Jardim de Inverno

Jardim de Inverno

Kristin Hannah / Mar 30, 2020

Jardim de Inverno A fam lia Whitson abalada pela morte repentina do patriarca Evan um homem meigo e compreensivo que vivia para as filhas j adultas Meredith e Nina e para a sua mulher Anya Mas Meredith que gere o n

  • Title: Jardim de Inverno
  • Author: Kristin Hannah
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fam lia Whitson abalada pela morte repentina do patriarca Evan, um homem meigo e compreensivo que vivia para as filhas j adultas, Meredith e Nina, e para a sua mulher Anya Mas Meredith, que gere o neg cio de fam lia, e Nina, uma fotojornalista cujo trabalho a obriga a deslocar se para cen rios de guerra, nunca conseguiram estabelecer uma rela o ntima com a m e, umaA fam lia Whitson abalada pela morte repentina do patriarca Evan, um homem meigo e compreensivo que vivia para as filhas j adultas, Meredith e Nina, e para a sua mulher Anya Mas Meredith, que gere o neg cio de fam lia, e Nina, uma fotojornalista cujo trabalho a obriga a deslocar se para cen rios de guerra, nunca conseguiram estabelecer uma rela o ntima com a m e, uma mulher de temperamento frio e autorit rio, cujo passado tr gico procuram desvendar Uma misteriosa e cativante hist ria de amor, que abrange mais de 60 anos, iniciando se na antiga cidade de Leninegrado devastada pela guerra, e culminando no Alasca dos tempos modernos.

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        Kristin Hannah is the award winning and bestselling author of than 20 novels including the international blockbuster, The Nightingale, which was named Best Historical fiction novel for 2015 and won the coveted People s Choice award for best fiction in the same year Additionally, it was named a Best Book of the Year by , iTunes, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, Paste, and The Week Kristin s highly anticipated new release, The Great Alone, will be published on February 6, 2018 St Martin s Press The novel, an epic love story and intimate family drama set in Alaska in the turbulent 1970 s is a daring, stay up all night story about love and loss, the fight for survival and the wildness that lives in both nature and man It has been listed as one of the most anticipated novels of the year by The Seattle Times, Bustle, PopSugar, Working Mother, Southern Living, and.The Nightingale is currently in production at Tri Star, with award winning director Michelle MacLaren set to direct Home Front was optioned for film by 1492 Films produced the Oscar nominated The Help with Chris Columbus attached to write, produce, and direct Movie news on The Great Alone is coming soonistinhannah


    1. ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED :::WOW. WOW. WOW!!!! Winter Garden was one of the most breathtaking books that I have ever read in my entire life. And I do not say that lightly. I cried so hard I couldn't even see the pages. The emotions were overpowering and all-consuming. It also has THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. EPILOGUE. of all-time. The only other books that has made me cry this hard before has been The Bronze Horseman which is my favorite book in the world My God, THE FEELS!!!! What began as a f [...]

    2. Once again, I find myself in awe of the power and beauty of Kristin Hannah’s words. She gives her readers the ability to crawl inside the story and see the world through the eyes of her characters. It’s her stunning gift for capturing the heart wrenching and emotional aspect of every connection that left me completely enamored with this family. Every single one of them. By the time I reached the end of the story, I was nowhere near ready to let them go. There are people everywhere that find [...]

    3. One of the best books I've ever read. Period. ✭✭✭✭✭The five star rating that this book deserves - no, demands - makes me question all of my other books that I had given a five star rating. A five star rating should really be elusive, hard to achieve. But sometimes, when you are in the grip of a good book, you get a little fast and loose with your ratings. Well, I'm guilty of it from time to time. I am officially admitting that, "My Name is Crumb, and I'm a Five Star Rating Junkie." Thi [...]

    4. Be patient during the first half, it gets very good and emotional the second half. This is written in the past and present tense, which is a common scenario in many novels, but one that I enjoy. It's like reading two different novels.What starts as a dysfunctional domestic situation between 2 sisters (American born) and their Russian-born mother ends up being so much more. Grief and a deathbed promise brings these unhappy women reluctantly together, and what seemed like a familial dysfunction be [...]

    5. Meredith and Nina spent their whole lives without really knowing their mother Anya. Any attempts they tried to make to get close to her were rebuffed, so they gave up trying and began to believe that maybe their mother just didn't really care about them very much. When their father dies though he makes them promise to try to get to know their mother, and says that now that he will be gone their mother needs them. The story follows Meredith, Nina, and Anya as they get to know one another and grow [...]

    6. Just finished this stinker and I have a headache from rolling my eyes. It is disappointingly formulaic and borrows heavily from "Sophie's Choice", an infinitely superior novel. The writing is pedestrian. The characters are cardboard cut outs and insufferable to boot. I hate novels in which all the characters have to be beautiful. We are told over and over and over about the mother's "astonishing eyes" and the eldest daughter's "curvy hips", big eyes and "Julia Robert's type mouth". The younger d [...]

    7. 5* This book starts off slow. It is a story of relationships--mother and two daughters, Meredith and Nina, and the two daughters who have a strained relationship. Their father, Evan has held the family together, making up for his wife not being able to show affection for her two daughters. But he has had a severe heart attack and is dying. In one last attempt to heal the emotional gulf between his wife and children, he asks his wife to tell them the fairy tale of the peasant girl and the prince. [...]

    8. Some themes are close to me notably stories that deal with mothers and daughters or families in general. That is a theme also dear to Kristin Hannah, from what I read of her books and especially in Winter Garden:"They would always be a family, but if she learned anything in the past few weeks it was that a family wasn't a static thing. There were always changes going on. Like with continents, sometimes the changes were invisible and underground, and sometimes they were explosive and deadly. The [...]

    9. Meredith Cooper and her sister, Nina Whitson, were raised by an adoring father and a pretty dispassionate and cold mother. The absence of that maternal love impacted the sisters differently, one striving for perfection, leading an orderly and pleasing life and the other living a nomadic existence. Both were considered highly successful but also seeming to seek something that was just beyond their grasp. When their father died, both women were left to developed a relationship with their mother, w [...]

    10. This is one of those books that reminds me how much I truly love historical fiction!Anya Whitson is a Russian immigrant who moves to the United States after marrying her American husband. Anya is very hard woman who shows no love to her two daughters, Meredith and Nina, throughout their lives. Nina is an unsettled world traveling photographer and Meredith is a workaholic wife and mother who remains home to run the family orchard and never does anything for herself, it's always for others.When Ev [...]

    11. Meredith and Nina are like chalk and cheese when it comes to being sisters. But the one thing they do have in common is the love of their father, so when he falls sick and is dying they are both at his bedside. Neither Meredith or Nina ever shared the same love for their mother, but they promise their father that they will take care of her once he is gone. After their father passes away Meredith and Nina find the following few months rather difficult and soon realize that caring for their mother [...]

    12. Color me surprised! I didn't have the best hopes for this book -- even though I loved The Nightingale. I thought that the rest of Kristin Hannah's books simply wouldn't measure up. While this one was not as good as Nightingale, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed (and was moved) by it.Like Nightingale, Winter Garden includes a historical and modern day story (a two-fer, as my GR friend Cathrine calls it!). The historical tale is by far the better story here, and thankfully takes up the majorit [...]

    13. Kristin Hannah's books have been recommended to me by a lot of friends, and I love the cover arts! (Who said we can't judge a book by a cover?) Unfortunately, I read The Night Road as my first book, and did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed works by other similar authors, namely, Picoult and Chamberlain.However, at the persuasion of more friends, I decided to give her another chance, so I chose Winter Garden as my fluff read at the end of last year to balance the stress. I was so wrong.The story [...]

    14. Three and a half stars. Hard to write a review about this one as I had a few different thoughts. But here goes.Parts of this story about two sisters and their Russian immigrant mother were very interesting. Sometimes I had to put it aside for a while because I couldn’t bear to read too much of the 1940s Leningrad stories at once. Some of the images, about a time I knew little about, were harrowing. It made me so thankful I have never lived through a world war and the tragedies that result. Oth [...]

    15. Winter Garden is a mesmerizing and enchanting novel about survival, enduring love, family, and the choices that can forever haunt you. With the death of the patriarch comes the further disintegration of an already fragile bond between a distant, secretive mother and her daughters who are as different as can be. With the loss of their father, Meredith and Nina Whitson find themselves no closer to their mother at a time when they should have found comfort in one another. Instead their mother retre [...]

    16. I may be unfairly harsh on this book because it is not my preferred reading. This is a recycled story. A woman endures overwhelming trauma as a young adult and emotionally shuts down in order to survive. But, the pain carried in secret, crushes her relationship with daughters. It is only when the adult daughter can learn the mother’s story that empathy can grow and affection can flow between the generations. This is The Bone Setter’s Daughter with the substitution of Russia for China. Only, [...]

    17. As Meredith and Nina's father lies dying he extracts a promise from his grown daughters that they will get to know and take care of their frail mother Vera (Anya) and that in return she will tell them the ending of a tale that they have never completely heard. This is harder than expected as Vera has been a cold distant mother and her daughters have always felt loved only by their father. However as the harrowing story of her previous life in war-torn Leningrad unfolds the past begins to mingle [...]

    18. I picked this book for two reasons, one- I recently read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, and after it being one of the best books I read lately, I was eager for more!The other reason I picked this book out of her many best sellers was the WWII subject (yea, no surprise here, if you know me a little bit).So, what went wrong FOR ME was, that it wasn't like the blurb suggested- a story about two sisters learning their mother's story about what happened to her in Leningrad during the blockage, it [...]

    19. BLECH.My sister got my hopes up, oddly, when she said this was chick lit disguised as intellectual - but I couldn't even find the disguise!This book fell into the category of those home spin wonders of Eileen Gouge and other women who either watch too much of the wrong TV or read the wrong books or something. This had all the things I could hate about a book - writing like, - she worked hard to be the mother her mother wasn't. And she succeeded. She was best friends with her daughters. Or, bette [...]

    20. I have just turned the last page,cleared my throat from holding back tears, and set this beautiful novel on my night stand. Let my review beginAt the beginning I thought some of the dialogue was cheesy, but I could see a story developing. I didn't know until about half way through what an amazing, haunting, mesmerizing story awaited. The way Hannah wrote Vera's story was so vivid I felt I played the character of Vera's shadow and felt every emotion and saw the world through her eyes. It was incr [...]

    21. Ufff ahora lo termino y todavía tengo los sentimientos a flor de piel! Otra joya la que ha escrito Kristin Hannah, como ya hizo con El Ruiseñor, nos transporta a la segunda guerra mundial donde nos hace sentir los horribles sucesos que tuvieron que vivir muchas personas. Los personajes se te meten debajo de la piel y puedes sentir su dolor. Pero también puedes sentir la fuerza, el amor, la superación, muchos valores que se potencian en esta gran historia y que hacen que se convierta en un NO [...]

    22. My daughter recommended Kristin Hannah's book, Winter Garden, to me. As my daughter said, "Mom, I don't think you would have liked Kristin's other books, because they're light reading for housewives. But I think you might like this book, because it's complex and has a historical bent to it."So, I decided to read Winter Garden, and I'm very glad that I did. The story tells of two sisters, who lead very disparate lives, but are forced to deal with each other and their mother, who had always been v [...]

    23. Otra novela preciosa que ha escrito la autora con un final emotivo y desgarrador. La terminé anoche con un soponcio impresionante. Tanto como con El ruiseñor o quizás un poquito más porque esta historia es más directa personalmente y te deja acongojada, pero aun así El ruiseñor en el capítulo 4 me cautivó completamente y este Jardín de invierno ha sido más hacia la mitad. No es que no me haya gustado, la narración es maravillosa y la prosa sencilla y fácil de leer; tiene el toque de [...]

    24. ★★★★★Όσοι/ες με γνωρίζουν καλά,ξέρουν πως τα αγαπημένα μου λογοτεχνικά είδη είναι τα αστυνομικά μυθιστορήματα,τα θρίλερ και τα ιστορικά ρομάντζα. Σπάνια διαβάζω σύγχρονα αισθηματικά - κι όταν το κάνω,προτιμώ πάντα εκείνα των ξένων συγγραφέων,που πλησιάζουν πολύ περισσ [...]

    25. Not my usual type of read, but I won this book in a First Reads giveaway and started on it right away. To be honest, I almost put it down at the beginning because I didn't like many of the characters, especially Meredith who pretty much turned me off instantly. Though I did eventually find myself caught up in Meredith and Jeff's story, the floundering relationship between two people who were childhood sweethearts - could their cold marriage turn warm again? But at the heart of the book is Vera' [...]

    26. Kristin Hannah never fails to bring a story together full of history and wonderful characters. The Winter Garden is no exception. The historical facts behind this book are ones I was not familiar withe siege of Leningrad at the end of WW2. There were so many areas of destruction with this war and I have been introduced to so many aspects of it through several novels of late. Nina and Merideth are sisters who adored the father that was their whole world. They return home as he becomes ill and is [...]

    27. If I could, I would give the first half of this book 1 star, from about the middle until the final chapter 5 stars, and the final chapter 3 stars - - - so I guess that, all in all, the 3 star rating is probably the most accurate. This is the second Kristin Hannah book I have read where I have actively DISLIKED the main characters throughout the first half of the book (the other was "True Colors"). Nina and Meredith are the daughters, Anya is the mother - - -and as someone said in an earlier revi [...]

    28. The best thing that can happen when you read a book is to find it better than what you expected to be and that I can say it was the case with this book. Of course, in fact I was a bit suspicious because some time ago I had read The Nightingale, a book that had left me speechless with its very touching story and its great writing, so definitely my satisfaction wasn't a great surprise. Just the fact that from what I read for this book I thought it would be something completely different and for th [...]

    29. Ομολογώ πως αγόρασα το βιβλίο για το εξώφυλλό του… δεν είναι πως είναι το απαύγασμα της αισθητικής ούτε πως είναι από εκείνα τα εξώφυλλα που θα συζητηθούν… είχε όμως κάτι ονειρικό, μαγικό… ίσως πάλι κάτι (που ούτε εγώ ξέρω τι είναι αυτό το κάτι) να άγγιξε μια ευαίσθητη χορδ [...]

    30. More like 2.5 stars. I listened to this on CD. The first half gets too bogged down in mundane details. There are too many chapters when we are told that Meredith goes for a run, Meredith sits on the porch with her coffee, Meredith feeds the dogs, Meredith treats her husband coldly, Meredith is frustrated and hurt by her mother. Yes, we get the point already. Meredith's life is mundane and not what she dreamed it would be. Get on with the story!The story within the story, the so-called Fairy Tale [...]

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