This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine

E.B. Lewis / May 31, 2020

This Little Light of Mine There is a light inside ofYOU Let it shine let it shine let it shine This Little Light of Mine is an African American spiritual dating back to the days of slavery The score is included in this book so

  • Title: This Little Light of Mine
  • Author: E.B. Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780689831799
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There is a light inside ofYOU.Let it shine,let it shine,let it shine This Little Light of Mine is an African American spiritual dating back to the days of slavery The score is included in this book so that you can learn to play and sing and shine your light for everyone to see.

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        E.B Lewis has illustrated than thirty books for children, including Nikki Grimes Talkin About Bessie The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman, the 2003 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Winner Alice Schertle s Down the Road, an ALA Notable Book Tolowa M Mollel s My Rows and Piles of Coins, an ALA Notable Book and a Coretta Scott King Honor Book Bat Boy and His Violin by Garvin Curtis a Coretta Scott King Honor Book, and Jacqueline Woodson s The Other Side, a 2002 Notable Book for the Language Arts Inspired by two artist uncles, as early as the third grade, Lewis displayed artistic promise Beginning in the sixth grade, he attended the Saturday morning Temple University School of Art League and studied with Clarence Wood Lewis attended the Temple University Tyler School of Art There, he discovered his medium of preference was watercolor During his four years at Temple, Lewis majored in Graphic Design and Illustration and art education After graduating, he taught art in public schools for twelve years Presently, Lewis teaches at the University of Arts in Philadelphia, continues to paint and illustrate and is a member of The Society of Illustrators in New York City In 1992, Elizabeth O Grady read a story about Lewis and saw examples of his wonderful watercolors in Artist Magazine Previously, at a Society of Illustrators Annual Children s Art Show, an art director from Simon Schuster had asked Elizabeth to contact her if Elizabeth found any talented Afro American artists who might want to illustrate children s books Elizabeth handed the magazine article about Lewis to her partner, Jeff Dwyer He telephoned and explained the business of children s book illustration to a quiet Earl B Lewis Lewis asked Jeff the names of other African American children s book illustrators, and after Jeff gave him the names of the usual suspects, Lewis told Jeff that he d get back in touch with him if he was interested in pursuing children s book illustration About a week later, Lewis called and said, Hey, I can paint better than those guys Within a year, Lewis had delivered his illustrations for Fire On The Mountain SS , quit his teaching job and began a career as a full time children s book illustrator In 2003, the Kerlan Collection at the University of Minnesota purchased a collection of original watercolors from Lewis first twenty five children s books His work is owned by numerous private collectors and sold by art galleries throughout the United States.


    1. This children's book sets the traditional Spiritual, "This Little Light of Mine" to lovely illustrations. In diverse classrooms, readers and listeners can see a main character who is African American and may look more like themselves. The boy in the story spreads his happiness throughout his home and community, and is able to help a neighbor who dropped their groceries, and helps a lonely child make friends. This book facilitates classroom conversation surrounding helping others and spreading ki [...]

    2. This Little Light of Mine (Hardcover) by E.B. Lewis (Illustrations) Used in music class to celebrate black (african american) influences on art and culture, this spiritual song teaches about letting the good things in you shine out and become a beacon for others. Never hide the good things you do. Talked to the kids about the good deeds from large and small and how we need to bring them out

    3. This book is a great celebration and ode to African American culture.The book starts with a little boy in a home who goes out for the day and "shines his light" on those he meets. He hugs his mom when he wakes up in the morning, he helps an old lady with her groceries, he greets the men outside on the storefront, and he invites a boy who looks sad to play basketball with his friends. The book shows how light is not hidden. It also teaches children what they should do around the community if they [...]

    4. Memorable watercolor illustrations bring new meaning to the lyrics of a familiar African-American spiritual in this picture book. Every page shows a young boy embarking on his day, determined to make the best of it, and to let the light that is within him shine in every way. Readers will make note of the various ways he accomplishes this, by hugging his grandmother, greeting neighbors, helping an elderly woman pick up her groceries, strewn along the sidewalk, even befriending a boy left out of a [...]

    5. This is an amazing book with the words of the familiar African/American. Spiritual. The smiling yellow-shirted boy carries his Light through his everyday activities. E. B. Lewis is a highly acclaimed illustrator of more than 30 picture books. I agree with the jacket cover. This illustrator "shines his light to the world through his artwork." I like the arrangement of the score included in the book. In the key of G and chorded makes it easy to play and sing. Yes, believe in the light inside of Y [...]

    6. This book is a great way for kids to understand the spirit the African Americans had. I am still in shock how much hope they had when they were in slavery and this songs is a song of hope. I also think this book has a valuable lesson teaching and saying that each one of us is important and to to let our light shine. This is important for kids to understand because a lot of kids have a confidence problem but this book and song can give them hope. It is also a fun song to sing in a round.

    7. This book is adorable. I have always loved this song. It is a fun song to sing to kids, and it gives them a great message that they can shine happiness. They can be a ray of sunshine to others and to themselves. As I read this book, not only did I love the song and the message, I love the story that they show through the artwork. It was really touching. Overall, I rate this book a 5/5!

    8. 5* art5* songThis is honestly one of the most beautiful children's books ever. The boy looking at himself in the mirror, smiling - with that light inside him shining clear. His many ways of spreading it around - the sad boy he befriends - beautiful, all beautiful. And Squirt knows exactly what it means. It's wonderful to be able to talk with him about it - and sing. Highly recommended.

    9. I loved the art work in this book. Very beautiful and the story they told through the pictures are touching and they go along perfectly with the song, "This Little Light of Mine." It encourages serving others and being a light to people no matter where you go and to always believe in yourself. Cute story.

    10. E.B Lewis, created a book that shows us its meaning everytime in the images, in the faces of the characters. One only has to look into the boys' eyes and see that the light that shines there most definately will not stop shining. Not only that, but it will also make many more lights shine. This story is one of perseverence, strength and happiness, all of which can be seen in the images.

    11. This book was great. It had a powerful message of being a bright light to others. It teaches children to help others and does so in a great way through examples. The way that the art and illustration is done goes along great with the story as well. Great book that I would definitely read as a teacher.

    12. Great book teachers can use to implement critical pedagogy with in to their classrooms. This book breaks down the stereotypes society has put on a certain culture while also giving the audience encouragement and hope through the "light" of a little boy. Anyone and everyone is capable of doing something great, you just have to be confident and take action!

    13. I LOVE the illustrations in this book. It helped my students learn to get more out of the text by paying attention to the pictures. It teaches a beautiful lesson about be a shining light to the world. And, I am able to teach church lessons in a public school setting without explicitly talking about my faith.

    14. This children's book beautifully illustrates the idea of what is is to be a light to another person. Though this story is simply the lyrics to the song "This Little Light of Mine," the illustrations show the main character doing what the lyrics state, such as helping a woman with groceries and being a light in that way.

    15. This Little Light of Mine is based on the African-American spiritual put into picture book form. The pictures work in combination with the song to inspire. The end of the book includes the songs score.

    16. This book was really cute. I liked the illustrations and I thought that they worked really well with the song. It is also a really cute, and accurate, and nice, way to show kids how they can be a good example to others in real-life ways.

    17. This is a wonderful book and song that students may not be familiar with. It is an inspiring book about letting your light shine. It shows how we are different and unique. We have gifts that should shine!

    18. The book is a great supporting text to talking about slavery, but I wouldn't use it to start a slavery unit. It would be great to use if music is being incorporated. I enjoyed looking at the illustrations as I sang the song.

    19. This lovely story of a boy being kind to those around him is essentially told wordlessly as it conveys so much above and beyond the simple text of the song. The watercolor illustrations from E.B. Lewis are as beautiful as always!

    20. I loved this book. Its a really cool to see African American culture from the perspective of this wonderful song. I would recommend this book to anyone because it teaches great values that everyone needs to know.

    21. Although the lyrics are wonderful, the story the pictures tell is truly what it means to shine your light!

    22. An amazingly illustrated version of the gospel song. A great song to sing in storytime as it encourages participation and most kids know this song.

    23. This book really could be used for students of all ages. Great message and is inspiring. I could see using this to motivate students to do good. You could base a semester project off this book.

    24. Children love this song and will have lots to say about the pictures in the book of how we can help one another

    25. This is a great book that can be used encourage students to press forward even in difficult situations. The song that goes with the words is a great way to engage students!

    26. This song book really touched my heart because of the words that were said and how you could see the meaning of them displayed in the story of the pictures. It was a very inspiring book!

    27. I enjoyed this book and had the song stuck in my head afterwards. I would use this book to teach integrity, service, and kindness. The artwork is done in a watercolor style.

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