The Thread That Binds the Bones

The Thread That Binds the Bones

Nina Kiriki Hoffman / Feb 20, 2020

The Thread That Binds the Bones Laura Bolte has to attend her broher s wedding She doesn t want to go because her family has magic and misuses it in cruel ways even against their own Tom can see ghosts and rescued two kids trying to

  • Title: The Thread That Binds the Bones
  • Author: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781854873460
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura Bolte has to attend her broher s wedding She doesn t want to go because her family has magic and misuses it in cruel ways even against their own.Tom can see ghosts and rescued two kids trying to kill themselves by flying them off the roof of their school and has run away to Chapel Hollow to escape the ridicule of the aftermath.When they meet all bets are off for tLaura Bolte has to attend her broher s wedding She doesn t want to go because her family has magic and misuses it in cruel ways even against their own.Tom can see ghosts and rescued two kids trying to kill themselves by flying them off the roof of their school and has run away to Chapel Hollow to escape the ridicule of the aftermath.When they meet all bets are off for the people of Chapel Hollow.

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        Nina Kiriki Hoffman s first solo novel, The Thread That Binds the Bones 1993 , won the Bram Stoker Award for first novel her second novel, The Silent Strength of Stones 1995 was a finalist for the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards A Red Heart of Memories 1999, part of her Matt Black series , nominated for a World Fantasy Award, was followed by sequel Past the Size of Dreaming in 2001 Much of her work to date is short fiction, including Matt Black novella Unmasking 1992 , nominated for a World Fantasy Award and Matt Black novelette Home for Christmas 1995 , nominated for the Nebula, World Fantasy, and Sturgeon awards In addition to writing, Hoffman has taught, worked part time at a B Dalton bookstore, and done production work on The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction An accomplished fiddle player, she has played regularly at various granges near her home in Eugene, Oregon.


    1. Tom Renfield, janitor-cum-taxi driver, has always had some weird abilities - seeing ghosts, perceiving other 'currents' of energy but he's always tried to ignore them. Running from himself seems to be a large part of how he ended up in the tiny town of Arcadia. However, when he picks up a beautiful model from the big city in his taxi and sets off to take her to her brother's wedding at an obscure house in the woods, little does he know what he's in for. Laura's extended family are an ancient cla [...]

    2. After an incident where Tom Renfield had to reveal his abilities he finds himself moving to a new town to hide away who he is and his powers. Taking a job as a cab driver Tom finds himself picking up Laura Bolte and finding himself heading straight into the midst of a powerful magical ancient family in Chapel Hollow. Laura and Tom finds themselves drawn together by supernatural forces that the pair doesn't understand so now Tom finds himself a part of the Bolte clan that has been terrorizing the [...]

    3. I first came across this book just browsing in a book superstore. I was feeling a little depressed at the time and this book seemed to strike a nerve for me. I bought it and did not want to put it down as I read it. It is now a "comfort read" for me. It encourages you to think about your personal ethics and to improve them. It makes you want to be a better person and as part of that, to treat others better. I like the connection between Tom and Laura. They are in love, but they have no illusions [...]

    4. One of the greatest books I know. I have owned this book twice, and would get it again if there were any copies to be had. But no one who has this book and 'gets' this book will ever let it go. If there is a unifying theme to the stories I especially love, it is that of Power, claiming it, using it and using it well. Almost every character in this book has issues with their power, or the lack of it. Even more interesting than the portrayal of Tom coming into his strength is the development of Ca [...]

    5. The Thread That Binds the Bones is an unusual urban fantasy. It weaves a sense of the Appalachian extended families with modern times and genealogical magic & cursing. It tells the stories of those who fight to get away from family traditions and how one person can twist an entire generation.Read IT!!! It is a hair slow in the first chapter but it is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. It pursues the path of ethical right & wrong. Addressing slavery, power used for selfish purpose & [...]

    6. Tom runs from his job as a school janitor when he becomes a bit too famous for his own taste after saving some teens from their attempt to commit suicide. Normally this might not be a bad thing, but he saves them using magic and someone sees it and that’s too much notoriety. Tom moves on to another town and gets a job driving a cab. This town seems pretty nice, but he finds its inhabitants to be somewhat distant. He puts it down to a small town’s distaste for outsiders until Laura shows up a [...]

    7. One of the books that left me thinking a lot about the plot and all the subplots in this strange fantasy tale about an apparently ordinary man who stumbles into the magical family which rules the village Chapel Hollow. There are still things not explained or fully described in this book, but this is exaclty what I liked about it - it leaves everybody space to invent your own explanations and theories about that happened and why. A real treat - get your copy!!!

    8. As is typical of Hoffman's work, the characters in this novel really sparkle, and are ultimately what "made" the book for me. The plot is exciting and intriguing, as well, but I felt that the end was wrapped up just a little too quickly; I wanted one more chapter of denouement or something.

    9. re-read 10/8/2005re-read 6/20/2008re-read was in 2010 10/28/2010LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK -- I have the Bober cover, the Fricke cover and Common Threads

    10. I enjoyed this book quite a bit because of the unique magic and some very lovable characters.But I was greatly troubled by some aspects of this story. Which is why I can't give it more than two stars. Don't read on if you haven't read the book as the rest of this contains spoilers. (view spoiler)[The loathsome character of Carroll, and the fact that he seems to have escaped punishment for some horrendous crimes, which include the kidnapping and rape of young girls, disgusts me. Yes, I see that h [...]

    11. Love, love, LOVE her books - and this is the one to start with! This is the first NKH book I read (when it was first published, more than 20 years ago!) & I have since followed her & purchased everything she's written as it's become available - she creates worlds that are amazing, characters that are compelling, & stories that draw you into something astonishing. Every book of hers I finish has me waiting for the next, whether they are connected or freestanding novels. This is where [...]

    12. 3 stars - Metaphorosis ReviewsA man who can talk to ghosts winds up in a small town where one isolated clan has strange powers of its own.I've read only a few of Nina Kiriki Hoffman's books (including the sequel to this one) and stories, but I've liked their clear, evocative language, and their simple, unaffected characters. I opened The Thread That Binds the Bones with enthusiasm. I left the book with less.The book starts well, with the same strong prose, the same engaging characters. Unfortuna [...]

    13. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy this. It's a light read and it's on the lighter end of the urban fantasy genre (flying, ghosts, rituals, and magical clothes, but no pointy hats or cryptids, and most "magic language" is translated in text). It's relatively self-contained.That being said: this novel is very much a product of its time. Clothing, commerce, and the fashion industry are extremely dated, which isn't the end of the world--historical fiction is a legitimate genre. I don't know if th [...]

    14. Dammit that was so good and I wanted more. It ended far too quickly. T_TThere were a lot of elements of this book I enjoyed. I know its a bit weird but the kinda ugly 80s style book cover was what attracted me first. I knew twas gonna be ma jam. And it wiz. I love that 80s/90s vibe its got the nostalgic feels to it. Anyhoo right from the beginning with the spooky vibes surrounding Tom in the places he stayed and the way he met Laura it captivated me. The magic the family the disorienting speed o [...]

    15. One of my favorite books. Very interesting magic. Interesting people, especially apparently ordinary Tom Renfield who stumbles on Chapel Hollow not knowing of the strange people who live there and their ways with magic. However, it turns out he has some magical talent of his own, and he's welcomed by the ghosts who live there, though the living residents are mostly more negatively inclined toward this outsider. Things have changed in the relations between the Hollow and the nearby town, in ways [...]

    16. 25.11.2016 - 4,5* - strašně se mi to líbí, i když je to ve své podstatě docela jednoduché. Pro tu ztřeštěnou originálnost a naivní chování postav, kdy se objeví pár klišé, které mi tak nějak nevadí, a pro tu kouzelnou atmosféru. :)Teď, po druhém čtení, mi to začalo připomínat Ztracenou bránu od Carda. Nebo spíše naopak, Ztracená brána mi připomínala tohle, jelikož jsem tohle četla jako první a taky to jako první vyšlo. Jsou to dvě rozdílné knihy, ale [...]

    17. The Thread That Binds the Bones is a pretty hard novel to find. (It is slightly easier to find related novel The Silent Strength of Stones and so far, Spirits That Walk in Shadows has not made an appearance at the local used book store.) I had originally sought this book out because I had read and liked The Silent Strength of Stones and from there started looking for the Matt Black books and reading her short stories. (I also eventually discovered the LaZelle Family books when they came out, whi [...]

    18. The book is structurally very similar to other Hoffman novels I've read: a powerful, out-of-balance family is put to rights by an outsider or inside-outsider with the assistance of an unlikely metaphysical ally. But both The Silent Strength of Stones and A Fistful of Sky were more finely crafted, and therefore it would be tempting to recommend skipping to those in lieu of starting here.Its exploratory pace, as the protagonists struggle to understand themselves, each other, and what, exactly, is [...]

    19. I read this book and immediately loaned it to my daughter. It's one of those fantasy books where everything goes right. The strong and kind protagonist meets each challenge that comes his way, learning as he goes, and fearlessly ups the ante again and again in his battle with evil. He even dies and comes back. Yes, he's Christ-like, but it's all in good fun and other characters in the book are well-developed enough to carry intriguing subplots that do not pale before the Ultimate Battle Between [...]

    20. Very nicely written--Hoffman's a stylist. The premise is pretty much Zenna Henderson's The People gone bad, which is intriguing. Very readable, but I felt it skimpy in parts. Not that I wanted an explanation or backstory for the Family, or why they have Clearly Symbolic Surnames, but that the baddy was such a shadowy figure until the end, and it seemed the other characters were overlooking the source of the problem (which was perhaps established too early, or I'm too quick at guessing). Also I d [...]

    21. On one level, this book is a fairly standard fantasy romance. Tom and Laura, who share a range of unusual abilities, meet, get married, and fall in love. Laura's family presents some challenges, and the revelation of where some of those difficulties originate is a worthy pay-off. Howeverif you're willing to consider the story and characters on a deeper level, this book is about what it means to have power, and the many uses to which power can be put. It's also about family, and love, and learnin [...]

    22. It's much better than the cover makes it look! The family and magic systems she created are fantastic. Typical dreamy tone and setting that I find utterly immersive.However, there was a certain amount of squick involving how to reform child molesters? Magical child molesters. I'm not one for pegging a book down because of social issues, but the actions of the characters didn't quite ring true during the interactions, resulting in a "Yay! Complete resolution of all problems!" ending. It was her f [...]

    23. who wouldn't want to have magical powers? And here is a whole family of them. Although it doesn't sound like it would be fun to be a recipient of the pranks. (which is why only people who think practical jokes are mean and unwarranted ((like myself)) should be able to change things into other things and, you know, stuff like that).

    24. Wow!When he was young Tom saw ghosts, then realized it was only him that could see them. It didn't help how he was treated and he learned to keep it to himself. For about ten years he thought he was free of the spirits, but they started showing up at his job as a janitor in a high school. He saved two kids from suicide by supernatural means. When he was mentioned in the Portland newspaper he moved to Arcadia.Laura Bolte escaped her family in Chapel Hollow and has been making her living as a mode [...]

    25. Tom, a perpetual outsider, finds himself facing up to the powers he's avoided his whole life when he gets involved with a magical family that keeps drawing further and further apart from the small town it's been entangled with for its whole history, to the point of terrorizing everyone that lives there. He finds himself married to Laura, a daughter of the family who's tried to distance herself from her family by denying her own powers so as not to get caught up in their evil, and together both o [...]

    26. Those Chapel Hollow people are different, but it doesn't do to remark on it. People who do, well strange things happen to them. Best just pretend you don't see. That's what the people in Arcadia do. Best not to stir things up.Then a drifter, name of Tom Renfield, comes to town. People like him, but they figure he won't be around long. Drifters come, and drifters go. He probably wouldn't stay around long if it hadn't been for Laura. She's come back to town for a wedding at Chapel Hollow and hires [...]

    27. I started out really liking this book, although it was very clunky in parts. The writing seemed rushed, as did the storyline. I liked the characters, liked the concepts, and loved the way the Oregon setting was described . but. There's a definite but. Partly it was the rushed story, partly it was the simplistic way problems got resolved by Tom's 'why don't I just hop inside you and solve every problem you come across' ghost, Peregrine. Overall, the book just didn't hold together, and some of the [...]

    28. Loved it! I am a huge fan of this author. As usual, there are quite some psychological issues that lie at the heart of the story. I was slightly disappointed that Tom was taking center stage so much during the first three quarters of the book. Laura only starts using her magic more at the end and is in need of help a lot in the beginning. With Tom being new to the whole magic thing, this seems a bit off.

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