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Atonement This is the fourth book in The Heart of Stone collection It is essential to read the first three books in this series before reading this volume Reading order IncinerationToleranceResolutionAtonementY

  • Title: Atonement
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the fourth book in The Heart of Stone collection It is essential to read the first three books in this series before reading this volume.Reading order IncinerationToleranceResolutionAtonementYou would think after eight years in a relationship, that you would know your partner inside out Ava Fox thought that How wrong she was.When Mason s secrets start explodingThis is the fourth book in The Heart of Stone collection It is essential to read the first three books in this series before reading this volume.Reading order IncinerationToleranceResolutionAtonementYou would think after eight years in a relationship, that you would know your partner inside out Ava Fox thought that How wrong she was.When Mason s secrets start exploding around them both, threatening their lives along with their marriage, Ava finds herself doubting everything Mason ever was or is She once again comes to rely on her inner strength, her outer strength and her sheer fortitude to make it through life, but this time Mason s secrets and lies have buried deep, caused a pain so raw and brutal that Ava is unsure whether their relationship can ever find its way back to how it was.It s time for Ava to face up to Mason s deceits Mason Fox has hated his secret life ever since Ava stepped into his life eight years ago, knowing how painful her past was, he kept his secret buried and hidden so deep that he thought he was safe from exposure How wrong he was.He once again finds himself in the centre of not only a battle of strength and force to save his wife s life, but a fight to save his marriage His lies and deceptions have caused a breach so wide in his relationship with Ava that finding a way back needs than just courage and determination.It s time for Mason to atone for his sins.Sometimes, love is just that little bit too unforgiving.This book contains strong language, violence and drug abuse It also contains explicit sexual scenes, including a m nage trois in the formation of F M M This scene is contained within Chapter 10 if this content offends you, please feel free to skip the chapter as it contains no relevance to the storyline.And of course, as always, this book contains one hell of an alpha male.

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    1. Yes u heard correctlyI said WOW WOW WOW POWis book was brilliant. I did not expect a bk4 but boy was I pleasantly surprised. I think the author took a chill pill and as a result this book was less frenzied better structured less mental but still every bit as crazy! I love love the relationship between hero/heroine and even though u ask urself how much more can they take I was still wrapped up in the story. Started this book at 10pm put it down at 4am but hey who needs sleep!!! I also liked the e [...]

    2. NOTE: Despite what I say in this review, I do like the book and the series as a whole. I would recommend it to anyone who likes twisted romances. I would also recommend the Ruthless series by Karen Clow. It's similar in many ways, but even more twisted.As I was reading this, I kept thinking:"Someone needs to call Child Protective Services on these degenerates."Protect the Peanuts from these losers!While entertaining, eight years after it all began, Mason and Ava continue to act trashy and dramat [...]

    3. Atonement ?? I'll tell you who had atonement DH Sidebottom. After reading the previous three Hearts of Stone books and finding out there was a fourth I was amazed, but honestly the best was saved for last, it blew me away.Following on from the original trilogy it's now 6 years forward and we continue to follow Mason and Ava and more secrets are exposed.What made this book outstanding was that it was structured, beautifully written full of angsty moments and had a believable plot, oh nearly forgo [...]

    4. AtonementF/M/MThis was another jam packed instalment in Heart of stone series. What I love about these books is the over the top Alpha males (swoon Mason) and not knowing what drama is coming next.

    5. I would love to see a picture of Ava after this story, because she should be one scary woman, with the amount of scars and marks on her body. It's like a road map of her messed up life. Seriously Dawn, what did Ava do to you? She might finally be getting her happy ending, but at what cost? She is a walking pin cushion. They should dedicate a wing of the hospital to her with the amount of revenue she generates from her visits. Honestly, I am surprised she didn't end up in a nut house in the end.W [...]

    6. WTF did I just read? I read the first 3 books a few years ago and despite the shit storm of a relationship I actually really liked Ava and Mason. The overall story in the book was enjoyable except this. Mason's sister Kerrie's ex husband Kade who was Ava's lover and then Ava's best friend Courtney's lover and then Mason suddenly turned bisexual and wanted to have sex with Kade and then developed feelings for him?!!! In the first 3 books Mason totally detested him but now"Come on ex brother in la [...]

    7. The best series of books I have read in a long time. Mason and Ava's story finally comes to an end, and what an end I may say, it was poignant, sexy, brutal, passionate and heart breaking with a twist at the end that I wasn't expecting. Yes, Yes I cried okay! I can't get enough of D H, she writes with such flair and passion and totally from the heart, she often tackles subjects other authors wouldn't, I cannot recommend her books highly enough. As I say in most reviews that I leave, in my opinio [...]

    8. I have just finished this book after reading the other 3 first. Gotta say this blew me away.I loved the twists and turns and it really had me gripped. I read a lot of books and few stay with me but this series really did. I thought about little else whilst reading these and days after finishing book 3 I was still thinking about them. Really pleased the author listened to her readers and did a part 4. It made a refreshing change for the male character not to change into a pansy by the end of the [...]

    9. Ermagodwhat an ending to an epic series!!!!! I freaking love Ava and Mason to the core, and they have gone through hell and back numerous timesd survived!!! Ava is a wonder womane's the epitome of strength, conviction and all around tough love!!! Masonwell what can we say about himwords can not describe how much I love that man, but wanna punch him in the face at the same timelol Im crying buckets that the series is over, but am overwhelmed with happiness at how it ended!!! LOVE!!

    10. OMG, i don't know what to say, i have no words. A happy and sad ending ( although i can't wait to find out what happens for Kade in December) Mostly i'm sad that Mason and Ava's story is over, albeit a happy ending it is still over and im incredibly sad now :( Well done to Dawn, you write amazingly well, i wish i had that kind of talent!!! These characters actually took over my life while i was reading them, to the point i barely ate and didn't get a great deal of sleep either!! All i can really [...]

    11. I have 1 word to describe Atonement GLORIOUS x was well chuffed to c Mason described in the very way I described him myself my glorious bastard x I loved loved loved it x I was totally gripped from the very first sentence until it was time to say goodbye to him and the wonderful Ava x so many unexpected twists and turns I laughed cried and even shouted in parts x best of the series by far xx

    12. Whilst I have loved this series I'm not too sure about this book. The M/M/F didn't bode well for me. Mason sexuality was questionable for me. Dominant alpha male to bisexual? The violence from Ava was over the top. However, that aside, still a great series.

    13. Gahhhhh definitely another favorite!! I just love the angst in these books!!! And the then throw together some crazy shit! And two super hot alpha males like Kade and Mason Wowza!!! Totally enjoyed the M/M/F too!!

    14. My favorite book so far!!! The love between Mason and Ava is so epic!! I love Kade too!! I'm a little sad at how it ended but I don't think we are done with this story line yet!!! We need to be done with Rebecca once and for all though!! I hate that bitch!

    15. Loved it!! Loved it!! Totally brilliant and apt conclusion to Ava and Masons story!! Gonna miss them though!!

    16. This is one of those times when I really hate i finished a book. Ava & Masong finally a happy ever after!

    17. An amazing end to a great series the characters have grown and the story was not as frustrating as in the previous books. This was the best of the 4 books in this series.

    18. Absolutely loved it can't wait to read about kade I was in tears when I thought they died but so happy for Ava and mason

    19. I loved it!I couldn't put it down. this story was the perfect ending to Ava and Mason. She tied up loose ends and left them happy. I highly recommend this series!

    20. Rating: 4 Stars The dysfunctional duo returns in book 4 of the series. Flashing ahead 6 years into the future, Mason and Ava are enjoying their married life, children, friends and family. Out of the 4 books, I thought this book gave pure insight into Mason and Ava's bond. Since they were not breaking up every other chapter, I understood why they loved each other with such intensity. And it was intense! The main focus was on their relationship desires, needs and wants. It was very engaging to rea [...]

    21. 3 1/2 - 4 starsI enjoyed this book more than the last couple because it seemed as though Ava and Mason were a little more mature and were willing to do what was necessary to keep each other happy even if it meant sacrificing their own happiness.I loved Mason's dominance. He was borderline caveman at times, but I guiltily admit to loving it! Ava was bold, courageous and willing to kick Mason's ass - literally if need be. At times, Ava seemed a little over the top with her aggressiveness. I will a [...]

    22. If you are bothered by cheating, drug use, rape and violence, this book is NOT for you. Please read the author’s warning before you give this book a try.This review may contain slight spoilers, if you have not read book one, two, and three of this series please don’t read this review.This Book continues on Ava and Mason’s story. A very Dark story of two people who love each other even though they have been through hell and back. They have been married for 6 years in this book, together for [...]

    23. This series just keeps on getting better and better. This story takes place four years on from Resolution and just after Hunting for Summer, so if your a fan of the series you'll know where to start from. Ava and Mason are together but as always things are going to be far from smooth.Mason's past and secret businesses are going to come back to haunt him and one venture in particular is going to rip his world in half. Ava is going to have to face some tough choices when she learns some new home t [...]

    24. This rollercoaster finale for the Heart of Stone series cannot be read without previously reading the whole series. The places Ms. Sidebottom takes the reader will shock, hurt and scandalize you, make your hair stand up on end, and trigger off one hundred and one sentiments! She has created two damaged soles into two loving and forgiveable characters. She has delved deep into taboo subjects such as drug abuse, violence, prostitution and sexuality so brutally that her characters, Ava and Mason, c [...]

    25. Ok so I have read the entire series and I have to say I'm feeling . How do say hurt, angry , confused, but intrigued???WTF!!!!!At first I was like OMG yes another book then I started reading and then I was like omg Mason don't mess up . Smh. Then it was back to hot incredible sex (which I loved by the way) until hot incredible turned WAY WAY up . How do u take the sexy dominant alpha male and turn him into a bisexual bottom I guess bit*h is a better word.??? Idk still feeling funny about that. S [...]

    26. Holyfriggin hell ,,, you think you've read all you can with each of D.H. Sidebottom a books ,,,, until you read the next ,,, to say they just keep getting better is an absolute understatement ,,,, seriously Man this book was awesome theres a whole heap in it to keep you gripped and wanting more ,,, it's like watching an action movie ,,, loads of action throughout ,,, it just keeps coming :) ,,,there's a whole lotta build up in this book and then ,,,, BAM ,,,,, there's a big old climax that you w [...]

    27. *blank stare* I didn't even like the ending to this book, and I still gave it 5 stars! Why? Simply put, it was just AMAZING! I had to take lots "breaks" from reading it to just smh and gather myself. Mason, Kade, and Ava had me scowling for most of the book, and yet I loved it. My kindle almost got launched across the room on several occasions - if it were a movie, I'd have been kicked out of the theater for screaming, crying, passing out in the aisle, etc. The ending sets us up for another book [...]

    28. I waited until reading the whole series before writing something. This was a powerful and an amazing series. The anguish, love, hatred, passion is so gripping and overwhelming it kept me hooked from begging to end. I loved Nate, Liv, Lucas and Layla. They were sweet and poignant. Mason and Ava were another story all together. They were one fucked up mess that made you wish for them to just end it. I think I wanted to kill Mason at least 6 times per book. I mean come on how often can you treat he [...]

    29. WOW !!!!!!! I really don't know how to put into words how devastated i was to finish this absolutely amazing storyAbsolutely loved it couldn't put it down, both Mason and Ava are amazing characters to read about, both strong, in attitude and mind, but when push comes to shove can they be set free from their pasts or will Kade finally come between them both ??Will Ava finally put the ghosts from her past to rest or will it be the ghosts from hers and Masons time together that finally break them a [...]

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