The Thing About the Truth

The Thing About the Truth

Lauren Barnholdt / Jun 05, 2020

The Thing About the Truth In this humorous love story from the author of Two Way Street an unlikely romance is the best sort of surprise but the wrong secret can ruin everything Kelsey s not going to let one mistake ruin her

  • Title: The Thing About the Truth
  • Author: Lauren Barnholdt
  • ISBN: 9781442434608
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this humorous love story from the author of Two Way Street , an unlikely romance is the best sort of surprise but the wrong secret can ruin everything Kelsey s not going to let one mistake ruin her life Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and all her old friends are shutting her out But Kelsey s focused on her future, and she s determined to get back on track atIn this humorous love story from the author of Two Way Street , an unlikely romance is the best sort of surprise but the wrong secret can ruin everything Kelsey s not going to let one mistake ruin her life Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and all her old friends are shutting her out But Kelsey s focused on her future, and she s determined to get back on track at Concordia High.Isaac s been kicked out of schools than he can count Since his father s a state senator, Isaac s life is under constant scrutiny but Concordia High s his last stop before boarding school, so Isaac s hoping to fly under the radar and try to stay put for a change.When Kelsey and Isaac meet, it s anything but love at first sight She thinks he s an entitled brat, and he thinks she s a stuck up snob So it surprises them both when they start to fall for each other Kelsey s happy for the first time in months, and Isaac s never felt this way about anyone before But nothing s ever completely perfect Everyone has secrets, and Isaac and Kelsey are no exceptions These two may have fallen hard, but there s one thing that can ruin it all the truth.

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    1. Cover Story:As Kelsey approached, Isaac held his arms open. She was walking slowly, slightly unsteady on her non-designer heels and swinging a (bought on consignment) Kate Spade purse in her left hand. A gentle breeze ruffled her long blonde hair – wait, wasn’t her hair brown? - around her shoulders. Isaac began to smile, anticipating the warmth of her lean body in his arms. He briefly wondered whether he should check that the coast was clear and Marina Ruiz wasn’t going to make one of her [...]

    2. Oh, Lauren Barnholdt, you’ve done it again: you’ve managed to write two-dimensional stereotypes. I didn’t think it was possible after Two-Way Street and Sometimes it Happens. But here we’ve got girl with low self esteem who still manages to be an “uptight” snob. That’s Kelsey, who looks down at everyone in her public school for either being dumb, for having an ugly purse, for being a “bimbo”, or for just not living up to her standards. Oh, or just for being at public school to [...]

    3. When I began reading The Thing About the Truth, I was looking for, well, fluff. I wanted romantic high school drama as a respite from the more serious books I had been reading recently, so it's not like I was expecting a life-altering read or anything. But even with relatively low expectations, this book was a huge let-down for me.I had read Two-Way Street a few years back, and although I didn't particularly love it, I do remember wanting to know what the twist was and to see the relationship be [...]

    4. One of my favorite things about life (yes LIFE) are the contemporary YA writers that put out great book after great book. You know the ones - Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols. I haven't been on the Lauren Barnholdt train for very long (her book last year was the first I've read), but after reading The Thing About the Truth I am fairly certain she can be put on this epic list as well.Full Review: chickloveslit/2012/06/revi

    5. Mon avis sur le blog: read-listen-feelyrock/Même plus d'une semaine après avoir terminé ce livre, je suis toujours aussi incertaine de la critique que je dois en faire. The thing about the truth est le deuxième livre de Lauren Barnholdt que je lis et j'avais adoré le premier qui était Two-way street (ma chronique). Je l'avais totalement dévoré et je me disais que ce serait sûrement la même chose pour tous les livres de cette auteure. Je m'étais malheureusement trompée.Kelsey et Isaac [...]

    6. The thing about this book was that it lacked any real conflict. The big lie and the catastrophic outcome of Face it Down Day was a huge letdown. The "conflict" was so stupid that it was laughable, and kind of offensive. Basically, Kelsey and Isaac meet as new kids on their first day at a public high school (hooray for originality!). They start off as frenemies, and then turn into BF-GF (definitely haven’t seen that before!). The narrative switches back and forth from Kelsey’s POV from "BEFOR [...]

    7. I loved Two-Way Street, I can't wait to read this one by Lauren Barnholdt!I loved The Thing About the Truth. It was interesting to read the story from both the point of view of Kelsey and Issac and also reading about the aftermath and what happened in the events leading up to the aftermath at the same time. The plot wasn't as serious as you would think it was, there were a lot of jokes and thugs that would make you smile. The whole point of the story, I think, is that no matter how big or little [...]

    8. [Review Originally Posted on Rather Be Reading]The Thing About the Truth revolves around the tense, abrasive relationship between Kelsey and Isaac. Kelsey is, at heart, a really good girl. Isaac acts out to capture the attention of his self-centered politician dad. Isaac and Kelsey’s meeting is nothing short of awkward. They’re both new to the public school, but upon seeing Isaac, Kelsey makes quick judgments about the type of guy he is and writes him off. She wants to fly under the radar so [...]

    9. He’s so hot that it kind of takes my breath away. Of course, I’ve probably been reading too many romance novels. that is Isaac Brandano for you. :) if he was in my high school i would probably have a crush on him too. I mean he's kind of a jerk but a very sweet jerk. He's nice to look at too. I really like this story! You know the feeling of some kind of cozy rain inside your system and it's making you blissful or something? That's how i felt. Also, i couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to kn [...]

    10. Actual rating - 2.5It took me ages to get into this, so I felt bored for the majority of it unfortunately. I wasn't a fan of the characters either, which didn't help.Overall, Not a read I enjoyed.

    11. “And that's when I realize the thing about the truth. It always comes out, no matter what you do.” I can't believe I finished two books in one sitting -Jennifer Echols' Such a Rush and this one. This one is shorter, and with more humor compare to the former - and this book made me cry. Argh!I love Lauren Barnholdt because she can write a short novel that can shake her readers. You can finishThe Thing About The Truthin one sitting, and reach for the next one, but her novel can stick inside yo [...]

    12. Well, I'm kind of disapppointed in this one.Sure, it's a cute, quick read, but it's kind of superficial. It was fun, but there are too many open ends, problems left unsolved. Their relationship went way too fast, too. One minute, they're all about hating on each other, and suddenly they're kissing. Next, they suddenly know things about each other, can read each other like they've known each other for ages and then they start 'loving' each other which is just strange.Isaac is supposed to be this [...]

    13. I don't know why I even bothered.Honestly.I read Sometimes It Happens which is by the same author and I gave it 1 star. I really didn't like the novel but when this book came in from the library I thought I would give the author another chance. But I really shouldn't have bothered because I hated this one even more! First off, when you absolutely HATE the main love interest, it really destroys a romance novel. It was like reading Lola and the boy next door all over again but at least Cricket was [...]

    14. This is the second book I've read by this author and I feel like both times the endings are left so open that there is enough room for a sequel. This time especially. I don't mind an ending left a little open for you to decide for yourself which way the characters go but this felt almost as if parts of the plot were left unresolved. That's my rant. Otherwise, I liked it. Fast paced, funny, realistic dialogue between teenagers. Good.

    15. I love this book so much that I am not going to admit how upsetting it is that the "villain" (not really but I can't think of anything else to call her) has my name. It was disconcerting as hell and caused serious identity problems for me, but, I loved this book nonetheless. I loved the dueling POVs, I loved Isaac, I loved Kelsey, I loved Marshall, I loved Chloe, I loathed Marina Ruiz *cough, cough* and Rielle. This is one of the funniest and most romantic YA reads ever. No lie.

    16. 3.5 starsIt was a simple read that i could not put down and the premise of the story was great little lie can change everything! However the writing style took some getting used to and i feel that the plot was lacking in some areas.

    17. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Thing About the Truth by Lauren BarnholdtPublisher: Simon PulsePublication Date: July 10, 2012Rating: 2 starsSource: Public librarySummary (from ):In this humorous love story from the author of "Two-Way Street", an unlikely romance is the best sort of surprise—but the wrong secret can ruin everything. Kelsey’s not going to let one mistake ruin her life. Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and all her old friends are shutting her out. But [...]

    18. The Thing About The Truth is told from the perspectives of Isaac and Kelsey. It’s told before and after the incident (Face It Down Day) in both of their perspectives. It was pretty cool that there were four mini stories in one book. But the idea was typical and boring, nothing stood out. The characters were choppy and annoying, I felt like Lauren Barnholdt didn’t develop her characters well and that the main characters were contradicting themselves as well as boring. Without many facts about [...]

    19. The thing about the truth was an unexpected choice for me…It was a very promising book, with good plot, and likeable (ish) characteristics…It's just that the ending was a BIG disappointment, and the main problem that you eventually find out about was blemish….I was expecting something bigger, and more of a dilemma that leaves your mouth hanging for about an hour, or twoTo me, the dilemma that the author created, was a little bit childish, And if I really wanted to read a book like that, I [...]

    20. This review also appears on my blog: World of BooksReview: Initially there was two reasons I picked up this book: I liked the title, and while the cover looked a little awkward, I really liked it. I try not to base what I'm going to read purely because of a cover but in this case I'm happy I did.“The thing about me and books is that whichever one I’m reading always reminds me of whatever’s happening in my life during that time.”I really liked Kelsey but there were something about her tha [...]

    21. 2.5/5I was on the fence about this one, thinking that maybe the pair of them were written the way they were in a play to make it more “edgy,” but not too edgy. You know, edgy in the way that neither of the leads is that sympathetic? Let’s face it. She’s too uptight; he’d act like an entitled ass. Plus, he could say some of the most atrocious things, while she could behave in equally insensitive manner. I felt that there really wasn’t anything to dig deep for; that they’d eventually [...]

    22. Actual Rating: 3.5So Lauren Barnholdt has this way of making characters who can act extremely ridiculous at times yet you still love them. Kelsey and Noah are no exception. Their adventure never failed to make me laugh. I was quite entertained while reading this novel and I didn't want to put it down!The story is told in "Before" and "Aftermath" chapters. I really liked this style because (a)not a lot of books are told this way and (b)it made it feel like a t.v. show or something. B probably doe [...]

    23. Read more reviews like this at lovelybooksblog!From page one I was completely enthralled with The Thing About the Truth. I could hardly put this book down, the story switching back and forth between the “Aftermath” and the “Before” as well as alternating points of view between Isaac and Kelsey, kept an otherwise mundane plot line fresh and exciting.My favorite part of the novel was the alternating perspectives between Isaac and Kelsey, I love being able to see into more than once charact [...]

    24. First of all I was completely intrigued with the description of this book and the cover so I immediately added it to my wishlist. The whole story was established around one lie and the misunderstandings of the two kind of stuck up teens. Don't get me wrong I love a little teen drama (obviously), but they (Kelsey and Issac) were bent out of shape over relatively small issues (daddy and anger problems) that never get resolved. Sure Kelsey beats the mess out of an almost-award-winning smart car tha [...]

    25. Maybe I'm getting old (I'm 23 but I still read a lot of teen stuff), or maybe I'm getting too picky. It was okay, but I felt we were really lacking a lot in character development and plot. The characters were interesting, even if the style of writing threw me off at first. Very informal, but I think a lot of people like that. It's relatable. That said, the story is really just about these two kids who start dating and their first fight. There's other stuff that happens, but we don't care about t [...]

    26. I recently read THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt. The main character in the book, Kelsey, just got expelled from Concordia Prep after an incident involving her ex-boyfriend, Rex. Kelsey is desperate to get her life back on track at her new public school, Concordia Public and just wants to stay away from guys, especially ones that will be a distraction. Then she meets Isaac, the son of a wealthy senator who finds himself in the same position as Kelsey, starting over at a new school. [...]

    27. I loved 'Two Way Street' but I got to say I wasn't too happy with how this book ended (disappointed). I dk I feel like there were moments where it just dragged. There wasn't as much angst & action throughout the book. it went from one moment to another real fast. I was happy to get into both Kelsey & Isaac's minds to see their perspectives on the situation though, so that was a plus. I really thought this book could have been better. I am happy though that Kelsey was finally able to move [...]

    28. I have been looking forward to reading this book for months, so you can imagine my frustration when it turned out to be a lot different than I expected. I'm usually a sucker for a pretty cover but this one is a little off putting, especially the look on the girl's face. Also, their hair color is all wrong and that irked me. Kelsey isn't blond and Issac isn't brunette.The book jumps back and forth between Before and Aftermath and is told from alternating POV's (always a win for me) and alludes to [...]

    29. It was a good read, Kept me engrossed till the end waiting to know the 'Truth'I liked how the book was written in a flashback-today-flashback kinda way.Frankly speaking, The book ended pretty abruptly The whole book was pretty lost, Nothing got straight to the point in the end, About Chloe and Dave, Marshall and I Chloe (according to me, he was crushing on her haha) Even Kelsey Isaac nothing much happened in the end Even the whole thing between Kelsey and her best friend and Kelsey and her fathe [...]

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