Anders de la Motte / Jun 06, 2020

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  • Title: Geim
  • Author: Anders de la Motte
  • ISBN: 9788293035138
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sm kriminelle Henrik HP Pettersen finner en dag en smarttelefon p T banen P displayet dukker det opp et enkelt sp rsm l Vil du spille et spill Merkelig nok vet telefonen det meste om livet hans HP blir etter hvert dratt med i et virkelighetsspill hvor han f r utfordringer som blir mer og mer risikofylte Til slutt gj r han hva som helst for kunne fortsette spilleSm kriminelle Henrik HP Pettersen finner en dag en smarttelefon p T banen P displayet dukker det opp et enkelt sp rsm l Vil du spille et spill Merkelig nok vet telefonen det meste om livet hans HP blir etter hvert dratt med i et virkelighetsspill hvor han f r utfordringer som blir mer og mer risikofylte Til slutt gj r han hva som helst for kunne fortsette spillet Rebecca er livvakt, har st lkontroll p livet og karrieren Den siste tiden er det noe som delegger den perfekte fasaden Hun mottar anonyme brev og stadig ringer noen hennes telefonsvarer Er det noen som leker med henne Spiller et spill Spillet f r HPs og Rebeccas liv til n rme seg hverandre og spenningen stiger ytterligere

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      409 Anders de la Motte
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    About "Anders de la Motte"

      • Anders de la Motte

        Anders de la Motte b 1971 made his debut in 2010 with geim , which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers First Book Award He is a former Police Officer and was until recently Director of Security at one of the world s largest IT companies He is currently an International Security Consultant With his blend of fast paced suspense, humor, and informed commentary on IT and social media, Anders de la Motte represents a distinct new voice in Scandinavian crime fiction wild, playful and full of references to popular culture, including his literary cousin Philip K Dick.


    1. I received a free ebook ARC copy of this book from NetGalley. Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.Okay, here's the deal. It took me almost two weeks to read this. I'm not planning a long review, because I'm honestly tired of thinking about this thing and want to wash my hands of it. I feel that I owe NetGalley a review for providing the free copy, so here goes.There were some good things about this book. The premise: conspiracy theory a [...]

    2. I had high hopes for this one. I saw a couple rave reviews go by (including the Publisher's Weekly plug in the summary above) and I was intrigued by the premise.But no. Right now, I'm wishing there were a way I could get my $2 back from . The writing style is very annoying (it's a translation, but I suspect that's unrelated). The author has sprinkled inner monologue everywhere, ranging from outdated catch phrases ("As if!" and "Run, Forrest, run!") to juvenile hostility ("Suck my ass, mofos!"). [...]

    3. На световния книжен пазар е пълно с трилъри-еднодневки. Цяла редица автори, продаващи десетки милиони копия, създадоха доста противоречив имидж на този жанр. Честно казано, когато видя поредния нашумял трилър с крещящо наплясканите клишета на предната корица от сорта на "с [...]

    4. 11/2 - Swedish/Danish stories are over-running our screens and pages. You can hardly look at a tv trailer or check out the new releases without coming across something from Denmark or Sweden. Not that I'm complaining, without them I would have missed out on great tv like The Bridge and The Killing or fantastic books like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Game. That's right, 62 pages in and I'm already calling it fantastic. It's half gamer/techno thriller, half crime drama (at least so far).I l [...]

    5. On its GameGame is the first book in the Game Trilogy by Swedish author Anders De La Motte and wow what an introduction to the series. The whole premise of the book a game seems that brings in all sections of society that is a secret but with public ramifications, it seems like a crazy plot that could actually happen in a computer game, the problem is this is no computer game that just gives the instructions. It may sound a bit out of the box but enough to be real and happening as we read.Henrik [...]

    6. В Играта ти си звездата… до време: knigolandiafo/book-review/iНе е зле да си пуснете Prodigy (примерно ”Firestarter”), това е идеалният саундтрак за “Играта” на Андерш де ла Моте – точно тях слушах, докато я четях. Не съм голям фен на трилърите, но откакто прочетох изключителната “Милениум” на [...]

    7. Ora se estava à espera que o livro fosse tão bom como aquele filme fantástico com o Michael Douglas, enganei-me. É mais fraco. Mas não desilude naquilo que se propõe. Mais um autor sueco para juntar à lista de escritores de policiais. Já tenho o segundo volume da trilogia na prateleira.

    8. Το φετινό καλοκαίρι ήταν άκρως αστυνομικό. Δεκάδες οι τίτλοι που κυκλοφόρησαν, δεκάδες κι εκείνοι που είχαν κυκλοφορήσει τους προηγούμενους μήνες και περίμεναν υπομονετικά να πάρουν τη σειρά τους στην αναγνωστική μας λίστα. Ανάμεσά τους, τα βιβλία της τριλογία με υπερτίτ [...]

    9. Mwah, goed boek, ondanks het feit dat crime niet echt mijn ding is. Super geschreven, ook al was het soms een beetje onduidelijk en langdradig. Een puntje van kritiek: het verhaal speelt zich in Zweden af, waardoor alle straatnamen vreselijk lang en ingewikkeld zijn (bijv. Kymlingelänken of Torshamnsgatan), wat je echt 10 seconden daarna weer vergeten bent. Je oriëntatie wordt er zo niet beter op!

    10. Game: a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectatorsCourtesy of DictionaryLLCAfter seeing someone has left a phone on the train, what do you do? Do you try to flag them down in an effort to return their property or do you turn it on and consider yourself lucky to have found such a treasure? Before you can really figure what to do, the phone buzzs. Lo an [...]

    11. This book is the first book in the Game Trilogy by Swedish author Anders De La Motte. I got this one and the second book, Buzz, for free from Netgalley. I've read this one. I'm not sure if I want to read the second one.The premise is interesting. HP picks up a cell phone he thinks someone left on the train. It's sleek, shiny and state-of-the-art so he fiddles with it before deciding to look for its owner. The phone comes to life and asks HP if he wants to play a game. For stealing a fellow passe [...]

    12. The more "gamer" books that I read, the more that there needs to be of these books. I am going to search to see what other books are out there like this. This needs to be its own genre. These books are great. Well the ones I have read thus far. I have been lucky to read some good ones. I had this book sitting on my shelf for quite a while. Recently, I have read or attempted to read and the last three to four books were not good. So, I was looking for something to pick me up again. I grabbed this [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book! A real edge of your seat thriller! HP finds a cool looking cell phone on the train in Sweden. It keeps asking him if he wants to play a game and it knows his name. He eventually gets sucked into "The Game", earning kudos, points and money for doing progressively risky and illegal assigned tasks in the real world. He doesn't care why, he is having too much fun feeling like he is a superstar onli [...]

    14. Po dlouhé době kniha, o které můžu s čistým svědomím říct, že je skvělá, že ji doporučuju. Potěšila mě jednak zajímavou zápletkou, jednak promyšleností, ale hlavně autorův jazyk (v kombinaci s vynikajícím překladem a precizní redakční prací – to už se dneska jen tak nevidí). Vážně vynikající čtení, úplná lahůdka. Těším se na další díl a trochu se bojím, aby mě nezklamal, jak to už někdy u pokračování dobrých prvních dílů bývá…

    15. RATING: 3 stars.Acabar livros ao fim de semana é um bocado chato para mim porque depois não posso logo escrever sobre eles e acabo por me esquecer de algumas das coisas que queria dizer especialmente se se tratarem de livros tão pouco memoráveis como este. Passado um dia, aquilo de que mais vivamente me lembro sobre "O Jogo" é que o tradutor aparentemente traduziu "hard drive" por "disco duro".Iniciei a leitura de "O Jogo" com poucas expetativas se ainda não disse isto (e duvido), digo-o a [...]

    16. In recent months, I have read a number for fiction/thriller books that were translated from another language and were outstanding. For instance, Dark Days (as well as the other books in this series) by Manel Loureiro are some of the best examples of imagery and character development that I have seen in the post-apocalyptic genre over the course of the last several years. Game, by Anders de la Motte, however is slow, stylistically uneven, and literarily clumsy.I am not sure if this is due to a ba [...]

    17. I saw this book in a bookstore and I was immediately attracted by its cover and after I read the synopses it seemed a very interesting and promising book.The story begins when HP finds a cellphone in a train, and basically, in the first chapter, we find an annoying smartphone asking HP if he wants to play The Game. It took me a while to finish this chapter because I knew HP would play The Game (obviously, that’s the tittle of this 300-and-something-pages-book) so all that narrative was a littl [...]

    18. Sjećate se onog filma "Igra" s Michaelom Douglasom u kojem on glumi Nicholasa Van Ortona, bogatog bankara i samotnjaka, kojem brat da iskaznicu kojom stupa u tajanstvenu igru pa mu se svijet okreće naopačke? E, u biti ovaj roman ima istu premisu, samo što je radnja smještena u ovo stoljeće i igra koju igra glavni lik, Henrik "HP" Pettersen, vezana je za mobitel koji on "slučajno" pronalazi u vlaku. Uskoro se njegov život toliko zakomplicira, da on sam ne zna razlučiti igru od stvarnosti [...]

    19. Henrik "HP" Pettersson is an immature person who has no impulse control. He is riding on a train and sees a mobile phone on the seat. When he looks at it, there is a message to him, inviting him to join a game. He thinks his friend set this up but goes along with it. He's told to wear a small camera on his clothing and is excited that people will watch his actions. HP is given small challenges to begin with. These are usually illegal things like stealing a man's umbrella but HP doesn't care if t [...]

    20. 3,5Sākumā grāmata uzsita ''Erebos'' sajūtu. Likās, līdzīgs princips, tikai viss krutākā līmenī - ar filmēšanām, faniem utt.Taču, viss nemaz nebija tā, kā izskatījās sākumā. Grāmata mani apčakarēja pirmajā pusē. Par to, protams, plusi. Kas attiecas uz beigu daļu - man bija savas versijas par šo un to(neprecizēšu, jo tas būtu spoileris) un - pēdējā lpp pierādīja, ka esmu trāpījusi ar minējumu vismaz vienā lietā. Taču, pareizi nojautu arī vēl citu lietu. [...]

    21. Promising idea, but not so well executed! It had its moments of excitement but didn't escalate the way I hoped! The writing style, a little bit confusing but you can follow it after a while. The ending is pointing towards the second book.

    22. Viciante, apaixonante e ao mesmo tempo aterrador, se pensarmos que um dia isto posso mesmo acontecer (ou será que já está a acontecer?)

    23. 3.5 stars Translated without issue, this is a fast-paced thriller, an intriguing concept, though the characters aren't always the most sympathetic.Rebecca is a police officer, intent on her career, talented and with issues from her past she is trying to live with. HP (Hendrik) is ambition-less, an opportunist, egotistical. On a train one day, he spots an abandoned mobile phone and of course, takes it, but immediately finds his name appearing on the screen and himself pulled into a world of dares [...]

    24. My Grade = 92% - AFirst published in Sweeden in 2010; first English translation 2013.The book cover lists it as "A Thriller."I must say that this was an extremely interesting premise for a story line.How it begins, with No Spoilers.Our hero, 31 year old slacker and resident of Stockholm, Henrik (HP) Pettersson, is riding a bus when the person sitting across the aisle exits, leaving his phone. Never one to miss an opportunity to sell something that is not his, HP picks it up, and the screen comes [...]

    25. Kniha je plná detského správania dospelých ľudí, čo tejto knihe veľmi neprospieva. Hlavný problém boli pre mňa postavy.HP - správa sa ako teenager, napred koná, potom rozmýšľa, hrá sa dajakého hrdinu a potom sa snaží odstaviť celú hru, akoby bol nejaký hrdina z Marvelu (a najhoršie na tom je, že sa mu to podarí) Samozrejme len s pomocou šikovných ľudí. A keď tak nad tým rozmýšľam, však on nič vlastne neurobil (skoro). Rebecca - pre mňa úplne nevýrazná pos [...]

    26. This was way more than I expected but as good as I wanted it to be. The plot moves along at a great pace and even though the point of view can change so fast that you may have to go back and re-read the first sentence to understand who is talking, it was worth it. This was really good. The writing stayed true to each character and the "whodunit" stays in place throughout the story. I finished it and am still a little wary of some of the characters. I kind of predicted a portion of the end but th [...]

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