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Styxx Just when you thought Doomsday was over Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for reveng

  • Title: Styxx
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780349400648
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just when you thought Doomsday was over Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge Misjudged, condemned, betrayed and abandoned, this is Styxx s only chance to set the record straight He hasn t always been on his brother s side but now he could proveJust when you thought Doomsday was over Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge Misjudged, condemned, betrayed and abandoned, this is Styxx s only chance to set the record straight He hasn t always been on his brother s side but now he could prove his loyaltyif he s willing to trade his life and future for Acheron s When loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that threatens to consume the entire world one that you are afraid will soon devour your very soul

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    1. There just not enough stars to rate this book. 5+++Only an amazingly talented author can pull off an EPIC read such as this. Her talent of creating tortured heroes goes beyond any other authors I know. She has proven this novel after novel and Styxx tops it all. Yes, it is better than ACHERON. And yes, it is THE best of the Dark Hunter series. In fact, it is one of THE BEST of the PNR genre!!!For the two days that I read this book, I did nothing but sobbed and ugly cried over Styxx’s story. I [...]

    2. Some people really loved this book. They gave it 5 star reviews. Some even called it the best thing Sherrilyn Kenyon has ever written. I am not one of those people. In fact, I was barely able to make myself finish Styxx. Not because it was 800-and something pages but because it was one of the most miserable books I have ever read. It is filled from cover to cover with rape, incest, abuse, torture, and unrelenting suffering for our hero. Before you tell me that Kenyon is Queen of the Tortured Her [...]

    3. BIG SPOILERS. DNF. I am truly horrified. How, in the name of Nicolas Cage, did this get published?If you think Game of Thrones characters have it bad, I guarantee that this poor schmuck has it worse.*takes a deep breath*I am really not into this series. This book seemed ominous from the start. However, I had to give it a try. Because of the title. STYXX. How cool is that? The River Styx separated the world of the living from the world of the dead. The gods swore binding oaths on it. It is one of [...]

    4. I don’t know what horrors haunt you, but I know that you haven’t allowed them to destroy the most beautiful part of yourself. You have the heart of a lion. Fearless. Tell me what is manlier than that? This is one of these rare books that I am absolutely sure that I will NEVER EVER read again. For obvious reasons as I will explain. I feel emotionally exhausted. It had been only August 28, 9533 BC and I wanted to start taking antidepressants.This review will be full of spoilers for two reasons [...]

    5. Final rating: 4.25/5 stars “The most beautiful heart of all is the one that can still love even while it bleeds, and especially after its been broken into thousands of pieces.” That's it. That is the book. And i am not even joking. Well, other than that i have a message for Sherrilyn Kenyon: Dear Miss Sherrilyn Kenyon, You are a master of sadism, tortured heroes, heroines,tragedies, and everything else. Thank you for making my life miserable by reading this book. Not only have you made my li [...]

    6. "You're right Acheron. I am a selfish bastard. I had to be, because no one else gave a single shit about me, except me."It doesn't usually take me this long to write a review, but between my busy work schedule and conflicted feelings towards this book, I just couldn't sit my tushh down and get this review going. I'm not sure how this'll turn out, but I'm hoping for the bestI love SKenyon's Dark Hunter world with it's vampires and Greek Gods causing havoc. If you want tortured heroes with reedema [...]

    7. WHAT?!!I can't even keep up with the who and why's of it all. When in the hell is Jaden or Savitar getting their book? I'll read this book cause I have to see where Sherrilyn is going with this serieshopefully closer to Savitar & Jaden's stories.

    8. Styxx paused inside the courtyard doorway as he caught sight of Apollymi sitting on a stone bench that overlooked a dark fountain. So this was the bitch who had forever changed and ruined his life…And all to save the life of her own son.He should probably hate her for that alone, but given the fact that he’d have sold his soul to have a mother who would just acknowledge his existence, how could he? In spite of what Acheron thought, Apollymi’s love for Acheron was the only thing Styxx had e [...]

    9. HMMM WOW!!!! Well I really don't care what order Sherrilyn Kenyon goes in, I just like the fact she keeps writting. I love her work so much, and all of her characters are extreamly interessting and loveable in their own ways. While I have loved all of her Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter, and Were Hunter books, the one I will always love the most is Acherons. It was written with such depth, emotion and pain. I can only imagine what it took to write it. So yes, I am so looking forward to Styxx's book, b [...]

    10. There are always two sides to every story, and I'd long been wondering just how Sherrilyn Kenyon would handle Acheron's twin brother Styxx. I figured she would continue the theme of reluctant/redemptive hero and she did. Too bad this book was an incredible let-down.This was nearly six-hundred-plus pages of rape, verbal and physical abuse, incest and bloodshed with some forgiveness and HEA thrown in at the last minute. Worse, there was major gender and GLBTQ fail (the first I've sadly come to exp [...]

    11. This is the moment we've been waiting for finally get Styxx's POV and find out what happened between him and Ash. And I have to tell you's not pretty. Not at all fact, be prepared to have all your views challenged, your loyalties torn (yes, I'm talking about Ash) and your heart hurt. Well, I'm beginning to feel like a broken record since it seems like I keep saying this about SK but seriously, she is the Queen of Torture. No one, and I mean no one, does it better than her. But I have to tell you [...]

    12. Re-read in 2015. Still don't like the first 75% of this book and I stand by what I originally stated. I do have a little more appreciation for the second part. Styxx is a sweetie, but the book is still to black and whiteview from 2013What I liked: -Styxx. He is a good character. Sweet, strong and noble but waaaaay too self sacrificing.-St. Ryssa, no longer a saint-Epic battle between the Atlantian Gods -Styxx being a Chnotonian/God Killer-Urian!-Simi's interfering -Bethany rocks! What I didn't l [...]

    13. love Styxx, love Acheron, hell I love em all! I will say this is one of the saddest stories I have ever read. I almost need a antidepressant after reading it lol. They all were so hurt and abused it just rips your heart out and makes you feel helpless, and sad for the characters. You feel such joy that they get their happy endings, and I just loved that Apollo gets his comeuppance. I had a hard time on Whether to give it a 4 or 5 stars I went with 5 because I was so happy that he got his family [...]

    14. “Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all fighting a fierce battle.” -Plato“Life, like war, is neither right nor wrong. It just is. And rather than worry over a philosophy you can’t change, you should just try to live through it as best you can.”---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Warning: the events in Styxx's life is very nauseating, do not attempt to read if you are not comfortable with raped, abuse, violence, war, degradation, [...]

    15. "I love you, Acheron.""I love you too, brother.""Do you think we'll ever be able to leave this place and find peace?""No. I think we were born to suffer.""At least we have each other."Acheron nodded. "Brothers - always and forever."If you were ever a fan of this series, and she lost you at some point between Acheron and this book, let me encourage you to read this one. It completely changes everything you thought you knew about Ash's past. In other words:This book is a lot like Acheron. The firs [...]

    16. I think I'll give this one a 4. Maybe a 4,5 or a 4,75. Oh, screw it. It's a 5!!!Where to begin with this one? You think you know your characters and then "BOOM", the skies open, the fires roar and suddenly you're in a new world. Let me explainStyxxSee that gorgeous guy? That's Ash's twin the infamous Styxx. Before his book Styxx was an arrogant guy who saw the light to me. Boy was I wrong Styxx's life was an even bigger tragedy than Acheron's. Everything bad that happened to Ash happened to Styx [...]

    17. You are one twisted woman, Sherrilyn Kenyon. How could you make me love this impossibly disturbing book? How???*Trigger warning : extreme rape, abuse and gore* from what I can remember. I'm reviewing this book months after I read it. 4.5 stars I hesitated for a minute over the thought of adding Styxx to my favorites shelf since favorites tend to equal recommendations, yet I've struggled so much with this series that I find it hard to recommend. There are so many weak books in Dark Hunter lineup [...]

    18. Wait a minuteStyxx? What the heck? What happened to Jaden's book? What about Savitar? I mean, I would like to hear Styxx's story, but he is just a blip in the Dark Hunter universe and his story can wait. How long must my poor Jaden be locked in Azmodea? And what about Savitar? What about Jared (and Nim) even? This is what I hate about authors and Book Series. They never go the way I want them to. I say stop introducing characters and forgetting that you left their story open, and wait years to a [...]

    19. From the first time we met him, I, like so many other fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, hated Styxx. He was our hero's twin. The evil one. The one who hated his brother Acheron, and wished him no good, ever.Sherrilyn Kenyon blows all that to hell with Styxx's story.And I'm so glad she did.Styxx, the hero of Didymos, the future King of the two islands that make up the Greek City-State. He's the Heir. And you would think that he has it easy. Only, that's not true. He has it as hard, o [...]

    20. ****4Latidos de Corazón STARS****Al fin tuve el valor de leer a Styxx Antes de empezar tengo que decir que soy TEAM ASH FOREVERSK nos ha enseñado a lo largo de toda la serie que no todo es blanco o negro también hay tonos grises y como dijo Acheron hay tres versiones de la historia la tuya, la mía y la verdad, que es un punto intermedio, así que ahora tocó la versión de Styxx. SPOILER ALERT Styxx es el hermano gemelo de Ash en su vida como humano, que en los libros anteriores lo vemos com [...]

    21. *******************BIG ASS SPOILERS AHEAD*****************************Ahem *clears throat from all the bullshit I just swallowed* It leaves a bitter aftertaste. First, so I won't be a complete bi-atch. It's totally awesome that authors take the time to write, sometimes to the exclusion of family and a life. Not to mention carpal tunnel and hemorrhoids. I have not been able to make myself finish my own writing, so I know it takes determination, will-power, time, and self-motivation.I have really [...]

    22. Okay, I'll admit it - I came into this book with very low expectations. Honestly my thought was "Oh she's going to reform Styxx and turn him into a hero - whatever." The review part of the book - where Acheron and Styxx's books overlapped realy didn't effect me. But the things that weren't in Acheron - yeah those got to me. But what had me tearing up was when Acheron finally realized what a bastard he'd been. Now I love Ash and his story broke my heart - to this day I haven't read the first half [...]

    23. Thank the gods I lived through this. Beaten bruised, bloodied, and heartbroken, but I lived. Styxx, man I just keep shaking my head at his 11,000 years + of extreme torture. It didn't rip and gut me like Acheron's book did but it hurt. Acheron's book took me out of this series for two years. Recovery time for this one, a couple days. What ? am I just so jaded now I can take it easier ? Isn't that a dark thought. I think Ms. Kenyon did everything imaginable she could think up to hurt and humiliat [...]

    24. "The most beautiful heart of all is the one that can still love even while it bleeds,and especially after it's been shattered into thousands of pieces."First I want to say thank you to my Buddies who experienced this book with, or listened to me whine about how upset I was during the reading of this book! Thank you to Steph, BK, and Paula; I truly appreciated your support while going on this emtional journey.Wow! I can't believe that I made it through over 900 pages; which I will add that most o [...]

    25. Sherrilyn, te has superado a ti misma.Luego de poner tantas excusas para seguir leyendo el libro porque estaba verdaderamente aterrada de lo que pudiese pasar, al fin lo terminé. Fueron paginas y paginas de completo y crudo sufrimiento con muy pocas fuentes de luz y alegría. Realmente nunca he llorado con ninguno de sus libros (aunque sí que me pongo emocional) pero con Styxx fui como una bebé. No me calmaba de un llanto para empezar otro. Superó también mía expectativas (que eran muy alt [...]

    26. *****Five and more definite eternally "forever and always" tear jerking sparkling stars!*****This review came with warning, there's too much abuse, rape, explicit torturing sex scene,and so many tears will fall. Eternally torturing hero, prick little brother and siter's torturing, everybody torturing a hero, like it's not going to end! If you're a soft at heart, this one is NOT for you. Kenyon is a true soul slayer.Styxx and Acheron , the twins.Honestly, this book turned my world upside down. I [...]

    27. The thing I love most about Sherrilyn Kenyon's books is she shows that just because you think you know the whole story,doesn't mean you known the whole story.Their are always two sides of the story and that's what we learn from Styxx's side.I will admit I hated styxx,I thought that he could of stopped the abuse that Acheron indured,but in his story we find out that not only was Acheron being sexually abused but so was styxx by the almost the same sick bastards! When these two brothers are bought [...]

    28. I cannot believe that I thought so badly of Styxx before this book. The pain and suffering he faced throughout his life is just unimaginable.This was an absolutely incredible book, and in ‘Part 2’ it really felt like we were back in the Dark Hunter world. I loved all the crossovers from previous books too. The reason, well the two reasons I didn’t give this book the full five stars was, One the first part of the book where we saw Styxx and Acheron’s past again was absolutely brutal and h [...]

    29. Please tell me I am going to get an award or a medal for reading this book. I feel like I submitted to days of torture. I cried, cried some more, and kept crying. Now that I have finished, my eyes are swollen, my nose hurts from blowing it and my head hurts. I my never read again. I am totally emotionally spent and still pissed off about what happened. It was an epic book.If you thought Acheron was hard, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!! There are TONS of reviews out there; so I am not going to go [...]

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