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Locas Locas tells a violent and poignant story set in the heart of the rough L A neighborhood Echo Park Lucia and Cecilia are the girlfriend and sister of the rising young loco whose gun trade is about to e

  • Title: Locas
  • Author: Yxta Maya Murray
  • ISBN: 9780802135643
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Locas tells a violent and poignant story set in the heart of the rough L.A neighborhood Echo Park Lucia and Cecilia are the girlfriend and sister of the rising young loco whose gun trade is about to explode into the big business of drugs When their world starts to split apart under the vicious pressure of gang warfare, Lucia seizes her chance she builds her own privateLocas tells a violent and poignant story set in the heart of the rough L.A neighborhood Echo Park Lucia and Cecilia are the girlfriend and sister of the rising young loco whose gun trade is about to explode into the big business of drugs When their world starts to split apart under the vicious pressure of gang warfare, Lucia seizes her chance she builds her own private cadre of Fire Girls and rises to become a gangster in her own right Cecilia, devastated by a miscarried pregnancy and bittersweet love for another woman, leaves the gang for the Catholic church Yxta Maya Murray has created a richly textured story from the tragedies of Lucia and Cecilia s loves, rages, and betrayals, never once avoiding the larger tragedy of their entrapment in a feudal and dangerous world.

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    1. A little piece of my heart broke at the end of this book. Something about Locas just clicked with me and I couldn't put it down. It's a fast paced book and a fair bit happens over a 17 year time frame but be honest I would have been even happier if the book had been twice as long and we got to know a few more of the other characters in more detail (as well as getting a lot more of the story because it almost goes just that bit too fast ya know?!). But nonetheless it was a great book to end the y [...]

    2. I read this on a flight from DC to SF. I had moved it twice, once across the country, and owned it for 5 years. When I finally got to it I couldn't believe I'd waited that long. It was suggested by after I'd purchased books for a Women in Social Movements in Latin Am class and a gay LA class. The story is told chapter by chapter from the perspective of the sister and girlfriend of a gangbanger in Echo Park in the 80s and 90s. Sometimes the Spanglish was a bit awkward and rough, much like Spangl [...]

    3. Well what i liked about this book is that it showed me a lot about how man can be sometimes. In the book Lucia one of the characters in the book strugles with her boyfriend Manny because he treats her really bad.For me this was a really mest up thing that he did to her or that he is doing to her.In my opinion Lucia should of done something about this since she got with him but she didnt because she was afraid of him. At the end she decides to leave him and not depend on him.Lucia is one of the c [...]

    4. This craptacular book is freaking horrible. This is authored by someone that not only didn't live the life, but apparently doesn't know anyone that has. It truly is cringe-worthy.Another book, Maravilla by Laura del Fuego has similar subject matter and is infinately better. This book gave me second-hand embarrassment for the author.

    5. Murray's purpose in writing her book, Locas, is to show people how the gang life is, and the struggles that certain females go through and why they decide to join as well. Another reason I believe is to let the readers know they should never let their surroundings influence them in a negative way. Locas left me feeling on edge, I wanted to just keep knowing more and more about it. She’s really descriptive in many situations; I’m really able to visualize a lot. It will have a lasting value, b [...]

    6. right now I'm in chapter 10 this chapter is about how Chucho a gang Banger goes to the neighborhood and looks for this guy and he kills him cause he went to Ecko Park and stold chcho's car but it wasn't him who stole the car it was one of his 15 year old brother that just wanted to cruise around. The next day the other gang bangers were looking for chucho cuz he killed the guy which was known as spooky. I'm In Chapter 12 and is about how chucho and paco his best friend since childhood become dru [...]

    7. I was kind of devastated when I put the book down, and that's a big plus. I had gotten pulled into an in vivo section of raw, uprooted human nature and had to suck in a great deal of oxygen when resurfaced.There's in fact a ghost fifth star in this review, for the courageous amount of uncomfortable themes the novel deals with. It's not marked because the voices could have been a little less stiff, in my opinion.The narration is lively nonetheless, the patois effective and not obtrusive: too perf [...]

    8. Although I am not sure that this a particularly accurate account of life in Echo park, it was a lovely read. The prose flows, and the characters are hard and soft in all the right ways. I really love what the author tried to show, and prove with the characters she created even if they were a bit over the top in some ways, I enjoyed that. Both Lucia, and Cecilia, were strong female characters, and important for representing women and their perspectives and struggle. This novel touched on some rea [...]

    9. This was a good, gritty read about two young women--the girlfriend and the sister of a gang leader--trying to survive life in male-dominated East L.A. The chapters alternate between each young woman's point of view. Lucia fights the male dominated system by pitting her boyfriend Manny, who seems to be losing his edge, against another gang member to gain control of the Lobos. She is cunning and cold. Cecilia, on the other hand, tries to somewhat distance herself from her brother's gang affiliatio [...]

    10. This book was another of L.A. Weekly's "Best L.A. Novel" contenders. It was also another of those books that I would likely have passed over on a library shelf. I'm glad to have read this book, though, as it was an excellent story about a subject very foreign to me. I would love to know how the author, Yxta Maya Murray, did research for this novel. Given what appears to be a very distinguished career, I suspect that she is a stranger to the lifestyle that her characters experience. Despite this, [...]

    11. This book is really good. It was one of the most interesting books i have read in a long time. The realness of the book is what i liked the most. They show how gang life in Echo Park in L.A really affects the kids living there. The main characters Cecilia and Lucia grow up with borthers and family members in the gang life. They go through a series of phases and events that change their whole life. Cecilia and lucia are good friend at the beginning of the book but later the gang life changes thei [...]

    12. Locas is about these two girls named Cecilia and Lucia. This book talks about their child life and why they joined gangs. Cecilia's brother Manuel runs the whole East L.A. Echo Park gang bang crew named Lobos. Lucia is Manuel's girlfriend she too starts a gang herself and tries to take things from Manuel. Cecilia is young got pregnant stopped gang banging and lost her child. After all that she starts going to church and finds the rite man for her.I liked this book because it is very interesting. [...]

    13. Locas is about these two girl named Cecilia and Lucia. They talk about how their lives were in East Los Angeles. Lucia is Manuel's girlfriend also which is Cecilia's brother. He runs East LA Lobos. Cecilia's child life was kind of not good because she would gang bang and get into trouble.I really like this book because its interesting. I recommend it to people who are interested into gang bangers and would like to change that. I'm not saying that i like gang bangers but i can somewhat relate to [...]

    14. When I started out on the adventure of reading this book I couldn't put it down. From the way it was written to the character who became a part of me. I loved it all. Coming from a neighborhood much the the one they live in in the book, it made my connection to it even stronger. It also made my drive to finish it even stronger. I have yet to read something like this before but I will definitely read another book like this in the near future!

    15. My wife's little brother gave this book to her as a birthday present, and I ended up reading it 'cause it was laying around and I had nothing else to read right at that moment. I was somewhat surprised that I ended up liking it as much as I did, but it was actually a very well written and realistic novel. Definitely not a particularly happy story, but well worth reading.

    16. The voices in this book were painfully raw and real. I would've liked a bit more story and a little less internal narrative, though. I felt like it moved slowly for a YA. Poetic in many places, I can see why my students asked me to read this :)

    17. A tale about a woman's rise to the top of the LOBOS gang through the manipulation of her boyfriend who is at the top. When he goes 'soft' she creates a new head she can manipulate. I'm sure this is a good story for someone but I found it alternately easy to read and hard to keep my attention.

    18. It was really well-written and interesting but I lost interest the further into it I got. I think it was a bit too harsh for me sympathetic to hook onto I didn't finish it, but it may be worth another's time.

    19. I read this because I liked Murray's other works. I have no strong opinions about this book. It was an interesting look at gender roles in L.A. Mexican-American gangs. Lucia, one main character, was fascinating; brilliant, driven, resourceful, and wasted on something destructive.

    20. loved the authors style of writing - but i don't think this is a very memorable book. honestly, i read it for the supposed lezzie relationship in the girl gang, but there was hardly even a paragraph about it (and not even a hot one at that!)

    21. I don't know why I connected with this book so much - I suppose it's because it pulled me in to a world that is completely unfamiliar to me and allowed me to be a part of it for a little while. If you've ever wondered why people join gangs, or what that experience is like, read this book.

    22. I am still not sure, but I think might have read this before, years ago. It's a brutal depiction of the poverty, hopelessness, and violence of the lives of two gang-affiliated young women in East L.A. It was sad and horrible and I couldn't put it down.

    23. Fun, fast read about the forming of 2 rival gangs in Echo Park in LA. Tough chola protagonist, written in dialect but adds to the authentic tone. Like it so far.

    24. Was a class assignment; didn't read all of it, though I know what happens. I'll finish it another time. What I did read was great.

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