Heir Untamed

Heir Untamed

Danielle Bourdon / Apr 04, 2020

Heir Untamed Desperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty Encountering the Royals for the f

  • Title: Heir Untamed
  • Author: Danielle Bourdon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
  • Desperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment, photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty Encountering the Royals for the first time, Chey experiences an instant attraction to Mattias, second in line to the throne He s charming, confident and taken.During a horseback ride to clear her head, CheyDesperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment, photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty Encountering the Royals for the first time, Chey experiences an instant attraction to Mattias, second in line to the throne He s charming, confident and taken.During a horseback ride to clear her head, Chey finds herself in a scuffle with Sander Fisk, head of security Rugged, determined and sharp tongued, Sander is infuriating as well as intriguing.Faced with conflicting emotions and a mystery unfolding in the castle, Chey must decide between men a Prince of Latvala, or an arrogant rogue.She discovers the hard way that this particular fairy tale was than she ever bargained for.

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    1. 📚 📌 FREE on US today (10/13/2017) 📌 📚Book 1. Series completeFREE: amazon/Heir-Untamed-LBLURB: Desperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment, photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty. Encountering the Royals for the first time, Chey experiences an instant attraction to Mattias, second in line to the throne. He's charming, confident—and taken.During a horseback ride to clear her head, Chey finds herself i [...]

    2. This is why I avoid free books!! They either turn out to be poorly edited, the plot is insanely ridiculous and the story becomes a soirée for Mary Sues and Gary Lues!Heir Untamed is a tale of Cinderella meeting Prince Charming. Except there are two princes and Cinderella deserves to stay in her rags. The writing was decent, some scenes had descriptions that gave me goose bumps. Sadly, that is how far the apple is going to fall from the tree :'(The story itself was a reminiscence to every fan fi [...]

    3. In so many ways this was a typical romance. A couple of times, mainly in the beginning I found myself thinking, "Yeah right, what woman would be THAT trusting to strangers knocking on her door?" But, I kept on trucking and before I knew it I was pulled in. What makes me give this book four stars is it literally surprised me. SOMETHING I NEVER SAW COMING. The twist was amazingly thought out and I didnt, nope, didnt see it coming. It is a series and I have yet to read the second. BUT, I do recomme [...]

    4. Ok, this book is very simple yet it has a certain charm in it, that I enjoy reading. But this is too good to be true (well it is fiction)The love story is simple, witty and has a bit of spark or attitude in it. I've been looking for a chicklit or romance novel that's about a Royal family, ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. And I have read "To Marry a Prince" and "Runaway Princess" both has disappointed me 'cause I've lost interest half way through the book but this didn't! [...]

    5. would have given it 4 stars but the only thing that keep me from giving it 5 stars was the fact that there will definitely be another book that continues this story. This story was very intriguing indeed and now I am anxiously waiting for the next book to come out. Danielle Bourdon did an excellent job on the character development and delivered a complex story line that will have you on batted breath until the end. This story is about a female photographer name Chey who recently loss both parent [...]

    6. There's a reason why most Harlequins romance are barely a quarter of an average book size. It make the process of reading vacuous Mary Sues tolerable. In this case, we have a white blonde female character who is on the verge of poverty suddenly receive a monetary rewarding offer to shoot pictures for a royal family at the far side of the Atlantic for four months. Once there, she was swept by the landscape and scenery, encountered miserable royal family and at the attention of two male handsome s [...]

    7. **There are some spoilers ahead**I'm really torn in my decision what to tell you about this book. t was like a gruesome accident: It is horrible but you cannot stop looking. This is what Chey's behavior did for me. From the very first meeting with Prince Mattias they had a special connection and even if it seems like he was in a relationship with Viia, she never stopped him when he flirted with her. Even after the night when someone came into her room, threatened her and hit her and told her to [...]

    8. Not many books catch me by surprise, but this one did. I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I enjoyed the suspense, action, and romance, and the setting of the castle and details.Chey arrived at her apartment to find a notice to evict if she couldn’t come up with her rent payment. She had been let go at her job, and was in search of another one. While she was scanning the internet for jobs, there was a knock on her door. She opens her door to find two guy’s in business suits. They offer [...]

    9. This book took a surprising turn for me, i thought it was going to be boring all the way but it got my interest after a while. So yeah awesome read!

    10. Ridiculous, contrived and cliched. Couldn't get past the attack on Chey in her room. Initial set-up is thin, but Chey's life before this job apparently isn't important. First big issue: Chey does NOTHING to ensure that this job offer is legit. Two strange men in sunglasses knock on her door, offer her an amazing amount of money, and she just says yes. It could be a scam for human trafficking, but she confirms nothing independently. Sorry, if I'm flying on someone's private jet, I'm going to make [...]

    11. Warning Very light romance!!Photographer Chey, down on her luck due to a slow economy is hired to live with & photograph a royal family in some made up country. Things go bad & she winds up with the head of securityThis was a sweet quick read. Vey predictable, but that's the mood I was in! I needed this book to break up the slump I was in with the books I just finished reading. I was hooked, but the end killed! It left a whole lot unanswered That point made it lose a star for me. At leas [...]

    12. I can't help it, I really liked this storyenough that I went straight into the second and third books almost immediately. I'm glad I didn't read the other reviews, otherwise who Sander really was would not have caught me as off-guard! It's very, very romantic with the setting and the courting and the anticipation, but if you are hoping for some super hot sex scenes, you're not going to get them in this book. To me, this would almost be appropriate young adult reading because it's so PG-13. There [...]

    13. The very beginning was a little unconvicing for me. I mean, a royal family in Europe finds no better photographer than a girl all the way in America? That was pushing things a little far, for me.Other than that, it had snobby royals (way too snobby, I didn't really like them), and crazy women. I did feel a bit blindsided by the blurb, but I understand it can't give the whole plot away, but still

    14. 2.5 not bad, it's in the 'OK' category, the book was free and audio narration was .99 I felt like it was probably made better by the audiobook. It kinda ends abruptly and overall is an escapist fantasy. The sex was not descriptive not frequent so definitely not erotica. I saw someone say it was and I have to laugh.

    15. What do you do when you are offered a tremendous opportunity to do what you love? When you mix in Royalty, you take it of course. Chey Sinclair couldn’t believe the chance she was being given. Yet the intrigue didn’t stop with acceptance of the offer. That was only the beginning. Danielle Bourdan enthralls the reader with believable behind-the-scenes intrigue of a royal family in an enticing old-world setting. Chance encounters result in a chance of something stress-relieving for the duratio [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars Allow me to predicate this review by saying other than teen novels I’ve read, I’ve never had the odd pleasure of reading what is classified in the romance fiction world as a – clean read. I’ve heard of these types of books, and for a time, thought they were a myth, until I read this book. Stumped you say? A clean read is a book written without profanity and lacks specific details of sex scenes. They are more like mentioned in passing kind of thing. You could leave this book ope [...]

    17. To be honest, I got this book on accident. I meant to get the first book in a different Royals series (Paper Princess), but apparently selected this one instead. And, to be frank, I wasn't planning to read it.But I'm kinda glad I did.This novel follows Chey Sinclaire, a struggling photographer facing eviction from her tiny Seattle apartment after the loss of her job and the death of her parents, when she is granted an amazing opportunity: The chance to travel to a small country in Europe to phot [...]

    18. Bottom Line: The plot is reasonable, the characters are likeable, but this book needs some serious editing. If you can get past the spelling, grammar, and clunky sentences, it's a quick, enjoyable read.To get more in-depth, this book was fine. It was free on , the plot sounded good for a nice romance read, so I downloaded it. So, for the price, it was great! The plot was actually fairly good. There were a couple twists that I didn't see coming, which were nice surprises, and it kept the book fro [...]

    19. I liked this book it kept me on the edge of my seat.Chey accepts a job to take pictures at the Latvala. She meets the Royals and lives in there home. What she thinks is a fairytale there is a killer wanting to kill her. There is lots of twists and turns and I look forward to reading more in this series.

    20. **This is a Window Seat Blog review readinginthewindowseat.blo**This was a fun almost Cinderella-like story about a photographer who's just about to be evicted (and who lost her parents nine months ago in a car accident) who suddenly gets invited to photograph royalty in their own country for four months. Of course, once there, she ends up developing an attraction for one prince, and something more with another man. From the get go it's obvious that there's more to Sander then we're being told, [...]

    21. While there were some obvious annoyances in this book, overall it was a lot of fun. Just the premise of an average Jane (or Chey in this instance) getting the opportunity to live and observe first hand all the intrigue that comes with a small European royal family was tons of fun. It would have been a five star for sure if only a few things would have been polished. First, the premise of Chey being a down and out photographer that is suddenly hired by a royal family was just too far fetched to b [...]

    22. I absolutely loved this book. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books. The setting is picturesque and the characters are complex. Ms. Bourdon exceeded my expectations with this book. I cannot wait to continue reading this series. A young photographer with not a lot of funds and a pending eviction gets the job of a lifetime: photographing the royals of Latvala. Not only does she get a vacation abroad in a foreign country but enough money to buy her some time. Enter the gorgeous prince of Latv [...]

    23. This book was okay, unfortunately for me I could see the plot coming from miles away. Not that I was upset for being right. I was a little uncomfortable with some of the actions of the secondary characters. It was a bit dramatic and over the top. I kind of felt like I was watching a soap opera with all of the drama that was going on. It kept me reading though. I am giving this book a 3 stars because this is one in several books in this series. The storyline continues in the second book. There is [...]

    24. I found myself really enjoying this story of a young American woman who becomes involved with a royal in the fictional country of Latvala (love that name btw). It was a little hokey, which is why I was so surprised that I liked it so much. I mean, really, how realistic is it that two security guys just show up out of the blue and offer you 20 grand to come to a foreign country and take pictures of the royal family and you just believe them with no research done on the family or any kind of forma [...]

    25. This was totally a guilty pleasure read for me - thanks Karina for the recommendation! It was easy, quick, and fun; and strongly reminded me of the movie The Prince and Me (remember the one with Julia Stiles in the role?). What can I say - I love the idea of a happily ever after with a prince; and why not, right? The idea here is quite the same, and I don't think I would spoil the big "reveal" for anyone, as the title kind of gives it away - the girl does end up with a prince, but there is defin [...]

    26. I went into this book not knowing that it was a serial novel, and that immediately made me drop a star from the rating. I hate serials! Moving past that, the story was engaging, but not that great.Mostly, it's your typical Cinderella story, but this one had a lot of undercurrents that aren't addressed in this book. It's that lack of detail building that was so detracting from the story! Chay became a bit of a two dimensional character, lacking any real depth, and the same following with Sander. [...]

    27. Let me get this out of the way: the cover is YUM! Definitely a reason to pick this ebook up. I liked this book. I did! It was pretty straightforward, nothing too convoluted to process, I sorta predicted Twist #1 and Twist #2 yet I wasn't upset that I did. I suppose I've been reading too many dark and deep romances that this romance which was light and clean and all in all fluffy (in the nicest possible way) was a welcome change. Chey could've been a little bit more hard-assed though I liked that [...]

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