No Matter What

No Matter What

Deborah J. Hughes / May 29, 2020

No Matter What When Robert and Mary Michaels buy an historical estate in Paddington Massachusetts they soon find themselves and their troubled year old daughter Lynn embroiled in a centuries old tragedy that ch

  • Title: No Matter What
  • Author: Deborah J. Hughes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Robert and Mary Michaels buy an historical estate in Paddington, Massachusetts, they soon find themselves and their troubled 10 year old daughter Lynn embroiled in a centuries old tragedy that challenges everything they believe about life and death First they learn that 10 year old Clara Mallory has been haunting the estate for over 300 years and then Robert, a psychWhen Robert and Mary Michaels buy an historical estate in Paddington, Massachusetts, they soon find themselves and their troubled 10 year old daughter Lynn embroiled in a centuries old tragedy that challenges everything they believe about life and death First they learn that 10 year old Clara Mallory has been haunting the estate for over 300 years and then Robert, a psychiatrist, uncovers another shocking discoveryhis new patients are the reincarnations of those responsible for her death It is Lynn s growing connection to the troubled young ghost that draws the most concern, however As Lynn becomes and lost in the young ghost s identity, it is a race against time for Robert and Mary to save their daughter and possibly the fate of all their souls.

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        An avid reader and writer throughout most of her life from the time she learned to do both , Deborah took a detour from her writing dreams to pursue a career in the United States Air Force That took up over twenty years of her life and gave her lots of experiences, some good, some bad but all of it worthwhile Her military life now behind her, Deborah is focused on bringing her stories into existence through the production of her novels All six books in her Tess Schafer Medium series have made it onto s top selling book lists for their genre She and her character Tess have become pretty tight and she hopes to continue telling her stories for a long time to come Not limited to just writing novels, Deborah also has a blog and it is there that she writes about a variety of topics Her motto is If curiosity killed the cat, reincarnation brought him back Yeah, she believe in life after death, reincarnation and past lives other things She figures it best not to limit herself when it comes to her beliefs.


    1. I really tried to like this but only got to page 169. Ghosts are one thing but nasty malevolent little girl ghosts are something that I obviously can't handle. Life's too short for 300 year old brats.

    2. I gave up. Struggled and struggled with this. Kept putting it down for weeks and trying to plunge in again. The plot is so repetitive that it was hard to figure out what which ghostly fit Clara was going through. I almost never give up on a book, usually struggling through the most mundane novel, but I'm not getting any younger. Time to move on.

    3. I got halfway through this book and had to stop for several reasons.1. Boring. Repetitive. How many times do we have to hear the same vague stories about Clara or about reincarnation? Why are there pages of psychiatric patient visits? This book could have been cut in half with a decent editor.2. Things are mentioned in such a way that it feels more like authorial agenda than good fiction. Yeah okay let's talk about numerology and then do Lynn's, that could be cool, except it's all exposition--ex [...]

    4. Discombobulated nonsense.I wanted a book about paranormal. I enjoy a good ghost or psychic story. I agree with the others that the story got repetitive and drown out. I even fast forwarded the the last chapter and still it went on and on. As far as it being spiritual or about God. Yea this is what my title is in reference too. Numerology, reincarnation, there is no hell and any other system of belief the author tries to mash together. I started with this book because I found another book of the [...]

    5. A movie?This is one of the best books I have ever read,concerning paranormally writtenpurb storyline.fantastic characters,and totally believable.This book would make a fantastic motion picture explicit material,and just a few naughty words.Highly recommended read

    6. This is a great book! It took me a while to get through it, but it was worth it. I only gave it 4 stars because it turned out to not be as scary as I thought it was going to be. By the end, it was more touching than anything. I cried a little.

    7. Wow! I am utterly speechless! Extremely insightful!What an amazing life changing story! I am in awe of Deborah Hughes! She is by far one of the best writers I have by far ever read! I absolutely loved the Tess Schafer Medium series!I cannot fully put into words the profound impact reading this book has made on my entire being! From the very beginning she draws you in by giving you very little but just enough to keep you wondering 'What's going to happen next?' Brilliant! Thank you Deborah Hughes [...]

    8. Excellent readThis is very well do e--the situation is unusual and it takes a long time to understand what is going on. It is spiritual in nature, but those that love a good ghost mystery will probably like it too. And they might learn something. This is a standalone book, complete in itself.

    9. Twists and turns!A surprising read. Lots of twists and turns. I very much enjoyed it. It's one of those books you just have to binge read because it's hard to put down.

    10. Inflection given to Jeb and the Sparks' speech is NOT a New Englander's accent, being from there until 4 years ago, I know we just don't speak that way in Connecticut or Massachusetts. Especially if born and raised as we're being led to believe by the entire idea that this is a town that people don't leave and if they do they come back. Few characters names changed, either spelling wise, or all together different than what they were previously called. Mable tells Helen's story when the Michaels' [...]

    11. Is she a ghost or no? Read and find out. I found this story of a family's interaction with a possible ghost very interesting. From the beginning I was intrigued and wanted to know more. However I got bogged down in the last quarter of the book and just wanted to know how it would end. I'm not sure what caused the feeling, but it just seemed like things were taking quite a while to finish up. Over all I was fairly happy with the resolution of the story. Finding out what happened to Clara and how [...]

    12. Great, easy readThis book is extremely good. The plot kept me entertained the whole time, and the writing was so good that even in the less-interesting parts I still enjoyed reading. My only criticism is several grammatical errors. They were pretty easy to forgive since they were all very common grammatical errors people make when speaking today, but it still caused tiny bumps in the road while reading.

    13. Kudos to the author!!!!I loved every minute of reading this engrossing tale.The characters were vibrant and endearing.The scene where Clara and Lynn both achieved their aim, accompanied by some old acquaintances was a real tear jerker.My two favorite characters achieved all that I hoped for them.Thank you Ms. Hughes for such a wonderful time.

    14. loved this book! at first I thought this would be another typical haunted house ghost story, but surprisingly found it was more! I highly enjoyed Frannie's views and insights and that feel of the book, since it resembles my own beliefs. I enjoyed how beautifully it was described and put into words.

    15. I loved this book.Gave me things to think about when it comes to the possibilities of reincarnation. Wonder story. I loved how things just fit together. There are reasons behind most things that happen, I have always believed that.

    16. Wonderful storyI absolutely loved this story. The characters, the plot, the way it ended. Perfection. Highly recommend. Deborah did so well at writing this in such a way that I could easily place myself within the pages, observing.

    17. Wow, what a book!I was mesmerized throughout the whole reading of this book. I did not know what to expect when I started out reading it. The plot and characterization was excellent; a perfect demonstration of irony.

    18. Amazing!This book is a serious page turner! I couldn't put it down! What an awesome author! The way she writes literally paints a picture in your mind! I can't wait to read another!

    19. ReimcarnationA couple and their young daughter buy a house in the country. The town's people all seem to bel juju eve their house is haunted. A stirring story of reincarnation. I recommend it highly.

    20. Amazingly soulful,insightfulStarted out like most but quickly threw a curve ball and kept you guessing and anxious through out the whole storyline as to where it was all going to end. Very thought provoking .

    21. Slightly enjoyable readI chose this book based on the description. I love haunted house, past lives, and unsettled spirits. Although it was an interesting read, I felt it spent TOO much time explaining past lives. It was still a good read.

    22. Garbage!Well written and enjoyable. Too bad it totally contradicts God's inerrant an Holy Word. As fiction it is a great book. But your underlying reincarnation message ruined it.

    23. Just couldn't get into it. Took me quite some time to get as far as I did, and I only made it about 36 % of the book.

    24. I loved it. That was a great book and written with so much feeling . I thought it was wonderful. Very compassionate and different.

    25. This book was amazing. So much emotion. A must read for anyone that is interested in reincarnation and spirituality.

    26. This is an awesome well written book. The ending was exactly what this book needed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. I would recommend it to anyone that loves a great ghost story!

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