My Madder Fatter Diary

My Madder Fatter Diary

Rae Earl / Jun 02, 2020

My Madder Fatter Diary RAE S BACK But now it s The Berlin wall is down and the Happy Mondays are up really up but the new decade s brought new mortifications for Rae Earl and she s MADDER and FATTER than ever About t

  • Title: My Madder Fatter Diary
  • Author: Rae Earl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RAE S BACK But now it s 1990 The Berlin wall is down and the Happy Mondays are up, really up, but the new decade s brought new mortifications for Rae Earl and she s MADDER and FATTER than ever About to enter the most important year of her life her actual bloody A Level year everyone expects her to concentrate on schoolwork but how can she when Haddock s backside isRAE S BACK But now it s 1990 The Berlin wall is down and the Happy Mondays are up, really up, but the new decade s brought new mortifications for Rae Earl and she s MADDER and FATTER than ever About to enter the most important year of her life her actual bloody A Level year everyone expects her to concentrate on schoolwork but how can she when Haddock s backside is still a national treasure and revision at home is just NOT HAPPENING It s hell outside the house too, if hell was in Stamford, Lincolnshire, and punishment for sins was a fiery eternity of awkwardness In My Madder Fatter Diary, Rae reveals her real life teenage diary once again, transporting us to a Britain instantly recognisable to those who remember Bryan Adams at the top of the charts and anybody who s been eighteen and agonisingly embarrassed by EVERYTHING It s wet your knickers hilarious It s blub your eyes out sad It s the touching, romantic, MAD, FAT story of what happened next.

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        I come from Stamford in Lincolnshire It s where a lot of TV and films are shot because it hasn t changed much in 500 years My childhood was like most people s a mixture of lovely and very odd Lovely because I spent a lot of time with good friends, music and tadpoles Odd because I spent a lot of time worrying about everything like war, murderers and poisonous mushrooms don t ask I was a bit weird Like we all are.After school I went to Hull University to study English Literature which I LOVED At that point the government actually still gave you money to study so I GOT PAID to READ BOOKS for 3 years I then worked in radio for 15 years Firstly as the person who makes the adverts all those annoying jingles that stay in your head for DAYS that s me Secondly as a breakfast presenter I got to interview lots of famous boy bands and once nearly broke Cheryl Cole s chair on stage We don t talk about that I got in trouble I ve always written things but most of them were actually slightly rubbish Or they were about people and I never wanted them to see it I don t think I was any good at writing till I was 35 and that was after a lot of practice.I have a shed in my back garden I go to It s full of brilliant things like a mini stable and horses, loads of stationery and a giant old railway station clock slight Dr.Who vibe My first book My Mad, Fat Diary was published a few years ago Hattie is my third My second is potentially the best book ever written since Shakespeare but I can t make it work so at the moment it s just a bit rubbish I haven t given up hope though.


    1. I think it must take a lot of guts to expose yourself the way Rae Earl has done. Publishing my own diaries would be terrifying. I read the first volume of her mad, fat diaries and loved it so there was no way I could skip over this volume. In turns, it's funny, sad and worrying. Her mindset was so bleak sometimes and it's sad to think there's other people out there who think like that. Sometimes I wanted to shake her. I don't know why. The way she was thinking wasn't her fault. I could even rela [...]

    2. After reading the first instalment last year, I was blown away with how connected I felt to Rae and her story. I was going through a particularly difficult time and related so much to what she was going through. The constant bullying she indured was similar to what was happening to me so I instantly connected to the pain she expressed in her diary entries. The bleak, numb throb of feeling unwanted and unloved was something that bound us both together. When I had finished I was wanting more, what [...]

    3. I have loved these books but have also found them uncomfortable reads. Whilst I didn't have anywhere near as horrendous a time as a teenager, it was pretty miserable and this book resurfaced some of those very awkward adolescent feelings. Some may find the book a let down in terms of plot (and in comparison to the E4 tv show) but Rae Earl's experiences are just a really good reflection of what growing up is really like. The important thing to me was it was all real.

    4. In spite of the improbability, I had a slight hope that Rae's attitude would have improved since the first book, but no– in this one she is still a vile, spoiled, hateful human being who is happiest when she's looking down on other people (ironic, given how she complains about being judged for her obesity on literally EVERY page).The casual homophobia from the first book is thankfully gone, but that doesn't count for much. Having a disability myself, I had to stop myself punching the nearest w [...]

    5. A while ago, there was a TV production of My Mad Fat Diary on and I watched it every single week, without fail. I loved that show, still do if I get chance to watch replays. When I went to a bookshop (just after the show had started) I saw the volume one and bought it. It didn't take me long to finish as diaries are usually a quick read. It was hilarious, though I couldn't find much reference to the show. The day before yesterday I went to the bookshop and found the volume two and couldn't resis [...]

    6. I love Rae Earl. Well, she's shared three years of her intimate thoughts, passions, and fears with us. I have so enjoyed learning them, rooting for her all the way.In this second volume of Rae's diaries, once again, the skillful editing of the adult author carries us fluently through her mind and story whilst perfectly preserving the feel of the angst-ridden scribblings of a sex-starved, obese teenager struggling with her mental health. Somehow volume 2 of Rae's diaries is even more engaging and [...]

    7. I am a huge Mad Fat Diary fan. I loved the first book, the tv show and now I love this book. Hats off the Rae Earl for having the bravery to publish these diaries, there is no way I could publish mine. Rae's diaries are so relatable to teenage life. I love her love of music and you can tell it's her passion from reading the diaries. I appreciate this may not be a book for all people and I'm aware the diary has received criticisms. Why not just give the first book a go, or the t.v. show :)

    8. **SPOILERS**I was a bit disappointed that Rae didn't end up with Haddock in the end but at the same time I like it because it makes a lot of sense.That said, I really enjoyed this because we get to see how Rae grows up and learns to love herself and her life a bit more and I do love a happy ending

    9. I’m seriously going to miss my time with Rae Earl and her amazing diaries. I had high expectations on how I wanted her diary to end, and it certainly reminded me that in real life some things really don’t turn out how we want them to, in reality, there is not always a fairytale ending, but just endings.I found this diary had more of a sadder tone, even with the hilarious parts which brighten the mood and make you hope for Rae. Her ability with words is just beautiful, we find out what happen [...]

    10. I didn’t think it was possible, but the second Rae Earl book was even better than the first! It has a lot of the same themes (Rae struggling with her troubled mind, her obsession with Haddock, not knowing what is next in her life, the importance of music, etc), but we see her grow so much more in this book. She finishes her A-levels, and while I’m not entirely sure that it matches with high school graduation in North America, there is a definite feeling of Rae having to evaluate different sc [...]

    11. Sometimes I am dealing with some stuff and I feel totally alone. It's not that I don't have anyone to support me, but these lovely people, friends, and family don't personally know the struggle. And then a book comes along, THIS BOOK, and I feel like someone GETS it. Someone has been through the same things, someone has written down my own thoughts, my every feeling. This book and the first one in the series has truly been the first stepping stone to my recovery. They were the first ones who tol [...]

    12. Sin esta segunda parte, la primera no tendria sentido ya que en mi opinion, la reflexion final de este lo es todo. Una continuacion absolutamente necesaria y que hizo que me quede encantada con Rae, mas de lo que en un principio estuve. Y lo que mas me agrado es que siendo adolescente o adulto, es probable que de todas formas te llegue.Todo pasa y esos problemas que a tus 17 años te hacen pensar que es el fin del mundo, tambien pasan. Lo importante es que cuando todo se te vaya de las manos, se [...]

    13. I love Rae Earl and her diaries! I read the first one last year and recently found this sequel which I didn't even know existed. What I love about the diaries is they make me laugh! I don't come across a lot of books that make me laugh, and 'MMFD' never fails to do that.But underneath the comedy there are serious issues and feelings going on and I can relate to those as well. There were some aspects of her 'mad' life and thoughts that I realised I do as well, but I never pinpointed it as a crazy [...]

    14. I read the first book then discovered there was a second one. I found it to be much sadder in overall tone, although there were still some hilarious parts. Rae has such a way with words. In this book you find out the bad thing that happened to her which she alludes to in the first book. It upset me to read because Rae seems such a likeable person -- you want good things to happen to her. If you've read My Mad Fat Diary you should definitely read this.

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    16. I am 100% sure this is not the exact copy of her diary because the writing improved A LOT from the first volume. The lack of a story line is expected and it would have been unbearable if it weren't for the little glimpses of pop-culture displayed all through the entries and the fantastic over-the-top but relatable angst expressed by the author. I'm pretty sure that if I'd read this ten years ago I would have given it a million stars. However, I'm already 31 and -though battling anxiety and being [...]

    17. I couldn't have enjoyed this book more and I read it just when I needed it. It took me a while to read,partly because I didn't want to say goodbye to the fabulously funny Rae and her friends and partly because of schoolwork.Rae's story is so inspiring and really puts a lot of the worries I had into perspective. Her point of view is so relatable and I hated putting having to put it down. I know for sure that I will be returning to these diaries to read again soon,they feel like listening to a hil [...]

    18. I loved this book. I think it struck a chord with me for a variety of different reasons. I can see a lot of myself in Rae and her diaries made me laugh and cry a lot more than books usually do (mainly cry in all honesty). It tackles serious issues which are never usually addressed in books for teenagers and I really hope my friends will read it to understand a little bit more about what Rae goes through. Read it!

    19. I don't know how I wanted this diary to end, but it kind of reminds us that in real life things don't turn out how we want them to, in real life there are no fairy tale happy ending, just endings. Since I started watching the show a few weeks ago, I've started getting into the whole Rae world. I started reading both diaries, and even compiled a playlist with all the songs mentioned in the book. I guess it's just one of those books that you get very immersed in.

    20. Just as entertaining as the first book with the added information of what happened next and how it all turned out. I can identify with the area as I lived not too far away from Stamford as a teenager and danced at the Riverside Club many a time. We all suffered those same 'hang ups' to a certain degree - all part and parcel of growing up but Rae suffered more than most. Nevertheless she makes us laugh about the absurdities of life.

    21. Not a disappointing continuation from vol.1 I am just entirely immersed in her diary entries. I was rooting for a good ending between the author and "Haddock". i can't say much but when I finished reading this, it was satisfying. A good wrap-up to Rae Earl's teen journey. My emotions was all over the place when I finished reading this book.

    22. Couldn't put this down! Read during one bath, got out very wrinkled but really inspired!I enjoyed it more than the first, though both are very funny - I actually did laugh out loud many times. I particularly liked the endnote. It's real life and perfectly sums up your misconceptions about people and your dreams during teen years.

    23. You still get to see Rae's journey through college and life thereafter, but with the expectation that something will happen. But as always, young Rae reminds you again and again, as she did to herself, that life is what it us and you make it or break it. Really enjoyed the books. Love the channel 4 series adaptation of it.

    24. Madder.Fatter.And crazy for Haddock's love. And university. And adult life.I'm 23 and I'm still trying to avoid adult life, truth be told. And this week is pure madness considering I'm getting my degree (only one more final exam to go, yay!) and looking for a job. At least I'm not hungry for love. I'm just hungry.

    25. I loved this madly. It kind of wrecked me, though. That end note. It hurt me so hard. Like, I understand that she found her happy in Kevin and stuff. But bloody hell! I can't help myself from mourning the tragedy that was this unrequited love. My goodness! My heart hurts. Haddock, you unaware bastard!

    26. So Good!! This book was great ive not read the first book although i have watched tv series Im so thankful for Rae Earl writing a diary!! I Laughed through out this book although it was hilarious it was also thought provoking and relatable 4 stars Great Read!

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