The Gate of Gods

The Gate of Gods

Martha Wells / Feb 21, 2020

The Gate of Gods Tremaine Valiarde and a small brave band of heroes ventured into a wondrous new realm on their desperate mission to save Ile Rien from the conquering Gardier Now as a relentless enemy creates chaos

  • Title: The Gate of Gods
  • Author: Martha Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tremaine Valiarde and a small, brave band of heroes ventured into a wondrous new realm on their desperate mission to save Ile Rien from the conquering Gardier Now, as a relentless enemy creates chaos and destruction with the fate of the magical city of Lodun hanging in the balance the last hope of a land besieged may rest on the far side of a secret portal.But the dTremaine Valiarde and a small, brave band of heroes ventured into a wondrous new realm on their desperate mission to save Ile Rien from the conquering Gardier Now, as a relentless enemy creates chaos and destruction with the fate of the magical city of Lodun hanging in the balance the last hope of a land besieged may rest on the far side of a secret portal.But the doorway leads to a mysterious ruin hidden behind the awesome Gate of Gods and to perils that dwarf anything Tremaine and her allies could have possibly imagined

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        Martha Wells has written many fantasy novels, including the Books of the Raksura series beginning with The Cloud Roads , the Ile Rien series including the Nebula nominated The Death of the Necromancer as well as YA fantasy novels, short stories, media tie ins, and non fiction Her most recent fantasy novels are The Edge of Worlds in 2016 and The Harbors of the Sun forthcoming in July 2017, the end of the Books of the Raksura series She will also have two new SF novellas, The Murderbot Diaries series, forthcoming from Tor in 2017 Her books have been published in eight languages.She has had short stories in the magazines Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Lone Star Stories, Lightspeed Magazine, and Stargate Magazine, and in the Tsunami Relief anthology Elemental, The Other Half of the Sky, Tales of the Emerald Serpent, Mech Age of Steel, and The Gods of Lovecraft She has essays in the nonfiction anthologies Farscape Forever, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Chicks Unravel Time, and The Kobold Guide to Magic She has also written media tie in novels, Stargate Atlantis Reliquary, Stargate Atlantis Entanglement, and Star Wars Razor s Edge.


    1. Reviewing the entire trilogy, not just the third book, and while I will try and limit the spoilers, will probably have a fair number of unavoidable (if hopefully minor) ones mixed in. (I reserve the right to come back and re-write this from scratch, hopefully shorter though I probably won't because effort)This trilogy is primarily the story of a woman who finally starts to find her way amidst the backdrop of complete and utter destruction of everything she has ever known, and any little stabilit [...]

    2. Premise: Sequel to The Wizard Hunters and The Ships of Air. Definitely start with book one. Some small spoilers for those books follow. The war moves into a new phase as the refugees on the Queen Ravenna finally come to Capidara, a country ostensibly allied with Ile-Rien. There are new dangers in a new city, though, and time is running out for Loudon, the only city on Ile-Rien not yet overrun. Will a new variation on the gate spell allow them to rescue the people of Loudon, lead Tremaine and the [...]

    3. This was a good series. Interesting characters and plot, good dialogue. It was long and dragged at points, but overall very satisfied. My only disappointment was (view spoiler)[ the ending of this third book. I really wanted more of Ilias and Tremaine's reunion, and to hear them say I love you, etc though I suppose it's "assumed" by their actions. This was a long story that ended too abruptly for me. I also felt not enough attention was given to Tremaine's suicidal tendencies. I didn't like how [...]

    4. This is definitely one of those trilogies where I started to wonder if they were leaving themselves enough time to wrap everything up. I think part of why the second book annoyed me so much is that I thought that was going to be the start of the Rien people bringing the fight to the Gardians, and instead, there's almost no fighting between them at all. They have a whole kingdom to win back - what are they waiting for?(view spoiler)[The way they resolve things instead, with one fight that takes o [...]

    5. When you find an author like this, you want to read all their writing you can find. I loved all of "The Fall of Il-Rien". There is such an amazing blend of world building (multiple worlds in this case) and character development that I found I was unable to tear myself away from the story the further I got into each book. This third book is an amazing finish to the whole story line. I appreciated the romance included within the sci-fi/fantasy framework and am going to read "Death of the Necromanc [...]

    6. In the first book the characters are running in panic from the evil creatures of the caves. In the third book the very same characters are debating whether the aforementioned creatures would taste nice if properly roasted. You can really feel the story has progressed.The heroine tended to overreact and grow hysterical, mostly whenever her father was concerned. Ah, that is to say she has evolved over time from crazy in a fun way to simply unhinged, which is not a path I like my heroes to follow. [...]

    7. When can we get this series on tv? Or do we not trust television people enough to not wreck it? You're right, they would probably ruin it. But come on, visually it wouldn't be anything that hasn't been done on telly before, it's just never happened in the same tv show at the same time.

    8. A tour de force ending for a brilliant cohesive trilogy. Just about perfect in every way.If you enjoyed the first two you have no fear of disappointment.

    9. This book is the third and final novel in Martha Well’s Fall of Ile-Rein trilogy, a fantasy series with portals to multiple worlds, airships, and invaders from another world. It’s also a series that you need to read in order. I’ll potentially be including spoilers for earlier books in this review, so head over to my review of the first book, The Wizard Hunters, if you’re unfamiliar with the series.Using the spheres and their new knowledge of other worlds, Tremaine and her friends have ne [...]

    10. Tremaine has already done far more for the Ile-Rien war effort than she ever expected: discovering other worlds and finding the Gardier who are bombing Ile-Rien are world-hoppers, hunting down the Gardier where she finds them, and even marrying Ilias to secure an alliance between Ile-Rien and the native Syprians, whose world the Gardier are using as a staging ground for their attacks. But when talk turns to freeing the locked-down city of Lodun, she's at a loss. This is more a job for the sorcer [...]

    11. I remember next to nothing about how the series actually ended (other than the very last scene). Granted, I hadn't read it since 2006, and I was in a post-exam haze at the time, but, Wow. Anyway, I liked how the series ended!The book spent most of the time sorting out relationships and finding out what the hell was going on, but also managed to have quite a few scenes that involved running around and blowing things up. Wells really enjoys her (fictional) explosives.The love triangle irritated me [...]

    12. So, man, did I love this series. It was so satisfying and so fun travelling with all these characters as they try to figure things out and make the world right again. In what feels like such a short time, Martha Wells has created a cast of characters that I've grown to really love -- Tremaine, Ilias, Gilead, Gerard (who reminded me of Giles from Buffy), Nicholas, Arisilde I would love to read about all of them again. There were some really humorous and comedic moments that I absolutely loved. I [...]

    13. The third book in a trilogy usually has a lot of expectations attached to it, and I'm glad to say that this one delivered for me. It was one of those unputdownable books - I was totally caught up in the story and invested in the outcome. Having said that (and despite this being a rather action-packed book), I didn’t think the plot was particularly suspenseful - but it was emotionally satisfying. So the perfect ending to the trilogy for me - though possibly with the caveat that I think you get [...]

    14. This is an appalling way to start a review, but had I finished this book two minutes earlier, I would have been three for three with this series in one day.As you can see, I enjoyed it enough to tear straight through it. It's my kind of epic fantasy, which is to say that the stakes are high, the characters are complex, the view-points shifts aren't excessive and the dialogue is clever. I approve.

    15. There was a mini-climax about 3/4 of the way through the book, which was not only more emotionally satisfying than the big climax later (with bad guys we hadn't even met before), but also gave the last 1/4 of the book and oddly tacked-on feeling. Plus the final wrap up felt either too dragged out or not elaborated enough. I still liked the series overall, but I think Wells's pacing and characterization greatly improves in the Raksura series.

    16. I wasn't expecting _The Fall of Ile-Rien_ to be a trilogy. I had anticipated at least a couple more books, so when things looked like they might resolve when I was two-thirds of the way through this, I braced myself for a really annoying cliffhanger. But no. It all resolved. A good adventure book. I need to go back and re-read Death of the Necromancer, though. I feel like the atmosphere of that book was a little lost in all of the world-hopping that was going on in this series.

    17. Martha Wells is one of my favorite authors.rtheless this is th first time I felt her story telling became unraveled. A bit to much world jumping to an ending that seemed to come togther to perfectly, to a 'bad guy' character that seemed to convenient to pull everything together. I did realize that I really enjoyed the two primary Ile-Rien wizards in the seriesWill the author ever return to Ile Rien to explore it's rebuilding?

    18. Unfortunately, there was a long gap between reading this book and the previous 2 in the trilogy. I forgot many of the characters and events, and after awhile I couldn't be bothered enough to make sense out of the the complex gating system.Well written irregardless, and any flaws I felt were more through my own negligence in not re-reading the previous two. At least 3 stars if I read it properly.

    19. In my opinion, Wells is a fabulous author but has some trouble with endings. In many of her books, the big climatic scene isn't quite as powerful as the reader might hope, after all the intrigue and build-up of the rest of the novel. So it was with this book. I liked it a lot, don't get me wrong, but it could have been more explosively awesome.

    20. I LOVED the first two books in this series - and this book made me actually wish I hadn't given the first two books five stars because this one was even better. Until the last two chapters. I thought the ending was abrupt, anticlimactic and predictable. I still love this series, but not quite as much as I would have with a ending more to my tastes.

    21. I love Martha Wells' various takes on gender throughout her books, and this series in no exception. Tremaine is a great heroine. I love how she falls into every sort of danger and then just fearlessly kicks ass. I also love that she is basically never the emotionally competent one in any of her relationships.

    22. This trilogy finished out in a very strong way. The core characters continue to discover new things about themselves as they puzzle out the truth behind their vicious enemy and the system of gates that allows for crossing through multiple worlds. Tremaine's inner struggle to balance her ruthlessness, insanity, common sense, and emotional attachments continues to be intriguing and amusing.

    23. A satisfying end to a trilogy that began badly. The plot ramps up the stakes and excitement, but Wells never lets it overshadow her characters. Good, well-written fantasy.

    24. The Fall of Ile-Rien, book 3 of 3. this oen was a bit more contrived than either "The Wizard Hunters" or "The Ships of Air", but still pretty impressive.

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