Danger Club, Vol. 1: Death

Danger Club, Vol. 1: Death

Landry Q. Walker Eric Jones / Apr 04, 2020

Danger Club Vol Death Faced with the deadliest peril the universe has ever known the world s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil and they never came back Now only their teenage sidekicks remain Wi

  • Title: Danger Club, Vol. 1: Death
  • Author: Landry Q. Walker Eric Jones
  • ISBN: 9781607066347
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Faced with the deadliest peril the universe has ever known, the world s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil and they never came back Now, only their teenage sidekicks remain Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle for dominance destroy them Collects Danger Club 1 4 and includes a special never befFaced with the deadliest peril the universe has ever known, the world s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil and they never came back Now, only their teenage sidekicks remain Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle for dominance destroy them Collects Danger Club 1 4 and includes a special never before seen sketchbook section.

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        Landry Q Walker is a New York Times bestselling author of comics and books His work includes Star Wars stories, Batman and Supergirl comics, and the Project Terra series of novels He also co created a Saturday morning cartoon called Scary Larry He likes castles and robots and also pop tarts Most days he hangs out with his wife and his cats and pushes buttons on a keyboard until stories somehow happen.


    1. I have nothing against Landry. I don't think he's a awful writer, cause this is the only thing I've read, so I won't judge him on one work. Saying that, this is one of the worst graphic novels I've ever read. The art isokay? It's not bad, but it reminds me of Kickass yett as good? Like that's weird. Also the storyline jumps all over the place, and not in a coherent way. I sometimes had to jump back and re-read moments to understand, and when I did, it didn't make it better. In fact it was someho [...]

    2. I gave this four stars, but its true rating is 4.5 stars.I am not familiar with Landry Walker's past comic writing credits but after reading this collected digital edition of the the first four issues of Danger Club, he needs to be on a Marvel or DC book right now.Danger Club is a post-modern comic book story that borrowed a lot from comic book stories I've read or should read soon: The between the Robin and Superboy analogues was straight out of "The Dark Knight Returns". The disappearance of m [...]

    3. Holy Schnikes! What a crazy first issue! It got my attention and sucked me into the story. And the retro splash pages were pretty amazing. Remote control, bitches! Hilarious!The more I read of this volume, the more I have to ask - how is Image getting all the great new stuff? Okay - I guess this isn’t new, being published in 2012. But, still. It’s pretty amazing. I can 3- and 4-star comics all day that I can read and enjoy. But to pick up a book like this, gives all the reason behind the phr [...]

    4. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/What we have with Danger Club is perhaps the most obvious next stage of superhero comics: specifically, the hijacking of 'teen titan' characters and turning them into uber violent, nihilistic, and anarchy-inspired bundles of angst and nastiness. Most of the pages are mind-numbing brutality especially focusing on turning faces into mashed potatoes (you don't get broken body parts, you get bloody marbled faces over and over, ad nauseum [...]

    5. More like a 2.5 stars really. I'm a little confused about the writer's vision to be honest. What were they going for? Parody? Mashup? A study in archetypes? I'm not really sure but I've been left with the lingering feeling that I've already read this book somewhere before. Obviously I haven't but it just feels like that. Because the vision isn't obvious it feels unoriginal. Many of the sidekicks are like more depressing junior versions of well known characters across many different comic compani [...]

    6. i want to give this a 2.5 but a 3 would have to suffice. in any case, the art was just ok but the main problem is that this story was so full of cliches. for all the unnecessary posturing in the intro by matt fraction you would think this was ground breaking but it's not. the characters are poorly executed ripoffs of better superhero icons. the story is full of old tropes and a predictable storyline and poor storytelling. the colors were pretty tho and if it gets better i would be interested in [...]

    7. Another superhero pastiche using Big Two analogues to tell a story of betrayed ideals. Matt Fraction's introduction makes great play of it being bold and new, but if you've read Watchmen or Bratpack, never mind Seaguy and Flex Mentallo, you'll be familiar with the outline. Still, there are just enough interesting little details - in particular the use of 'apocatastasis' as a magic word (because I do love that word/concept) - that I'll likely give the second volume a go if that turns up in the li [...]

    8. One of the BEST comics I've read in a LONG time. Love how there's no hand-holding through the storyline. Teen team comics for intelligent comic readers!!

    9. Quick thoughts: I like a lot of this, but a lot of the "somewhere new" promised by Matt Fraction in his introduction just feels like the same edginess we get with stories like The Dark Night Returns, etc.

    10. Awesome graphic novel that is part one of a two part story. We don't have enough short collections in the graphic novel world. Its violent and dark, not for the young uns

    11. I like a lot of what's being told, but it feels too scattershot, and the final issue (Only 4 in the first volume?) seems very inconclusive in a "Why should I keep reading way?"

    12. Danger Club, Vol. 1: Death by Landry Q. Walker is perhaps the most obvious, overt, and blatant kidnapping of comic book characters (in this one it would be DC's Teen Titans) and subverting them for your own perverse and nefarious imaginings that I have come across in some time! And the Comic Book world at large should love Walker for that! For in one fell swoop he has done what DC has failed to do with these characters in over five decades. He made them relevant. He made them fun. Landry Q. Walk [...]

    13. Danger Club is very different from most other comics. First off, most of the main superheroes traveled into space to fight off some big, huge bad guy. But they don't come back. The sidekicks left on Earth, try to take up the reins their predecessors left behind. While I loved the concept of the series, the characters, and artwork (it is very violent though), I still have a few qualms with the series. First off, we are given very little back story. We don't really know who these kids are, what ac [...]

    14. I read 'Danger Club, Vol. 1: Death' by Landry Q. Walker after reading the second volume. I liked the second volume more than this one.The heroes have all gone somewhere, and only the young sidekicks are left behind. I was confused by this in the second volume and it's not explained here either. The things I liked in the second volume begin to form here, but the story just didn't really hook me. It seems to want to be hyperviolent, and it doesn't seem to know what to do with it yet. That works be [...]

    15. I'm going to get this title's biggest fault out of the way at the beginning. Any Image Comics project is at the mercy of its creator being able to secure financing. While Danger Club can be read as a one and done, I think Landry Walker laid the groundwork for more stories in his dystopian near future (is there any other kind lately?).The basic is premise is all of the adult heroes went into space to go deal with a menace and lost. That's all folks (well maybe not-but spoilers sweety). Who's left [...]

    16. Danger Club, v. 1 is excellent! It starts off with the history of the adult superheroes disappearing after going to destroy some horrible enemy of earth in space. Then the story goes into fighting between the teenage superheroes instead of banding together. Apollo shows up and tells the teenagers that they must be the best fighters and loyal to him. Will the teenage superheroes go along with this?The volume is packed with action. It is violent action but so were comic books in the past. It's not [...]

    17. I'm inadvertently on a weird trend right now with the graphic novels I'm reading where it's more of a post-hero mindset. In Danger Club, it's sort of like Teen Titans, but in a world more similar to Irredeemable or something where all the heroes are gone, and the teen heroes are all that are left. It's a really fast-paced read with some truly great moments, although at only four issues it feels too rushed at times to truly let the weight of a lot of things sink in. Still a good read on a whole, [...]

    18. This is like Mark Millar's version of Teen Titans. Very Dark, very nihilistic, very over-the-top in its violence and misery. In a world where all the heroes have gone missing, only some of the teenage sidekicks survived. And they are vicious, with lots of death and destruction and general dark malaise. It's well written and illustrated malaise, but it's still a pretty miserable story overall. And its conclusion in this volume isn't really much of a conclusion. I'm torn between wanting to know wh [...]

    19. I was very intrigued by this book. All of the adult superheroes have died off-world and the sidekicks are all that's left to save the earth. Can they band together before disaster strikes? I would have liked to see the world fleshed out more. There are too many characters continuously being introduced. It could have used a "Who's Who" so you could keep track of the characters.I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    20. I saw Landry Walker at a local comic convention and he described Danger Club as Lord of the Flies meets The Teen Titans. He was right on several different levels. The characters are amazing. I love a world without heroes where the sidekicks must take charge. Kid Vigilante isgreat and I love seeing the different characters and the different hero/ sidekick archetypes they represent. I've read issues one through five, I can't read to read what else is out there.

    21. I was surprised at how much I liked this series. Its premise is really interesting and I liked the characters. Stuff is revealed really quickly with little set up. I would have liked a little more build up, but I get the feeling that the creators are worried about cancellation (or something) so they're putting all of their cards on the table in hopes of grabbing readers. They certainly grabbed me.

    22. For a first volume, the reader is kind of thrown into the story. It begins in the middle of the story, with developed characters and war already happening. I kept thinking I was missing a volume, and despite a cohesive story, the situation felt underdeveloped. Read like an outline for a movie or book instead of being a complete tale. Interesting concept, characters, and drawings, but lacking in the end.

    23. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was alright, although it felt a bit derivative of other, better things. I wasn't super interested in it, and it didn't feel like it was original enough. While it was a decent comic, I don't think I would go out of my way to read more.

    24. An excellent graphic novel that plays with tropes of the super hero. The art is gorgeous and reminds me of Wolfman & Perez Teen Titans. The writing is fast paced and handle both action and emotional beats with aplomb.

    25. Just awful – bright colours and good design don't even help when you get the world's worst fight scenes, such paucity of plot and unreadably bad dialogue. It tries to be clever by intercutting narratives, and leaves nothing clear. I gave book one over halfway but won't be returning.

    26. All of Earth's superheroes are missing and it's now up to their side-kicks to save the planet from an unknown evil. This was a pretty interesting idea and I'm anxious to see where Vol. 2 leads as there were quite a few cliffangers in this one.

    27. Good concept, I'm ok with not knowing the whole background. I'm sure you'll learn it along the way, which happened in small increments. Sucks that I don't know what Kid Vigilante had planned with an ending like that. Also what was that flash forward all about. But that makes good writing right?

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