Daire Meets Ever

Daire Meets Ever

Alyson Noel / Jun 02, 2020

Daire Meets Ever What happens when an immortal meets a soul seeker Find out in this bonus scene as Ever Bloom and Daire Santos cross paths

  • Title: Daire Meets Ever
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens when an immortal meets a soul seeker Find out in this bonus scene as Ever Bloom and Daire Santos cross paths

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    1. 5 Words: Perfect length for a shot.This is a teeny tiny little short, it probably took the same amount of time to read as it would have taken me to pour and down a shot.Overall this was a clever way to link the two series together.

    2. Okay, so I was a little confused with this reading, and I guess it is because I haven't read the Immortal series, so I didn't understand the connection between Ever and Daire. After I read the part titled "Daire Meets Ever" and the read the letter to the reader, I realized it would be a "disconnect" for me. As I was reading the part that is introducing the main character in the new series, I kept trying to figure out how Ever fit in. I'm still not sure if she will be in the new series or not.Evi [...]

    3. Daire is 16 years old. But, she has been experiencing some things that are not normal for a 16 year old. She is seeing glowing people. And when she sees them, the skies fill with ravens. When she first starts having these visions, her mother thinks she is having some sort of a mental break down. She is put under the care of doctors and given strong drugs. But, nothing seems to help. So Daire's paternal Grandmother steps in. Daire has never even met her Grandmother, Paloma, but she is forced to g [...]

    4. The first series i started reading from this author were the soul seekersthen i read the short story "Daire Meets Ever" and then after reading it i decided to read the immortal series. It was only a scene actually were Daire sees Ever as a happy person who reassures her that everything is going to be ok. The story was very short but it gave me hope while i was reading the immortal series that no matter what happens in the end Ever and Damen would be ok and happy.

    5. It's what it says. A short story where the two girls meet. It doesn't really give anything away at all though. There's nothing else to say about it since nothing else happened

    6. You have to love when two amazing series can get together, even if for only a few minutes! Daire meets Ever by Alyson Noel is a quick read, introducing some more detailed background on Daire, when she began seeing glowing auras around people, not understanding what or who she really was. Under the care of doctors, Daire (Soul Seekers Series) is visited by Ever (Immortals Series) who tries to reassure her that she is not crazy! For those who know Ever, this is a great opportunity to meet Daire an [...]

    7. Synopsis: What happens when an immortal meets a soul seeker? Find out in this bonus scene as Ever Bloom and Daire Santos cross paths! From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Immortals, Alyson Noël, comes Fated—a breathtaking novel brimming with magic, mystery, and an intoxicating love story that will steal your heart away. Meet The Soul Seekers. Experience the enchantment of Fated and the new The Soul Seekers series with this special release featuring: the bonus scene, a note fro [...]

    8. This was short novella which introduced Daire Santos as she is being examined by doctors for seeing glowing people. Daire goes outside for fresh air and meets a young girl who reassures her she is ok and not 'crazy' what you find out quickly is that she is meeting Ever and Damen who were last seen in Everlasting. Ever explains that she will die many times and that she shouldn't feel 'crazy' cause she is far from it.

    9. A really short story where Daire (the protagonist of Noel’s new series) meets Ever (the protagonist of Noel’s old series).

    10. This is a short story that happens before most of the first book in The Soul Seekers series, Fated.This short story features Daire Santos, the heroine of the new series. She's in the hospital ward, and in my theory, it's between chapter two to three.Daire tries to escape from the hospital/psycho ward, and bumps into Ever.The story was really short and was a 5+ minutes read. It was nice to spend a few moments on it and actually, between us, I think Noel wrote this shorty after she wrote the first [...]

    11. Daire Meets Ever by Alyson NoelA Soul Seekers prequel3 starsDaire is a teenage girl in a mental ward in this short story and she meets Ever from the Immortals series who tells her that she's destined for great things. Well it was definitely interesting. I felt creeped out a couple of times. Noel is not the best writer, but then again I never claimed she was. I had read Evermore ages ago (two years) and I had enjoyed it a lot, but I'm hesitant to pick up the sequels because well I don't know if I [...]

    12. I'm a fan of both the Immortals series and the Soul Seekers series and I found this cross-over quite interesting. It's set before Fated and it gives a little information about Daire's life prior to the book and the reason she refused to believe she was crazy. And then of course there's Ever and Damen. And who doesn't love them? Let's be honest, especially Damen Auguste is a pretty nice character to read about. (Following the lighted signs with green arrows, I round the next corner, and plow smac [...]

    13. having been a fan of Alyson Noel's series, i was so confused throughout this introduction. it focused on nothing else but Daire, first being inside a mental hospital, then the story seemed to start all over again by giving details on her previous lifestyle and her first insane moment, which led her from being transported from one place to another, and ended with her being at her grandparents' house. as for Ever, she was the main character in The Immortal (2009-2010) series, but i can't recall wh [...]

    14. Source: I read this on Facebook when it was offered awhile back as a digital downloadable copy.Note: These are my personal opinions. I received no outside person comments or opinions.I really liked this short story. It helped explain what happened when Jenicka took Daire to those hospitals in the beginning of Fated. I felt the beginning of Fated was so rushed and this helped me better understand what happen.There honestly would've been nothing wrong with having Ever and Damon coming back in the [...]

    15. I have read the Immortals series by Alyson Noel and found the story to be okay and I have grown to like Ever and Damen. I also wanted to read the Soul Seekers series so when I was able to download this little story for my Kindle app I was willing to give it a try and I am so happy I did. Daire Meets Ever was a really good short story. Not only did it make me think what did Ever and Damen do after the Immortals series ended but it made me think that maybe there could be a new series with them. An [...]

    16. A cross over of Ever from The Immortals series and Daire from Soul Seekers. I have read The Immortals but not Soul Seekers and had no trouble understanding what was going on. You don't have to have read either series but may spoil The Immortals a little bit for you.Is told from Daire's point of view and she sounded somewhat interesting so I might give the Soul Seekers series a go. Any girl in a psych ward is something I might want to read about. What can I say I have a soft spot for crazy people [...]

    17. I give this a four because this is a short story about Daire meeting Ever and Damen from the immortal series. I got confused because why is Ever and Damen still manifesting things when they were mortal again in the last book of theirs? Hmmm, I guess I didn't read something right. Anyways, This is great because it gives you a idea about who Daire is and how she got to what she is now. Can't wait to buy the series and read them !

    18. This little bonus scene was a great introduction to Alyson's new series The Soul Seekers, you get to meet the main character of the series 'Daire Santos' and an old character 'Ever Bloom' from the Immortal Series.You get a hint into the two girls but nothing about there 'secret lives' are given away. I am excited to read about Daire adventures and misadventures just as much as I was about reading all about Ever's.

    19. Can't wait to get started with this series. I'll admit, I haven't read any of Alyson Noel's books in a while because I got hooked on Evermore then Blue Moon depressed me Sooo I just stopped reading those. Anywho, This seems like a great series that I'm hoping to get hooked on. (Not to mention the fact that I love the names Alyson comes up with. Daire = So pretty.)

    20. Daire Meets Ever is a captivating short story on how Daire from the Soul Seekers Series and Ever from The Immortals Series meet. This story is exciting if you've read both The Immortal and Soul Seekers Series. This short story also hints out about Daire's future. The only problem with this story is that it's too short!!! I wished Alyson Noel had continued the story.

    21. It's quick, it's short, it's simple, but it really serves as a way to connect Alyson Noël's characters. With reading this short story I was able to better understand Alyson Noël's thinking and thematic ideas. Anyone who has read the Immortals series and the Soul Seekers series should just take the short time to read this one little story to understand The author's world and stories so much more.

    22. Διασκεδαστικό μεν, χωρίς πολύ ουσία δε. Αντιλαμβάνομαι την αγάπη της δημιουργού να συνδυάσει με κάποιον τρόπο 2 πολύ αγαπημένες της σειρές, αλλά και να μην το διαβάσεις, δεν έχεις να χάσεις και πολλά. Από την άλλη, δεδομένου ότι είναι τόσο μικρό, και να το διαβάσεις πάλι δεν έ [...]

    23. Nice short story that connects the "Immortal Series" with the new series by Alyson Noël the "Soul Seekers". If you are a fun of the Immortals and you want to explore the new world by Noël before you get into Fated read it.

    24. A teaser for the Soul Seekers series, nothing more. I didn't learn anything about either Ever or Daire that I hadn't from the main books. Still, I appreciate Noel trying to put the two characters in the same universe.

    25. All this book did was make me more desprete to read Soul Seekers and the Immortals series'. the scene was well written. It makes you crave for more. So if you are a fan of Alyson Noel I sugest you pick it up.

    26. This was a nice surprise when I discovered Alyson Noel had wrote a small book that united two of my favourite heroines. I gave it a four star but I won't say anything else because it's such a small book that if I start writing about it I'll probably give the story away.

    27. What a great glimpse into a scene between two of our beloved favorite characters from the "Evermore" series and a new favorite from "Fated." I am anxiously awaiting the next "Fated" story and this short story is the perfect "fix" until the next one comes out.

    28. I liked it but I have read some of the books in each of these series so I kind of knew a little about the characters. It was a good link between the two series I think. Not meant for your more adult readersis novella is definitely for the young adult who wants a little more information.

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