Mop Top

Mop Top

Don Freeman / Jun 06, 2020

Mop Top From the author of the bestselling picture book Corduroy comes a story of one boy who refused to get a haircut Moppy is a five year old boy who knows one thing He does not want to get his hair cut Bu

  • Title: Mop Top
  • Author: Don Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780140503265
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the bestselling picture book Corduroy, comes a story of one boy who refused to get a haircut Moppy is a five year old boy who knows one thing He does not want to get his hair cut But when Moppy is mistaken for an actual mop at the grocery store, he realizes he s got to face the barber.

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        Don Freeman was a painter, printmaker, cartoonist, children s book author, and illustrator He was born in San Diego, California, attended high school in Missouri, and later moved to New York City where he studied etching with John Sloan.Frequent subjects included Broadway theatre, politics, and the circus He was also a jazz musician, and the brother of circus entrepreneur Randy Freeman.


    1. This book was a reading example as my class learned about authors. Mop Top was about a boy that had long red hair that he did not want to get cut. When his mom sends him to the barber, Marty detours to a store and hides behind moms. This lady is shopping for a mop and grabs his mop top. He screams and runs to the barber to change his hair. After he gets his hair cut he feels like he's entered a new world!

    2. The little adventures this boy goes on are adorable! I can personally relate to this book becuase I have a family member who absolutely hates getting his hair cut. He would rather deal with having a "mop top" than going to get his hair cut at the barber shop. This book is a fun little text for children to read. It is sure to keep children interested in the quirky little boy's adventures as they flip through each page. I also enjoyed the illustrations! The way the pictures emphasized the color re [...]

    3. I think children could easily relate to this story. Majority of kids don't want to do things that their parents want them to do like cutting their hair. I personally like the illustrations and how the red popped out on every page. This reminds me of one of my kids that I watch over. He has such long hair and refuses to cut it, even though it's always in this face. I'm just waiting for the day that he gets it cut.

    4. TIt's a story about a boy who doesn't want to cut his hair before he gets mistaken as a mop. The illustrations of this book are simple but appealing. The red color keeps popping up and I think children will find that funny. The story is also silly and makes children easy to relate to it. Children often think they are right about something but realize afterwards that they might be wrong anyway.

    5. Mop top is an ornery little boy who loves his moppy red hair. He is told by his mother to go get his hair cut before his birthday and on his way to the barber shop he meets with different individuals who reinforce what his mother said he needs a haircut. I love this book mostly because I love Don Freeman books.

    6. This book was read in my college class. I enjoyed this silly book. It's a great book when talking about children being stubborn, and then changing their minds for the better.

    7. Mop top Don freemanThis book is about a boy who goes to the barber and tries to not go. Then he hides behind a bunch of mops and a lady pulls his hair, so he goes to the barber and gets his hair cut! I will recommend this book to kids in first grade and especially ones with RED hair who are in first grade!

    8. I rather like this book however we won't be carrying it anymore. Don Freeman is best known, in our store, for Corduroy and regretfully he doesn't have the same "we'll buy anything this author touches" appeal as Margaret Wise Brown. The story is about a boy that is in need of a haircut so at the tender age of six he is sent down to the barber by himself with enough money to cover the bill. He sees many other things along the way that are in need of a trim. His hair is not one of them. Luckily an [...]

    9. Mop Top is about a boy who does not want to cut ip his hair, but it's so long he looks like a mop. Throughout the story he fights cutting his hair, but after being mistaken for a real mop, he decides it would be best to cut it. This story is very silly, and many children could relate to it thinking they are right about something but realizing they may be wrong. The illustrations are very simple, but the pop of red adds a lot to the story because they draw your eye to the main focus and help tell [...]

    10. This book has a great storyline about a young boy who really needs a haircut. I have a personal connection with this story because of my brother who never ever wanted to get his haircut. He always threw a fit and made a big fuss about getting his haircut so Mop Top is a book that he could really relate too. The setting of this book is from a long time ago and the mother sends the boy on his own to the barber shop to get a haircut. The ending is sweet and could teach a good lesson to my brother a [...]

    11. Mop Top Rate: 5Great illustrations of the little boy and the little town. I loved how he only used orange, black and white made the focal point of the story his hair and the things the author wanted you to noticed. Cute story defiantly shows boys will be boys and they like to do their own thing and listens to no one. Funny how the old woman picked him as a mop something every kid would laugh at. Good book for haircuts for kids and something they can really can relate to.

    12. I loved this book so much as a child, I stole it from my school library and refused to give it back. My parents made me return it and I wasn't allowed to take it out again.I think about it as an adult and have such good and happy feelings. But don't ask me why, because now I barely remember what it is about. Just gives me the warm fuzzes.

    13. This book reminded me so much of my brother. He was born with fire truck red hair and never wanted to cut it. My mom fought with him up until a year or two ago about this issue. He is 22. I think this is a very relatable book for a lot of kids who do not wish to get a hair cut and don't see anything wrong with having long hair.

    14. This could be seen as an issue book since I know that there are kids who don't like having their hair cut and it's not addressed very often in picture books. The books has the usual strong Freeman illustrations but some of his other stories are nearer and dearer to my heart. I also get a certain undercurrent of a time when a good boy would never have long hair.

    15. This was a story of a boy who's hair looked like a mop. He refused to get a haircut. He was walking to the barbershop and grumbling the whole way. He pointed out other things that needed cut, but his hair did not. He hid in a store and a lady confused his head for a mop. At that moment he screamed and ran all the way to the barbershop. He hopped in the chair to cut his hair.

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It uses a simplistic art style to really make the hair pop out and catch the reader's eye. Wonderfully written over an interesting and relatable topic of a child not wanting a haircut.

    17. A very cute and colourful tale of a boy with a floppy red mop for hair. Despite his insistence that a shaggy dog, lawn and overgrown tree need trimming but not his hair, he comes to see that sometimes a mop of hair can get him into trouble. Love the halcyon 50s setting.

    18. As a child I was always looking for this book whenever we went to the library. Now I'm reading it at home with my kids who love it just as much as I did. I bought my very own copy so I wouldn't have to search the library shelves anymore.

    19. I thought this was a cute story about a boy needing a haircut. I thought it was funny how he would always get distracted on his way to the barber shop. This was a funny book that little boys could relate to. I also loved the ending when he finally decided to get a haircut.

    20. Mop Top was a really cute book. The illustrator uses black, grey, and white mainly with orange details. The book stars Marty a little boy who doesn't want to cut his mop-like hair. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend to anyone with kids or a teacher for a nice entertaining book.

    21. I loved to read this to my kids when they were smalley all had terribly messy hair and we loved this funny little kid

    22. A cute story. Good motivation story if you're having a difficult time getting your child to cut their hair!

    23. I really liked the illustrations in this book. They were really well done and appealing. The story itself is really relatable to children. It was easy to follow and understand.

    24. This is a great book for younger children! Perfect for a fun quick read in class. The illustrations really grab the readers attention since there are limited colors.

    25. I like this book, I think a lot of students and parents can relate to the Moppy who doesnt like to go to the barber shop. Cute illustrations and story to read to the 1st grade class.

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