In Between Days

In Between Days

AndrewPorter Mark Bramhall / Mar 30, 2020

In Between Days The Hardings are teetering on the brink Elson once one of Houston s most promising architects who never quite lived up to expectations is recently divorced from his wife of thirty years Cadence Thei

  • Title: In Between Days
  • Author: AndrewPorter Mark Bramhall
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  • Page: 148
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Hardings are teetering on the brink Elson once one of Houston s most promising architects, who never quite lived up to expectations is recently divorced from his wife of thirty years, Cadence Their grown son, Richard, is still living at home driving his mother s minivan, working at a local coffee shop, resisting the career as a writer that beckons him But when ChloThe Hardings are teetering on the brink Elson once one of Houston s most promising architects, who never quite lived up to expectations is recently divorced from his wife of thirty years, Cadence Their grown son, Richard, is still living at home driving his mother s minivan, working at a local coffee shop, resisting the career as a writer that beckons him But when Chloe Harding gets kicked out of her East Coast college, for reasons she can t explain to either her parents or her older brother, the Hardings lives start to unravel Chloe returns to Houston, but the dangers set in motion back at school prove inescapable Told with piercing insight, taut psychological suspense, and the wisdom of a true master of character, this is a novel about the vagaries of love and family, about betrayal and forgiveness, about the possibility and impossibility of coming home.

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        Andrew Porter grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the youngest of three children He received his B.A in English from Vassar College and an M.F.A in Fiction Writing from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop He is the author of the short story collection, The Theory of Light and Matter Vintage Random House , which won the Flannery O Connor Award for Short Fiction, and the novel, In Between Days Knopf , a Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers selection and an IndieBound Indie Next selection Foreign editions and translations of Porter s books have also been published in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Korea, Bulgaria and Australia In addition to winning the Flannery O Connor Award, his collection, The Theory of Light and Matter, also received Foreword Magazine s 2008 Book of the Year Award for Short Fiction, was a finalist for The Steven Turner Award, The Paterson Prize and The 2009 WLT Book Award, was longlisted for The Frank O Connor International Short Story Award, was shortlisted for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing, and was selected by both The Kansas City Star and The San Antonio Express News as one of the Best Books of 2008 Porter has also received numerous fellowships and awards for his work, including the 2004 W.K Rose Fellowship in the Creative Arts from Vassar College, a James Michener Paul Engle Fellowship from the James Michener Copernicus Foundation, the Drake Emerging Writer Award from Drake University, an Iowa Teaching Writing Fellowship from the University of Iowa, a Tennessee Williams Scholarship from the Sewanee Writers Conference, a Residency Fellowship from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, a Distinguished Faculty Award from Trinity University, an Artist Foundation of San Antonio Award, the Glenna Luschei Award and a Pushcart Prize His fiction has appeared in One Story, Ploughshares, The Southern Review, The Threepenny Review, Epoch, Prairie Schooner, The Antioch Review, Narrative Magazine, Story, and The Pushcart Prize Anthology, among others He has also had his work read on NPR s Selected Shorts and selected as one of the 100 Distinguished Stories of 2007 by Best American Short Stories Currently, Porter lives in San Antonio, where he is a Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at Trinity University.To learn , visit andrewporterwriterYou can also follow Andrew on Twitter at andrewporter01


    1. I hesitated to read this book, as I thought it would be like a lot of family novels I’ve read recently, but I was wrong. Porter’s approach is unique and evocative. Nothing in this novel is what it would seem. The story begins in the present day with the family finding out Chloe, the daughter. will be returning from her private college mid-semester for unknown reasons. Porter creates a mystery around this that carries through for most of the novel. Everyone, even the reader, is kept in the da [...]

    2. This novel is an impressive follow up to Porter’s first book, The Theory of Light and Matter. On its surface it’s a story about a family—a father, mother, son and daughter. The parents are divorced and the children have their own issues. The son is an aspiring poet with low self-confidence. The daughter is blinded by an infatuation with her college boyfriend. The parents’ lives are also far from perfect. The mother seems completely lost, torn between being a good mother to her children a [...]

    3. This was a very well written novel with a good plot and great characters. The four members of Porter's fictional Houston family are faced with more problems than most could handle and none of them gets off easy. I preferred the mother and daughter to the father and son but they all had their positive attributes and winning moments. I will be looking our for more from Porter and plan to read his first book.

    4. One of the few book I've read this year where the characters stick and I will most likely reflect on them again. Good story! (A week or so after reading this, I've upgraded from 4 to 5 stars. I'm still reflecting on the characters - which could be due to my own membership in the 40-something with grown teen demographic. But there is a mundane tragedy to these characters that still resonates post-read)and I can see a film

    5. I cannot remember where I read the review of this book, but the review was much better than the book. I enjoyed the author's writing and use of prose. But, these characters were not people I cared about---the only one with some redeeming value was Richard, and even he was annoying in dealing with his sexuality. The parents' marriage is falling apart and I could see why. The action centered around the daughter, Chloe, in her junior year of college. I just wanted to slap her. This is a quick read [...]

    6. One of those books I literally stayed up all night to finish. The author, Andrew Porter, writes oddly simple but beautiful sentences. His characters are desperate in a way that makes you want to hug them but the story is so tense it keeps you turning the pages. I couldn't stop until I finished it.

    7. Loved this book about a family coming apart at the seams. Mom and Dad are divorced after decades of marriage, college graduate son lives at home and can't quite figure out what to do with his life other than party and debate whether or not to go to grad school, and college-age daughter just returned home from school after being expelled (or, "on an indefinite break") under circumstances that her parents don't quite understand and she refuses to elaborate on.Daughter (Chloe) is in love for the fi [...]

    8. Easily one of the best novels I’ve read this year! An engrossing, well written story about a family falling apart and coming together. Set in current day Houston, Texas, the story is told through the four perspectives of the four different family members. There isn’t really one main character. You have Elson, a failed architect in the middle of a mid-life crisis, his son Richard, a gay poet who seems just as lost as his father, and his wife, Cadence, who is trying to go back to college after [...]

    9. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of this terrific debut novel by Andrew Porter, who won the Flannery O’Connor Award for his short story collection, The Theory of Light and Matter. Like Porter’s short stories, the writing in this book is spare and beautiful and the pace is fast and intense. The family at the center of this book is at a crossroads. I won’t give away any spoilers, but suffice it to say their problems don’t get any easier as the story unfolds. Porte [...]

    10. This was the absolute perfect novel. It's well written, it's well revealed, it's pacing is perfect and you don't want to put it down. What is it about? It's about a family, dealing with a very dark period in their collective, and individual lives and how each one deals. It's universal in that Anna Karenina way of all unhappy families are the same, and then it's also completely individual. It's about losing yourself and finding yourself, it's about love lost and love gained, about the bonds betwe [...]

    11. I loved Andrew Porter's short story collection, The Theory of Light and Matter, and this novel compliments it well. It's darker, more dramatic and more plot-driven than his stories but the style is similar. Porter writes eloquently in plain, simple language and has a subtle way of getting inside his characters heads and showing them to you. As a fan of short stories, I think I liked his collection a little better, but this is definitely a beautiful and moving book.

    12. Excellent narrative flow. Maintained engagement and suspense (!) throughout the novel. Well-written, like his prior book of short stories. Sort of a classic narrative and yet totally contemporary with its uncertainties, the existential angst of the characters, and the unresolved sense of the world.

    13. One of the best books I've read in the past few months. The writing seemed sharper than much of what I've read lately and the perspective on 21st century family life was fresh. Looking forward to the next one by this author!

    14. Psychologically complicated story about choices and consequences. Lots of cliffhangers that keep you turning the pages. Nice clear writing, memorable characters, a surprising if perplexing ending. 4 1/2 stars.

    15. Not your typical family drama! Very well-written and fast-paced. I read it in one weekend and couldn't put it down. The characters stay with you for a long time afterward.

    16. I'm still thinking about this finely drawn novel and it's characters a day after finishing. This novel made me feel every emotion for it's characters. At times I was jealous of them, at other moments I was angry with them, worried for them, and frustrated beyond belief with their choices. Early on in the novel, I felt a deep pull to discover what was really going on and to be further along; but at the end, I wished for even more pages and even more resolution. In Between Days is a fascinating ac [...]

    17. Andrew Porter’s In Between Days explores the ramifications of one person’s actions on a family and how it transforms their relationships. In Between Days is told in the alternating viewpoints of the four members of the Harding family: two adults recently and bitterly divorced, Elson and Cadence, and their two adult children, Richard and Chloe. The main focus of the novel is the family’s search to uncover why seemingly perfect Chloe was expelled from her university. Despite establishing Chl [...]

    18. Много интересен роман за привидно простички ежедневни ситуации - отношенията в едно разпадащо се семейство, предадени през погледа на всеки един от членовете му; доверие, приятелство, любов, измяна, отговорност и границите им, изпитанията, съмненията, изборът, разкаяниетоХ [...]

    19. Andrew Porter is a stylish writer, with a lot to say about contemporary urban, middle-class life. His forthcoming debut novel 'In Between Days' is set largely in Houston, and delves into the troubled life of the Harding family. I won't give much away, as there is a mystery at the heart of the novel, but I ding Porter points for the way the story unfolds as the action often strains belief. That's may seem an unfair criticism to level against a guy who writes with tremendous emotional honesty, but [...]

    20. Andrew Porter can write the American family in a way few other can. He has a sympathy and understanding of his characters--even as he puts them through the grinder--that moves you through the novel not with them, but as them BETWEEN DAYS kept me on the edge of my seat, sometimes to the point of falling off. It's one of those books where you never know exactly what's going on, what's happened, or what's coming next.A few times I had to put the book down and look around the room, to force myself o [...]

    21. As much as I despised Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, I loved In Between Days by Andrew Porter.This is a character driven story and while I didn't agree with or even understand the choices the characters made, I was compelled to stay with them through their journey. I needed and wanted to know where their decisions and choices would lead them. I actually felt as though Mr. Porter might have felt the same way while writing this. That he also didn't know where they were going. And I loved this about [...]

    22. This came recommended and did not disappoint. The plot was riveting and the characters were multidimensional and the family's journey and schism were artfully conveyed. I appreciated the implied commentary on middle-class American family life in the modern age and the political themes that the author weaves into the larger family story. Well written and smartly toldRecommended!

    23. A engrossing novel of a family - divorced parents, a son trying to find himself and the daughter, who gets kicked out of the university she is attending and how they all try to resolve their issues. Good book.

    24. A fascinating examination of a Houston family's slow disintegration. Porter's writing is stark and hypnotic and the story moves along a nice clip thanks to the alternating point of view.

    25. I hate how books like this make me feel – sort of like picking at a scab or chewing on an abscessed tooth. I couldn’t put it down, but it sure made me squirm. Porter’s spot-on depiction of the disintegration of a family has got to hit mighty close to home for many readers with young adult and twenty-something children, children because of whom we parents lie awake at night. So I can empathize with Cadence and Elson whose recent divorce has fractured the semblance of togetherness that they [...]

    26. In Between Days is one of the most emotional, thought provoking novels I’ve read this year. Almost from the get go, the Harding family is in crisis mode. The recently divorced parents, Cadence and Elson, have just learned their daughter, Chloe, has been sent home from college. Chloe will not tell them why she was sent home and their son, Richard, is not much help. There is a feeling from the start of distance between these characters. Elson, a once renowned architect, has turned to drinking an [...]

    27. In Between Days by Andrew Porter is a young adult book about a girl trying to save her boyfriend from a horrible decision that changes both their lives. The Hardings lives have altered completely in the past few months; father Elson and mother Cadence have recently divorced after thirty years of marriage, their son Richard is trying to find his way as a lost poet, and their daughter Chloe has recently come home from college with troubling news that changes the course of her life. Her boyfriend, [...]

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