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Sentinel What is a Sentinel A guard A detective A killer They are the world s best kept secret an underground society whose eternal cause is to protect the world against the dark creatures and evil forces that

  • Title: Sentinel
  • Author: Joshua Winning
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  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What is a Sentinel A guard A detective A killer They are the world s best kept secret an underground society whose eternal cause is to protect the world against the dark creatures and evil forces that inhabit the night.Now Sentinels are being targeted, murdered and turned as the fury of an ancient evil is unleashed once And when 15 year old Nicholas Hallow s What is a Sentinel A guard A detective A killer They are the world s best kept secret an underground society whose eternal cause is to protect the world against the dark creatures and evil forces that inhabit the night.Now Sentinels are being targeted, murdered and turned as the fury of an ancient evil is unleashed once And when 15 year old Nicholas Hallow s parents are killed in a train crash, the teenager is drawn into a desperate struggle against malevolent powers.Sentinel is the first book in the Sentinel Trilogy a world of unconventional heroes, monsters, murder and magic.

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        Joshua Winning is an author and film journalist who writes for TOTAL FILM, SFX, GAY TIMES and RADIO TIMES He has been on set with Kermit the Frog, devoured breakfast with zombies on The Walking Dead, and sat on the Iron Throne while visiting the Game Of Thrones set in Dublin Jeff Goldblum once told him he looks a bit like Paul Bettany.In 2014, SENTINEL the first book in Joshua s SENTINEL TRILOGY was published by Peridot Press The second book, RUINS, followed in 2015 Joshua s short story DEAD AIR appeared in SPEAK MY LANGUAGE AN ANTHOLOGY OF GAY FICTION and Joshua s new novel, VICIOUS RUMER, will be published by Unbound in 2018 He also co wrote 80s teen horror CAMP CARNAGE.


    1. Sentinel by Joshua WinningPublished 2013, Peridot PressStars: ★★★☆☆Review also posted at: Slapdash & SundryThanks to the author Joshua Winning for providing a review copy of this book one after I was approved on Netgalley for book two, without realizing it was a book two!So, we all know that YA is chock full of "something happens, teenager learns they don't know their world, find out they're special, etc" type books. And yes, this is one of them. It's a trope that will be hard for [...]

    2. Sentinel by Josh WinningBook 1 of the ‘Sentinel’ Trilogy)Publisher: Peridot Press NZ/AU Imprint: TBCRelease Date: TBCA savvy mix of magic, myth, folklore and classic teenage coming of age angst, a very basic starting synopsis could make Joshua Winning’s debut novel sound a little like another series of books about a boy called Harry and his magical hijinks at boarding school. But make no mistake, Nicholas Hallow, the protagonist at the heart of Sentinel is no boy wizard, and this is no ser [...]

    3. Boring. This book maybe the most boring book I've ever read. It is not usual for me to hate books, but I did hate it. I also have never gave a book less than 3 stars, but I wanted to give this book one, but I gave it two considering the language, which was the only good thing in this book. I've started this book and from the first chapter I found it boring, but I told myself it would get better by time, but it didn't. It kept the boring state till the end. I've also found it so childish. I've re [...]

    4. Originally posted in: threeblankpages/2 Terrifying! What a monster! This book, written by Joshua Winning, is so real. I love everything inside the book. It courses through all my nerves when I was reading it. I don't want to put this book down when I'm reading this but I am so busy which was not good. But, it doesn't matter because this book is just awesome. I had fun reading this book. It was in a British/ English accent and I always know that English people are fun so I imagined them speaking [...]

    5. I was originally going to give this 4 stars, but the last 40 pages convinced me to change it to 5 because well it IS AMAZING! What a book, but really, what a story teller! The author gives you only bits to nibble on in the beginning of the tale, then the pace picks up, and as the momentum builds you find yourself in the middle of an all out good vs. evil war of the worlds. Lies are told, truths unearthed and demons set free~ come on, how could that not be a great story? At the heart of all of th [...]

    6. I really, really enjoyed this book. A lot of times I find it hard to get into YA fantasy as it either comes across as childish or it there is simply too much backstory to get into. But, Sentinel really finds the goldilocks medium of just enough of everything to keep it approachable, moving along, and just enough enough detail for everything to make sense while leaving just enough details out to keep you guessing.I ended up loving Nicholas as a character, as he was mature enough to handle all of [...]

    7. Fast paced and absolutely wonderfully written. I loved the characters and the world that Joshua creates! It was so interesting to read, and I didn't want to put it down because I was so invested! I can't wait to read the next book!FULL REVIEW: betweenthepages13.wordpress.c

    8. To me, the most important part of a book, is the first chapter. It’s the first part of the story that the reader is witnessing. Without a gripping and compelling first chapter; the reader gets bored and unfortunately the book gets tossed to the shelves.This book grabbed me from the first few pages. It starts off with a little history to the story-line; dating back to the 1800′s, with; of course, a little magic involved. After a few pages, the story picks up in present day, located in Cambrid [...]

    9. This book is creeee-py! I loved it, absolutely loved it! The author hooks you right from the very beginning.I have always loved thrillers - movies, TV, books - whatever. Being a huge fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ted Dekker etc - It takes a lot to give me goosebumps or chills. This book gave me goosebumps on top of my chills! Even with all its scary, creepiness it was a fun and gripping story that I could not put down!I don't know why but it almost had a Gothic feel to it that I really li [...]

    10. I received this book through the making connections group on and boy am I glad I did. This was a wonderful read. I have alot of questions I hope get answered in the next book ruins.For a trilogy the first book leaves you wanting to know more. Many questions you need answered and can’t wait to see the answers to.Nicholas Hallow is a interesting character. A boy with strength and conviction and justifiably emotional due to all that has happened in his life. You will cry for him and root him on [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic start to what looks like an exciting trilogy! I loved it!Nicholas Hallow is a fantastic character. I liked him very much; and felt extremely sorry for him, as he dealt with a tragedy that destroyed his world. When he is sent to live with his godmother, Nicholas has no idea what mystery and danger awaits him.This is an exciting, danger-filled YA Fantasy novel set it Cambridge, England. I found myself [...]

    12. This book is not faced paced but there is plenty of action. There was enough suspense to keep me turning the pages. I usually don't like books that take the pace slow but this book was so well written it kept me wanting more. The world building is good. The charaters are good. The story line is intriguing.

    13. Sentinel is a great fantasy story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, characters were well developed and the explanation of the "fantasy" characters was presented very well.

    14. Publisher: Peridot Press, WoodbridgeYear of Publication: 2014Pick a side and join the eternal struggle between light and dark in Joshua Winning’s Sentinel.Sentinel tells the story of Nicholas Hallow and the discovery of his heritage that marks him Sentinel, an agent of light who fights against evil and darkness. A classic coming-of-age story, Sentinel takes place in a world where the naivety of one teenager costs lives, good doesn’t always win hands down and a world where even good can be a [...]

    15. I’m sure that everyone has had daydreams of living a different life; of waking up one morning and discovering your regular life is changed so dramatically that everything is new and exciting. It’s great to dream but for Nicholas Hallow the dream becomes a nightmare when a family tragedy unlocks a new life that he could never have expected.The Sentinels are the de-facto guardians of humanity. This secret society are the chosen few, just slightly out of step with normal existence. They suffer [...]

    16. Nicholas lived a very ordinary life in Cambridge – until the fateful day his parents died.After which Sam, his parents’ oldest friend, swoops in to try and get him out of Cambridge, to go stay with a godmother he’s never heard of in a large house in the countryside. What should be a simple trip is made harrowing by attacks and the revelation that his parents did not die by accident – they were killed by demons.Which is what Sam, as a Sentinel, needs to battle and oppose. First and foremo [...]

    17. Kyra's Star Ratings:Characters: * * * * *Story: * * * * *Writing: * * * * *Emotional Engagement: * * * * *(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of giving an honest review.)"Sentinel" is the story of a fifteen-year-old boy, Nicholas Hallow, who, when his world falls apart, learns that he has abilities and a heritage that he never dreamed of. Evil beings who were long held at bay by the Sentinels have begun to gain a foothold in our world, and Nicholas finds himself the object of th [...]

    18. I received a copy of Sentinel directly from the author Joshua Winning.I am a fan of the fantasy genre and this trilogy shows promise. This book begins slowly but I found myself growing more and more attached to the story as it progressed. There is no descriptive introduction to the backstory of Sentinels so you have to jump in open-minded and understand things as they come. This is not a bad thing and it does not impede the quality of the book. Actually, this styling drew me into the book more e [...]

    19. This book sounded really interesting to me, and I am so glad that I came across it! The story pulled me in right from the beginning, and I had trouble putting it down. Nicholas is 15, he’s lost his parents, and now he’s discovering that there’s an entire world that he knew nothing about. I was really drawn to Nicholas, and felt genuinely bad for him while he was learning about this new part of his life.While Nicholas was a great character to read, this book is full of wonderful characters! [...]

    20. I received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.The truth is, it was very hard to finish this book. The book wasn't so boring that I wanted to fall asleep every time I read a page (it's happened to me before), but it wasn't very interesting either. From chapter one, new information was thrown at me and my brain had to rush to comprehend all of it--which is very normal in fantasy novels--however, the information was never very clear. To this point, as I sit here pondering wha [...]

    21. I received this book for free in exchange of an honest review PlotI had a very hard time reading this book, I really wanted to like it since I had heard very good things about it and the premise was amazing.I loved the first chapters the pace was great but around chapter three the book got so slow that by the time I finished it I had zero interest in it.I felt that a lot of scenes could have been deleted since they were only fillers ans made already slow book more tedious to read.CharactersNone [...]

    22. Review originally posted on my blog:quirkyandpeculiar.wordpress.c* I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review *Such a great opening book for a series and has me dying to pick the next one up immediately. I was so excited when this finally came in the mail and I was able to start it and now I know what my next read will be.This dark and eerie story weaves a tale that kept me interested and dying to know more as I turned each page. Along with the addicting nature of the tale I was hook [...]

    23. I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest opinion. This series has a lot of potential across several genres. Demons, Harvesters, Sentinels, the Trinity, and a young man and young woman caught in the middle of all of this. The book mostly follows Nicholas Hallows after his parents are killed in a train wreck. He discovers that his parents were part of something known as the Sentinels. They are an ancient group that protect the earth from the demons. It is also a hereditary job, passing [...]

    24. Set in modern-day Cambridge, this novel creates a real sense of tension and takes us into the history and physical spaces of the city which is refreshing. Part of the appeal of the book is that this isn't fantasy in the sense of a novelist creating a completely different, alien world, with a lot of esoteric mumbo-jumbo you have to wade through, which puts many people off the genre. Instead, we follow its protagonist, Nicholas Hallow, on an emotional voyage, in discovering how his recently deceas [...]

    25. Sentinel is the story of Nicolas a 15 year old boy who tragically loses both his parents. Just after their funerals he is told that he must go and live with a mysterious Godmother that he has never heard of. Just before leaving the family home Nicolas discovers a secret room in his parents bedroom that contains the secrets of th sentinels. A secret group of people who seem to fight an unknow about evil. Nicolas is escorted to his Godmothers house by Sam a man in his 70's who is integral to the s [...]

    26. Thanks to Joshua Winning for giving me a chance to review this wonderful book!Woaw that was one hell of a book, I couldn't let it go, it's was really wonderful, it reminded me a bit of some of Neil Gaiman's books (The Graveyard Tales for example) but also Philip Pullman His Dark Material. The world is quite classical, a group of Sentinel preventing the demons from entering the world, a secular order vowed to protect this world from the evil. But the whole construction is really good, the action [...]

    27. Adventure, twists, demons and mystery abound in this spellbinding tale of a hidden earthly underworld. Fantastic world building and colorful prose make for a magical journey to an ancient war between the hellish demons and their allies, and the Sentinels, the protectors of humankind. Winning manages to strike a balance between what feels like historical fiction and a contemporary story of heroism and sacrifice. All roads in this story lead to a heart-racing ending that will have you tapping furi [...]

    28. What a fun book. When Nicholas Hallow, just shy of his sixteenth birthday, is tragically orphaned, he's thrust into a dangerous, paranormal world. With the help of his parents' elderly friend, Nicholas must find a way to navigate this dangerous, new territory, even as sinister forces are converging.Cons: The ending is a bit abrupt, which will be easier to handle when the sequel is released. Some of the villains' motivations are murky, as is the mythology.Pros: Great characters. The book doesn't [...]

    29. A dark and intense story of good versus evil. And it's an ongoing challenge to determine who is really good. The story starts out a bit slow, but it's necessary to lay the groundwork for the story, so please hang in there, it will be worth it. Nicholas is a strong young man thrown into a new world after his parents are killed. Many twists and turns keep you guessing the entire story.I really enjoyed it and hope that there will be a book 2.

    30. I want to start off by saying that I was honored to receive a free copy of this book for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book. It was a little slow-paced at times, for me, but those times were quickly forgotten once the action began. I want to know more about the world that the author describes and am intrigued to find out what happens next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes supernatural books.

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