The Third Kingdom

The Third Kingdom

Terry Goodkind / Jul 18, 2019

The Third Kingdom Terry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell in The Third Kingdom the direct sequel to his New York Times bestseller The Omen Machine Richard saw the point of a sword blade

  • Title: The Third Kingdom
  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • ISBN: 9780765335999
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Terry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell in The Third Kingdom, the direct sequel to his 1 New York Times bestseller The Omen Machine.Richard saw the point of a sword blade sticking out from between the man s shoulder blades He spun back toward Richard after throwing the woman out the opening, ready to attack It seemed impossible, but the manTerry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell in The Third Kingdom, the direct sequel to his 1 New York Times bestseller The Omen Machine.Richard saw the point of a sword blade sticking out from between the man s shoulder blades He spun back toward Richard after throwing the woman out the opening, ready to attack It seemed impossible, but the man looked unaffected by the blade that had impaled him through the chest.It was then, in the weak light from the fire pit off to the side, that Richard got his first good look at the killer.Three knives were buried up to their brass cross guards in the man s chest Only the handles were showing Richard saw, too, the broken end of a sword blade jutting out from the center of the man s chest The point of that same blade stuck out from the man s back.Richard recognized the knife handles All three were the style carried by the men of the First File.He looked from those blades that should have killed the big man, up into his face That was when he realized the true horror of the situation, and the reason for the unbearable stench of death.

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    1. If you wanted Richard and Kahlan to have a happy ending, you should have stopped reading at CONFESSORE THIRD KINGDOM is a Richard and Kahlan novel that picks up where THE OMEN MACHINE left off and a short while after the conclusion of the Sword of Truth story arc. The purpose behind this distinction may be confusing at first. After finishing CONFESSOR, I felt I had told all that I needed to tell about Richard and Kahlan. I was prepared to move onto new stories and to introduce new characters. Bu [...]

    2. The Third KingdomBy Terry GoodkindA Review by Eric AllenI was NOT looking forward to this book. I will freely admit that. The Omen Machine was boring, repetitive, laughably stupid, and it turned all of my favorite characters into brainless fools dancing on the strings of the plot rather than driving it forward as they used to in Goodkind’s previous works. I don’t want to hate books by Terry Goodkind. He used to be one of my favorite authors. He’s just had some really, really terrible books [...]

    3. *****This review is intended for Fans of the series only.*****Terry Goodkind had numerous contests with the release of The Third Kingdom. I entered most of them. One of the contests was to name who your favorite character was in the series. Expectedly, everyone had different opinions posted and I could tell no clear winner. Richard and Kahlan of course were listed, but so were many of the other great and powerful characters like Zedd, Nicci and Cara we have come to love. (And of course there is [...]

    4. OK, So far I am about halfway in this book to this point its very easy to put down and walk away.There is a lot and I mean ALOT, of repetitive conversation "what do you mean by alot"?"I mean it repeats itself alot""Are you sure that's wot u meant"?"Yes, its very repetitive" "I'm not sure I understand what you mean""Well, I mean it asks the same question over and over in a different manner and repeats the subject matter several times, like its just a page filler"" Are you sure you read it right"? [...]

    5. I absolutely loved The Third Kingdom. I was itching to write a review for the past few days, since i first started TTK, but i felt I would not be able to do the book (or anyone reading the reviews) justice until I had finished it! Having said that, once again, Terry Goodkind takes the reader on a magical and emotional journey. The depth and emotion, the detail and dialogue, bring every character to life enabling the reader to truly become fully immersed in the world created for us. As is always [...]

    6. Truly disappointed in this new series. I don't know what all these rave reviews are about but I for one have lost my faith in Goodkind. The sword of truth series was the first fantasy series that really got me into the fantasy genre, and for the longest time Goodkinds books were the standard by which I judged all other series. I used to wait In almost unbearable anticipation for his next book to come out, now I find myself cringing. Why does he feel the need to repeat himself every other paragra [...]

    7. (updated August 20, put most behind the spoiler tag, but they're not detailed spoilers).Two years after The Omen Machine, Terry Goodkind returns with the second novel in the "Richard and Kahlan" series. If you’re not familiar with The First Confessor, you may want to read this novel before reading TTK. Note that The First Confessor was only released as an e-book in English-speaking countries.I was lucky enough to be able to read this book 1.5 weeks before the official release date. I read The [...]

    8. The Third Kingdom is an outstanding story and a return to the magic that made Goodkind books some of the best fantasy reads. The dialogue is strong, the story arc is sharp, the characters are rich, and the action is fierce. This is much more than I had expected. I like The Omen Machine well enough, but this book surpasses it by every measure. I'm thrilled that Goodkind is digging deeper into his stories again. I did not read The First Confessor but now that one is next on my list. Magda's story [...]

    9. I won an early release copy. Upon reading it, the first thing that comes to mind is it is much more engaging than the Omen Machine. The ideas and the direction of the book are interesting and breathe new life into the series. I like the introduction of new characters, and the foreshadowing that occurs. The ending is also very "in the moment" and I could not put it down. The only reason I would not give this 5 stars is that some of the dialogue and sentences are repetitive, and its a pet peeve of [...]

    10. Oooh boy, where to even start with this one. First of all, this was by far the most repetitive book ever. If you took out every repetitive conversation and idea, this book would be about 3 chapters long. 3/4 of the book were just blah blah blah, and I don't even know what else. I can't even remember what the hell I read, it was that boring and unimportant. Then, Kahlan gets kidnapped AGAIN and has the crap beaten out of her AGAIN. And Richard gets kidnapped AGAIN, and then figures out how to use [...]

    11. As always Terry Goodkind does not disappoint and yet again I find myself waiting for the next book in this amazing series.

    12. TG's on a roll again. The First Confessor was awesome and so is The Third Kingdom. Now I understand why The OMen Machine read like it did. He was just getting warmed up. The zombie stuff is creepy as hell and I love where this story is going. It helps if you read some of the earlier books to understand where this book is going. Other than that, read on friends. You will be glad you did.Is it possible to get a signed copy of this book? I looked but the editions I found were not signed. The only b [...]

    13. This is a great book after the last couple of books that the author, Terry Goodkind has written. It is certainly a change of pace in his writing. The book is not really that great until about 65% into the book. The book is about when Richard and Kahlan are both injured and needs healing. They are taking to a place where they have never been in the process they discover dark secrets that at the end ultimately will change Richard and Kahlan's live forever.

    14. Best Terry Goodkind book ever. There is not much more to say than that it is mind blowing awesome. Keep up the good work Terry. This book will kep you on the edge of your seat and not waning to put it down.

    15. This was a troublesome book in many ways. It is both discouraging and exiting for me as a long time Richard and Kahlan fan.I was very exited when I picked up the Omen Machine, but most of you know how that turned out. I was less exited to read The Third Kingdom for that very reason. And for the first 200 pages I struggled. And struggled hard. Repetitiveness (completely unnecessary to my view) made the good half of the book boring and long and extremely disappointing. At some point I figure that [...]

    16. A very disappointing read. I am a huge Goodkind fan but have been sincerely underwhelmed by his recent books. His writing is extremely repetitive and not captivating in the least. The story was weak in that the characters were dragged through a plot that wasn't in sync with previous events from the Sword of Truth series. Worst of all the strongest and most interesting characters came off as feeble minded, desperate and weak, as if all the development that had gone into them was suddenly irreleva [...]

    17. I loved this book! It was so fast paced it hit the ground running and didn't stop! I noticed the slight changes in writing style from the main series in The Omen Machine, and was a bit confused as to where it was going at the end until I read The First Confessor :) Understand, any one of these books could be enjoyed on their own, but it just blows my mind how he connects these time frames, and if you read all of them, you will not be disappointed!This novel really filled in a lot blank spots, bu [...]

    18. I am so excited for this book! I can not wait! I found out about it literally 3 mins ago. I don't think I can wait the four days until it's release. Pre-ordering as we speak! Terry Goodkind is one of my top three favorite authors. He got me hooked on long series and fantasy books. I have every other book he has written including the ebook First confessor. I am so stoked for this book.10/13/13: Oh my. So while the story line was amazing, Mr. Good kind has gotten into this habit of over explaining [...]

    19. Another brilliant work of art by Terry Goodkind. I did love the book but I will give an honest review because I know it is important to Terry as an author to have truthful reviews. With that being said the book started out slow for me personally. I received the book on the 20th (release day in the US and Canada) and started to read it. But I only got a couple of chapters in and put the book down. The next day I read a few more chapter and put it down again, I don't know but for me the book just [...]

    20. I have followed Terry since I was 16--I have read every book he has put out there, and loved the series as a whole.And quite honestly, this book could have been really good. Like 4-5 stars good (like the others)e problem was the repetition. The constant recapping. It almost killed the book for me.So why a 3? It was still a descent story, and the potential is there if you are willing to do acrobatic mind-flips over the unnecessary reviews of what was learned. Round about the 75th chapter, it fina [...]

    21. Within the first few chapters I found a typo. Not classy at all. You'd think with the success and amount of people involved with the Terry Goodkind novels that they would have an adequate spell checker. The book picked up where it left off and got to the point in a timely fashion. I love to read but want to get to the point of things while I am reading. I think the ending was weirdly placed. I feel like it should have either ended sooner or later then where it did. **Spoiler Alert**All in all I [...]

    22. What! Seriously? Cara? What? Why.I liked this book but I think there were two main flaws:1. The repetitions. The dialogues in the first half are so frustrating. I love the philosophic vibes that The Sword of Truth always has had, but once I read a thing I swear I can understand and remember it, there's no need to repeat that these half people are after souls and whatever. I get it. The book could have been half its size without this dragging on.2. The slowness. In the first half Richard is actua [...]

    23. I didn't review the book previous to this one in the series, at least not at the time of this writing. I had my reasons. Mostly, I was busy, but I was also kinda dissatisfied with the previous book. However, I didn't want to jump the gun, so I decided to wait, and let Mr. Goodkind get his mojo up and running. He's starting a whole new arc after all, and this takes some time and patience to set up. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, when I got to the end of this one, I just could [...]

    24. Not worthy of Sword of Truth series. This is the second "Richard and Kahlan" book and like the first one, the Omen Machine, it just doesn't cut it. I've been a big fan of the SoT series since I read the first one years ago, and like most readers I have become increasingly less impressed with each new addition. The Third Kingdom follows this trend. If you were hoping for a comeback after the disappointment that was the omen machine this book is not it. 2.5/5. And that's generous due to my love of [...]

    25. I love the whole Sword of Truth series (and with that I'm including, First confessor, anything that includes Richard and Kahlan, and Law of Nines b/c in my head they are all revolving around the same world). I was so ready for the next book because Omen Machine wasn't my favorite, but at least it meant that world wasn't over in my literary adventures. Overall, it wasn't bad. I felt like I had to slog through some of it, and I'm dying for the next one to come out, but it sure wasn't as great as m [...]

    26. I enjoyed the book, and love the cover art too. When Terry showed us the green covers that made more since after reading the story. I'm still a little confused as who is on the cover, because when you look at the persons lips they look like they're sewn together like the hedge maid was. He told us why they couldn't print the green covers because it messes with the printing so they went with red flames instead, which is actually pretty. I love the cover it perks my curiosity. The story kept me in [...]

    27. This book takes place almost immediately where the The Omen Machine left off, with only a minimal gap that takes place between books, the details of which are filled in a little bit later. Cara, Zedd, Nicci, and Ben are missing. Richard and Kahlan are still suffering from the wounds that the hedge maid has inflicted upon them. Their powers are gone due to the poison within them. They are trapped in the Dark Lands, which is full of half men and cannibals who would rip them apart to try and eat th [...]

    28. "This review is originally posted on my blog" jackiecrazyworldofbooksspAfter the Sword of Truth series, I was expecting more from Goodkind. The Omen Machine and The First Confessor weren't very good books. I thought The Third Kingdom would be just as bad. However, I was shocked. No, it is not as good as the SOT series, but it has its own flavor. The Third Kingdom eplains some things that are not in TFC. Richard was the main POV in this book. Goodkind through in a POV from Kalen as if he forgot a [...]

    29. After reading The Omen Machine, I had no idea where the story of Richard and Kahlan was going to take me next. Mr. Goodkind absolutely blew me away with this book. After reading The Sword of Truth Series, and watching an amazing 7,460 page story unfold before me, I had no idea what could top that. What could he throw at Richard now? He just defeated an army of millions of pissed off people headed by an equally pissed of Dreamwalker. What could be worse?Zombies. Soulless people. Cannibals. Oh.Thi [...]

    30. The whole series is truly awe inspiring. Mr. Goodkind invites us into a world that is supposed to be make believe with sorcerers, wizards, sorceress, and confessors. Instead, the books seem to parallel our own reality because there is always a fight for good and evil. Everyday we are faced with the most evil and cruel of human beings, but we are also faced with the most good and kind hearted people imaginable. People like Richard and Kahlan that believe everyone's life is their own, their belief [...]

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