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Sunny In her most stunning riveting unstoppable novel yet bestselling and critically acclaimed author Tracy Brown delivers the not to be missed sequel to WHITE LINESOn the surface it appears that Sunny

  • Title: Sunny
  • Author: Tracy Brown
  • ISBN: 9780312555238
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her most stunning, riveting, unstoppable novel yet, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, Tracy Brown delivers the not to be missed sequel to WHITE LINESOn the surface, it appears that Sunny has got it all looks, money, a beautiful home, a healthy daughter, and friends who love her But Sunny has a secret something she hasn t even told her best friend The truthIn her most stunning, riveting, unstoppable novel yet, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, Tracy Brown delivers the not to be missed sequel to WHITE LINESOn the surface, it appears that Sunny has got it all looks, money, a beautiful home, a healthy daughter, and friends who love her But Sunny has a secret something she hasn t even told her best friend The truth is Sunny is unhappy She still misses her beloved Dorian, and worries that no other man will evercaptivate her the way he did She dated some very powerful and successful men since Dorian s death But will she ever find love again It s not long before Sunny is chasing those white lines again And, when the truth finally explodes, willSunny abe able to put her life back together again

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    1. Was holding off on reviewing this until my boyfriend got a chance to read it, and he just finished yesterday, sooooBasically, I thought the book was okay overall. Definitely nowhere NEAR as great as the first, but then, that was to be expected. That first book set the bar very, very, VERY highI just knew the second wouldn't be able to compete, and when I found out this one would be focusing more on Sunny, I figured that even more so, and after reading the book, that sure enough seemed to be the [...]

    2. I was happy this book wasn't entirely Sunny's story because I really wanted to know what went down with Jada and Born after the storm. These two are my favorite, and as usual they have quite a bit of obstacles to overcome. It'll be interesting to read how their saga ends. Ava really surprised me in this book. Her actions have been a bit loopy, and I am wondering where her storyline will go. Sunny was off the chain as usual. This woman is a hot mess. You'd think now that she is in her 40s she wou [...]

    3. " White Lines 2: Sunny" by Tracy Brown has been a long time coming. When I first read " White Lines", I was immediately drawn to the characters. They had such raw emotions.I loved the chemistry shared between Born and Jada. I was rooting for them to succeed in both their relationship as well as their personal endeavors. Fast forward nearly four and a half years later and the characters I grew to love have changed. When I first heard that " White Lines 2" was going to focus around Sunny, I was th [...]

    4. Wasnt impressed at book seemed to drag on and on.e ending was typical.d it left you hanging abt zion and ava and born and jadaSunnys story was boring

    5. White Lines II begins a few years after the first one left off. I admits that I had to go back and skim WL, because it had been so long ( 5 years!) since I read the original but in the sequel, Sunny is enjoying life a wife and mother but yet still grieving the loss of her beloved Dorian. She’s come a long way since giving up her addiction a few years ago and aided by 2 stints in rehab is doing good. Except she sometimes misses her old life- the parties, the glitz and glamour and on a trip for [...]

    6. As the sequel to White Lines, which is an amazing book, I had high expectations for this novel and was a tad bit disappointed after reading it. This book focuses more on the life of Sunny Cruz and less on her best friend Jada Ford. Ever since I read White Lines, I've always been interested in the mystery of Sunny's life, specifically her relationship with Dorian and was excited when I began reading the sequel. White Lines leaves off with Sunny still grieving the death of Dorian and having to rai [...]

    7. Sunny is on her way to stardom, modeling, a movie in the making, her daughter is doing well, everything is looking up. She goes on vacation with Malcolm to Acupulco, and everything gets turned upside down. Sunny just can't stay away from those white lines. When Malcolm follows her to the seedy side of town, and catches her in a bar, she can't explain what she's doing there. They get picked up by a man who they believe to be a cabdriver, but he hopes to rob them. Sunny takes control of the situat [...]

    8. Once you started reading you couldn't put it down. Only reason it took me three days because I have been extremely busy but trust me every chance I got I picked it up. I love Tracy Brown's books. She is an amazing author. Read this series of books. I promise she won't disappoint.

    9. I read the original White Lines years ago and loved it. Then I found out, a few years later, there was a sequel about Sunny, one of the prominent characters. I wasn't really interested in reading about Sunny so I slept on the book for a while. Then I decided to pick it up, while off work this past week. I gotta say, while the book was interesting and I did appreciate them giving more attention to Jada and Born's relationship, this book left me a little confused. A lot of characters I wasn't fami [...]

    10. White lines 2 was pretty good. nothing to recommend but still a good read. Jada can't get a break to save her life and just be happy. Ava beauty, brains, and successful career but no man. Sunny so caught up on the line light she is only happy when high. born struggling to love kada with her deranged ass son. so many twist and turns just too predictable for me. that sin shoulda been seeing a shrink.

    11. THIS BOOK UPSET ME. But in a good way. LIKE. NO. Tracy don't you EVER. EVER, do that to me again. Tracy knows what I'm talking about. Tracy is the author of the book, for those of you who are like "who's Tracy?". Okay so I will try to keep this short, but I don't think it will end like that. White Lines 2, is basically the continuation of the first book White Lines, but it focuses on the character Sunny. If you follow my reviews you already know I made a turnt review for White Lines, so check th [...]

    12. *Sigh* where to start? While browsing for WL1, i saw this and immediately got excited. I didnt know there was a part 2. I waited to buy this as i wanted to re-read WL1 again and i knew if i bought them together i would read this 1 first. I was so excited to read this as i wondered in my head what happened with my beloved Jada and Born. I really wasnt interested in Sunny's life.The book seemed to not have as much "mmph" as the 1st book. It starts off ok, with Sunny doing her thing. The disappoint [...]

    13. I truly enjoyed reading the first book in this series, White Lines. While I knew I definitely was going to read this sequel, I wasn't too excited about it. Seeing as how this one is titled White Lines 2: Sunny, that meant the main character would be Sunny. I wasn't a hge fan of her in the first book, so I didn't really want to read a whole book based on her. Secondly, I REALLY liked the characters of Jada and Born from the first novel. Those were the ones I really wanted to read about, and I was [...]

    14. Reviewer: JoAnneSource: PublisherJoAnne's review was first posted at Romancing the Book's blog.This was such a stereotypical dark story about blacks who were drug dealers, were the women or kids of drug dealers; were drug users and showed how drugs ran their life usually destroying it or if they went back to using drugs after years of being clean did their family and friends know they were using again or were they kept in the dark? It also showed how the drug dealers or surviving families lived [...]

    15. White Lines had many interesting characters that could resemble to people in real life. I love how the author portrays the internal struggle that each character goes through. My two favorite characters were Sunny and Jada. Sunny seems like she has it all; she has the money, the looks, the fame, and all the men drooling over her. Despite all of that she was still unhappy. I feel that Sunny's sassy attitude really conveyed her unhappiness. Because she lost the love of her life, she goes to snortin [...]

    16. Jada has had a difficult life. When she was young, her father left and her mother despaired. She was weak and because of that, her abusive boyfriends took out their anger and frustration on Jada and her little sister. As Jada got older, she turned to something that would help her forget her ugly life - drugs. When that didn't completely work, she also prostituted herself.Jada wants to be something better though, so she cleans herself up. She's finally putting her life back together when she meet [...]

    17. So this book picks up years after the first one ends.We find that Sunny is actually living the life she has always dreamed of. However, she still is not happy. She is 40 years old and still trying to live life like she is a young socialite. However, just as the book is titled, those "White Lines" come back and mess Sunny up. After years of being clean, she loses the battle and starts snorting again. Now let me move on to Jada. I am so proud of Jada for not going back to those "White Lines", howe [...]

    18. Loved itI can't wait to read part 3. I have to know where everybody ends up after all this drama. Especially sunny and jada.

    19. WowSunny leads the reader. Following her in life leads to trouble. Great part two to White Lines. Ready to learn what happens to Born, Sunny and everyone else.

    20. I was reluctant to read this book after hearing so many bad reviews. I had the book for over a year before I actually read it. I did not want to read it and have the first book ruined by the sequel. I actually really liked the book, at first Sunny annoyed me, she was very unlikeable but towards the end of the book I began to understand her character and Sunny's line" I'm hennessy,chicken wings and hip-hop" was my first laugh out loud in the White line series. I think Tracey did a good job of lin [...]

    21. 3.5 Don't let the rating fool you. If you ever intend to get to the third installment, this one is absolutely necessary. And you WANT to get to the third installment. So this was mostly about Sunny which at first I didn't like because to me, it didn't seem congruent with the first installment. Because let's be real, we like Sunny, but we fell in love with Jada and Born. They are in this second installment along with other characters that Brown adds. I did like the blossoming story of Zion, Olivi [...]

    22. White Lines II is book had me excited when I got it because of course the first one was definitely a page turner. However, I was a bit annoyed in this sequel but with that being said I do hope there will be a next one to finally give closure. -sigh- I definitely did not like the ending of this book, I couldn't believe Jada and Born don't actually get married I was hoping this book ended with their wedding -- Anyway Sunny goes right back into those white lines that she loves so much and it ended [...]

    23. Great story line, but I would of enjoyed it more if Tracy touched up a little bit more of the gap between the first book and the last book. It was a 10 year difference in the story line and I wished she had gone a little more into detail. The book was a page turner I will tell you that, I enjoyed it very much, great detail of suspense, erotica and wonder, but I did not like the end at all. I wish the book was a bit longer to sort of tell what had happened because the ending keeps you thirsting f [...]

    24. On the surface, it appears that Sunny has got it all–looks, money, a beautiful home, a healthy daughter, and friends who love her. But Sunny has a secret—something she hasn’t even told her best friend. The truth is Sunny is unhappy. She still misses her beloved Dorian, and worries that no other man will evercaptivate her the way he did. She dated some very powerful and successful men since Dorian’s death. But will she ever find love again?It’s not long before Sunny is chasing those whi [...]

    25. Well it was a good read, slow at times, but still good. I will say it wasn't better than the first one though. Sunny was very weak. Here you have a twelve year old daughter and a career and yet she still found her way back to using cocaine. I don't think that Born and Jada could ever be together because they seem to keep running into problems even though this particular problem I felt that Born should've stepped up and tried to help Jada with instead of having doubts. I don't want to give away t [...]

    26. This book didn't grab me like the first one did. It started off kinda slow and pick up here and there. My heart went out to Jada and Sheldon poor things, I hope she don't fall back into that life like Sunny did. And she is crazy gone let a good thing slip right thru her fingers. A lot of women would die for a man like Malcolm or half way decent. Most women mess up that way,they have a good man by they side, meaning he works, take care of his kid and possibly hers, but no she still want that fast [...]

    27. Just got done reading White Lines written by Tracy Brown it was good but it wasn't as good as the first book. First off in the first book Born and Jada relationship was so cute this book it was like it was forced. I thought it was cute when Born proposed but I just wasn't feeling their relationship I don't think thats where Born wanted to be. But Seldon and Mercedes relationship was so cute I love their relationship. I would liked to hear more about Zion and jada sister . Tracy Brown left so muc [...]

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