Grave Secrets

Grave Secrets

Annette Cascone Gina Cascone / Jun 06, 2020

Grave Secrets Some secrets refuse to stay buried Amanda Peterson has a pet cemetery in her backyard It s where she s buried all her family s dear departed pets like Ralphie the hamster Herman the goldfish and Sn

  • Title: Grave Secrets
  • Author: Annette Cascone Gina Cascone
  • ISBN: 9780765330659
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some secrets refuse to stay buried.Amanda Peterson has a pet cemetery in her backyard It s where she s buried all her family s dear departed pets, like Ralphie the hamster, Herman the goldfish, and Snitch the canary But when Amanda and her friends set out to bury a dead squirrel, they accidentally dig up a grave that s already occupied and not by a pet The scary old laSome secrets refuse to stay buried.Amanda Peterson has a pet cemetery in her backyard It s where she s buried all her family s dear departed pets, like Ralphie the hamster, Herman the goldfish, and Snitch the canary But when Amanda and her friends set out to bury a dead squirrel, they accidentally dig up a grave that s already occupied and not by a pet The scary old lady who lives next door has lots of buried secrets And she ll do anything to keep them that way.Deadtime Stories by Twisted Sisters Annette Cascone and Gina Cascone they ll scare you silly and give you than goose bumps.Hill Brand Entertainment has inked a deal with Cookie Jar Entertainment to distribute worldwide the first season of 26 half hour, live action episodes based on the Deadtime Stories books Grave Secrets will serve as the pilot episode s Cookie Jar distributes over 6,000 episodes of kid s television programming around the world and serves as a worldwide merchandising agent for the properties Previously, they were the producers together with Nickelodeon and distributors of the very successful Nick show Are You Afraid of the Dark.

    Grave Secrets TV Series Nov , With Tim Hopper, Kevin Dwane, Hillary Hamilton, Jessica Desire Love To unravel a murder mystery, investigators dig up secrets long thought buried, and come face to face with people who will do anything to keep those secrets in the ground. Grave Secrets Apr , Directed by Donald P Borchers With Paul Le Mat, Rene Soutendijk, Lee Ving, Olivia Barash A woman tormented by ghostly apparitions and a professor of psychic phenomena investigate other worldly disturbances and unlock the secret of a malevolent force reaching out for vengeance from beyond the grave. Watch Grave Secrets Season Prime Video Grave Secrets is a true crime thriller that asks what happens when a murder investigation exposes secrets that someone wants buried Everyone from jilted lovers to scheming spouses and strange neighbors has a skeleton lurking just below the surface. Grave Secrets Reichs, Kathy Books Kathy Reichs s first novel Dj Dead was a New York Times bestseller and won the Ellis Award for Best First Novel.A Conspiracy of Bones is Kathy s nineteenth entry in her series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan.Kathy was also a producer of the hit Fox TV series, Bones, which is based on her work and her novels.Dr Reichs is one of very few forensic Grave Secrets The Legacy of Hilltop Drive Rotten Grave Secrets The Legacy of Hilltop Drive Photos View All Photos Movie Info This made for television supernatural thriller was based on an apparently true life occurrence, detailing the Grave Secrets A Tangled Web, by Haven Rose Grave Secrets is the first novel of Haven Rose and is very well done This book is about a sweet love story set against a suspenseful back drop Ruby and Ryan are soul mates who knew at first glance they were destined to be together. Grave Secrets Temperance Brennan, by Kathy Reichs Grave Secrets was quite interesting in that it let us see a glimpse into her academic work that goes beyond crime scenes, even if a crime scene inexplicably linked to where she lives works eventually did show up I appreciate the clear respect for other cultures Kathy has. Grave Secrets YouTube Oct , A woman tormented by ghostly apparitions and a professor of psychic phenomena investigate other worldly disturbances and unlock the secret of a malevolent fo

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    1. This is a great kids spooky story. It reminds me of other great book series like Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark. A ghost story with terrific elements and twists.There are fabulous supporting characters and an engaging lead in Amanda. She is an every-kid kind of character who drives the narrative with her POV. You are hoping she succeeds from eh very beginning.There are great lessons here about forgiveness and not judging. Even a little anti-bullying message. This would appeal to most a [...]

    2. I'm constantly in search of books for my tweeage granddaughters, and my younger one (elementary school) and my surrogate granddaughters (elementary and pre-school). I'd heard that this series, written by two sisters, was a good one, so decided to check it out. If this book is any indicator, then the series has enough plot, humor, and scare to carry it along, written at a solid elementary to early middle school level. Older kids will roll their eyes and reach for volumes where boys and girls stop [...]

    3. This re-release of this series boasts on its cover that “They’ll give you more than goose bumps…”. With a group of friends placed in unusual circumstances, each chapter ends with a cliff-hanging, and often predictable, safe scare resolved logically in the next chapter, only to be replaced with the next dramatic chapter close. After all of these false scares, the story escalates to the real fear, then seems to conclude with a safe, happy ending until the final conclusion leads the reader [...]

    4. This is a nice book for kids, but even though as an adult you can engage with it. Its is a nice story, the plot is good and with a twist. Feels like its a Kid's version of Annabel, which I don't have any problem with at all. The end was a little sudden, probably I expected a little more, in the last chapter everything went back to normal after 27 intriguin ones. But overall, its a nice little book that me and my daughter enjoyed reading ❤ together for 🎃 halloween.

    5. Creepy story perfect for middle grade readers. I liked this book better than previous ones I read in the series. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Barnsey is a witch. If you let her get hold of an item that belongs to you, you're in trouble. Amanda's troubles begin when she puts a baseball over Barnseys fence and gets more trouble than she bargained for.

    6. I personally enjoyed this book. I loved how creepy it was and it interested me quite a lot. It was a short and fun read.

    7. Goosebumps Amanda Peterson and her friends are looking for a place to bury a dead squirrel, while digging they found a cracked and broken doll who must have belonged to a little girl who lived there before. They soon have their suspicions about the doll and wonder if has anything to do with their terrifying neighbor Mrs. Barns. with all the rumors about Mrs. Barns being a witch and getting weird messages all around the house, they think the doll must be possessed by Mrs. Barns dark magic. This b [...]

    8. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF-AWARENESS"Twisted Sisters" Annette and Gina Cascone's excellent tale of terror is bound to keep children close to home. Amanda Peterson and her friends escape from the backyard of their neighbor Mrs. Barns, whom they suspect is a witch. They stumble upon a dead squirrel and dig up a hole in what has become Amanda's pet cemetery. They're careful not to disturb the plots of Ralph the hamster, Herman the goldfish and Snitch the canary, only to unearth something incredi [...]

    9. I got a copy of this book at ALA midwinter. Kids love creepy. The Goosebumps books in my library are falling to pieces. "Do you have anything scary" is a common question. Well, clearly the "Deadtime Stories" series answers that need. A mean old lady with a reputation for cursing local children. A doll dug up from a backyard that, despite its lack of a voice box calls out "Mama." A ghost who is seekingwhat? Revenge? Redemption? The main characters are children, drawing in the target audience. Lat [...]

    10. So I went a little young with my reading. I had this book since October where I picked it up at Comic Con and even meet the authors (so it's signed). What can I say, but I love it. I love the characters, the suspense, and everything in the story. As an author of books in the same genre and age group it was worth reading to get a lesson how it should be done.The book and story over all was great. Amanda, Jarrad, Kevin, and Laura are all wonderfully written characters. I wont give any of the story [...]

    11. Amanda and her friends find a doll buried in her backyard, a doll that says "Mama" even though it has no voice box. Then Anna, a ghost, starts appearing to them, saying she wants her doll back. The problem is, the doll has disappeared. Anna says Emily has it. And then the kids find out that Emily is the scary old lady next door who, supposedly, eats the heads off of rats and puts spells on people. If you like the Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine, you'll probably like this one. However, it is much l [...]

    12. Not terrible, but very predictable from an adults perspective. I didn't like how the characters in the book continually called each other moron or idiot or stupid. I think friends should respect each other, especially when we as a society are trying to knuckle down on bullying. I also did not find Emily's character the least bit believable in the final chapters.I should say, I read this book aloud to my 9-year old daughter. She enjoyed it and asked to continue reading the series. She tells me th [...]

    13. Amanda Peterson and her friends have always been slightly anxious about her elderly next door neighbor, Mrs. Barns. When they discover the body of a squirrel and a decrepit doll buried in Amanda's back yard, that anxiety increases to full-out fear as Amanda begins to think that she is haunted. Could the old lady be behind all her nightmares and the odd things that are happening? This is the sort of story best read or told late at night with the lights out. Of course, there's an explanation for e [...]

    14. I wanted a quick read that was somewhat entertaining, and that's what I got. This book is geared towards kids and young teens, between the ages of 8-14. I liked the story because at first, the reader doesn't really know what's going on, and that's what keeps you reading the book. As an adult, I figured out the plot rather quickly, but kids will find the story to be rather engaging, especially those who like mysteries and a little scariness.

    15. I really can't remember this book. All that I can really remember about this book is that I read it in about 5th grade and I liked it. I remember some bits and pieces of what happened but not enough to make a review about it. I think younger kids (8 and up) would like this book, it's good and worth a read but not really rememberable.

    16. I got this book as a gift and read it in a short time. It was an easy read, I don't usually read books like this one anymore, but for some reason, this one reminded me a bit of the goosebumps books which I loved as a child.

    17. These booksI have all but forgotten. I searched up "The Witching Game," clicked the website ㅡ and was shocked to see that I'd read it. And this. I remember reading this years ago I wouldn't recommend it to older teenagers, though but for grades between 3 & 4.

    18. Quick read, not a lot of in depth substance, however, very creepy and good theme of being non-judgmental

    19. A ghost, a "witch" and a broken doll from a "grave". Not too scary with have a happy ending. Good read for 3-5 graders.

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