21st Century Boys, Band 1

21st Century Boys, Band 1

Naoki Urasawa / Apr 07, 2020

st Century Boys Band Der Krieg ist vorbei Der Freund ist tot Die Menschen m ssen nicht mehr f rchten ausgel scht zu werden Endlich kehrt wieder Frieden in Tokio ein so scheint es zumindest Doch das R tsel bleibt noch ung

  • Title: 21st Century Boys, Band 1
  • Author: Naoki Urasawa
  • ISBN: 9783866079366
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Der Krieg ist vorbei Der Freund ist tot Die Menschen m ssen nicht mehr f rchten, ausgel scht zu werden Endlich kehrt wieder Frieden in Tokio ein so scheint es zumindest Doch das R tsel bleibt noch ungel st Niemand wei , wer der Freund war und woher er kam Der einzige Hinweis ist tief in den Erinnerungen eines Mannes vergraben Kenji, unseres Helden Es ist anDer Krieg ist vorbei Der Freund ist tot Die Menschen m ssen nicht mehr f rchten, ausgel scht zu werden Endlich kehrt wieder Frieden in Tokio ein so scheint es zumindest Doch das R tsel bleibt noch ungel st Niemand wei , wer der Freund war und woher er kam Der einzige Hinweis ist tief in den Erinnerungen eines Mannes vergraben Kenji, unseres Helden Es ist an der Zeit, Pandoras B chse zu ffnen Zeit, herauszufinden, was in ihrem Inneren schlummert.

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        Urasawa Naoki is a Japanese mangaka He is perhaps best known for Monster which drew praise from Junot D az, the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner and 20th Century Boys Urasawa s work often concentrates on intricate plotting, interweaving narratives, a deep focus on character development and psychological complexity Urasawa has won the Shogakukan Manga Award, the Japan Media Arts Festival excellence award, the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize In 2008 Urasawa accepted a guest teaching post at Nagoya Zokei University.


    1. Real rating: 5.7/10Manga/GN rating 7/10************************Spoilers*******************************A lovely piece of meta-fiction that leaves one asking is it real? Which given the nature of 20th Century Boys is a very decent place to leave it. Most readers will happily take this work as the swan song they felt they were owed after the abrupt end to the first series, but given the fact that Urasawa uses Ujiko-Ujio as the credited name for this work, one has to stop and think Ujiko-Ujio are ma [...]

    2. This is more like it. I was left very much unsatisfied after the last volume of the original series, but now it becomes obvious that the real explanation of all the mysteries were saved for the epilogue. As always, Urasawa focuses on the characters and their development and manages to reveal most of the underlying secrets of this somewhat prolonged storyline and still keep the reader's interest up.Have now ordered the very final volume and look forward to see how Urusawa wraps up all of this and [...]

    3. I admit I felt lost and at disadvantage because I haven't read 20th Century boys but I understand the themes/feel of deconstruction of the "good" feelings associate with the good old days of the past and the hope-look to the future mentality vs the grim reality of both the present and the actual past. "Crushing" of the Future-Topian mentality/dream is very present as highlight by the 1970's Expo sites being mangled in particular the "Tower of the Sun" which is real monument which is still standi [...]

    4. 21 centurySo after they won over Amigo, there are still a few things to do and some doubt to the end of 20th century. The main one Find who the new Amigo is?, is started to be resolved when Kenji enters the virtual reality place that Amigo built, but he goes in for another reason. So in this volume we get to see the two kids on a mask interact, and one of them interact with the original amigo kid. It’s a promising start for this 2 books continuation of 20th century boys, hopefully it does give [...]

    5. I found out not too long ago that, like Gantz, a whole lot of the people who had started reading 20th Century Boys alongside me had jumped ship a long time ago, and while I’m way too close to the end to not stick it out, I really wish some of them had been nice enough to grab my shoulder and say “we’re leaving,” because I would have caught a ride. And instead, here I am, 44 months in to a story where the main bad guy is dead (sort of) for the second or third time (probably) and now there [...]

    6. The two-part sequel to the amazing "20th Century Boys" follows directly from the closing scenes of its prequel, as if its just another volume in the saga. "The Death of 'Friend' " brings into focus some of the biggest mysteries left unsolved and offers a new immediate menace to be dealt with by the protagonists. Plotwise, it's soon apparent that we are getting a coda, I even got a kind of "What now?" moment when a plan-B of the Friend is revealed, a plan that could yet again finish off the Human [...]

    7. When I read the last volume of 20th Century Boys I thought it was going to be the end. I thought everything would be explained, revealed and concluded. Of course it just turned out to be more mysteries, more teasing tid-bit hints of the larger picture.Now, it's the 21st Century, humanity has been brought to the edge and many of the prophecies have been realized. Of course, it's not really space aliens attacking, but the bizarre inventions of the friend. The Friend has been revealed a few times, [...]

    8. Lanjutan dari 20th Century boys,dan tetap sosok Tomodachi kedua blum terungkap bahkan sejauh ini (c'mon Naoki Urusawa,enough dengan ending buruk 20th century boys, jangan buat otak kami berpikir lebih panjang). Oh iya, yang menganggap manga/komik itu 'gak dewasa', coba deh baca 20th century boys yang isinya tentang konspirasi organisasi yang mengatur dunia dari belakang layar (klo di komik ini namanya Tomodachi yang lambangnya miriip ama Freemason). Jadi diceritakan 9 orang sahabat yang sewaktu [...]

    9. I was so suprised when I saw there were two more volumes in the 20th Century Boys series. This book does a great job tying up many of the loose ends from the previous series and sets up for the final showdown between "The Friend" and Kenji and his group of freedom fighters. In my opinion, "20th Century Boys" is Naoki Urasawa's masterpiece. I alternately can't wait to read the next book and will be very sad to see this fantastic work of manga end.

    10. Urasawa still has some shocking revelations to reveal after the emotional conclusion to 20th Century Boys. I keep getting the feeling this is going to turn out like the end of The Prisoner, with some kind of weird and ambiguous finale that raises more questions than answers. I hope not, but in any case this has been a marvelous ride, and I can't wait to read the next and final volume of this saga.

    11. The continuation of the 20th Century Boys story lacks the appeal. Yes, there were a few unresolved mysteries like who the second friend was, but there was no need to add another suspense element. Another backup plan to destroy the world. Was pretty disappointed with this one. Still for the sake of completing the series and to know the identity of the Imposter Friend, I will keep reading till the end.

    12. Meh. The pacing and structure of the story didn't work for me. The flashbacks were not well placed and it ended up making the story confusing. I had a hard time attaching to the characters as well. The world building wasn't well developed. I had a hard time figuring out if this was an apocalyptic story or some weird sci-fi gaming story. Also not a huge fan of the artwork. Overall, not a satisfying read for me.

    13. Epilog awal dari saga 20th Century Boys karya Urasawa Naoki. Ketika misteri mulai tersingkap, ada apa di baliknya? Atau, benarkah misteri ini akhirnya akan tersingkap??? Apakah dunia virtual itu hanya sekedar perwujudan dari khayalan sahabat, atau merupakan dimensi lain yang hidup dan berkembang secara mandiri? Tomodachchchiiiii

    14. I took a quick break from this series to let things settle, and that was a good call. I was able to start the epilogue still fresh on the story but leaving most of my built up frustrations behind. I felt most relieved when I saw the face of the one who was killed as the friend in the last volume. Now I'm eager to hear the conclusion and finally get that closure.

    15. Really?! This isn't over yet?! I have enjoyed the ride very much, and I love each and every one of the characters, but the fact that there is still no real resolution in sight is very frustrating to me.

    16. No wonder i didn't understand this book! i had a mild bout of dyslexia when i bought it thinking it was vol 1 of 20th Century Boys. I didn't understand a damn thing that was going on. Seemed pretty cool, for all that.

    17. Seperti buang air besar di toilet yang bersih setelah ditahan selama perjalanan panjang menggunakan bis yang panas dan penuh sesak. Sebuah pengalaman unik untuk fase alami atas kegundahan yang dibaretkan dari seri Urasawa sebelumnya.

    18. When I hit the last volume of 20th Century Boys, I was like, surely this cannot be the ending. And it isn't, because there are two volumes of something called 21st Century Boys to wrap things up. This is excellent.

    19. Una excusa para alargar la serie un par de números más. El final de 20th Century Boys no era especialmente bueno, pero funcionaba (dentro del nivel de los últimos números). No veo la razón para alargar más la trama.

    20. For such a great manga I have to say that the ending disappointed me a bit. Especially the very very last 'water' scene. That wasn't necessary. But overall it was a GREAT manga.

    21. Mmm. La mera existencia de esta serie-epílogo dice poco a favor de la serie original. Sin embargo, está claro que era necesario aportar algo de luz a ese final.

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