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Dragonshadow Lord John Aversin with the help of his mageborn wife Jenny Waynest has fought and defeated two dragons earning the title of Dragonsbane But there are creatures terrifying than dragons Demonspawn fro

  • Title: Dragonshadow
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780345421883
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lord John Aversin with the help of his mageborn wife, Jenny Waynest has fought and defeated two dragons, earning the title of Dragonsbane But there are creatures terrifying than dragons Demonspawn from a dark dimension have learned to drink the magic and the souls of mages and dragons alike, turning their victims into empty vessels And now they ve stolen JohnLord John Aversin with the help of his mageborn wife, Jenny Waynest has fought and defeated two dragons, earning the title of Dragonsbane But there are creatures terrifying than dragons Demonspawn from a dark dimension have learned to drink the magic and the souls of mages and dragons alike, turning their victims into empty vessels And now they ve stolen John and Jenny s mageborn son, twelve year old Ian.In desperation, John seeks the help of the eldest and strongest dragon Morkeleb the Black But the demons have allies, too a vast army poised to plunge the Realm into civil war In the coming struggle, Morkeleb will sacrifice what he values most Jenny will question everything she trusts and believes in And John will embark on a perilous quest for the only things capable of defeating such powerful demons even powerful demons .

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        aka Barbara HamiltonRanging from fantasy to historical fiction, Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story Her twisty plots involve memorable characters, lavish descriptions, scads of novel words, and interesting devices Her work spans the Star Wars universe, antebellum New Orleans, and various fantasy worlds, sometimes linked with our own I always wanted to be a writer but everyone kept telling me it was impossible to break into the field or make money I ve proven them wrong on both counts Barbara Hambly


    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Whenever an author revisits a beloved story from the past, especially with the idea of transforming it into something very different from the original, they should do so with utmost caution. I know, change is a part of life. Evolution to people’s personality is natural. But just because a story doesn’t end when “The End” is written, doesn’t necessarily mean a writer should chronicle those further adventures, because sometimes they are not exploits a r [...]

    2. If you loved Dragonsbane, run away from the unnecessary, excruciatingly depressing, and out of character sequels. Dragonsbane had a beautiful ending and did not need any sequels. It especially did not need sequels in which the characters were physically, psychologically, and morally destroyed by demons. Why demons? I have no idea. Maybe because it was the most grim and miserable thing Hambly could think of. I honestly wish I had never read this book.

    3. This one turned out to be a very good, very chilling fantasy novel that takes and twists everything you think you know about dragons and demons. Occurs four years after the events in Dragonsbane, and while it's not necessary to have read the previous novel, it does help. I should also warn that there is some very adult content in this one, and that if you are sensitive to violent scenes, including rape, you may want to avoid this one. For all that, it's still an excellent book, and probably one [...]

    4. Returning late to her characters, Hambly starts on a new tale using her characters from Dragonsbane. In this much darker story demons seize control of wizards and dragons alike for their pleasure. High costs are paid for success and the characters stand fractured by the end.

    5. I have been putting off reading this as the second book in this trilogy ends on a horrible cliff hanger (both in that it's a cliff hanger and it's horrible) but I now have the last one so on with the re-reading

    6. The introduction of demons bugged me. I hate demons. They are all evil. How is that interesting? Dragons, on the other hand are cool and fantastic, but demons just suck.

    7. Me ha costado bastante leerlo, en inglés "raro" (no sólo parte del vocabulario antiguo-fantástico, sino la forma en la que está escrito).Como decían los comentarios que recomendaban no leer más libros de la saga, es mucho más oscuro y deprimente que el primero pero, that's life!!Esperaré estar menos espesa para el tercero, pero sigo queriendo saber más de John (😍) y Jenny.Y más ahora que sus vidas parece que van a ser un infierno de dolor, reproches y arrepentimientos. Esto tiene qu [...]

    8. [3.5 stars, really]"Dragonshadow" was almost guaranteed to be a step back from "Dragonsbane", an instant classic and quite likely Hambly's best. "Dragonsbane"'s status comes first and foremost from its character development: in particular, Jenny Waynest, though not the title character (of either book, actually), dominates the book, and it is her search for her place in the world that gives it much of its interest. What makes writing a sequel tricky is that, well, at the end of "Dragonsbane" Jenn [...]

    9. An exciting, fast-paced adventure that exudes awe-inspiring, intricate talent by a great writer of fantasy fiction.Barbara Hambly is an accomplished author of the old-style fantasy genre, whose work I comfortably place alongside JRR Tolkien and Robin Hobb (/ Megan Lindholm). Her deftly woven, complex storylines project such enviable talent that is the mark of a truly singular author and master of their craft. I would highly recommend this book (and other books within the Darwath trilogy) to thos [...]

    10. I was loving this book just like I had loved the first one, though there was a decidedly darker tone to it. However, about 3/4 of the way in the author totally disappointed me with how graphic and explicit her writing became as she delved into what it might be like to be taken over by demons. I was SO impressed with the first book because she had been one of a few authors who had a gift for alluding to deeper issues without needing to be explicit, then she ruined it. I had a very difficult time [...]

    11. Dieser Band ist der eigentliche Auftakt zur Dachentötertrilogie. Das Buch spielt etwa 2 Jahre nach Band 1 und John und Jenny haben mittlerweile noch eine kleine Tochter.Eines Tages wird ihr ältester Sohn Ian, welcher magiegeboren wie seine Mutter ist, enführt. Dämonen haben von ihm, ein paar weitere Magiern und einigen Drachen Besitz ergriffen und wollen sich das Königreich Bel aneignen.John und Jenny machen sich auf ihren Sohn zu retten und müssen dafür große Opfer bringen. John geht ei [...]

    12. i reeeeeeally liked it!!!! It totally sucked me in!!! The 1st book ended and tied up all the loose ends, but this book still totally fits and has its own story!!! Sometimes sequels are reeeeally bad and the only reason why they were written is because the 1st book was such a hit (its the same with movies), but this one is still totally awesome and not like that at all! its about them fighting demons this time instead of dragons. Fighting demons is even harder then dragons, because one of them ha [...]

    13. I liked the first book in this series, and I was glad to see the main characters again, but I didn’t enjoy this one very much. There’s too much magic for my taste. I like fantasy that’s a little more grounded in reality; so much magic makes the plot seem abstract and I have a hard time staying invested.I also like my dragons to be more dragonish. These dragons can change size and shape, and while they talk a lot about being dragons, they feel more like some other kind of mystical, magical [...]

    14. I did not care for this one as much as I did the first book in the series.World Building: I though the introduction of demons was very interesting and got frustrated with the explanation and lack of details - I wanted MORE. We also get more about dragons, but less about our world itself.The battle scenes were well done.The pace of the book seemed to lag here and there, but never so badly I wanted to put the book down or not pick it back up.The end, unlike that of the first book, is unsatisfying. [...]

    15. A reread. Favorite characters Jenny, John and Morkeleb all return, this time around fighting the demons that have captured Jenny and John's son Ian. The huge complication around the two-thirds mark still impresses me with its audacity.Note: The first book in the series Dragonsbane has an ending, but Dragonshadow's ending is more of a pause, as the plot is much more closely linked to book three Knight of the Demon Queen and thus the book has a darker feel.

    16. Hm. Well, that was disorienting, disappointing, and . . . kind of uncomfortable. Not nearly as good as Dragonsbane, and it ends on a cliffhanger. I suppose I would need to read the next one to see if the story redeems itself. But right at the moment, I'm not inclined to do so.

    17. This is an excellent book. I love the way Barbara Hambly makes here characters seem so alive and entertaining. It's part of a series that I've recently discovered, and I had to look for all of them. The characters struggle against the evils and problems within their own lives. They suffer losses, but managed to prevail in the end.

    18. I loved the first one and despite the bad reviews decided to read dragonshadow. It seems the other reviews were right. I'm pretty disappointed in it and I'm probably not going to waste time on the last two at this point. I gave it three stars instead of two simply because her writing does keep you wanting to finish in, the plot and ending were just too disappointing.

    19. I had lots of trouble to finish reading this one. hard on the soul when you love so much dragonsbane. the tone and everything else in it is so different that what you know I finished it only because I wanted to read the other two and finish this serie once and for all.Not that it's not a good book but it's like it has nothing to do with the first one.

    20. I loved Dragonsbane years ago (in french). I wasn't sure about reading this one in english but it's wonderful. Barbara Hambly will always be one of my favourite authors.J'ai adoré Fendragon quand je l'ai lu il y a des années (en français). Je n'étais pas sûre de pouvoir apprécier celui-là en anglais mais c'était merveilleux. Barbara Hambly reste un de mes auteurs préférés.

    21. Great characters and epic moral dilemmas, but they have to suffer an awful lot, and while they triumph in the end, the ending is not exactly triumphant. I suspect that means I need to read the next book.

    22. Seems to me that an awful lot of the 2nd books in trilogies are full of unhappiness, despair, and in this case, a whole lot of crying. And why are all the females in this book evil except for Jenny and the stumpy troll ladies?

    23. Jenny Waynest and John Aversin once again have to battle to preserve their world and way of life. Their characters keep this fantasy from being pedestrian, though even they show the strain of being in a sequel.

    24. This book continues the adventures of Lord John and Jenny who strive to save the land with the help of their dragon friend. Excellent read!

    25. This book threw me. The last third could have been a different book, with different characters, by a different author. But, somehow, this was what I wanted, what I had been waiting for!

    26. Love how Barbara Hambly uses words and develops her characters. I've all of the books in this series and love them.

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