Media coverage of medical manslaughter

20 Feb Media coverage of medical manslaughter

Dr Bawa Garba and Nurse Amaro case

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Dr ZDoggMD : Outrage across the pond

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America is watching

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Dr Moosa Quereshi and the New South Wales medical board discuss Bawa-Garba

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Dr Jenny Vaughan BBC: The facts and fall-out from the Bawa/Garba case

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Newsnight clip on just culture

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National and local newspaper coverage Bawa-Garba case

Daily Mail: Six year old boy death

The Times: Jack Adcock Case

The Times: NHS staff in fear of admitting mistakes

Telegraph: 7,500 doctors warn they will be too scared to admit mistakes

Stourbirdge News: Hagley Doctor

New Statesmen: Hadiza Bawa Garba case

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