Hitman Reborn! Vol. 1

Hitman Reborn! Vol. 1

Akira Amano / Feb 17, 2020

Hitman Reborn Vol Ada seorang guru privat yang datang ke rumah Tsuna murid SMP yang menjalani kehidupan sebagai manusia yang payah Dilihat sekilas sang guru Reborn terlihat seperti anak balita Tapi sebenarnya dia a

  • Title: Hitman Reborn! Vol. 1
  • Author: Akira Amano
  • ISBN: 9786022109013
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ada seorang guru privat yang datang ke rumah Tsuna, murid SMP yang menjalani kehidupan sebagai manusia yang payah Dilihat sekilas, sang guru, Reborn, terlihat seperti anak balita Tapi sebenarnya dia adalah pembunuh bayaran yang bertujuan untuk menjadikan Tsuna sebagai ketua mafia generasi ke 10 Pelajaran seperti apa yang akan diajarkan Reborn kepada Tsuna

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      282 Akira Amano
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        Also known as .Akira Amano is the author and mangaka of the shonen manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn She was born in 1973, but the month and day are unknown.Amano began in 1998 with a job at Weekly Young Magazine She also held a job at Shueisha Publishing Co, Ltd.In 2002, Amano participated in a contest for aspiring mangaka and was one of the lucky winners, with her comic Monkey Business published in Young Magazine.In 2004, she finally found success with the humourous and classy manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn or, for short, just Reborn , and that thanks to her readers support This new manga was advertised and in Shonen Jump and became a hit Two years later, her manga was made into an anime series by Artland studios.Her ideas for Reborn Amano had some crazy ideas to entertain readers with She came up with weird characters to add spice to the humour, a story written especially to be unique, and fast paced action.Other works Boy Spin 1998 Hot Blast Baseball Legendary 1999 Pu Chipu Chirabii 2000 Monkey Business 2002 Tapir Hearts HAWK 2003 Katekyo Hitman Reborn 2004 Psycho Pass 2012 Original Character Design


    1. Many people have dropped both this manga and anime. And that is sad. This came out (well, was advertised coming soon in a shonen jump magazine) when I was actually in second grade. I was excited! Soon after, when I was old enough to finally obtain my own manga (I was never allowed to have my family buy me manga) this was the first. Sure, it seems boring at first. But don't 99.9% of stories in general, comic, manga, novel or not, start that way? In the beginning it's gonna have comedy, and idioti [...]

    2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, aka “The Idiotic Mafia anime”. Who would have guessed that the Godfather would get such a ridiculous spin-off in Japan? And here I thought zombies called orcs in Gungrave was too much.But let’s clarify a few things first. This show is a silly action/comedy that uses a backdrop story as an excuse for mostly random gags and some guys to come fight with some other guys. Don’t expect a captivating, multi-layered, well-thought of scenario. It is just a typical “kid w [...]

    3. Okay, this is more of a warning and less of a review. The first volume of this book, and the next seven, are BEYOND SLOW MOVING AND PLOTLESS. However, once you get to the ninth volume, bang!, you get a bucketful of plot thrown at you, and it's impossible not to love it. The story gets so good, that it makes up for the horrible start and deserves little less than 5 stars. Basically, your general plot is that the main character, Tsuna, is told he is to become the tenth generation mafia boss for th [...]

    4. This anime is fantastic, incredeable,amazing,powerful character.The 7 vongola are Stuna,Hibari,Ryohie,Lambo,Yamamoto,Gokudera,ChromeChrome is the Mist Guardian.HIbari is the Cloud Gurdian.Gokudera is the Storm Guardian.Ryohie is the Sun Guardian.Yamamoto is the Rain Guardian.Lambo is the Thunder Gurdian.The last is Stuna the Sky Guardian.This are Guardian are the new Generation of Vongola. Reborn is the arcobaleno who trained to Stuna to become A Vongola Master, Stuna make a decision that the me [...]

    5. This manga was all kinds of crazy. From a mafioso gun toting baby, a "deathpertation shot" which makes the target go super saiyan and naked (yes you read that right) for five minutes (only if they died with regrets, though), to recruiting some pretty insane people as your mafia family members, to encounters with more child-like mafia members, this manga was a real wtf Japan moment for me.And I loved every second of it. Also, Reborn is just beyond cute. もっとかわいい!

    6. Really slow in the beginning. But the series really takes off some where around chapter 18. Totally loved all of it. It's not something that you usually find in manga/anime. Super creative and a tear jerker, all them flashbacks. The anime plays this really sad song so that doesn't help.

    7. I am the ghost of the old Bilal Taibzada who was more funnier than the new Bilal Taibzada and got more likes on for stupid reviews like this oneLike before readingIf you don’t I’ll kill you the reborn wayreborn!!!!!Basically this manga is about a little kid:ha reborn you can’t kill me because I’m a ghost *chokes*Guys reborn killed himself just to kill me but I can’t die because I’m already dead so he’s going to choke me forever So the story is about this ‘no-good suna’ who is [...]

    8. Dans le domaine du manga, le style que j’apprécie le plus et de loin c’est vraiment le Nekkutsu, soit l’évolution d’un personnage de zéro à héro. Le nekkutsu est toujours l’évolution initiatique d’un personnage principal qui devient plus fort et affronte des ennemies toujours plus forts. Dans ce style on retrouve Dragon Ball, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Falme of Recca et Fly pour nommer les mielleurs à mon avis. Malheureusement ce style est rare et plusieurs auteurs se brisent les [...]

    9. This rating and review is for the whole published books.Reborn! told about a middleschooler named Sawada Tsunayoshi (or Tsuna, for short) who was clumsy and had no potential ability, nicknamed "no-good Tsuna" by all of his friends. One day, a baby came to him and shockingly informed him that he was the one on the list to become the next Vongola's - a notorious mafia family - predecssor. And that Baby, known as Reborn, was came to prepared him as a suitable mafia boss.To say it honestly, I kinda [...]

    10. One weird turn of events after another. Tsuna is an unmotivated teen lacking in both physical and intellectual skills. All this changes whenever assassin/tutor/mafia baby Reborn shoots him with a deathperation bullet, one of the effects of which causes unimaginable regret as well as the strength to see that wish done. Reborn's reason for teaching Tsuna force him to become a mafia boss. Spastic energy and unexpected twits, turn this dangerous idea into a comedic fest only possible in manga. Most [...]

    11. This is such a weird book. I have trouble reviewing it.It's absurd, even by the standards of shonen manga. Plot points get pulled out of nowhere, no one ever remarks on the oddness of some of the stuff that's going on despite that it is VERY odd in-world, and the art is fairly uneven. This volume introduces us to the Vongola Family, a mafia family from Italy. Generations ago, one of our main character Tsuna's ancestors moved to Japan, and while they haven't been an active part of Family life, Ts [...]

    12. Akira Amano's "Reborn! Vol. 01: Reborn Arrives!" is the beginning of one of the weirdest, most unique manga series out there. So why do I enjoy it so much? Tsunayoshi Sawada (AKA Tsuna) is an awkward teen until he gets shot in the head by Reborn, a reborn Italian hitman (again and again and again as the story progresses) and I'll leave it at that and try to avoid spoilers. I'm just waiting for someone to blame this book for one of their crimes, "Honestly, officer, I thought he had regrets, I was [...]

    13. Katekyo Hitman Reborn is one of my favorite mangas I have ever read. I am also only going to add this one because I've read all of the latest ones so I'm too lazy to add them all.

    14. This is my favorite anime and manga so my rating could be biased, lol. The series takes some volumes for the action to start (seven volumes or so), as most main characters get introduced. Still, it's very fun and I can't wait to continue re-reading it!The series has 42 volumes in Japan and here we are up to Vol. 18, translated by Panini manga. Volumes are being released monthly, so I'll continue getting each volume as they're released!

    15. 3,5Pour le moment ce n'est pas ouf dans le sens où c'est surtout un enchaînement de gags mais ces gags m'ont faire rire. une lecture sympa donc !

    16. The plot of the early chapters (Daily Life Arc), is that an infant named Reborn comes to tutor No-Good (Viz:Loser) Tsuna (Dame-Tsuna) to become the 10th generation Boss of the most powerful Mafia Famiglia in the world, the Vongola Famiglia. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet (Viz:Deathperation Bullet) which remove external limiters and give Tsuna the "Dying Will" strength to accomplish what he regretted before he "died". The first volumes are episodic chronicles of the different inst [...]

    17. Tengo que ser sincera. El primer tomo de esta serie, es terriblemente malo. Y esto, tiene un razón claro esta. El manga de Katekyo Hitman Reborn! como es conocido en Japón y significa ¡Tutor asesino Reborn! o algo más o menos por esas lineas, comenzó como un manga de comedia más que uno de acción, claro que viendo los primeros capítulos, uno se da cuenta de que no es muy gracioso que digamos, más, la idea de un nuevo líder de la mafia entrenado por un bebé que resulta es un asesino y [...]

    18. It was hard for me to finish reading the first chapter, so I decided to skip it. No big deal; good first chapters are hard to find, though Beelzebub did a pretty good job. It turned out to be a pretty good decision. I fell in love with the characters (the supporting ones, not Reborn and Tsuna) and I rather liked its gag style. The premise was okay. I definitely had to suspend my disbelief there. You know that yellow/orange creature there? On the cover? I thought it was an alien. Yeah, no - it's [...]

    19. Reborn es el bebe más adorable y gracioso que hay y sí es un asesino de la mafia, pero es tan cuco cuando se va a dormir y suelta "Si mi molestari, li tendri que matari" jejePor lo demás, un manga muy divertido, con unas ilustraciones chulisimas. Aunque sea una serie, este primero no deja la historia a medias, lo cual lo agradezco enormemente. La historia cuenta como a Reborn, lo mandan desde de Italia a Japón para buscar el 10ºcapo famiglia, que en este caso es Tsuna, un adolescente vago, [...]

    20. this series is about a boy named sawada tsunayoshi who is going to be the 10th boss of the vongola mafia family. this is told to him by a baby named reborn who claims to be a hitman. reborn informs him that all the other candidates to be the 10th boss are dead and the 9th boss sent him to tutor him to become the next boss. so as reborn becomes tsuna's tutor they begin to train and make new friends. throughout their journey the have a lot of fights and trials they must get through. i recommend th [...]

    21. 家庭教師ヒットマン, or Reborn! is based around a kid who sucks at sports and academic subjects named Tsuna. Interestingly enough, a baby with a top hat who's about 14 inches tall walks in the house and becomes Tsuna's tutor. However, he was really a Hitman from the Vongola family whose job was to make Tsuna the 10th generation boss of this mafia family.Now, since this story is about school, mafia, and a kid with a gun, you'd think it's pretty serious right? WRONG! This book begins off a [...]

    22. Az egyik kedvenc mangám. Az egész történet a maffiáról és a barátságról szól.Adott „Semmirekellő” Tsuna, aki hű a nevéhez. Az iskola legnagyobb lúzere.Jön Reborn, a házi oktató. Aki mellesleg bérgyilkos, és úgy néz ki, mint egy baba.Azt a feladatot kapta a Vongola család főnökétől, hogy faragjon Tsuna-ból 10. Vongola főnököt.Reborn képes „végső akarat” golyót kilőni a fegyveréből. Akit lelő, az meghal, aztán feltámad, és megteszi azt, amit halál [...]

    23. This is a review for the whole series.I LOVED READiNG THIS BOOK! To be honest, you could call it childish. But it also teaches you life lessons. Most people consider this manga/anime series a comedy. Well yes its true, but probably because they haven't reached the end. In my opinion the genre is Action. When I began to read and watch this manga I thought it was weird. But lets face it, we all thought Naruto was dumb the first time we saw it. But look at it now. It's very popular these days. This [...]

    24. Love it! I was turned onto this series by a teen librarian and never once regretted picking it up. I actually started with the anime and then moved on to the manga. The manga is more fleshed out than the anime, of course, though the anime does a good job with 200+ episodes (hopefully with more coming along in the future). I could try and explain the wonderfully bizarre premise here in a few words, but I won't do it any justice. So let's just say that the what makes this story is the characters, [...]

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