The Life and Times of Call the Midwife

The Life and Times of Call the Midwife

Heidi Thomas / Apr 07, 2020

The Life and Times of Call the Midwife The real stories lives and dramas behind the smash hit BBC series Call the Midwife which premieres on PBS September The official companion to seasons one and two The Life and Times of Call

  • Title: The Life and Times of Call the Midwife
  • Author: Heidi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780007490424
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The real stories, lives and dramas behind the smash hit BBC series Call the Midwife which premieres on PBS September 30, 2012.The official companion to seasons one and two, The Life and Times of Call the Midwife, gives fans a deeper insight into the period, the stories and the characters, and how Call the Midwife, based on the bestselling memoirs by Jennifer Worth, was broThe real stories, lives and dramas behind the smash hit BBC series Call the Midwife which premieres on PBS September 30, 2012.The official companion to seasons one and two, The Life and Times of Call the Midwife, gives fans a deeper insight into the period, the stories and the characters, and how Call the Midwife, based on the bestselling memoirs by Jennifer Worth, was brought to the screen.With never before seen photographs taken on set as well as unique sketches and exclusive interviews and anecdotes, this book truly takes you behind the scenes Discover the hidden secrets of the nurses and nuns of Nonnatus House and delve deeper into the historical context of the series with chapters detailing birth, health, faith, fashion, beauty, street life and food From the team who brought you The World of Downton Abbey, high production values and attention to detail will create the ultimate and beautifully packaged gift purchase this Christmas that no fan of the show could bare to be without.

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        Heidi Thomas is a playwright, television executive producer and screenwriter, whose credits include the 2010 continuation of the popular series Upstairs Downstairs, and period piece Lilies 2007 , alongside adaptions of Jennifer Worth s Call the Midwife, Elizabeth Gaskell s Cranford, and a film version of Dodie Smith s I Capture the Castle.She is married to actor Stephen McGann.Internet Movie Database page name nm0858912


    1. Amazing book that made me feel like I went back in time while reading it. Amazing to see how the tv show came together and about how peoples lives were back in the 50s. The NHS really was a life saver to millions and the nuns and midwives did such amazing things for their communitys! I love the show and I love the book!

    2. Lavishly illustrated, this is the companion volume to the BBC series, providing a look and the development and production. What shines through is that everyone seems to love what they're doing and the production has taken steps to encourage the camaraderie--the actors have sought out and gained the assistance of the real people they are portraying, they're encouraged to work up extensive backstories with them that find their way into the scripts, the actors' and crew's children are frequently fe [...]

    3. My sister, mother and I are big fans of the show so I knew this book would be appreciated in this house when said sister received it for Christmas. Filled with GORGEOUS pictures (full colour, of course), letters, behind-the-scene stuff and historic-detail-explanation yep, I liked this a lot. Would like to read an updated one for all six seasons, but season one and two are the best anyways so yeah, if you like Call the Midwife, you'll enjoy this!

    4. I was initially wary of this book, but within a couple of pages it had me spell bound. You need to watch the series of Call the Midwife first (and possibly read the books on the series ) to appreciate what this book entails .It is a wonderful book well written,full of facts and history which so many of us can remember. The book details everything from the sets, characters make up and consultations with the late Jennifer, and also a meeting with the lady whom Trixie is based on.I do think the lat [...]

    5. Fun look at the behind the scenes and making of the series. I liked finding out the real order (St John of the Divine) and people (Sister Julienne = Jocelyn, Trixie = Antonia, Cynthia Miller = Cynthia Miller), but I'm a little sad Chummy either didn't really exist or existed at some other job. I've also heard Sr Monica Joan may not have really existed, either. I liked the look at hair and makeup and casting, plus getting a little more info on the characters, too, though I'm not sure how fandom j [...]

    6. A lovely addition to the series, which I also loved. If you liked the tv series I can guarantee you'll like this too. Lots of interesting facts, and lots of great pictures.

    7. Fascinating book to read with regard to the making of series 1 and 2. So much interesting background information and excellently written by Heidi Thomas

    8. 6/30/2017 - Not finish with the book yet, so I may come back and update after I finish it. But I'd still like to write down how I feel about the book so far, if it would give other people an idea of the book that would be even better. So I watched the show first, and am pretty obsessed with it. After knowing it is based on a book, I went ahead purchased the book and expected it to be just as fantastic as the show. Well it is and it is not. The book is great, but the story and the way how the sto [...]

    9. Still reading this volume one of Call the Midwife and it parallels the Netflix season we are currently watching. Amazing that we never knew about this series when on Public TV KLRN but glad we found it recently, already watching season 2 or 3, love the book.

    10. I liked catching up on all the background details of my favorite show. Just enough about each person and the history behind the story line and the making of the series. Lots of great pictures to make it fun.

    11. I'd love for an updated companion to include the subsequent seasons and new characters like Phyllis, Patsy and Barbara!

    12. I so enjoyed reading how the television series came to life from Jennifer Worth's memoirs. It was a very fun read and the pictures are beautiful.

    13. My grandma was a Braillist and loved reading. She always talked about this show and at the time I couldn't think of a more boring concept for a TV showever, after she passed away I found this book in her house while we were clearing it out to sell and had to take it. Maybe because I'm older now or because I've given birth (twice!) but I loved it. This was a super fast and fascinating read to me. I couldn't believe that all these stories were true and I loved the "characters." I immediately watch [...]

    14. For some strange reason, I always like reading books about television programmes in January. Is it because there’s nothing to actually watch on TV then? A plan to reminisce over previous series? Getting ready for the new season? Who knows? This year I went off my usual Top Gear track and received the companion book to one of the most delightful series of the series, Call the Midwife. (Due to all the ad breaks, I simply couldn’t stomach Downton Abbey when it was on).Call the Midwife is a dece [...]

    15. Fabulous! The stories of the midwives and nuns working in early 1950's England in a poor, post-war environment. I was told about this book previously, and had it on my to-read list, when I discovered the series on PBS. It was the beginning of the second season when I was reminded of the book. (Actually 3 books) While I love the t.v. series, and set it to record weekly, the book has so much more depth. A wonderful insight into historical nursing and recent history, itself. Hard to believe conditi [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this book! I loved the first two seasons of the series and can't wait for season three to start!This book was great for a number of reasons. It gave some back story about how the series same about from who contacted whom in the beginning and how it almost never happened. It was lovely hearing the writer's perspective throughout the book from her relationshop with the real Jennifer Worth to putting the book together. As you can probably tell from the images of the book, it's a [...]

    17. I stumbled upon "Call The Midwife" by accident - just happened to see a commercial for it on my PBS station. But all it took was one viewing of this fabulous show and I was hooked! Season One finished up and I felt so berefit, thinking that I sure would love to learn more about these courageous ladies who were midwives in 1950s London. And lo and behold, there is a Season Two about to begin in March! Until then, I was thrilled to find this wonderful book that takes readers behind the scenes of t [...]

    18. The official companion guide to seasons one and two, The Life and Times of Call the Midwife, gives fans a deeper insight into the period, the stories and the characters, and how Call the Midwife, based on the bestselling memoirs by Jennifer Worth, was brought to the screen.This is a must-read for any fans of the BBC series Call the Midwife. It is full of photographs, not only behind the scenes look, but of the period it is set in. It does a good job reflecting what it was like in the 1950s. I re [...]

    19. I was bought this as a birthday present, as my sister knew that I was enjoying the series. And having been a midwife myself she knew I'd enjoy it. I was fascinated with the books historical referencing, and the indept research they had undertaken to ensure that all the period features were correct. Such details as the colour of the actress' hair - ensuring that they were truly period, by going to the lengths of temporary hair dyes. I think what really sold it for me was when I discovered that Je [...]

    20. Rarely do I take so long to read a booko and a half months! But this was well worth it!It's a beautifully illustrated book, full of photos from the series, the time period and the filming. It tells the story of how Jennifer Worth's Memoirs of her time in Nursing & Midwifery became the beloved series 'Call the Midwife', and an unexpected Smash Hit. It gives a behind the scenes look at the characters and the actors and actresses who made this show a success, and a little insight into the very [...]

    21. I have read the first two books of this series and I find them well written, heart warming, and so interesting to know that not that long ago, not that far away, so many things were so different, yet people sometimes react the same. There are those who take advantage of the less fortunate and those who help the less fortunate. I think Jennifer Worth has told a great story of her years as a midwife in the East End of London after WW II. Can't wait for the library to call me when the third book of [...]

    22. Fans of the TV show will love this book. I watched the first three seasons of the show which is why I picked this book up. It's a little bit overwhelming, it has a lot of information and the diary entries were a little boring but otherwise you get a lot of information about the show and the historical content is good. I am glad they acknowledged that the show embellished on the books written by Jennifer Worth so people recognize the show is not exactly portrayed as what happened to the people in [...]

    23. A very fun and informative book for us fans of the the TV series. Beautiful photography, lots of history of the time period--the people, the medical science, how they ate, dressed, and lived in the East End of London. If you love the show, this book is a great companion piece.American readers, beware! The writing is VERY British, with lots of expressions and vocabulary we don't use here in the States. It's not incomprehensible, but be prepared. (I don't know what a lot of that food isd I learned [...]

    24. I simply love this TV series, although I'm not surprised as I've been addicted to British period pieces. I read the real book "Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth" and it was really good. I loved getting all the background information of the time period. When I was in London I visited the East end of London and a real treat if anyone goes there is to visit the docklands museum. Seeing it at post-world war 2 on television gives me an idea of what things where like. I'm ready for series 2 except I' [...]

    25. Great background to the BBC series about midwives in 1950s London. Takes us through finding the book, deciding to make a series, convincing BBC to make the series. Letters to and from Jennifer Worth, who wrote the autobiography are noted as well as background on casting the roles. Lots of background on history, clothing, medical information and so on. My favorite part was when the actors answered a series of questions in the voice of the character they play. Thanks, Colleen!

    26. I was surprised at how much I came to enjoy this book series. I had watched the TV series sporadically, and I always thought it was great, but it's nothing compared to the books. I learned so much! It was the perfect mix between intriguing drama and the cold, hard truth, and I would recommend it to everybody. It really gives you a better understanding about the stories of life, and it shows just how much we have evolved within medicine. It has been a great read.

    27. This was an interesting look at the behind the scenes of Call the Midwife, one of my favourite BBC productions. The author of the book was also the script writer for the episodes and included details of how the show was developed and how the actors were chosen. She also described with great detail of what life was like in London's East End in the 1950's--social, economic, health issues and personal. There were even recipes included!

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