Riding Through Fire

Riding Through Fire

Kate Sherwood / Feb 21, 2020

Riding Through Fire Evan is the son of Jeff s best friend and no matter how much the kid flirts how much he tempts Jeff will not give in Then tragedy strikes and Jeff realizes that Evan needs much from him than just

  • Title: Riding Through Fire
  • Author: Kate Sherwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Evan is the son of Jeff s best friend, and no matter how much the kid flirts, how much he tempts, Jeff will not give in Then tragedy strikes, and Jeff realizes that Evan needs much from him than just his body He also realizes that Evan may not be such a kid, after all.

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    1. 4 stars! Riding Through Fire is another short story set in the Dark Horse universe and while the first two short stories focused on Dan, this one is featuring Evan and Jeff. It tells us about the growing attraction between these two very different men and lets us know more about the day Evan lost his parents. It explains the dynamics between Evan and Jeff quite well and I definitely got a better understanding for their relationship. I loved the hot scenes between them – Jeff being in charge is [...]

    2. 3.5 stars.Another enjoyable freebie in the 'Dark' series. Riding Through Fire is about Jeff and Evan's first time together. I love it when Jeff gets bossy! YUM!REVIEW TO COME

    3. I liked this short about Jeff and Evan getting together as a couple. I liked both of these characters in Dark Horse and really enjoyed them in this short. Hoping to see a lot of more Jeff in charge in the upcoming books.

    4. This short novella gives the history of first steps in Evan and Jeff's relationship. Jeff finally gives in to Evan's flirting and this gets the fire startedThis novella, like most of the others in this series, has sad undertones and tragedy striking, but it's also sweet and cute and incredibly steamy. Loved it so much

    5. Like Sometimes You Just Know gives the backstory of Dan and Justin this short gives the history of Evan and Jeff's relationship.It, like most of the others in this series has sad undertones and tragedy striking, but it's also sweet and cute. Jeff finally gives in to Evan's flirting and as the saying goes, it's the start of a beautiful friendshipd more, of course.It'sfree and a good addition to the series.

    6. This short story shows the beginning of Jeff and Evan's relationship, and I love it, even if tragedy is always present in this seriesI love Evan! His perseverence, his confidence are so appealing! He knows what he wants and he fights for it! And he wanted Jeff

    7. This was short, but it was my favorite so far!!It's how Jeff and Evan got together!!It's so unbelievably great and told from Jeff's perspective it's my dream come true for this series. I so hope we get to see more of his point of view, because he is one amazing character!Being Evan's dad's best friend, Jeff regularly gets to see cocky and flirtatious 22 year old Evan when he visits Alex Kaminski. Jeff is worried about the young guy's advances and when tragedy strikes and leaves Jeff as executor [...]

    8. A little back story about Evan and Jeff. You have to admire Evan's confidence. He is very eager and not afraid to say what he wants. It's both refreshing and a little intimidating at the same time.I like these two as a couple and I think they round each other out nicely. After reading Dark Horse it was nice to read the follow up novellas to get a better insight into Dan, Evan, and Jeff (and, of course, Justin). I think I'm ready to take the plunge and read Out of the Darkness. I'm excited about [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsMy only complaint is that Jeff acts so much older than he is. In this book, he would have been about 34, but he talks like he's 50. Other than that, thoughI enjoyed reading about how he and Evan get together.

    10. 'Riding Through Fire' is another wonderful novella the author wrote in her 'Dark Horse' series. This one shows Evan, Tat, and Jeff right after their parents, and Jeff's best friends, are killed in a car accident. This horrific tragedy leaves Evan, at twenty-two, in charge of the family company, and guardian over his little sister, Tatiana, who is only nine. These are sad, difficult times, with both of these young children learning to forge new paths in their futures.This also gave me the opportu [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsI liked reading about how Jeff struggled with his attraction to Evan in the beginning, but it really didn't give me anymore insight to their relationship. I wanted more of Evan and Jeff's current relationship. I think this aspect is far more important than the story of how they first got together. I wanted to see how they are dealing with their open relationship, what their expectations are and how they've changed over time. I hope we get more of this in the second book because this is [...]

    12. This short was showed us how Jeff and Evan met. It starts out really sad, and again i was fighting back the tears. Eventually, it was wonderfully warm and sweet, especially watching Jeff fight is attraction to Evan. I love these two guys!

    13. A nice but sad short story about Evan and Jeff's history. Sets the stage for Dark Horse. Really loved reading how it all began between Evan and Jeff. :)

    14. ~ 'Okay, Yeah, You're Driving. Sorry. Any Chance You Could Drive A Little Faster?' ~ (Evan) I loved this short novella about how Evan and Jeff begin their relationship Love the way that bedroom scene played out when they first get together intimately. These two are cute together and I cant wait to move onto the next installment.

    15. This was actually another prequel to Dark Horse. A look in how Evan & Jeff got together.Their relationship is a little kinky for me, since Evan is Jeff's best friend's son. But I actually don't mind. They're very sexy!This was good. The first part was sad. I cried that part, which is good. And the last part was hot.There's something missing for me though, this doesn't answer why their relationship is breaking apart on Dark Horse and I would like to know that.And why these shorts are not in t [...]

    16. I have to say I did not purchase this book from amazon since it's free on allromanceebooks and even though I loved the Dark Horse books I wouldn't pay 77p for 29 pages.Riding Through Fire gives us a bit of background into how Jeff and Evan's relationship came to be, it's a nice addition to the series.I've only given 3 stars simply because the books so short.

    17. 3.5 stars. This is nicely done, showing how Evan and Jeff began their relationship. But for me it didn't contain any revelations or insight that I couldn't have guessed at from the other books. A nice little additional taste of a couple of guys I have become fond of. But more simple than any of the others in the emotions and interactions of the characters.

    18. It's a very good addition to the series. I've wanted to know how Evan and Jeff started their relationship and now I've found my answer. It's a very hot and beautiful short story for sure.

    19. A very short intro to the beginning of Jeff and Evans relationship before Dan. They could have easily been a couple but I am glad they eventually added Dan. A sweet read after you read Dark Horse.

    20. 2.5 starsI really like the Dark Horse series. It was nice to read about how Evan and Jeff got together. I wish that I was able to see more of how Evan and Tat had to cope with their parents' deaths, and Jeff's role in their lives - both before and after. My problem with this story though was that it didn't seem as if the author kept an info sheet of her characters and a timeline. What follows might be considered a bit spoilerish for Dark Horse:From what I can tell so far from this story:- Tat is [...]

    21. Another short read but this time giving me some back story of how Evan and Jeff's relationship came to be. I learned how Evan, his sister Tat and Jeff received devastating news about Evan and Tat's parents. Not much is new in that respect. I knew what happened with Evan's parents from tidbits I got from previous books in this series it's just told in a different way. I have to admit though that Evan and Jeff's relationship gave me pause and not so much about the age difference more about the fac [...]

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