Gorgeously Green : 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life

Gorgeously Green : 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life

Sophie Uliano / Jan 26, 2020

Gorgeously Green Simple Steps to an Earth Friendly Life Georgously Green

  • Title: Gorgeously Green : 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life
  • Author: Sophie Uliano
  • ISBN: 9780061575563
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Georgously Green

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        Environmental guru Sophie Uliano presents GORGEOUSLY GREEN, the modern girl s guide to living in sustainable style.


    1. Sometimes this book read like a premise for a bad sitcom. The wacky wife with all her outrageous ideas and the husband who has to shrug and deal with them: "Oh that Sophie!"And sometimes it irked me that while there were good, if not great, ideas in this book, the way the author drones on and on about how she does this, that, and the other thing, it makes you feel pretty low that you too aren't doing this, that, and the other thing. But then you remember you don't live in La La L.A. and you don' [...]

    2. This book is an outstanding resource. On the surface it appears to be fluffy girly-girl stuff, but don't be deceived. Sophie Uliano has put together a fun, readable, usable volume on just about every aspect of "greenness" you can think of.I recommend going through the entire book once so you don't miss out on any juicy tidbits, then keep it for use as a reference. It has a good index, and is loaded with web addresses for earth-friendly products, ideas, like-minded people, and organizations. I co [...]

    3. The other day, I went to Target, going to my usual Target Aisles: bedding, cosmetics, skin care, and books. I bought a makeup bag to corral my lipgloss, blotting papers and brush in my work totebag and Gorgeously Green.I almost didn’t buy it because I saw it in one of those health food store advertorial magazines and I generally think those are full of nonsense.Let me tell you: half the book is highlighted with Things I Must Remember. I’m sure it will take me a while to incorporate them all [...]

    4. I was really excited about this book because I'm trying to live a more green lifestyle (like everyone else) and thought this might have some good ideas, products, etc. I found that it had a lot of misinformation. I'm not even an expert and I caught errors, so I know someone who knows more than I do would have a field day with this book. another thing that annoyed me were the comparisons like "this cosmetic is only one molecule away from being --fill in toxic chemical here--" Many things are chem [...]

    5. I know that I have already said this, but I am so excited to have the opportunity to review new books. Okay, Gorgeously Green is written by Sophie Uliano. From the back flap it says, "Sophie Uliano is a passionate environmentalist who has developed an earth-friendly lifestyle that appeals to women who don't want to compromise their glamour or style." (Not turning into a non-shaving hippie.)My first reaction to this book was that I was really excited to read it. I have been thinking for some time [...]

    6. I am putting this one in the recycling bin, with a warning for those who may fish it out: this book contains inaccurate information, therefore I cannot in good conscience pass it on.This is not to say it is all inaccurate. There is a lot of accurate information in there likely. However, once you find inaccurate information, you now have to verify every piece against other sources to see if this is the accurate or inaccurate information, which is just too much work when there are plenty of accura [...]

    7. This book virtually transformed my medicine cabinet -- not to mention household, which is shared with a lifelong bachelor who purchases twelve-packs of Ivory bar soap and uses (nay, used!) rubbing alcohol as aftershave -- from the standard Oil Of Olay / Neutrogena / occasional Aveda lineup to serious non-paraben/fragrance-less organic and/or green products that might actually prevent my children from being born with gills and ADHD.Its cheery tone is a bit much at times (though I do understand th [...]

    8. Somewhat useful, but I found the level of materialism a little high / surprising. I guess the point is that this is helpful for people who don't want to radically change their lifestyles (and to be fair, I have a very high-consumption lifestyle too that I'm not sure will change anytime soon), but I'm not sure how "green" buying tons of super-expensive green products is. She gave lip-service to the make-do-with-less mentality, but certainly allowed me to just look for alternate products to buy wi [...]

    9. This book changed my life! I have always been environmentally conscientious, but I was lacking some information and practical advice. I'm trying to incorporate as many of the ideas as possible. By going green, I find that I save money in some areas, but spend more in others. For example, I bought cloth napkins, which will save me money in the long run. However, I am now buying organic milk, which is over $2 more a gallon that the regular kind! (You'd think this wouldn't be the case in Wisconsin. [...]

    10. Gives you lots to think about! Overwhelming to read front to back if you really want to go green. Better to purchase, read chapters individually, and apply the concepts one by one.

    11. Jesus Christ. So much disappointment.I honestly don’t even know why I gave it the second star- probably just for all the websites and shops she suggests are cool to be able to check out, even if I may or may not be interested in using all of them.This was a load of fear-mongering, pseudoscience rubbish written by some wealthy white woman living in LA that just oozes apathetic privilege from every page. Most everything in this book is either not true, grossly exaggerated, or meant to guilt trip [...]

    12. Let me be frank with you: when I first started reading this book (which was years ago), I didn't enjoy it at all. I found it too do I put this? Standoffish? It just seemed like the author wanted to feel good about herself and so she bragged about how she is going green. Years later—specifically last month—I grabbed this book again and gave it another go, mostly because I wanted to start this whole new lifestyle and wanted to learn how to do it. Again, I found the book rather show-off-ish and [...]

    13. There is a lot of good information in here, but you have to take some of what this author says with a grain of salt. I think that the basic message I took away was to really think more about the chemicals in the beauty, cleaning, and other products that I use in my home. That was good for me and I did make some changes (today I bought some new shampoo and conditioner, for example after learning to my absolute chagrin that Fekkai products are actually awful). I was already aware of many of the re [...]

    14. I was worried this would be too fluffy given that I've read several books and countless non-profit organization newsletters on the topic. I was sort of right; it is pretty darned "fluffy", and she sounds almost Valley-girl-ish with all her "Hello!"s. On the other hand, I did learn a few things, and I am a sucker for reviews and recommendations on the green products (everything from laundry, to kitchen, to body care, to make-up) out there. There were only a couple of things that kind of irked me. [...]

    15. Published in 2008, this book already feels out of date. It's a good primer for anyone who wants to start out being "green," but almost all of the tips/suggestions in here can be found in almost any magazine or website on being "green." These days, most of the information found in this book seems like common knowledge. One nice thing about this book is that the author isn't too terribly strict about being green. She acknowledges when she herself could be greener and acknowledges that an "extreme" [...]

    16. Gorgeously Green is a little bit pushy and gimmicky. I was annoyed by the constant use of the phrase "gorgeously green" (really, if that's the title, do we need to keep hearing the phrase over and over?) and I didn't like that Uliano stuck her own skincare brand in her list of recommended skincare products. I understand that she probably felt that she might as well, but it felt like she had an agenda which distracted me from her mostly good advice. Also, she said to give copies of the book with [...]

    17. I had Sophie Uliano's Gorgeously Green recommended to me by a friend.I liked this book. While I already knew a lot of the information contained within its pages, it would be a really great starter for someone who doesn't know much about "living green" and wants to learn more.There were a lot of resources within to keep motivated and suggestions on where to shop (which kind of came across to me like advertising) which again, will be most useful for someone who has no idea where to start.I found i [...]

    18. This book is divided into 8 sections where each section describes a large number of changes the average woman can make to reduce waste, toxins, and to be more environmentally aware. Sometimes reading through the sections, I became overwhelmed. I'd think that one or two things sounded easy, but then the author would just keep going with her wonderful information, and I'd start to feel a bit lost. Even though she kept reminding me, as the reader, that she's only asking for one little change--and s [...]

    19. I really liked how the author begins the book by suggesting that we just pick 1 thing from each step (i.e. chapter) of the book to implement in our lives to help us lead a greener life. I'm a firm believer that if everyone would take just a few simple steps our environment and our lives would be so much healthier. I get disappointed with attempts to encourage everyone to go totally greenI just think that's too overwhelming for most people and the end result is they do nothing. However, even thou [...]

    20. I was so excited to get this book as a gift for Christmas. I had seen the book at my friend's house and she had really enjoyed it. The author lives in Hollywood, teachs yoga, and is trying to live a green life. I found the book to be a very good guide for the best home, beauty and personal products to buy that are green, organic, etc. The information on all of the horrible things that are in makeup was eye opening, to be sure! However, I had a difficult time with her section on organic gardening [...]

    21. I picked up this book because I thought it would be a useful one-stop reference for all the small and simple things you can do in daily life to be greener and reduce your carbon footprint -- and it is, as far as it goes.However, I kept getting tripped up by small (and not so small) errors by the author. For example, according to her, global warming is Al Gore's theory (either poor wording or she genuinely thinks he came up with it); she repeats the claim that there is asbestos in tampons (there [...]

    22. Even though I knew a lot of the things in this book already, it was still very informative. I was aware of all the horrible things in cleaning supplies, thanks to "Organic Housekeeping", and knew about the nasty stuff in nearly everything else in the terrifying "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know" The problem I had was finding alternatives to the beauty products. So conventional make-up is full of carcinogens and hormone disrupters. So what do I do now? This book will actually tell you wh [...]

    23. Ok, this is SO SO much different and better than any other "ways to go green" guide or book that just drowns you in stats and makes you feel like everything is a lost cause and why bother. This woman was on Oprah with Julia ROberts a week or so ago and she said a few things that made me really interested in this book. Mainly, "Do what you can!" She is a girly girl who likes to look good and didn't want her life and family life overhauled in one night and realized that's impossible. So she took s [...]

    24. All 'Green' books I read pretty much tell me the same thing, as did this one. But this one was a bit different than the others. It was a lot more detailed and gave lots of web sites to visit to learn more about how to keep yourself, your home, and the planet green. What I liked was how it mentioned beauty products. I have super sensitive skin, and after I read the beauty chapter and reading the list of toxins that are in the products we use, it's no wonder my skin looks like crap. There's a grea [...]

    25. Having been loaned this book by a friend, I made an effort to get through it(and failed) The author, a Californian yoga instructor, seeks to inspire and motivate towards a greener life style with out the sacrifice of vanity and "good housekeeping" Actually this is a noble premise and her lists of the toxic and harmful ingredients contained in our every day, even several times a day - products are useful. She counters these lists with suggestions for alternatives , like using white vinegar for mo [...]

    26. i am really enjoying this book so far. i love that it's not one of those green books where everything is bad and you should live in a hole. i feel like can actually do some of these things (and want to), and that it's more than just trash and gardening. she also talks about beauty and health. i am really liking this book so far.i love this book. i have really learned alot from it. it will be in currently reading list for a while. each chapter is a weekly goal so to speak, so as soon as i finish [...]

    27. As a prompt for more responsible purchasing and living decisions, this book did pretty well. Little of the information felt unique; but for all of the topics that the author covers, this could be considered a nice comprehensive guide.However, there were many times while I read this book when I felt like I didn't necessarily fit, somehow, in the book's target demographic. For example, in the discussion about Gorgeously Green clothing, the suggestions include companies like Loomstate, Patagonia an [...]

    28. I loved this book!! I love the way Uliano writes and shares her ideas and knowledge with the reader. She doesn't preach to the reader. She doesn't make you feel like if you don't do every single thing she mentions in the book that you are a bad person.ead, she tells the reader that every small change they make does make a difference. This book changed my life. I know that sounds corny, but it really did. I've changed my cleaning products, laundry products, bath products. I reuse everything I pos [...]

    29. This book should probably be titled, don't go to the store without it if you want to go green maybe ok nevermind. The author does a good job of making green relevant but kinda goes more on a shopping recommendation binge. I am not in a shopping mood. The book links to her blog which is great. I'm surprised at the number of people who get book deals from their blogs. Have I missed my calling. Should I just pool all the websites I visit every day to a mass list an publish my own book? Maybe but fo [...]

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