The Dog Said Bow-Wow

The Dog Said Bow-Wow

Michael Swanwick / Apr 07, 2020

The Dog Said Bow Wow Everything old is new againGreat literature has never been this much fun before The reigning master of short fiction reinvents science fiction and fantasy in a dazzling new collection unlike anything

  • Title: The Dog Said Bow-Wow
  • Author: Michael Swanwick
  • ISBN: 9781892391520
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everything old is new againGreat literature has never been this much fun before The reigning master of short fiction reinvents science fiction and fantasy in a dazzling new collection unlike anything you ve ever read Time traveling dinosaurs wreak havoc on a placid Vermont town An ogre is murdered in a locked room in Faerie An uncanny bordello proves as dangerous as itEverything old is new againGreat literature has never been this much fun before The reigning master of short fiction reinvents science fiction and fantasy in a dazzling new collection unlike anything you ve ever read Time traveling dinosaurs wreak havoc on a placid Vermont town An ogre is murdered in a locked room in Faerie An uncanny bordello proves as dangerous as it is alluring Language is stolen from the builders of babel Those strangely loveable Post Utopion scoundrels and con men, Darger and Surplus, swindle their way through London, Paris, and Arcadia.The Dog Said Bow Wow includes three Hugo Award winning stories and an original novelette of swashbuckling romance and adventure, The Skysailor s Tale Ranging from the hardest of science fiction to the highest of fantasy, this irresistible collection amuses and enlightens as only Michael Swanwick can.

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        Michael Swanwick Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Dog Said Bow-Wow book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Swanwick author readers around the world.


    1. I must first off state that I am generally not an avid lover of the short story. There are a few writers that I think really excel in the genre and whose stuff I will read without hesitation (Poe, Ashton Smith, Howard, Doyle, Leiber), but in general I am often underwhelmed by the format. Keep that in mind when I say that Swanwick’s collection _The Dog Said Bow-Wow_ was quite good, but didn’t blow me away or make me into a believer. The various “Darger & Surplus” tales (“The Dog Sai [...]

    2. A collection of mostly enjoyable and sometimes funny short stories representing a dog’s breakfast of fantasy and science fiction topics. Several Hugo winners, but that means next to nothing these days. Swanwick’s story telling is often better than his stories. The collection dragged in the later samples. Several stories feature Swanwick’s con artist duo: Darger and Surplus.Readers beware, many of these stories would be rated R for pornographic scenes. Some are inherent in the subject matte [...]

    3. A really fun collection by Swanwick, for the most part lighter in tone than his death haunted collection Tales of the Old Earth. These tales use tropes of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, and trickster tales but plays with them and the reader’s expectation of the story. There is great range from dark jokes, pastoral visions, to epic battles. Highlights include all the Darger and Surplus tales (three of them…I hope Swanwick makes of novel on them), who are con men in a flamboyant bioengin [...]

    4. Sixteen stories ranging from short story to novelette, from creational mythology to hard science fiction. Three stories in the collection ("The Dog Said Bow-Wow," "Slow Life," and "Legions in Time") won the Hugo, several others were nominated.The anthology demonstrates Swanwick's sense of humor and inventiveness packed in his literary prose. Not every story is great, some of them I simply didn't get into. But some of them are outstanding and the combination worked very good for me.I'll start wit [...]

    5. A generally likable collection of short stories. Swanwick Seems to like to patch together oddly matched technology and supernatural elements, borrowing from multiple mythoi, and incorporating non-human characters such as genetically engineered canine-human chimera or elves and ghosts.★★★“Hello,” Said the Stick This first story of the collection is really short, about 8 pages. It's a "cute" story rather than a serious one. It's amusing enough.It's set in a world of mixed technology, a s [...]

    6. With the exception of a couple of stories, I didn't care for this collection at all. But the few stories I liked, I really liked. "Triceratops summer" and "A great day for brontosaurus" share the dinosaur topic, but have a very different feeling. The first is very sweet, with a hint of nostalgia. The second is very short and a twist ending.My favourite story was "Legions in time". I can't resist time travelling, and the main character was very good. Pity the rest of the stories didn't really app [...]

    7. Swanwick's one of the best science fiction writers around, and perhaps unequalled in the short story there. He is both a blast to read and a genre bomb-thrower, writing stories (like this collections "Legions in Time") which pointedly recreate some generic styles and conventions yet fully inhabit them as well. I find myself fully engrossed (what a story!) and reflexively analyzing (what kind of story?).

    8. Absolutely fantastic short stories. Swanwick writes with a verve and imagination I have rarely seen in sf, and his fantasy is always fresh and fiesty. The only story I didn't love was "The Skysailor's Tale," which meandered.

    9. I still remember reading The Iron Dragon's Daughter when I was in Grade Three and the remarkable impressions – for good or ill – that it left on me. The indulgent mixture of mythological categories, nuanced understandings of gender and sexuality, and willingness to push genres into each other until they play nice (or fall apart under the stress) makes for good reading. I'll be the first to concede that it's not for everyone. (Maybe.) But before anyone else could tell me otherwise, Swanwick [...]

    10. When these stories worked for me, Swanwick's imaginative world-building, his humanistic optimism, and his skill as a writer combine beautifully, creating pieces that are memorable and moving (I especially liked "Triceratops Summer" and "The Skysailor's Tale"). When they didn't, the details of his worlds felt inorganic and clever for the sake of cleverness, and the characters felt flat and predictable - his often surprising belief in human kindness is still there, but the stories themselves just [...]

    11. 'Science fiction and fantasy's most adept short-story author reinvents some classic themes in an engaging collection that includes three of his Hugo award-winning stories. These smart expansions of traditional themes summon dinosaurs, dragons, peril in space, myths, faeries, and time travel, each undergoing artful alchemy to create serious genre literature that is playful, original, and clever. Comprising 16 imaginative and mischievous adventures, including the previously unpublished novelette, [...]

    12. (This was a Book Club book, and I didn't read all the stories; of the ones I read, my favorite was the Triceratops Summer.)

    13. Finished Michael Swanwick's short story collection The Dog Said Bow-Wow.Something I find really annoying about short story collections is that it is pretty much impossible to find listings of which stories are in which collection. Not even on the author's homepage, whose bibliography is horribly out of dateif you're stuck in a country where is is almost impossible to buy English books in physical bookshops, and you can't just open the books and compare, that means you end up with having stuff tw [...]

    14. A fairly eclectic anthology from Michael Swanwick. The last thing I remember reading by him was the ultimately forgettable Vacuum Flowers, which must have been before I started reviewing in 2007, since it’s not in my index, and wow, 2007 was eight years ago now.This collection gathers some of his more notable stories from the 2000s, the most prominent of which are the first three entries in what you might call his “Darger and Surplus series,” featuring the titular partners in crime – an [...]

    15. Yet Another Great Collection of Short Stories from Michael SwanwickOne of our great masters of short fiction in any genre, Michael Swanwick demonstrates the artistic depth and range of his talent in his latest short story collection “The Dog Said Bow-Wow”. Included are three Hugo-Award winning stories, amidst a compelling collection of riveting tales about dinosaurs in Vermont (“Triceratops Summer”), a deadly game of hide and seek on inhospitable Venus (“Tin Marsh”), an ogre murdered [...]

    16. The Dog Said Bow-Wow, a name of a story in this collection, tells a fair amount about Michael Swanwick as an author. The fact that it refers to a steampunk-like world where the said dog is a well-mannered canine walking, mostly, on two feet and conning aristocrats along side his human partner, tells much more. However, that only gives a glimpse of the humour and cleverness that Swanwick stories so deftly contain, not so much on the variety and depth they equal contain.Of the sixteen stories, thr [...]

    17. С Майклом Суонуиком (в России скрывающимся под фамилией Суэнвик) у меня связаны теплые туманные воспоминания по поводу «Дочери железного дракона», культовой книжки среди любителей фантастики, но это было так давно, что я ничего не помню, конечно. Сборник короткой прозы я в [...]

    18. A delightful collection of science fiction short stories. Swanwick's control of tone in his writing is remarkably precise, and I also liked his essentially sympathetic view of his characters (whether they end up happily or otherwise). The book includes three Darger and Surplus stories - 'The Dog Said Bow-Wow'; 'The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport'; and 'Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play' - and these were my favorites. Darger and Surplus are roguish con-artists in a post-post-Singularity/ ste [...]

    19. Don't have time to read the whole collection now, but I am reading the Darger and Surplus stories included here ("The Dog Said Bow-Wow" (2001), "The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport" (2002), and "Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play" (2005)) to decide whether I want to pick up Swanwick's most recent couple novels. I do wish that there was a function whereby we could track what stories we'd read in an anthology, or track ranges of pages read within a book rather than just how far we are into the [...]

    20. A decent collection of shorts.Swanwick demonstrates his ability to write both Science Fiction and Fantasy here. There's a bit of filler but Stories like Triceratops Summer,Tin Marsh and The Bordello in Faerie stand out. If you enjoyed this you might like Swanick's Earlier story collection .You might also like the work of Ted Chang in Stories of Your Life and Others and Paolo Bacigalupi's OPump Six and Other Stories. You'd probably also enjoy most of Robert Silverberg's short stories.

    21. Especially enjoyed the stories starring the confidence tricksters Surplus and Darger ("The Dog Said Bow-Wow", "The Little Cat Laughed" and "Girls and Boys Come Out to Play"), no surprise because I picked up this book because of their appearance in Rogues. Also liked "The Bordello in Faerie", which subverted my expectations based on the title.

    22. Marvelous! This collection of short stories runs the gamut across fantasy and science fiction, from ancient legend to speculative futures, always with a clear narrative voice and masterful prose. His characters are funny and touching and intensely human. Reading more of his work goes high on my to-do list.

    23. A very engaging collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories, by an author who I'd seen interviewed earlier in the week. On the evidence so far he talks a story with more bite and depth than he actually writes (he really gave an excellent interview), but I'm looking forward to reading the novels and seeing what he does with more space.

    24. I love Michael Swanwick's writing because he boils his stories down all the fascinating moving parts that make so many sci-fi books worth reading, without making you get to know characters your never going to care about. The people in his stories are usually fascinating snap shots of interesting folks in strange situations.

    25. A nice collection, featuring the first three Darger & Surplus tales, a number of stories set in the Faery/Iron Dragon universe, and a few miscellaneous sci-fi stories as well. If you're already familiar with Swanwick's work, this book adds to those series you've probably experienced. If you're not familiar, it's a good starting point.

    26. Short stories. Some achingly beautiful writing in here. Not all stories reach that level, but a lot do. Has a couple of stories that are expansions of material from the Dragons of Babel, which play much better here than in DiB.

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