lynn you my dear rock!!! I feel in love with Ian and Rory along with all the other characters!!! A must read!!

    23. WOWtalk about emotional. My heart absolutely broke for Rory. But my heart also soared for the gifts she was given. With those gifts I'm glad to see that Ian realized what previous gifts they were. I was completely satisfied with the ending.

    24. I adore Sandi Lynn, she is an amazing author . It's a hard decision who I love more Connor Black or Ian Braxton . This book was so bittersweet, I frigging loved it ! It was a quick read & I loved the epilogue .I wish this wasn't the end if Ian & Rory!

    25. despite the negative reviews I've read regarding this particular series, I loved it! ian was certainly sexy but still not nearly as much as the 1 & only Connor Black

    26. I usually love the way Sandy Lynn writes but unfortunately this one was not a favourite. Too many sex scenes and too many "I love you".

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