All Hell Breaks Loose

All Hell Breaks Loose

Sharon Hannaford / Dec 11, 2019

All Hell Breaks Loose In the City the Werewolves are restless Gabi is striving to get back to life as usual Dealing with the aftermath of being kidnapped and tortured by Dant wrapping her head around being a Dhampir an

  • Title: All Hell Breaks Loose
  • Author: Sharon Hannaford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the City, the Werewolves are restless Gabi is striving to get back to life as usual Dealing with the aftermath of being kidnapped and tortured by Dant , wrapping her head around being a Dhampir, and trying to figure out Julius s unexpected attitude as he withdraws from her and becomes cool and distant As if that isn t enough to cope with, she receives the disturbingIn the City, the Werewolves are restless Gabi is striving to get back to life as usual Dealing with the aftermath of being kidnapped and tortured by Dant , wrapping her head around being a Dhampir, and trying to figure out Julius s unexpected attitude as he withdraws from her and becomes cool and distant As if that isn t enough to cope with, she receives the disturbing news that someone she cares about has been dragged unwillingly into her world after a brutal and calculated Werewolf attack As rogue Werewolves run rampant through the City, it becomes clear there will be no gentle reintroduction to Gabi s duties as Hunter for the Societas Malus Venatori Once again the Vampires join forces with the SMV to contain the threat, but the odds seem stacked against them and the casualties keep mounting Tensions run high as the perpetrators manage to stay one step ahead of the Hunters and the senseless violence continues No one suspects betrayal from within, until Gabi s pets unmask a traitor But the traitor isn t the real threat and the war has only just begun.This time their nemesis isn t playing by any rules and no one is safe in this deadly, new game Not even the Master Vampire of the City As the undeniable chemistry between Gabi and Julius reignites, they realise the danger isn t only to the human population of the City, but threatens to overwhelm them all What they finally uncover brings Gabi into very real conflict with the SMV Council and leaves her questioning her life long allegiances Not all monsters come in obvious monster packages and sometimes what you re fighting to protect is what you should be fighting against Not everyone will walk away from this fight intact Strap in, hang on and grab a breath while you can All hell is about to break loose The Hellcat series is one wild ride one of the best new series to hit the dark urban fantasy world, ever Two words , please Diane Nelson Sand in my Shoes Reviews

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    1. I was lucky enough to receive an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. It had a really good fast pace and never let up from start to finish.While I really liked book one, I enjoyed book two even more. The story line was entertaining with quiet a bit of action. As with book one, the sex scenes weren't overly graphic and character development was great.Something I really enjoy about the author's writing style is the shift in character perspectives. We're not always se [...]

    2. I really like the fact that the Gabi and Julius have a good working relationship. I have read other books that have the main love interest together without conflicts in a relationship and it gets old, but with this one it works out really well. I also love that Gabi has help, she does not just go off and try to do everything herself. The relationship that she and Kyle have is just another reason I like this series. Great book can't wait for the next one :)

    3. All Hell Breaks Loose by Author Sharon Hannaford was nothing short of amazing! Being that this is the second book, you can really see that Sharon has evolved as a writer. Picking up right where book number one (A Cat’s Chance in Hell)) left off, this story is full of excitement and of course romance. This time around Gabi is faced with an enemy that no one ever suspected and she is forced follow the laws of her kind even when someone on the inside is against them all. Gabi is left to make one [...]

    4. I definitely love this series. It has everything a UF series needs in my opinion: - a strong kick-ass heroine - interesting characters- a good plot for every book - a hot love interest - and sparks and action, action actionthis book starts were the first book ended and Gabi is definitely working on getting over her experience with Dante. Her and Julians relationship is growing and they develop trust and true emotions.I love Kyle and hope to see more of him but also the other secondary characters [...]

    5. What's immediately obvious from just the first few chapters of Sharon Hannaford's book two in her Hell Cat series, is that it's action packed drama with wonderfully crafted feisty characters. There is a complete balance between character development, action and romance which Sharon Hanaford handles superbly well. Book two has a direct link to book one which was effectively linked and progresses smoothly. Yet I think what All Hell Breaks Loose achieves much more so than book one, is that real sen [...]

    6. This series continues the awesomeness and intrigue with every turn of the page. Book 2 picks up right where book 1 stops. The characters and story line continues so effortlessly you are sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting and wondering what happens next. Although the cliffhanger ending almost killed me, it left me reeling with intrigue. Can't wait for book 3!

    7. Better than the first one.The plot is very similar to book one, (bad things happening, a traitor in the midst, kidnapping followed by rescue), but this time we get to see Gabi as the kickass heroine everyone knows she is.They dynamic between Gabi and Julius is brilliant, he knows he can be overprotective, but knows he cannot stop her being a hunter. I like this, because normally the male leads can be overprotective to the point of domineering the female leads, which is not fun to read.Razor is o [...]

    8. Man, I am truly loving the writings of Sharon Hannaford. "All He'll Breaks Loose" is a great follow up in the Gabi and Julius saga.Our story begins with Julius deciding to stay away from Gabi. He feels he us not the right man for her and deserves someone better. As his avoidance of her escalates, Gabi decides she will no longer be ignored so she breaks into his room only to discover he is feeding off of an attractive blond. You would think she would run in tears but not Gabi.She insists he meets [...]

    9. Hi BookLuvrs,What another amazing installment. Ms Sharon gave us everything and more in this installment. This picked right up where “A Cat’s Chance in Hell” left off. If you haven’t read that installment, I suggest you read that one. Gabi is actually trying to get back to her usual life. She is recovering from the kidnapping from the previous installment. As you know she went through a lot while she was kidnapped by the crazy insane Dante. She is also having problems trying to get over [...]

    10. Fantabulous series, a new author to put on my must read immediately list!!!I gave this 5 stars because thats all that I had to choose from. This series has been a great read, each book has followed the previous one in the series with surgical precision. I have devoured each and every word without stopping to do,more than grab a cold soda to refresh with! I have thoroughly enjoyed this story, and this author has made a Sos. Dd. Story uniquely her own! I am looking forward to more of Gabu's story, [...]

    11. I rated it 3 stars becouse of the romance between her and Julius. I'm sorry to say that it still didn't catch me, I can't feel the spark. The action was a little boring but I kept reading for the glipses of them to togheter.I'm debaiting if I should read the third one or not,,,but I will give it a try becouse it's not a book to pun in the "did not finish" pile it's just not my favourite.I'm hoping that the3rd one will have more of Julius and Hellcat togheter.I can apreciate that there love it's [...]

    12. I really enjoyed the first book of the series, but I think the second is even better as this author hits her story-telling stride. There is more going on in this book, but the author handles each plot thread really well. The characters draw you in with their great personalities and foibles. I agree with the reviewer that mentions the prolog sets this up as a stand-alone book, but do yourself a favor and read Cat's Chance in Hell first so you can get a feel for this author and get more enjoyment [...]

    13. This was a seriously good book. One of the first relatively unknown authors ive read. I normally read more main stream authors but couldn't be happier i stumbled on to this series. With a kick ass heroine and other well written supporting characters this series can keep up if not surpass other series ive read (cough cough anita blake) love the progression hate the simi cliffhanger ending. Cant wait for the next book.

    14. Great follow on from the first book. Sharon has found her stride with All Hell breaks loose. We find out about a new power that Gabby has, there are car bombs, rogues, traitors, so action packed there is never a chance to get bored. Julius made decisions I didn't like. Razor is still a favourite of mine. And. the lead up to the next book makes me want it now. If you enjoyed A Cat's Chance in Hell you will love All Hell Breaks loose. Do we have to wait a year for the next one?

    15. 4.5 Stars. Just as good if not better then the first. Lots of excitement and mystery. I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't happier to see Kyle. He had been kidnaped the last few days. Derek is a bit of a teasing possible love interest Liked how we got to hear more about Gabi's animal abilities. Happy with the ending. Doesn't leave you hanging but hints at what will happen next.

    16. Great bookGreat bookI am so glad I read this book. Ms Hannaford has taken an average universe in the first story and expanded it. Her characters keep growing and she takes some big risks with characters that are more than bit players. I look forward to watching them as they change.

    17. All Help BreaksThis book 2 when very slow for me the reader. Very wordy at time with unneeded repatriation. However, I still believe that the storyline is worthy . An Sharon Hannaford will give us more in the next follow-up novel. The characters are strong and the ending is pulling the reader back into the continuing plot. I want more . . d looking for something different.

    18. Loved it! We got to see a lot more of Gabi's character that wasn't the super tough kick but Dphamire. She was vulnerable, but still maintained what made us love Hellcat in the first place. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    19. Another good entry in the series and a setup for the next book. I like the characters and the humor and the action is good although things still go a bit to smoothly for many taste. Looking forward to the next installment!

    20. This is the 2nd book in the Hellcat series. I really am enjoying this series and this book. I love the characters, story line and curves thrown in the story line. I m looking forward to the next installment.

    21. Sharon Hannaford has joined the short list of authors whose books are an automatic purchase for me. Love her writing and this series in particular.

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