The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

Joanna Martine Woolfolk / Apr 06, 2020

The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need Everyone s favorite astrology book having sold over copies is now even easier to use with an interactive CD ROM This edition of The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need still includes all of

  • Title: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need
  • Author: Joanna Martine Woolfolk
  • ISBN: 9781589793101
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback with CD Rom
  • Everyone s favorite astrology book, having sold over 500,000 copies, is now even easier to use with an interactive CD ROM This edition of The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need still includes all of the detailed information about how to cast your own chart the old fashioned way and, importantly, how to interpret it once you re finished But the CD ROM in this new edEveryone s favorite astrology book, having sold over 500,000 copies, is now even easier to use with an interactive CD ROM This edition of The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need still includes all of the detailed information about how to cast your own chart the old fashioned way and, importantly, how to interpret it once you re finished But the CD ROM in this new edition allows the reader to cast his or her chart in just a few minutes by inputting the date, time and place of birth into the computer, producing a personalized astrological chart in just a few minutes In addition to revealing the planets influence on romance, health, and career, The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need takes a closer look at the inner life of each sign Celebrated astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk offers abundant insights on the personal relationships and emotional needs that motivate an individual, on how others perceive astrological types, and on dealing with the negative aspects of signs Readers will also welcome the inclusion of new discoveries in astronomy.

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        Joanna Martine Woolfolk Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need book, this is one of the most wanted Joanna Martine Woolfolk author readers around the world.


    1. In print for nearly two decades, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need truly stands up to its title. However, should you plan to make a career as an astrologer you will, of course, need further study. Beginning with the Sun signs and moving on through the remaining planets, as well as more obscure influences such as the Ascendant, Moon signs, Decanates and Cusps of each sign, the book is well thought out and the information presented in a logical and orderly manner In addition the author expl [...]

    2. The title of this book could not be truer! I had the original purple first edition when I was only a teenager in high school, casting birth charts for all of my friends who thought this was so cool. I didn't even realize until many years later just how much more I knew about astrology than the average person, as result of reading this book.In 2003 I moved into an apartment and in 2004 I moved out. At some point in all that ruckus I lost my book. This book is so useful, so valuable, and so essent [...]

    3. This book is AMAZING! I use it as a reference ALL THE TIME! I wish it came in pocket size (lol!) As a wanna be astrologer I find this information to be incredibly helpful and most importantly incredibly accurate. It has helped me better understand the basics of astrology and I'm not able to put together basic birth charts for friends and family with ease.

    4. yes , it was truly complete . although birth chart part was a little complicated for me .i liked it but not as much as love sign by Linda goodman . and of course it didn't contain Chinese astrology

    5. When I started studying astrology, this was the first book I read. Very comprehensive but simply written and great for beginners who are just figuring out what sign their moon is in. The charts in the book are not always going to be the best indicator for planetary placements, so it's best to go to a site such as astro or astrology to get your natal chart. Then you can use the book to help you figure what all those planets mean.

    6. Comprehensive and probably pretty good. I had a hard time with it because I don't know my birth time, so I ended up skimming a lot. I can see maybe using this for character sketches for my books, though. Gives a lot of interesting personality combinations to work from.

    7. This book was really what the title statede only astrology book you will ever need. It was so informative, without being too wordy or all over the place. It goes into every aspect of astrology, (sun signs, moon signs, ascendant signs); categories often overlooked, but equally as important as the sun signs. It even went into detail about the characteristics if you are a cusp. Overall I loved the fact that it identified the person as a whole. "The Sun sign is the part of you that is most apparent [...]

    8. The only Astrology Book you'll Ever NeedBy, Joanna Martine Woolfolk I am done from reading this book but to be honest I didn't read everything because some of the things I need to have another book to go into details.This book is a big help when you need to know about Planet, houses, zodiacs and even how to read your #BirthChartThe best thing about it is that the writer went into a lot of details to get it right and surely she made it interestingIf you're a beginner like me then this is the book [...]

    9. i have always been fascinated by zodiac signs and there background. this book is 600 pages of exactly that. the book gives a detailed description of each sign and their history. i was plesently surprised to see how many sections are in the book and how detailed the book is. the sections include: Sun sign astrology, Less well-known influences, Understanding astrology, Astrology in history and legend, Astrology in our time, An astrologers lexicon and Astrology tables for the years. Within those se [...]

    10. I can't believe this book sat on my bookshelf FOR YEARS and was actually my husband's before I "found" it this past weekend and devoured it. It really IS the only astrology book you'll ever need. I found a site through astrology.about and did my birth chart and with the help of this book was able to learn a lot about my personality. I even got a lot of my friends on twitter to do theirs. What I enjoyed the most was the descriptions of all the signs (Rising, Sun, Moon) and how they should be read [...]

    11. I love this book. It's a great reference for your astrological signs. You learn your sun sign, your moon sign, your planet, your cusps, your decanets (sp?) your houses, etc. You can even create a whole chart for yourself! This book is recommended for all to have in their library.

    12. This book is a good astrology-at-a-glance introduction, however it's not detailed enough to be the "only astrology book you'll ever need". The information about the signs isn't very in depth (a few pages on basic description, love interests, body, etc.) and a lot of it is to do with other aspects such as natal charts, history, ascendants, moons, etc.I was interested in learning about natal charts, but I remember that section of the book was a bit confusing and there wasn't enough information to [...]

    13. I truly agree with the title: with detailed descriptions of how to draw up your own charts, descriptions of every planet in your chart, descriptions for every house and charts to tell you were everything was, you can truly to everything with this book. I learned facts about astrology in this book that people would not believe when I told them. The only downside is the size: it is great if you are drawing up charts for your friends (as I was in high school) but it is an awful waste of space if yo [...]

    14. This is a good book for beginners to absorb some of the terminology used in astrology and to understand the nature of various zodiac signs. I found the section that combines all the information to understand the horoscope on a composite basis to be too brief and weak. In other words, the book does a good job of explaining what the position of each planet in each house and with each sign does on a standalone basis but fails to detail how to interpret the interaction of various planets with each o [...]

    15. A good book. I needed this for a class and found the reading easily absorbed. Her style is relatable and she provided examples of popular personalities that make you feel like you can see how the layers of zodiac attributes combine to develop more understanding. It is full of information. I didn't use the CD and wonder if I would have liked that more.

    16. I love the artwork on the cover! and my favorite part is some of the sign comparison to the famous. Check out scorpio. ;)

    17. I'm not seriously into astrology, but as a hobby I find it amusing and surprisingly useful. TOABYEN really is the book to have in hand whether you are a beginning astrologer or a dabbler like I am. I especially appreciate that J.M. Woolfolk writes from a positive perspective. There's no creepy insistence that we are controlled by the stars, only that we are guided by certain proclivities that we can use to better ourselves and the world around us. The author clearly explains complicated elements [...]

    18. If you have any interest at all in astrology then this book is the book for you. It's quite large and indepth, but it's easy enough for someone who is new with astrology to understand. It covers all sorts of information about creating and interpreting a natal chart from the sun signs, to houses, to aspects and more. If you think of astrology as being just daily horoscopes then this book will help you understand what astrology is really about. The part I really liked was reading about the cusps ( [...]

    19. Thanks to this book I've learned that my ruling planet is Venus, my sun is in Capricorn which is in my 4th house, my moon is in Taurus which is in my 8th house, Mercury's in Aquarius in my 5th house, Venus is in Capricorn which is my 4th house, Mars is in Aquarius in my 5th house, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Libra which is my 1st house and also my ascending sign, Uranus is in Scorpio in my 2nd house, and Neptune is in Sagittarius which is my 3rd house. And I really had no idea what tha [...]

    20. An nice book anyone who has given less than four stars is being over critical. The only short comings that this book has are 1.) The aspects for planets are limited (It views aspects as bad, good, and ok but not in those exact words. The only information that she can give you on aspects is the conjunction between planets , which is no more than 2/3 lines, other than that there is no help.) 2.) Recent 'planetiods' such as lilith, chiron, ascendant and midheaven do not have aspect information. For [...]

    21. Okay, Okay. I read it out of curiosity. SUE ME I don't believe that this is really true, however it was a nice read. You know, to understand how exactly they connect these ideas that strangers can tell me about my day with out even knowing me.For example: That I'm being a moody bitch today, and it's all because Neptune's moon and Saturn's orbit are in an alignment (I'm so bs'n here) and NOT because a customer spilled Merlot all over my new uniform and the other server I work with Jerry is being [...]

    22. Just as the title says, this book offers you a very complete overview of Astrology, ranging from explanations to time tables which you can use for calculating your Birth Chart. However the book falls short when it comes to deepgoing analyses. Compared to other books such as John Jocelyn's "Meditations on the signs of the Zodiac" and many others of similar depth, this book can turn out to dissappoint. In this book, it's completeness rather than deepgoing knowledge that thrives. Still, it is a ver [...]

    23. This is a really great book if you're wanting to get beyond the basic checking-your-weekly-horoscope-in-the-newspaper-astrology. Not that there's anything wrong with that kind, but if you're wanting to know about birth charts, love affinity, the placement of your other planets (Moon Sign, Venus Sign, etc) and Rising/Ascendant Sign, this is a great choice. It's fun and interesting to read, very clear and easily understood, and boy do I regret not picking up that copy I saw at the flea market (I o [...]

    24. This is my go-to for all things Astrology related. I cannot tell you how many times I have read and re read every single chapter in this book. I have physically BOUGHT copies to give to friends who show strong interest in astrology, because I feel that this book covers everything important, through and through! I love how simple Joanna Woolfolk makes it to understand the more difficult parts of astrology, that many other authors fail at doing. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is [...]

    25. Exactly as the author stated, this is merely a brief introduction to the huge subject that is Astrology.I went into it wanting to expand my knowledge on the topic of astrology, but found myself reading stuff I already learned on my own before. Actually you can easily find most of the stuff mentioned here on the Internet.The analysis of each "topic" was very concise, and lacked depth.I like that it clears up some useful things like chart interpretation, chart types, etc. But some things said in t [...]

    26. The depth that went into writing this book is phenomenal. It covers basically everything you could ever want to know. From Sun Signs to Moon Signs, to All other aspects of a birth chart. If you're seriously interested, this is the best book to start out with. Also, the "History in Astrology" at the back of the book was fascinating. Astrology has been documented as far back as 30,000 years and only during the time of St. Augustine was it considered a sin to consult astrology. I frequently look at [...]

    27. If you have a interest in learning more about Astrology then this is the book you need to read. It covers just about every concept, from your sun sign, the houses, your birth chart, planets and their affects. I bought this book as a birthday gift for a friend and out of curiosity I began to read, I did not put it down until we parted ways. It sparked within me a desire to learn more about the cosmos and astrology. the title is as it claims to be. Possibly the only Astrology book you will ever ne [...]

    28. The first book I found that quickly allows the reader to see the planet's positions on the day of birth. The geometry of our solar system on that day is shown clearly enough, and can be jotted down in mere minutes. Once the physics of that first moment are in hand, the curious can decide what Jung, or symbolism or mythology or anything else have to do with it~! Concise and unpretentious and groundbreaking when I found it. Thanks, Ms. Woolfolk for making an ancient science available for the 'unas [...]

    29. I liked this book because it is easy to use has very useful information almost about every aspect lot of things got on place once you understand the personality of a signI recommend it for everyone who wants to understand people betterI'm a scorpio woman i loved what has been mentioned about me which was mostly true i've realized more about myself too things i used to do or act subconcsiously while it was of my nature i've recomended it to my friend & she used it to know more about her vianc [...]

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