Desert Swarm

Desert Swarm

William Manchee / Jan 28, 2020

Desert Swarm Due to a freak auto accident Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain California He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and

  • Title: Desert Swarm
  • Author: William Manchee
  • ISBN: 9781935722823
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Due to a freak auto accident, Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain, California He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and discovers the formation is growing, and doing so at a staggering rate Fascinated by this, he calls in his friend George Parker, a local geology professor, and together theyDue to a freak auto accident, Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain, California He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and discovers the formation is growing, and doing so at a staggering rate Fascinated by this, he calls in his friend George Parker, a local geology professor, and together they begin to study the Bat Mountain Formation in earnest.Professor Parker has never seen or heard of a geological formation that is growing nearly six inches a day, so he contacts a friend at the U.S Park Service to get him to take a look Eventually word of the bizarre discovery gets out and people flock to see this miracle in the desert, which is beginning to look like a cathedral Seeing an opportunity to save his failing Church of the Living Desert, Reverend John Little proclaims that the Bat Mountain Formation is, indeed, a cathedral and it is being built by God to herald the second coming of Christ.But before Reverend Little and his flock can get their movement off the ground, the U.S Army steps in and declares the formation a potential public hazard and possible threat to national security A series of mysterious deaths and the inability of scientist to explain the phenomenon gives credence to the Army s concern.

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    1. -Disclaimer: I won this book for free through giveaways in exchange for an honest review.- I decided not to review this book since the review I want to write wouldn't be very nice. I shall just pass it on-perhaps someone else will enjoy the book.

    2. The Stan Turner mystery I read by this author was good. This one not really. The premise is interesting enough, but it would have been far better told as a short story. As a novel of over 300 pages, we meander around way too much. Too much telling, too many inconsistencies, too many blunders. Is this his first draft? Did anyone bother to even read it for typos? If you're absolutely thrilled with the whole Tarizon saga, I suppose you'll want to wade through this. Otherwise, it's a bit like chewin [...]

    3. Book 3 of the Tarizon Saga takes place on earth. A building is bursting forth from the desert. What's going on??? Well the Nanomites have come to Earth along with the humans from Tarizon. Those Nanomites can certainly be troublecausers. Will the live up to they treaty? Since our government hasn't shared what's going on how will the people react to buildings just appearing? I am not a big science fiction fan but Manchee does spin a good yarn. This one is limited somewhat to dealing with the Nanom [...]

    4. Fairly interesting thriller. A freak formation is found in the Mojave Desert and is growing rapidly. More and more people hear about this and arrive to see it. A Reverend wants to us the formation to save his church. Before he can do anything the Army moves in. Soon deaths follow. This story keeps you waiting for the next shoe to drop. Different story line.

    5. Although the basic premise of Desert Swarm was pretty interesting, the execution is where things fell apart a little bit for me. Here were some of the problems:1. This was supposed to be set in the '50s, but other than several mentions of the year, it could have been any time period. Contrast that to Sue Grafton's excellent alphabet series, set in the '80s. Part of what makes her work stand out is that she includes so many period-specific details that make you feel like you're right back there, [...]

    6. Suspense down to the last minute ! A seemingly curious artifact is discovered in a remote desert site. Jack, concrete contractor, notices a strange crystalline lump in the sand after he suffers a truck accident on the way to a future construction job. He finds a team of curious friends who are determined to discover the origin and physical structure of the self-building wall of crystals. Nano-sentient alien lifeforms are involved along with government secrets and troubling dangers that keep the [...]

    7. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*I can't begin to say how much I disliked this book. It didn't make any sense. There was no reason for why the aliens would trust Jack. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. The entire book told me what was going on in short sentences that were not descriptive or interesting. Sadly it was a waste of time and I would not recommend this to anyone.

    8. A well written and flowing storyline. Enjoyed immensely. Jack is a great character that you can relate too. Won from .

    9. I received this book as a First Read win in exchange for my honest opinion. This story started out readable as a stand-alone. There was detail given about the underlying series, but the book could be read as it's own story, right up till the end when we were left with a cliff-hanger.The premise of the story is an alien life-force on Earth, inadvertently causing mayhem and suffering due to misunderstandings with the humans around them.The very first page of this story indicates that it is set in [...]

    10. I received this book as a GoodReads First Reads. The book is the third book in the Tarizon Saga by William Manchee.Okay I am sorry it took so long to give an up date.Well I will keep this short so I can hopefully get more interested. Jack is a local who owns a construction business out in the Desert. After a long work week Jack heads home to keep a promise to his son Jake who lives with his mother. On the way home Jack stops at a diner he like for a late supper, where Dolly his waitress ( who li [...]

    11. William Manchee knocked it out of the park with this one.Jack Carpenter has recently been divorced and is very busy with work, traveling and his son Jake ho he sees on the weekend when his life is changed. One late night on the road he falls asleep at the wheel and runs off the road, down a hill and into a tree. When he wakes up instead of staying with his vehicle he walks off into the desert instead of back up to the road. Stumbling with a concussion he runs into a building site in the middle o [...]

    12. Tarizon: Desert Swarm by William Manchee is another wonderful story. This one takes place in the 1950s when a construction worker, Jack Carpenter accidently stumbles upon a desert structure. He brings his girlfriend Dolly with him when he goes back to investigate. He discovers it has grown larger in a day. He took pictures and compares. He goes to the University and meets George the geologist and brings him out to investigate. Meanwhile, Reverend John Little of the Living Desert takes it on hims [...]

    13. I received this as a giveaway. First of all, I want to say that I did like this book, but Manchee is no Shakespeare. There are a lot of typo's and grammatical errors, but I can't really hold that against the author since it is nearly impossible to self-edit your own writing. That's not the only problem with the writing though; Manchee does a lot of "telling" instead of "showing," (let me give you an example, in the beginning, we are told that the main character is a regular at Mona's cafe and t [...]

    14. Jack Carpenter was in an auto accident. Disoriented, he begins walking into the desert and finds an odd geological formation in the middle of nowhere. He finds his way out and after he can begin to think clearly he decides to return to the site of the weird structure. When he finds it, he notices that it has grown since the last time he saw it. He notices the structure is made of a very odd material. Word makes it around that the structure looks like a cathedral, and the local pastor shows up an [...]

    15. I have little time to spend wrapped around a good book (although that pastime is one of my very favorites) due to my rescue work with animals. So the slow unveiling of major events in this one caused me to sweep over some of the less interesting pages. Also, to be fair, I did not read the first of the series and that left me playing a bit of historical catch-up using only my imagination, although that was surprisingly easy since in my opinion this could be a stand-alone tale. That having been sa [...]

    16. Jack Carpenter is involved in a freak auto accident. As a result he discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain California. He doesn't think much about it till he returns and discovers the formation is growing and at a staggering rate. Fascinated he calls his friend George Parker who is a local Geology Professor they begin to study the formation in earnest. Professor Parker has never heard of or seen a Geological formation grow almost 6 inches everyday. He cal [...]

    17. Tarizon: Desert SwarmWilliam MancheeDesert Swarm (Tarizon Saga #3)Book #3 can be read as a stand alone. That said, I am getting the first two. In this book Jack Carpenter accidently discovers a strange formation in the desert. He tries to keep it a secret but word gets. A "minister" decides that the growing formation is a work of God and a Cathedral. Then the government gets involved and sends in the army.Yup, that is like adding gas to a fire. The growing cathedral is actually formed by living [...]

    18. Manchee has an interesting story line here. It's easy to follow and explains how governments will withhold things from the people that we are not intelligent enough to handle. Using a government cover up of alien life forms, Manchee portrays four "ordinary" citizens as having the integrity to stay the course even when their lives are in peril. At the same time, government big wigs continue to much up the scenario by maintaining that they know better than anyone else. He depicts human disregard f [...]

    19. William Manchee done a wonderful job writing this book. It is filled with magnificent characters, developed perfectly. The story plot is that of Science Fiction but not hard core immediate strange little beings popping out of the pages. This was written very well, with a story line introducing you to real life characters that find themselves involved with some strange happenings.A strange formation…Jack simply wants the truth… The Reverend wants to claim of God and save his congregation… m [...]

    20. I received this book as a First Reads giveaway.I haven't read the first two Tarizon books, but I had no problem keeping up with the story, regardless. It stands on its own, though I'm sure it would have been helpful to know more about the Nanomites and other aliens from the prior books.The good: It's an interesting story, and even when the book was slow, I was interested in what happened next, so I kept at it until the end.The bad: There are a number of typos and grammatical problems in the boo [...]

    21. Science fiction, pretty good reading and there were believable characters, so much so that I was compelled to like them or slap them upside the head. I like the idea of how this thing in the desert becomes the focus of the entire book, mysteries growth and all. Can you believe a formation of a cathedral? Of course the government took a hold of the situation but leading up to the discovery was classic. The events well what the government deemed a national danger, agh Here we go with the paranoia. [...]

    22. This book was one that I won on . I really enjoyed this book even though it isn't usually one that I would read. Jack is an interesting character who is well developed and easy to relate to along with his girlfriend Dolly and ex wife, son, etc. Jack has found a strange formation in the Death Valley area and wants to find out more about it. His friends join him and things get way out of hand as people believe that God has something to do with this creation when in fact it can be explained but the [...]

    23. A freak accident? Fate? Or just dumb luck? One man looking for answers to the mystery seeks help form a friend. Pretty sure too many get news and it turns in into a circus and everyone with their own agendas.Someone has the answers, someone doesn't want the answers found. When one goes seeking the answers he finds more questions and few answers till a chance meeting. Deaths are starting to mount up, some are open to discussion others are , well, left to cool down. While the death toll adds up th [...]

    24. I received this book free from FirstReads.Well here was another 2 days gone while reading this book - didn't want to put it down. What an imagination. Makes you really wonder if there are aliens here on earth that we are not being told about. The interaction between Jack, Dolly, George, Cindy, Marcia and the government employees that were involved is just great. How these formations can just grow from the ground with millions of nanomides working on them is unreal. And the way we wanted to trea [...]

    25. I won this book from . When i signed up for it I was not aware that it was the third book in a series. But once I started reading it I could not put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Am going to my local library tomorrow to see if they have any more books from this author. Even though I have not read the first two books this book was great as a standalone read as well. Cannot wait to see what I missed in the first two and can't wait to see what the fourth has in store as well. I have read [...]

    26. A fun, quick science fiction read. The story line was easy to follow without having read the previous books in this series. Having survived an accident that should have killed him Jack Carpenter discovers an unusual building formation in the desert. Being a construction contractor Jack cannot explain the material or how it is being built, with no evidence of materials or equipment near the site. Enlisting the help of friends to uncover the truth, that will lead them to uncover a government cover [...]

    27. As usual, William Manchee kept me glued to the book, had difficulty putting it down once into it. A touch of Sci-Fi, but a very good mystery. It kept you wondering what's going to happen next. You kept wondering if the nanomites would come to terms with the US. This is definately a must read. In fact, I recommend all his books. I've read 8 of William Manchee books and I must say I was kept intrigued by the plot as well with his characters. I am now reading his Cactus Island, as usual I am not di [...]

    28. I won this on Good Reads.This is a fun, imaginative sci-fi story, number three of the Tarizon ( Desert Swarm)Saga. I realized that this trilogy is followed by another one, "Tarazon: Conquest Earth". Who would believe that the strange cathedral growing in the middle of nowhere was being build by Nanomites, microscopic aliens that live inside rocks? Not Jack Carpenter and his friends, the local police, the national guard, the army, the local preacher out to make a name for himself, or the religiou [...]

    29. I had received this book as a first-reads giveaway. While I normally do not read a lot of sci-fi, alien books I am glad that I was lucky enough to win this book.I thoroughly enjoyed the story line! Of those who believe that other life forms from other planets exist, most believe that there is a government conspiracy to hide their existence. This story provides an entertaining notion for this type of belief. I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading others from this series.

    30. Tarizon: Desert Swarm by William Manchee was given to me by a Firstreads promotion. Wow! This was certainly a story that is unlike anything I have ever read before. Although there are other books in the series, I found that I could still follow this one and understand without reading the others. A cathedral is growing rapidly in the desert and Jack Carpenter discovers it. Opportunist Reverend John Little sees this as a way to save his church.but the the army gets involved. Lots of plot twists, [...]

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