Soul Stripper

Soul Stripper

Katana Collins / May 30, 2020

Soul Stripper By day Monica is a barista in a local Las Vegas cafe It doesn t pay a lot but it puts her up close and personal with her sexy boss Drew Unfortunately that s as far as a succubus can go unless she

  • Title: Soul Stripper
  • Author: Katana Collins
  • ISBN: 9780758290113
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • By day, Monica is a barista in a local Las Vegas cafe It doesn t pay a lot, but it puts her up close and personal with her sexy boss, Drew Unfortunately, that s as far as a succubus can go unless she wants to take his soul Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her, and she finds her victims every night at a local strip club where she s an exotic dancer But when herBy day, Monica is a barista in a local Las Vegas cafe It doesn t pay a lot, but it puts her up close and personal with her sexy boss, Drew Unfortunately, that s as far as a succubus can go unless she wants to take his soul Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her, and she finds her victims every night at a local strip club where she s an exotic dancer But when her powers begin to diminish and her fellow succubi start turning up dead, all bets are off Monica realizes she s the one immortal who has a chance in hell of making things right

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        Katana Collins grew up in a lot of different places She has called PA, NC, GA, FL and NY all her home Pretty much in that order, too Her dream was to always be an author A photographer A teacher A veterinarian A dolphin trainer A ballerina And an actress She s proud to say that a few of these even came true.Katana attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she took only one writing class but it was the class that changed the course of her life forever One amazing professor and one semester later, she emerged with a new set of skills and was finally able to develop what was always a passion into that of a career Or in Katana s case, one of many careers She showed up her first day of undergrad in overalls and flip flops and graduated in a strapless silk dress and a pair of Manolos She has never since worn overalls Though, she does admit to the occasional flip flop.Katana s double life entails photographing portraits boudoir and glamour portraits, pet portraits and baby kids family photographs Katana currently lives in Brooklyn, NY as a newlywed with her husband and two rescue dogs one mastiff and one chihuahua.


    1. I received this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 Stars. Let me start by saying that I just love the cover! Honestly that is why I requested the book because of the cover, well and after reading the description of the book, I was intrigued! I mean " Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her"well doesn't that sound sexy?I really loved the plot to this book! Honestly I never read a book where the main character is a succubus, and after this book I will [...]

    2. I had high hopes for this book. I love paranormal stories and I really wanted to like this but I just couldn't. If you don't mind sluty supernatural heroine who is playing arround intimately with various men through out the book, you may enjoy it. But it did not work for me.Monica is succubus. A golden one. The only angel-turned-succubus known on earth. She collects souls for Hell and feeds on them. During day she works in café bar but during night in strip club where she can feeds only on bad [...]

    3. I finished this book with every intention of ranting about it shortly after I realized there was no way I would ever be able to sympathize with Monica. Then I watched Missrepresentation, and watching that documentary not only allowed me to put into words what exactly I didn't like this book, but how I could say it without being demeaning. Which is exactly what I needed, because Katana Collins has the potential to be a terrific erotica author. There's nothing wrong with her skills. The problem wi [...]

    4. ***4 stars***The book was actually very cool. I don't know why it took me so long to read it. Maybe because it took me a while to understand what was going on. But the story is not, by any means, slow. Maybe just a little complicated to understand at first.The heroine of this story is a badass succumbi - she made a deal with the devil to supply him with uncorrupted soles. She does that true sexual act. What I liked about this book was the fact that sex scenes were minimalistic, not graphic and w [...]

    5. I received this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Wow. Just wow. I wasn't sure what to make of this book from the outset and having finished it all in one sitting, I'm a bonafide fan of Katana Collins. This book was a combo of sci-fi and romance and mysteryoh, and sex. Lots and lots of hot, steamy, graphic sex. Ahem. Word of caution: if you're used to vanilla sex scenes, you're in for a shocker.Ahem, regains composure.First of all, the book's summary blurb [...]

    6. Cover & Title - five out of five. Love it completely. Favorite Line - "Coffee is a lot like people. In many ways, its deceiving. The sweetness that you smell as it brews is more often than not a fallacy." Favorite Character - Monica I was rather nervous about reading this book, it had some awesome reviews already but I have read and really enjoyed another Succubus based series, I was worried it would be a copy. So I started this book with my fingers crossed and i hoped for the best. I really [...]

    7. Soul Stripper by Katana CollinsAbsolutely blown away. I have found my new series and book one is barely out!In a world with angels and demons, succubus and witches Monica our fallen angel becomes a target to a killer. Working days as a barista and nights as a stripper, Monica has to balance her human/angel nature against her darker succubus/demon side. I was drawn to Monica’s character right away. Although she has to have sex to sustain her existence her moral code plays a big role. Her battle [...]

    8. Soul Stripper is not the book I thought it was going to be I seriously could not put this book down once I started. Monica is a succubus and she works as a stripper because she needs to absorb the sexual energy of men in order to stay alive and retain her succubus powers. Problem is each time she absorbs this energy she steals a piece of that person's soul and shortens their life span. Monica doesn't like this for good reasons she used to be an angel. So, basically she is a succubus with a consc [...]

    9. *UH, WOW. That was really my first impression upon finishing "Soul Stripper."*Katana Collins makes her book debut with "Soul Stripper" and it was intensely delicious! I swear I had a "readgasm" just reading this!"Soul Stripper" is about Monica, a succubus [part angel-part demon] who works as a barista during the day and a stripper at night. In order to sustain herself, Monica uses her stripper gig to feed off on mortals' sexual energy and release to sustain her immortality. Basically for her, th [...]

    10. 3.5 starsARC received from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I like a sprinkling of fantasy amongst the books I usually read, and this seemed the ideal candidate.Monica is a succubus, a golden one at that. She is a fallen angel, now dedicated to claiming “good” souls through the act of sex. This not only keeps her on the right side of hell, but allows her sustenance, where she displays powers including shifting & shining! Unfortunately for her, she has const [...]

    11. DNFI guess I expected this book to have more of a plot and less of wet t-shirts and men staring at the main character's hard nipples. Meh.

    12. The ‘Georgina Kincaid’ series by Richelle Mead is my all-time favorite series. It’s also the only succubus series I’ve ever read so I was really excited when I found out about Soul Stripper. I was also nervous about reading it but I needed my succubus fix. At first, I was a little bit wary because of some similarities between this and the Georgina series. But I realized that this is the only other succubus I have read so of course there will be some similarities. For the most part, I enj [...]

    13. I had no idea what to expect when I started reading Soul Stripper. Not.One.Clue. I had seen some reviews; some good, some not so great. I decided not to read them. I didn't want to be swayed my true feelings on the book. Although, if you are looking for a HEA in the first of a series, you may want to stop right now. There is no HEA. But Katana Harper has done a great job at leaving the readier hanging and wanting more. I definitely want more. I would first classify Soul Stripper as a paranormal [...]

    14. DNF. I gave this book until 60% before throwing in the towel. I love a book with a succubus/incubus character, whether it's the main or even a supporting one. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that two of my favorite series have a succubus MC; Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead, and Jill Myles' succubus series with my beloved Jackie. Let's be honest here - GK was (and still is) widely popular. She's made it to my reread list, which doesn't happen often. I am a small fish in a big [...]

    15. I have to admit I have yet to have read a Succubus book but Monica sure gives them a good name! I liked her angelic yet sexy nature and her romantic feeling to Drew were quote sweet even with all the hot and heavy going on. Add in the excitement of a killer hunting the Succubus and Monica's stripper job all added up to really entertaining erotic read!The author wrote this book so well, the language is top notch which made this story a joy to read. The characters have depth and act realistically [...]

    16. I was given an ARC copy of Sole Stripper from NetGallery in exchange for a review. In all honesty I fell for this book when I saw it on out of the blue when I was surfing, the cover art and the story sounded amazing. I do not read a lot of paranormal and this is my first succubus story. I was not disappointed.The story is about Monica, who is part angel part demon (succubus) working as a coffee Barista by day and a stripper by night. She uses her stripper job to satisfy her intense sexual needs [...]

    17. SOUL STRIPPER didn’t work for me. I wanted it to, but it didn’t hold my attention. Honestly, I thought it was a poor imitation of Richelle Mead’s Succubus series. I didn’t connect with Monica, the lead character – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was just something about her that was a little off. For a succubus, I was expecting the sex scenes to be off the charts, but they were mediocre at best.So, there’s no need to belabor the point. It wasn’t for me, but there wer [...]

    18. Drop-dead sexy, wicked and intense! Soul Stripper delivers a steamy cup of Succubus with an angelic soul. But what happens to the soul of a succubus when they die? Monica doesn't want to wait to find out. Deep in Sin City, fallen angel turned succubus Monica is trying to find the balance between feeding off of souls innocent enough to keep her Archdemon happy while not damning any Heaven bound souls to Hell. A task which is complicated by her all too sexy and definitely Heaven bound day job boss [...]

    19. Monica, a barista by day, stripper by night has the blues. How is a former angel turned succubus supposed to work for a hottie and not sleep with him? Monica's motto is to only sleep (aka steal life) with the already condemned souls, so her boss is off limits. The focus of Soul Stripper focuses around Monica's dual life. She works a fairly normal job selling coffee then does the complete opposite by going to her night job and stripping. Another main focus of the book is that someone seems to be [...]

    20. I had the pleasure of meeting Katana Collins at RT in New Orleans and picked up Soul Stripper to read. I had seen the cover all over social media in the few weeks leading up to RT so it already had my interest. After spending time at RT with Katana I moved Soul Stripper to the top of my list and am sooo not sorry that I did! This was a fantastic read! It is a unique twist on Succubus with a great storyline of good vs. evil. The characters have great depth and stay with you long after you have fi [...]

    21. Demons, angels, succubi, witches, all in one book.You don't know who to trust, who to champion, it kept me guessing right til the end.Monica is a succubus and has a bounty on her head, she doesn't know who wants her dead or why. She has protecters in the form of an angel (sigh.Julian), and archDemon Lucien. George, well you'll get to meet him and Kayce, another succubus with a secret.It all gets very exciting and the flash backs to 1700s and World War Two where she met all her protecters is bril [...]

    22. This was a fairly humorous read. Collins is a talented writer that 'reads' smoothly. However, some parts flowed a bit slowly for me, and I wasn't a big fan of Monica, the main character. She did kind of grow on me, then the ending really left me flat. The main premise of the book was that Monica was 'special' to the other charactersd very adored. The way the ending was done will alienate her to all but Kayce and Lucien(who was my fave character, by the way). I realize this will make an interesti [...]

    23. I received this ARC from NetGalley for a honest review, and honest it will be. :)I am still reeling from this bookWOW!Monica is a Succubus with a Soul! Throw in some Demons, an Angel or two, Witches, and other Otherworld forces, and you have a very charged book!!!!Someone or something is wiping out the Succubi and somehow Monica has been targeted. How far will she and her friends go to keep her safe? This book just sucked me in, page after page. The plot kept twisting and making my head spin wit [...]

    24. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Wow. I have literally just finished reading this and I'm impressed. In a way it reminded me of Richelle Mead's "Georgina Kincaid" series with the succubus and not wanting to sleep with the good guy but in other ways it didn't.The storyline was both interesting and fun and I found myself needing to keep reading so I could find out who was killing the other succubi and I have to admit I wasn't disappointed--though I did guess half right.I enjoye [...]

    25. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Soul Stripper is the debut book for Katana Collins. If this is her debut, then I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! This book was very enjoyable to read. The characters are well developed and easy to keep straight. The story is suspenseful and the sex is hot. I couldn't put this book down and I finished it in one day. The struggle that the main character goes through is something that we all can relate to on so [...]

    26. Terrific debut novel. Collins has written a sexy, noir paranormal adventure that will keep lovers of fallen angels caught up in trying to save as well as strip souls turning the pages and listening carefully for the creak outside the door. Sin City was never more. Finely written. Look forward to the next in the series.

    27. What a fantastic read! The characters were done especially well. It felt like they were part of my family!I had a hard time putting it down! Interesting from beginning till end. I liked the idea that the angels and the devils minions worked well together. Starting book 2 of 3. I hope Katna will continue the series!

    28. I couldn’t help myself with SOUL STRIPPER. It was one of those deeply discounted eBooks that I got through some Kobo sale or something and it just sounded so ridiculous and appetizing that I just couldn’t not. So I did. And I’m kind of glad I did.My biggest issue was that the editing wasn’t stellar. More typos than I’d care to see in a finished book, and Aphrodisia is a Kensington imprint so it’s not like it’s self-published or a super small indie or something. But there were enoug [...]

    29. Awesome read!This was an amazingly thought out, well written book Different from really any other supernatural type book I've read. Loved it, and will be reading the next!

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