Viking Fire

Viking Fire

Justin Hill / Feb 17, 2020

Viking Fire In a young fifteen year old Viking is dragged wounded from the battle Left for dead for the next twenty years his adventures lead him over mountains down the length of Russia and ultimately to

  • Title: Viking Fire
  • Author: Justin Hill
  • ISBN: 9781408702796
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1035, a young fifteen year old Viking is dragged wounded from the battle Left for dead, for the next twenty years his adventures lead him over mountains, down the length of Russia and ultimately to Constantinople and the Holy City of Jerusalem.Drawn into political intrigue he will be the lover of Empresses, the murderer of an emperor he will hold the balance of powerIn 1035, a young fifteen year old Viking is dragged wounded from the battle Left for dead, for the next twenty years his adventures lead him over mountains, down the length of Russia and ultimately to Constantinople and the Holy City of Jerusalem.Drawn into political intrigue he will be the lover of Empresses, the murderer of an emperor he will hold the balance of power in the Byzantine Empire in his hands, and then give it all up for a Russian princess and the chance to return home and lead his own people, where he must fight the demons of his past, his family and his countrymen in a long and bitter war for revenge and power.Told in his own voice, this is the astonishing true story of the most famous warrior in all Christendom Harald Hardrada, the last Viking.

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        Justin is an English novelist whose work has twice been nominated for the Man Booker Prize He was born in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in 1971 and was brought up in York He was educated at St Peter s School, York, and was a member of St Cuthbert s Society, Durham University He worked for seven years as a volunteer with VSO Voluntary Service Overseas in rural China and Africa, before returning home to Yorkshire in 1999 His internationally acclaimed first novel, The Drink and Dream Teahouse, won the 2003 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and a 2002 Betty Trask Award, and banned by the government in China It was also picked by the Washington Post as one of the Top Novels of 2001.His second novel, Passing Under Heaven, won the 2005 Somerset Maugham Award and was shortlisted for the Encore Award The Independent on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph both picked it for their Christmas Recommended Reads in 2005.Ciao Asmara, a factual account of his time in Eritrea, was shortlisted for the 2003 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award In December 2009, he signed a two book deal with Little, Brown, to publish his Conquest Series His work has been translated into fourteen languages.


    1. Enjoyed this book portraying the last viking who died at stamford bridge in 1066 and his life in norway and the middle east

    2. 6 starsI had been waiting for this for a long timewell, it seemed a long time! Finally, last night I had it in one hot little hand but. the other was my Budgeting Course homework and there's just no competition, is there? What burgeoning Budget Advisory Person is going to pass up writing a cash flow for a mere novel? Well, I was always the most unlikely Budget Advisor anyone could ever have imagined (for so very many reasons!) so I chose the novel.Justin Hill writes the story, the very colourful [...]

    3. Harald Hardrada is one of my FAVOURITE Viking Kings EVER! I have read both fictional & non-fiction books on his epic journey from zero to hero but I will confess Justin Hill's 2nd novel which focuses on this giant of Norse history, is the first that has made me fall deeply in love with him. Almost as much as I fell in love with King Cnut in Helen Hollick's Hollow Crown.Harald's is a story that involves him facing and overcoming challenge after challenge and shaping him to be the great Norweg [...]

    4. Justin Hill is a terrific writer. His prose oozes poetry and a real sense of the time and place of his novels. In Harald Hardrada's saga, Viking Fire, Hill gives us a flawed and likable character, told in the Norwegian warrior-king's own words (as recounted to a priest in Britain before his death). This is the second of Hill's novels set during the build up of the Battle of Hastings. The first is Shieldwall, which is told from multiple viewpoints in third person. In Viking Fire, Hill has decided [...]

    5. ReviewIts been 5 years since Shieldwall, the immensely impressive first book in the Conquest Trilogy. I personally have been waiting for this book with bated breath (and i may have nagged him a few times), Justin Hill is a hugely talented writer, so when my advance copy landed i dived right in.This book follows the life of Harald Hardrada, aka King Haraldr Sigurðarson given the epithet Hardrada (harðráði, roughly translated as “stern counsel” or “hard ruler”. Justin Hill takes his li [...]

    6. It seems to be a truth pretty much universally accepted, that the death of Harald Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, brought an end both to his attempted invasion of England and the Viking Age. And his life.He is also pretty much universally acclaimed as if not the greatest Viking, then certainly the last great Viking. He has, in my reading experience, despite the above accolades, missed out somewhat in terms of fame amongst the general reading public. His battles of Fulford (which he w [...]

    7. The second in the series is possibly even better than his 2011 effort, Sheildwall, which already rose the bar high. Fast paced, fully fleshed out characters, well placed broad strokes. Only complaint, and so minor it's barely worth mentioning, is the title and the cover. The Mjolnir on the cover, why? Deference to the gods of his heathen forefathers? Didn't seem to gel with the book which shows him consistently as a devout Christian warrior. Also, I'd expect a tale this good to have a better tit [...]

    8. Viking Fire is the second in the Conquest Series about the events leading up to the battles of 1066. In this book the focus is on Harald Hardrada, who won the first battle, at Fulford. He was then defeated, by Harold Godwinson, at Stanford Bridge. I must admit that I knew little more than that he was King of Norway. Why was he involved in this conflict?Harald Sigurdson (Hardrada was a later nickname) had a long life - and what a life. The story starts, after a brief chapter at Fulford, when Hara [...]

    9. Finally got around finishing this simply brilliant book.Not being the biggest fan of the first person narrative as there is no real sense of peril, this is surprisingly different.As it starts off with the acknowledgement that Harald Hardrada is dead. So that sets the tone for the book, that all the following adventures will be leading up to that point.So with that stumbling block out of the way Justin Hill uses his considerable talents to tell an engrossing tale of the last great (and arguably t [...]

    10. Following on from Shieldwall, this books centres on the life of Harold Hardrada and follows the story of a young boy who turns into a king and who ultimately ends his life at the battle of Stamford Bridge, yes we all know the ending but the story leading up to this is both fascinating and informative for me the height of great historical fiction, the writing is rich in descriptive passages of hard times, harsh landscapes and bloody battles, the characters brought beautifully to life on the pages [...]

    11. Story of Harald Hardrada from his life as the youngest son of a Norwegian lord, following his brother to war which ends up in his exile from his home land travelling through modern Russia to the service of the Eastern Roman Empire, where upon he becomes one of the most feared war leaders of the Middle Ages.Spans a number of major battles as well as small skirmishes each of which is wonderfully written, and a period of 50 years living as a trader, traditional Viking through to lord and eventually [...]

    12. il keep my review short and simple as i could never match Matthew Harffy's eloquence, and i would direct you there if you want to read a detailed and insightful synopsis of this book. from me i will just that I'm sure that this is a future classic on the life times of one of history's most memorable characters. this will sit high in my all time lists, and from the author of the magnificent and compelling Shieldwall. an essential reading companion to the era i think.

    13. ExcellentThis is a good book. It seems well researched and is an interesting read about the larger than life character Harold. I would recommend it to anyone.

    14. This was one of those books which affected me in ways I did not expect at all. As the author suggests in the intro, all I really knew about Harald Hardrada before I opened his book was that he was part of the warm-up act to the great drama of the Norman Conquest. But by the end, I was wishing, or at least wondering, in a counterfactual kind of a way what might have happened if this great man had not met his fate in the way he did, and had instead succeeded in his ambition to conquer England for [...]

    15. Being a very big fan of historical fiction, I was delighted when I received a copy of Viking Fire by Justin Hill. This is a sweeping story of the last Viking Harald Hardrada and I was so impressed by Justin Hill’s writing telling the story of Hardrada from his youth in 1035 when wounded in battle to the adventures Russia to the Holy City of Jerusalem.Harald Hardrada had ambitions and that drove him from the land of his birth through the continent and being a Christian when he reached Jerusalem [...]

    16. It's always interesting to have another perspective on the events that happened in that momentous year of 1066, when England faced the threat of invasion, not just from across the English Channel in Normandy, but also, from the far north, by the fearless warrior, Harald Hardrada, King of Norway.Viking Fire charts the life of Harald Sigurdsson, younger brother of Olaf, King of Norway, from his early roots, through to the magnificence of his later years, and tells of his search for revenge, and lu [...]

    17. By the Gods what a journey! From a farm in Norway, to battle with his king and brother. Across the whale road east to Kiev and down to Constantinople. Win spear fame and coin, to Greece and Sicily, be seduced by the Empress of the greatest empire in the world. Done yet? No chance. Back on the salt spray, pick up a bride on the way to winning the throne of Norway.Time to chill now, relax, build and revel in the glory of your name. But then your wife passes, your shield brothers move on, and sudde [...]

    18. Many thanks to Justin and Little, Brown for the review copy, in exchange for this review.A sweeping story of adventure, danger and drama, Justin Hill’s Viking Fire is a novelisation the story of Harald Hardrada, from his youth in Norway to his invasion of England in 1066. It’s a wide-ranging story spanning the majority of Harald’s life and moving across large swathes of the continent as Harald pursues his fate, from the fjords of Norway to the warm seas of the Mediterranean. It's a well-to [...]

    19. Viking Fire tells the story of Harald Hardrada - often described as The Last Viking - from his childhood in Norway to his death on the battlefield at Stamford Bridge in 1066, in a last attempt to restore the Vikings as a force in England.Justin Hill succeeds in creating a believable character in Harald and has connected the historical dots of Harald's life with the story of how he developed from the child to the man.Saved from death, fighting with his brother Olaf, Harald eventually makes his th [...]

    20. Not just a worthy successor to book one of the conquest trilogy, Viking Fire builds on Shieldwall’s moving fusion of Saxon-inspired poetic imagery and riveting historical fiction to deliver a ripping tale. With Harald Hardrada, Justin Hill has created a rare action hero: introspective, soulful, intelligent, self aware, strong yet flawed. It’s a thrilling tale laced with elegiac sadness, a story of the waning of the power of the north as one man’s winter approaches.

    21. Just like Shieldwall I found it a really great story of a great king, well told and written. Found it a colourful and enthralling and can't wait for the next book!

    22. I like this writer a lot, he really brings the age he is writing about to life for me. Was expecting this book to be more action packed in the mould of Bernard Cornwells Last Kingdom, but it is nothing of the sort, the climatic Battle of Stamford Bridge being a little disappointing.

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