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BZRK Set in the near future BZRK is the story of a war for control of the human mind Charles and Benjamin Armstrong conjoined twins and owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation have a goal to tur

  • Title: BZRK
  • Author: MichaelGrant
  • ISBN: 9781606843123
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in the near future, BZRK is the story of a war for control of the human mind Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, conjoined twins and owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, have a goal to turn the world into their vision of utopia No wars, no conflict, no hunger And no free will Opposing them is a guerrilla group of teens, code name BZRK, who are fightinSet in the near future, BZRK is the story of a war for control of the human mind Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, conjoined twins and owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, have a goal to turn the world into their vision of utopia No wars, no conflict, no hunger And no free will Opposing them is a guerrilla group of teens, code name BZRK, who are fighting to protect the right to be messed up, to be human This is no ordinary war, though Weapons are deployed on the nano level The battleground is the human brain And there are no stalemates here It s victory or madnessRK unfolds with hurricane force around core themes of conspiracy and mystery, insanity and changing realities, engagement and empowerment, and the larger impact of personal choice Which side would you choose How far would you go to win

    BZRK BZRK, by Michael Grant Feb , Opposing them is a guerrilla group of teens, code name BZRK, who are fighting to protect the right to be messed up, to be human This is no ordinary war, though We Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, conjoined twins and owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, have a goal to turn the world into their vision of utopia. BZRK BZRK is a book series written by Michael Grant.The series consists of four books BZRK, BZRK II Reloaded, BZRK III Apocalypse and BZRK Origins the prequel to the series The series follows the interaction between two warring factions On one side Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation have a goal to turn the world into their version of utopia. BZRK A team of gifted teens control biological nanobot robots warriors and they battle another group that is controlled by conjoined twins whose nanobots are brainwashing world leaders. BZRK Series by Michael Grant BZRK is a book series written by Michael Grant. BZKR Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia BZRK Berserk by Michael Grant, New York Times best selling author of the GONE series, ramps up the action and suspense to a whole new level of excitement Set in the near future, BZRK is the story of a war for control of the human mind. BZRK Records Label Releases Discogs Bzrk records was founded by Bertocucci Feranzano in Feranzano s Attic Bzrk records will contain hardcore in all possible ways, that means happy or aggresive and from producers all over the world. Black Magic Supply BZRK Pre Workout Super Natty Black Magic Supply is a leading retailer of the best sports supps on the market Black Magic Supply was founded to help all individuals from beginner to expert who want to enhance their fitness experience with high quality sports supplements that will work to improve overall performance. YouTube May , Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Family Force BZRK Lyrics AZLyrics writer s solomon jerome olds, jacob jackson olds, nathan currin, teddy william boldt, derek mount, robert joshua olds, riley friesen, kevin burgess BZRK Michael Grant Our website uses cookies in order to give you the best customer experience and to help us make our site work effectively By opting in you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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        Okay, trying this again lost the bio I just spent 30 minutes writing So now it s just going to be incoherent rambling Yes, the earlier draft was also incoherent rambling, but way better I m the co author or author of about 160 books, including the ANIMORPHS series, the GONE series, the BZRK series, the MAGNIFICENT 12 series Mommy, make him stop saying series , the MESSENGER OF FEAR series, and soon well, eventually the SOLDIER GIRL series.The best way to reach me is at Twitter MichaelGrantBks I ll be honest I keep forgetting there s mail here Here s the thing I don t have an assistant or a staff I would, but then I d have to hire someone and train someone and give them stuff to do, and relate to them as a human being, possibly even care about them I m exhausted just thinking about it But if my handle is in the Tweet, I read it And once or twice a week I go on at random times to chat with fans I love my fans, but it s either be honest with you and be my actual self on Twitter, or fob you off on some assistant, and how would that be better I already have my father in law handling email from my ancient website I d rather be harder to write to but really be me, and really talk to you, if that makes sense Honestly, if it was up to me and I had the time we could all just hang out at random Starbucks Or if you re over 21, a pleasant cocktail lounge perhaps At some point there would be ice cream There must always, at some point in the day, be ice cream I also have a personal Facebook page at AuthorMichaelGrant, but that s limited to 5000 friends and apparently I actually have that many Who knew But I leave it public so if I have something to say I ll do it there I hope you ll give my books a try If you don t like one, that s cool, I don t like every book I read, either But maybe give them a try People seem to like them Now, my publishers want me to sell you on my stuff, so I ll do two brags 1 Everything I write is like nothing you ve ever read before in young adult literature I don t copy, I don t imitate, I don t clone 2 I know how to end a series And that s my advertisement Thank you.


    1. i think it was at page 178 when i checked out, mentallyrve fibers twitched, yanked the legs from nanobots, hurled others into flesh walls. what seemed like meters m-sub became mere inches m-sub as the spasm contracted nerve and wracked musclencent sent both his biots, half-crippled, but not dead just yet, no definitely not dead, straight into the confused mass of nanobots, plowed bodily into them with all the speed they could manage and kept thrashing ahead, dragging the microphages with them, s [...]

    2. I stayed up late to finish this and I really wish I hadn't bothered. In fact, I'm very surprised I managed it.This book was a huge disappointment. This is because I had high expectations of Michael Grant after reading his imaginative Gone series, full of exciting characters with mutant powers that draws interesting comparisons between the struggling society created by the kids and our own world. Grant's books have never been perfect to me, I have often complained about the lack of a decent femal [...]

    3. Edited on Dec 6th 2012: Can I just say, I actually enjoy the paperback cover? It's intriguing, dark and has a nice hint of a middle grade cover.End of edit.First off: Damn you Michael Grant! Just as I have a story in mind involving nanotechnology, you produce a masterpiece that surely makes mine look weak. I declare you the king of nanotech. Now on to my review and I have one question to ask you.What would you choose given the choice of free will or cohesiveness? Well, basically this is what thi [...]

    4. Exactly what a YA thriller should be: smart, complex, plausible, and tense. Grant doesn't pander to his audience--the bad guys aren't wholly evil, and the good guys aren't always admirable. The near-future technology is imagined beautifully--the battlefields of BZRK are what we would get--will get--when predator drones and nanotechnology converge. Sadie's a tough-as-titanium heroine and Noah is likeable in an everyboy sort of way. Grant's writing suits the story perfectly, muscular and propulsiv [...]

    5. A copy was provided by Random House of Canada for review! Thank you!Noah and Sadie are two teenagers living in a world where nano bots and biots live inside people. Yes you read that right. The nano bots are machine like robots that are so tiny they can live inside a human body. The biots on the other hand were created for medical reasons. To help people. They are also a mix of several different species that include jellyfish, arachnids and ants. Talk about creepy!!! There is a war raging and it [...]

    6. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO REVIEW IT. But a few things you probably should know: a) I'm a huge Michael Grant fanI like anything he writes, b) I went into this book knowing zlich, I recommend you ignore my review and do the samebut c) totally read my review if you want details. Because I will soooo give them to youCAUSE I LOVED THIS BOOK.OkayI'll calm myself. Slightly. (By the way, I listened to it on audio and the audio is AMAZING. Accents = perfection. I recommend Bolinda in [...]

    7. I know a lot of people love this book, but for some reason, it just wasn't one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I love Michael Grant (I am obsessed with the Gone series!) but this book didn't manage to surprise me or keep me very entertained. I thought the idea of the nanotechnology was certainly interesting, but I was kind of bothered by how the writing would switch into the nano's perspective and just seem to drag on and on with all these details about how disturbing/fantastical it was to [...]

    8. ***No Spoilers***As I have "seen" some things while reading Michael Grant's new title, I'd like to share them with you. . .if only in an effort to absolve myself of some of the horrors.By habit, I am NOT a sci-fi or fantasy reader. No, it's not that I don't like them (I've admitted this before and awoke to a flood of messages and tweets). I do, in fact, know enough about the titles I HAVE read to make recommendations in Room 407 for my readers who do read in this genre. And with recent offerings [...]

    9. Recenze na blogu - abyss-mystery/1301/bzrPo dočtení: To si ze mě utahujete?! Takhle to fakt skončilo? :D A já nemám druhý díl? :D - Ale všechna čest našemu překladateli, kniha je plná neobvyklých popisů a věcí, které se prostě jinak nevidí, takže si určitě máknul, aby to pak pro nás bylo stravitelné :)) -Malé zádrhelky BZRK má, některá rozhodnutí jsou třeba moc složitá či naopak příliš jednoduchá, ale jinak je ten nápad perfektní a Grant se fakt nebojí [...]

    10. **4.5 stars****No spoilers**This book took me completely by surprise. I really wasn't expecting to like it half as much as I did. I found it to be really fast paced and fascinating. The characters were great and I appreciated that it gave the POV of the bad guys too. I just kept finding myself really gripped which is always a good thing.The romance felt a little forced but it wasn't a major part of the book, and when it first started some of it was a little confusing, but other than that this bo [...]

    11. If you’re a big fan of Michael Grant’s Gone series like I am, and eagerly anticipating for Fear, then you are absolutely going to devour BZRK, the first book in his new thriller series. Where Gone was my entrée in 2010 and Plague my main course in 2011 (the books in between being complementary champagnes and refreshments), BZRK was my dessert – although filled with internal bodily environments, blood, bits of brain, and shards of bone, it was sweet and delectable the entire way through, o [...]

    12. Jak začít můj vztah k této knize mi nebyl pravděpodobně již od počátku přán. Nejdříve se recenzní kopie ztratila kdesi na cestě, takže se do mých rukou nedostala včas a já nemohla v požadovaném čase její čtení dokončit a přicházím s recenzí téměř s křížkem po funuse. Nicméně jsem se do toho vrhla a čekala na zázrak, jelikož tato kniha je opravdu ve všech směrech vychvalována a já si byla naprosto jistá, že mne čeká unikátní čtenářský zážit [...]

    13. Today’s review is about a book I am super excited about for many, many reasons (if you’re bored with backstories, just scroll down). First of all, it’s Michael Grant! Super talented author of the Gone series. Second of all, it’s been so long since I’d read a thrilling, gross boy book, it was about time. I was way too deep in girly drama books. Not. Good. One of the biggest reasons this book will always be dear to my heart is because it was the first ARC I requested directly from a big [...]

    14. „Tam dole v masu je divnej svět. A ze všeho nejdivnější jsme my.“ BZRK je zvláštní knihou. Neobvyklou, zajímavou, zmatenou a nabízející toho hodně do budoucna. S Michaelem Grantem nemám žádné zkušenosti, ale co jsem tak v okolí postřehla, je to dobrý autor. A opravdu tomu tak je, protože jak by špatný autor mohl sestavit knihu jako je tato? V BZRKu v podstatě najdete nový svět. Svět nana, svět všeho, co není vidět pouhým okem. Svět tam dole v masu, uvnitř l [...]

    15. [This review assumes you've read the book. If you haven't, you probably shouldn't read it. Or do.]I'm starting to wonder if I have the same condition Victor has, and am unable to experience pleasure. Because despite the fact that this book has everything (or what is generally considered everything - cars, money, explosions, government conspiracy, politics, and evil deformed twin creatures) for some reason, I can't push it over to 4-5 star territory.My issues with this:Character motivation/develo [...]

    16. I picked up BZRK because I love the Gone series (and feel that Animorphs may be a little 90's for my tastes these days.) At first the concept really drew me in - along with unusually brutal prose - an idea of battles taking place in the 'micro' and 'macro' was scary and interesting.Unfortunately I found myself unable to attach to the characters, they all seemed to be introduced the same way: 2-3 paragraphs describing a couple of physical attributes and a run-down on the 'sort' of person they wer [...]

    17. EDIT: Po napsání recenze, kterou si později budete moci přečíst na Fantasy Planet jsem se rozhodla zvednout hodnocení ze tří na čtyři hvězdičky, protože mi došlo, že něco tak nechutného, geniálního a originálního jsem snad ještě ani nečetla

    18. A good story that lacks in character development. The nitty gritty tech of nanotechnology isn't explained, although the viewpoint of a nanobot is described. The struggle between conflicting worldviews and thus the real world battles we witness are interesting.A very few profanities are sprinkled in and sexual content, though not explicit, is definitely prevalent and beyond innuendo, including a physical relationship between a 16 year old and an older woman. Homosexuality is openly discussed.Foun [...]

    19. Válka je věc špatná sama o sobě. Ničí lidi, pustoší vesnice a to vše řídí vysoce postavení lidé. Kde jsou ty doby, kdy se válčilo muž proti muži? Pryč. Nastává totiž nová éra. Éra strojů, robotů. A biotů. Díky nim uvidíte, jak vlastně vypadá smítko prachu z mikroskopické dálky. Jak vlastně vypadá roztoč, blecha, nebo oko? Stačí dotyk a jste pod nadvládou těchto strojů. V této „miniaturní“ válce existují lidé, kteří to ví a bojují. Oni tam [...]

    20. I’ve never read anything by Michael Grant before but I’ve read so many stellar reviews of his books that I thought it was about time I tried one for myself. BZRK is published by Egmont’s new YA imprint Electric Monkey and is unique because prior to the book’s publication, a six-month long interactive transmedia prequel was launched online, incorporating social media, web sites, blogs, video games and many other mobile devices to develop people’s interest in the characters and the story [...]

    21. Often, I feel there is a gender divide in YA with books either aimed at girls (the majority) or a few action/sci-fi for the boys. Michael Grant's new YA series BZRK though proves YA doesn't need this as it has an appeal for both sexes. It is an action filled, complicated and thrilling novel that left me anticipating the next addition and feeling like I'd been on an insane journey.Writing a review for BZRK has been challenging as there is so much I don't want to spoil for you and it is such a dif [...]

    22. See more reviews on my blog.I still remember reading Animorphs and wondering how the Yeerks could actually reach the brain through the ear. It’s not like there’s actually an open hole into your cranium. Um…Michael Grant has done some research since those books.A lot.Maybe too much.This was a seriously creepy book, but in the best possible way. Certainly not for the squeamish, though. It has its share of blood and gore, as his books are wont to do, but the majority of the creep factor comes [...]

    23. Guest Review by AndrewBZRK I’m not 100% sure how to describe this book as this is a well a hard thing to explain. But here’s my attempt. BZRK, the first in a new series, is about nanos and biots. Not sure what these are? These are nanobots and biots, the biological counterpart of nanos. And here, it seems the world is in danger from these. Or rather, the group known as AFGC, who want to “rewire” the most powerful minds of the world: the President of the United States and the British Pri [...]

    24. More like 1,5 stars.So, I absolutely love the Gone series, and I've been dying to read something else by Michael Grant ever since I finished Light. I thought Bzrk sounded great, and my expectations were pretty high. But, I didn't like it, and I'm so disappointed. I thought the story was weird, I was having trouble imagining the whole biot thing, and I didn't connect with a single character. I liked the ending, though, and it's the only reason that this wasn't a one star read for me.

    25. In England, Noah Cotton visits his older brother, an ex-soldier, in a mental facility where he rages about ‘nanos’ and berserk.Sadie McLure is at a football game while her brother and father fly in a private jet overhead, off to a meeting about their company, McLure Industries.Bug Man is at the controls, about to change the very course of history.And down in the meat, everything is coming together for disaster. . . ‘BZRK’ is the first book in a new and frightening YA series from Michael [...]

    26. Michael Grant je šprýmař. Tedy alespoň takovým pohledem se na svět okolo sebe dívá a nikdy nezapomene utrousit nějakou trefnou a mírně sarkastickou poznámku. Čtenáři po celém světě si jeho knihy oblíbili právě díky jeho specifickému stylu vyprávění. O svém dětství říká, že bylo těžké. Tedy hlavně pro jeho rodiče. Narodil se v Kalifornii, ale během dětství a dospívání žil všudemožně – v Americe, 3 roky ve Francii a taky v Itálii. To vše díky to [...]

    27. 4,5*Pokládáte si někdy otázky typu: jak vlastně zblízka vypadá ta prachová částice důležitě si trůnící na monitoru vašeho počítače? Nebo jak přesně vypadá ten drobný hmyzák lítající zrovna kolem vás? Nebo jak to vypadá v oku, lidském mozku nebo třeba cévách? Zda podobně jako v Byl jednou jeden život, a krvinky si při cestě tělem vyprávějí příběhy, anebo spíše jako mnohotvaré objekty proplouvající podivnou tekutinou? Mezi námi se vyskytují lidé [...]

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