Zane's Trace

Zane's Trace

Allan Wolf / Mar 30, 2020

Zane s Trace A coming of age road story with a supernatural twist and a compulsively readable poetic novel about identity and belonging Zane Guesswind has just killed his grandfather or so he believes So he steal

  • Title: Zane's Trace
  • Author: Allan Wolf
  • ISBN: 9780763628581
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A coming of age road story with a supernatural twist and a compulsively readable poetic novel about identity and belonging.Zane Guesswind has just killed his grandfather, or so he believes So he steals the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda his long gone father left behind and takes off on a manic trip to his mother s grave to kill himself Armed with a six pack of Mountain Dew, aA coming of age road story with a supernatural twist and a compulsively readable poetic novel about identity and belonging.Zane Guesswind has just killed his grandfather, or so he believes So he steals the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda his long gone father left behind and takes off on a manic trip to his mother s grave to kill himself Armed with a six pack of Mountain Dew, a jumbo pack of Sharpies for scribbling all over the dashboard , and a loaded gun in the trunk, he s headed to Zanesville, Ohio, with no rearview mirror and no worries On the way, he meets Libba, a young hitchhiker who shares his destination, and other mystic and mysterious characters With each encounter, and every mile marker he passes, Zane gets farther from the life he knows but closer to figuring out who he really is.

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        Allan Wolf educator writer musician extraordinaire He has literally hundreds of poems committed to memory He is a veteran traveler through all the diverse worlds of poetry from poetry slams to public schools, salons to saloons He turns classic poetry into acoustic tunes as the drummer for The Dead Poets band He put the Oh in poetry as the educational director for national touring company Poetry Alive Allan Wolf knows poems.This expertise was exhibited in Allan Wolf s first book with Candlewick Press, THE BLOOD HUNGRY SPLEEN AND OTHER POEMS ABOUT OUR PARTS A collection of wacky and anatomically correct poems about body parts, THE BLOOD HUNGRY SPLEEN is transforming science classes across the country Before starting the book, Allan Wolf drew on inspiration from his stint as Poet in Residence at a school in Seoul, Korea A sixth grade life science class had displayed their poems about anatomy on a life size chart of the human body, explains the author There was a poem about the intestines on the intestines A poem about the brain was written on the brain Since then, he says, the human body has proved to be an infinite universe of poetic inspiration Allan Wolf s next book with Candlewick Press, NEW FOUND LAND A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY, also reveals the writer s poetic roots The exhilarating tale of Lewis and Clark s journey is written in poetic form a medley of lyrical and powerful voices from the surprisingly diverse crew During the four years it took to research and write NEW FOUND LAND, my head was constantly crowded with the novel s fourteen voices, Allan Wolf says They talked to me as I made breakfast, as I dressed the baby, as I delivered newspapers, and as I brushed my teeth They talked and talked Alone in my car I began to talk back And together all fifteen of us worked out the details of the story Happily, my head is now quiet, the voices having moved to their permanent home within this book Allan Wolf lives in North Carolina with his wife and three children.


    1. "Zane, Zane, Weather Vane, mommy went insane." This book is about what everyone must face, weather it is simple or easy, or long and grueling. Zane Guesswind must find who he really is and where he belongs. "Zane belongs in Zanesville, Zanesville is a place for Zane." On his journey he meets a girl named Libba, who has a surprising past and an already told future. This new friend helps him find himself and where he belongs. I found this book to be a pace turner and a quick read. I liked all the [...]

    2. After murdering his grandfather, Zane Guesswind grabs a six-pack of Mountain Dew, a pack of sharpies, and a loaded antique gun belonging to his dead mother. Stealing his brother's 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, Zane hits the gas to Zanesville, to visit his mother's gravesited to join her.

    3. Highly recommend as high school read. Authentic voice of characters and beautiful poetic convergence of this troubled boy's life.

    4. Zane's trance Characters: Zane Zane he's insane watch as he tries to blow his brainsout.ok so the last bit didn't rhyme but that sums up zane. Zane is our messed up MC who has seizures and suicidal moments. Zane isn't the easiest MC to read about he is insane thus his out look is utterly eschew to put it bluntly reading about hanna baker from thirteen reasons why was easier to grasp then zane. Zane is insane and grieving thats really all there is to his character which is ashamed because he coul [...]

    5. This story of redemption & hope is a genre mash-up: poetry, screenplay, historical fiction, magical realism. It's about mental illness, family heritage, writing, and coming-of-age. It took an unexpected turn at the end, but I'm making my peace with it. I liked Zane, too, and I found his struggles believable--two elements of YA that are starting to make or break a book for me. Below is the first book review I wrote for my YA class: 17 year-old Zane Guesswind is ready: Sharpies, credit card, a [...]

    6. "Zane’s trace by Allan wolf"The characters are Zane and his brother Zack and the setting is everywhere from his Mother’s grave to his house and Zanesville. I read this book because my teacher picked it out for me.Zane's life has never been easy. Things started going downhill when his mom's made a suicide attempt when he was four. Then things get worse, He thinks he killed his grandfather so he decides it's time to leave, so he takes his brother's zack's license and credit card, and comes upo [...]

    7. "Zane, do you know what it means to 'follow the condition of the mother'?""I guess it means if your mother is crazy, you're bound to be crazy too."Zane's life has never been easy, not since his mom's first suicide attempt when he was four. When things get worse than he ever could have imagined, he decides it's time to leave, so he takes his brother's license and credit card, the Fool's Fire Hand, and stumbles upon the box of things his mother had with her when she killed herself. In that box, he [...]

    8. When Zane thinks he killed his grandfather, he takes off in the '69 Barracuda that his father left behind. He's on a road trip to the cemetery where his mother is burried, and he plans to kill himself. Along the way he picks up a strange girl who keeps him company through the journey. They each tell their stories in the only way they know how, helping to figure out who they are and who they want to be.I'm going to be up front about this, poetry is not my thing for the most part, but I have found [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end, I would recommend this book to anyone from ages 14 to older. Very good book, High-Schooler Zane comes from an unconventional and tragedy-riddled family. After he becomes convinced that crossing out a picture of his grandfather actually caused him to die, Zane steals his dead father's Baracuda, determined to kill himself at his mother's grave in Zanesville, Ohio. This book has a lot of drama, and almost every character has a dark secret High-Scho [...]

    10. There's a lot to theoretically like about this novel in verse which packs mental illness, family legacies, racial issues, history, and a sort of coming of age concept into it's slim cover. Zane Harold Guesswind has always had a bit of a raw deal, growing up in Baltimore with absentee alcoholic father, a mentally ill mother and a less than warm and fuzzy grandfather, and suffering from seizures and traces of mental illness. After his mother commits suicide, Zane decides to follow in her footsteps [...]

    11. I was led to this title after reading Wolf's amazing "The Watch That Ends the Night." I found it to be in some ways very different, although still full of Wolf's amazing verse. Zane's trace is convoluted and beautiful. For those who gave this a low rating for what they might consider a confusing story, I beg to differ. To appreciate this book, you have to understand what makes a verse novel work. You DON'T get everything spelled out for you; instead, you're led on the same voyage of discovery as [...]

    12. Zane’s Trace, a novel by Allan Wolf, traces the journey of troubled 17 year old Zane Guesswind as he drives from Baltimore to Zanesville, Ohio, where he plans to commit suicide over his mother’s grave with a heirloom pistol. He leaves the morning he discovers his truculent grandfather dead in an easy chair, the morning after he had smudged his grandfather’s name off the family tree he had drawn on his bedroom ceiling. He sees causality between the two and thinks he killed his grandfather. [...]

    13. Zane is a boy who is pretty much lost in himself and doesn't know where he fits in. He goes on a little adventure to "Find himself" or figure out where he belongs. What he doesn't know is that he stumbles upon something that turns his life around, in a good way. The protagonist in this book, in my opinion, would be Zane himself, Zane's mind. I think this because Zane is basically trapped inside of this world that he thinks is not right for him and he thinks he just doesn't belong and because of [...]

    14. Zane’s Trace is an intense and suspenseful novel written by Allan Wolf. Zane drives away from his home where his dead grandfather lays. His brother’s stolen 1969 Plymouth Barracuda is his ticket to Zanesville. On this road trip he encounters supernatural and physiological about his mother’s demise. The book is a juicy plot filled book. Major character development can be seen throughout the book as well as clash of characters. It consists of supernatural elements making the novel an “out [...]

    15. "Zane belongs in Zanesville, Zanesville is a place for Zane"Zane Guesswind is going through a bit of an identity crisis, and it doesn't help that he's a suicidal, epileptic, a fetish for writing on anything and everything, and also thinking that he killed his grandfather by writing with said markers. Him thinking of this tragedy and the fact that his mother had also committed suicide, makes him decide to take off to Zanesville, Ohio to where he plans to kill himself at his mother's grave. While [...]

    16. I was recommended this book by my sophomore teacher at first I didn't want to read but I saw the Plymouth Barracuda and since I love cars I just wanted to read and I was actually interested in it .So it goes that this kid named Zane killed his grandfather and loses his mother and goes to visit his mothers grave to kill himself.And takes sharpies that he uses to draw everywhere on his wall and dashboard he takes mountain dew and a loaded gun in the trunk he’s headed to Zanesville, Ohio.He meets [...]

    17. Zane's Trace is about this kid who believes he killed his grandpa and has an older brother named Zach , Zane runs away from his house and travels to his mothers grave to kill himself. On his way there he meets this girl and she was going the same way as him so they both travel together her name was Libba, she carried a little box that had pictures. One night they slept in a hotel Zane slept on the floor Libba slept on the bed he woke up and looked to the bed and saw she was gone and he went to g [...]

    18. This is a wierd story. It is written in verse form. At times the text changes back to standard form. The main Character in the story is a boy with a seisure disorder. This includes moments of flashbacks and having relationships with people that do not exist. Essentially, he is on the run, well at least you get that impression until the end when you find out that he stole his brothers car and credit card and it going to his mom's grave. I found this at my school's library but I cannot see a kid e [...]

    19. I like this book. It was weird at first but you really had to get into it in order to understand it. I thought the character Zane was interesting and unusual. Some of the things he does isn't very common for a Sophomore in high school. He writes on his walls when ever he is upset or just feels like it. He has epilepsy which is a disorder that causes him to have seizures and imagine things ( i inferred that he has epilepsy. So i can be wrong but i know for sure that he has seizures and imagines t [...]

    20. This novel was quite a ride. I found it compulsively readable.Zane, Zane, Zane. Where do I even begin to talk about Zane? I'll just give it my best shot. Here goes:Zane is a teenager who is going through a hell of a time. His mother has committed suicide, his father is long gone, and his grandfather is mean. When the old man dies after Zane erases a picture of him from his bedroom wall, he suspects that the death is somehow his fault. A roadtrip in a stolen car ensues, as Zane intends to drive t [...]

    21. Zane's background is full of tragedy. After he becomes convinced that crossing out a picture of his grandfather actually caused him to die, Zane steals his dead father's Baracuda, determined to kill himself at his mother's grave in Zanesville, Ohio. Wolf's novel chronicles Zane's emotional journey toward his quest. The apperance of Zane's deceased relatives offer an interesting supernatural element to the novel. On the other hand, the novel is rooted in historical and geographical facts thereby [...]

    22. One straight shot. These words contain more meaning for Zane, a poetic, seventeen year-old, than one could ever imagine. Zane is forced to be the care-giver after his father abandons him, his mother turns schizophrenic, and his grandpa becomes verbally abusive. After a final successful suicide attempt of his mother, and the death of his grandpa, Zane grabs some sharpies, money, and a loaded gun and heads for the road in a 1969 Barracuda. Zanesville, Ohio, where his mother is buried, is one strai [...]

    23. I liked this story, I just felt as though it tried to tackle too much in only 200 pages. I mean it discusses family, mental illness, history, racial prejudices, death, suicide, etc. I felt as if I was just ricocheting from on subject to the next. However this is often the same kind of whirlwind as a teen's mind. I found myself truly caring about Zane and wishing with every turn of the page that he didn't accomplish what he had set out to do. The magical realism - seeing dead relatives randomly - [...]

    24. A bit different. It took me a bit to realize what was going on with Libba although I suspected early on that she was a figment of his imagination. Actually, at first, I thought he was imagining the whole trip. I would not have been surprised to learn that he was in a hospital bed. The ending was a shock for a minute -- I did not even want to turn the page. I especially didn't want to read on after I saw the title of the last chapter. Overall, it is not my favorite English Festival title -- that [...]

    25. Zane is a troubled young man who has many problems. One of his main problems is that he is on his way to Zanesville to kill himself.Zane is a skitso who suffered his mothers suicide for 3 years now and also his father leaving him. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who would like a different writing style or a story that is just out there. If you like Zanes trace, you may also like Dinky Hocker shoots smack, because both stories have very different characters from normal stories be [...]

    26. 17 yr old Zane believes that wishing his grandfather dead has made it so, so he takes his brother's car and leaves for Zanesville, Ohio. His plan is to kill himself in the graveyard where his mother is buried. Combining history and folklore, the depiction of his road trip and the people he meets along the way, make for a good story. I found the mixing of actual history somewhat confusing and wondered if it was necessary. The style of writing makes this book great for reluctant readers- accesible [...]

    27. My friend and neighbor Allan wrote this YA novel. I would recommend it to anyone 13 and up. Zane, a teenager with epilepsy and a very dysfunctional family blames himself for his mom's suicide. The book is a part-poetry, part-prose road trip across MD, PA and OH, and through Zane's mind. He is searching for a reason to live. He is visited by a variety of interesting ghostly characters who's stories the reader slowly strings together, as Zane strings together his identity. I love the structure of [...]

    28. Powerful writing. I liked the experimentation with the format of this book, especially the free verse. The plot line is disturbing. Zane has borrowed his brother's car and is making a beeline for Zanesville, Ohio. Behind him he leaves his dead grandfather and a room covered in Sharpie pronouncements. He's got a gun in the trunk which he plans to use on himself once he arrives at his mother's grave in Zanesville. Along the way, he's visited by ghosts of his ancestors who fill him in on his family [...]

    29. Another book by an author I know. Well, knew - about 20 years ago. I was proud of him when I saw that he'd written a book (and love that it's a young adult one) and even prouder after I read it and really enjoyed it. Very unique approach - very unique voice. Takes you on the ride with Zane - all the way. I love the added sections at the back on what aspects of the story are true or based on truth and a list of books he read to help him write the book. I've never seen that before. Awesome book, A [...]

    30. Zane is on a road trip to kill himself on his mother's grave. Sounds interesting and at some points maybe it was but it was more preachy and confusing than interesting. I couldn't tell if Zane was supposed to be schizophrenic and the book surprisingly didn't really ever let you know. I think the story was meant for the more at risk audience but I think they would have a hard time relating to Zane. I just didn't see much use for this story.

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