Fear of Our Father

Fear of Our Father

Lisa Bonnice Stacey M. Kananen / May 26, 2020

Fear of Our Father None

  • Title: Fear of Our Father
  • Author: Lisa Bonnice Stacey M. Kananen
  • ISBN: 9780425258736
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
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        Lisa Bonnice Stacey M. Kananen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fear of Our Father book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Bonnice Stacey M. Kananen author readers around the world.


    1. This book is extremely well written. With its twists and turns throughout horrific life and death events it smoothly transitions from one time line to the next painting the clear picture from the perspective of the writers' experience. A tragic tale of a severely dysfunctional family with a hopeful ending, this book exposes the snares and dysfunctional coping mechanisms within psychological and physical abuse. A must read for anyone experiencing abuse of any form, practitioners working with the [...]

    2. Fear of Our FatherBy Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. KananenBook ReviewFear of Our Father is a story of horror, intrigue, and amazement that someone couldhave survived a life journey such as Stacey M. Kananen's. This book tells her story in away that keeps your heart open to compassion for what her and her family haveendured. It also keeps you wondering how she can ever escape this nightmare. Just asshe starts experiencing something of a happy, "normal" life, things get much worse andher world turns [...]

    3. Abandoned this after about 80 pages.In those pages, she used the words "honestly" and "truthfully" about a hundred times. Made me think she was being less than honest OR truthful.She also repeated events, telling about her brother's and father's actions over and over and over. In some instances, she quoted police interviews--which only retold exactly what she described a few pages earlier.All that, along with the annoying back and forth in time narrative made this really badly written. Even if I [...]

    4. This book is a little bit difficult to get through because of the graphic descriptions of the abuse the co-author suffered as a child. But, it is, of course, important to the story because family dynamics have everything to do with why these tragedies happened. The reader really gets the feeling that the right person was chosen to tell the story.

    5. A disturbing and sad story told very well with honesty, dignity and humor.A more in depth review for this book will be posted after I put the necessary thought into finding the words to praise it adequately.but, don't wait for that to happenAD THIS BOOK.

    6. A very good and heart-rending account of a family torn apart by abuse and ultimately, murder! The only reason I could not give it 5 stars is because I found the editing quite bad but otherwise enjoyed the read!

    7. This is a true story about a family's abusive relationship resulting in the murder of the father as well as mother fifteen years apart. The murders occurred in Orlando, Florida (famous for the Casey Anthony trial). The victims had three children involved in the abusive relationship in which two end up as suspects. The son (Rickie) and daughter (Stacey) end up on separate trials.This is the story of the daughter (Stacey) that goes to trial. She was the co-author of the book. The book talks about [...]

    8. Intriguing and horrifying story of what happens to families in abusive homes. I read the Kindle version entitled Fear of Our Father ISBN 0425258734.At times it would have been helpful to add a restating of previous information when it came up again later in the book. There is much detail and conflicting statements it would help with the readability to have a review of the detail when explaining its significance later. That is why I removed one star from the rating.

    9. This is a fantastically written book. It is sad with a triumphant ending. I loved it. Stacey Kananen relates the story of her horrific abuse and being on trial for a crime she did not commit with honesty and poignancy. This is a must read for true crime buffs. As a lover of true crime books I am accustom to sad endings even if the perpetrator is tried and convicted but this book ends with hope for a better future for Ms. Kananen. Again, a real must read.

    10. I'm giving this three stars for the writing quality, not the story. I admire Stacey very much for sharing her story, and I can only imagine what she had to go through in deciding to share it with the world. However, especially with a co-author, I would have liked there to be more editing and watchfulness over the actual writing. A lot of her writing comes across as streams of consciousness that don't make a whole lot of sense sometimes, which made the story hard to follow at points.

    11. I wasn't crazy about this book. Although the author's life was horrifying, I didn't like the way the story was told. There is too much emphasis on her arrests and not enough about her life as a child. Sorry!

    12. I dislike books that skip around from the past to the present; especially ones that don't warn you that they are doing so. If not for that, I may have given this book one more star.

    13. There's not alot of True Crime Books oit there to read that's intetesting since the queen (Amne Rule passed). This one is different but good

    14. For the most part a riveting read of a sick and twisted abusive father who gets his and then the stunning trial of the daughter accused of murdering the mother. Stacey Kananen presents her own story of her life from her abuse at the hands of her father and the daily nightmare living in a household held hostage by his violence to the trial where she was accused by her own brother of co-plotting and committing the murder of her mother. Separating the book into thirds it was the middle portion that [...]

    15. This was quite an interesting, unusual story written from a person involved in the case, from what I hope is a unique perspective. So many true-crime stories include court testimony that just covers ground you're already familiar with from earlier in the book. In this one, the court testimony clears up the whole story for you, just as if you were one of the jurors. There are clearly some good-sized omissions in the information the author chose to give, and the author uses some odd constructions [...]

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