The Silver Brumby

The Silver Brumby

Elyne Mitchell Ralph Thompson / Jun 06, 2020

The Silver Brumby Brumbies the wild horses of Australia hunted by man to be tamed for his use This the first of a series is about Thowra the Silver Brumby whose speed and strength save him from capture

  • Title: The Silver Brumby
  • Author: Elyne Mitchell Ralph Thompson
  • ISBN: 0588300677
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brumbies the wild horses of Australia, hunted by man to be tamed for his use.This the first of a series is about Thowra, the Silver Brumby, whose speed and strength save him from capture.

    Silver Brumby The Silver Brumby series is a collection of fiction children s books by Australian author Elyne Mitchell.They recount the life and adventures of Thowra, a magnificent pale brumby Australian wild horse stallion, and his descendants, and are set in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia. The Silver Brumby film The Silver Brumby also known as The Silver Stallion or The Silver Stallion King of the Wild Brumbies in overseas markets such as the United States is a Australian drama family film, directed by John Tatoulis, and starring actors Caroline Goodall, Russell Crowe and Amiel Daemion.It was based on the Silver Brumby series of novels by Elyne Mitchell The Silver Brumby FULL MOVIE HD Family Movie Aug , The magic of the mountain The obsession of a man The beauty of The Silver Brumby From Elyne Mitchell s international best seller of the same name comes a The Silver Brumby Directed by John Tatoulis With Caroline Goodall, Russell Crowe, Amiel Daemion, Johnny Raaen A mother tells her daughter a fable about the prince of the brumbies, brumby being a term for the feral horses of Australia, who must find its place among its kind, while one man makes it Watch The Silver Brumby Prime Video A beautiful, grand, courageous and daring stallion roams In the unforgiving wilderness of the Australian Alps King Silver Brumby is revered by all including his greatest enemy Man For years, men have tried to claim the elusive Brumby as their prize with no success One determined horseman sets off on an unforgettable adventure to capture the horse that could never be tamed. Brumby Wikipdia tymologie et terminologie Le mot Brumby dsigne un cheval sauvage d Australie .La premire utilisation crite figure dans le magazine Australasian de Melbourne en , qui dit que Brumbies est le nom donn aux chevaux sauvages dans le Queensland En , le magazine Once a Month suggre que rumbies est un terme de Nouvelle Galles du Sud. Willowvale Spanish Mustangs Home page of Willowvale Spanish Mustangs, a breeder from Kilkivan, Qld Dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish Mustang breed, Willowvale Spanish Mustangs has been importing the first of this rare breed to Australia since We have han Horse Jewelry EquestrianJewelry Welcome to Show Stable Artisans On line Catalog of equestrian jewelry Because we are exclusively EQUESTRIAN JEWELERS, we have made it our business to have only the most fabulous pieces of horse jewelry for the horse lover. El caballo Pelcula YouTube Jul , En un accidente de coche un joven llamado Shahab pierde a su mujer Este se sentir culpable de la su muerte y quedar tan deprimido que ni siquiera querr l Home Snowy Wilderness Snowy Wilderness Horse Riding and Resort Accommodation in the Snowy Mountains Experience the holiday of a lifetime and enjoy the wilderness of the Snowy Mountains region adjacent the Snowy River on horseback or just relax in our luxurious High Country Lodges, or our beautiful Homestead, or our secluded Cottage.

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        Elyne Mitchell is an Australian author best known for her Silver Brumby children s series, which tells the story of brumbies that roamed the Snowy Mountains in the Australian Alps, in particular a pale brumby named Thowra.In 1988, she was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her services to literature, as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Charts Sturt University in 1993.


    1. When I was a young girl, any book that featured a horse on the cover would be snapped up - regardless of content. This is how I discovered such gems as My Friend Flicka, Snow Cloud Stallion, and, the best of them, The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell.It is hard to review a story that was so much a part of my childhood. I read and re-read this book. I plagiarised it shamelessly when I attempted my first stories. I dreamed that I would see Thowra whenever we went out into wild country. To my brothe [...]

    2. HONEST TO GOD THIS SERIES IS MY ENTIRE CHILDHOODI loved these books so much, the writing was good and I was mesmerized by this story of Thowra, a beautiful silver stallion. I plagiarised this book so much when we had to write stories in class whoops. I went through my horse stage because of this bookI WANT TO REREAD IT TBH

    3. .The Silver Brumby was the first book i ever read that belonged to a series, i first read it when i was a horse crazy 9 year old, and was over the moon when i realized there were more books after this one and i didn't have to say goodbye to all the new friends i had made throghout the storyElyne is an amazing writer, she draws you into this amazing wild and free worldon bush walks i would find myself studying animal tracks the way Thowra wouldGreat series to grow up withi dont think i will ever [...]

    4. Perfect Musical Pairing: Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis (from Disney/Pixar's Brave)----------------------------Don't let the flowery-looking Saddle Club-bait cover of this particular edition fool you. This is xenofiction cut from the same cloth as The Call of the Wild and White Fang, with the only noteworthy difference being (besides the fact that this book is about feral horses in Australia rather than dogs and wolves in Alaska) that the horses speak to one another in actual dialogue. Big badass [...]

    5. This whole series was such a vivid childhood favourite for me. I don't think I could bring myself to ever read the books again for that reason

    6. Sadly, I was never one of those girls who fall in love with horses in elementary school. Apparently, my fourth grade teacher was; that year, she read aloud every Marguerite Henry horse book ever written, to my dismay.I wish Mrs. McKinnis had read aloud The Silver Brumby. I don't know if it would have had the same effect on me at ten as it did when I read it last month at fifty-six, but suddenly I'm in love with horses. At least Australian horses. Thowra eludes capture time and time again and has [...]

    7. Just finished rereading this - again! I love this story. I first discovered it in my city library when I was just a kid and would recheck it from time to time to read it again. Finally found a copy as an adult at the Tattered Cover in Denver several years back.I really enjoy this story of an Australian brumby from his birth to his undisputed reign as king of the Cascade brumbies. Thowra is named for the wind, since he will have to be as swift as the wind to escape men, who will want him for his [...]

    8. Reading this book in my 40s has been such a fabulous flashback to my years as a girl when I gobbled up horsey books on a weekly basis.The wild descriptions were just wonderful and I loved the free feeling of the horses and could really imagine the whole scenes playing out in my minds eye. It was somewhat spoilt for me as I am a writer myself and couldn't help but cast a writerly eye over the book which is perhaps not fair, but did mean I was screaming out 'where is the story?' at various interva [...]

    9. The thing I love most about any Elyne Mitchell book, is the way that no matter which of her books it is, I am so drawn into the story, I feel like I am part of it, that it is happening right infront of me. The sounds, smells, movement, emotion, just everything. Is so real when reading her books.The Silver Brumby was the first of Elyne Mitchell's books I have read, and since reading it, I began a collection of her Silver Brumby series, and it grows bigger continuously.I always enjoy reading Mitch [...]

    10. Ok, I know I'm making myself unpopular here but it would have probably got more stars if I had been a few decades younger than I am but as it is, I really couldn't get into it. Too much 'nodding wisely', too much human behaviour superimposed on animal protagonists, too many statements about herd dynamics/behaviour that is plainly wrong. All of which I would have been blissfully unaware of at, say, eight but just couldn't push aside at a-few-decades-and-then-some older than eight. Shame, really.

    11. My mum swears she had all of them, but I only found the second one so I bought the first, lost the second, found that and lost book 1, found book one again and have no idea at all what happened to the silver brumby's daughter. Anyway, it's and excellent book.

    12. I'm not sure how to go about reviewing this childhood treasure. Although I'm sure that somewhere, amidst the magic, it has its flaws, I am probably blinded by its nostalgia and beauty. Usually this would disturb me, but in this case I will overlook it.I discovered this book in the middle of a summer storm, as I was scrounging through the bookshelf, searching for a hidden gem to block out the thunder. Finding The Silver Brumby and seeing the horse on its cover, I immediately dug in, being a rural [...]

    13. The Silver Brumby books were my absolute favourite when I was a horse-crazy girl in primary school. I started when I was seven and didn't quite have the same appreciation for reading as I do now. Perhaps the word I mean is dedication, or commitment- I used to skip paragraphs, sometimes whole pages, because I got bored (or more likely, didn't get it). My mum got me the first four books and I kept reading them for years onward (and plagiarising them when I wrote stories). At some point, I suppose [...]

    14. The Silver Brumby is one of those books were you just want to keep reading it over and over again. In this book Thowra, a creamy palomino horse (described as "silver")is born in a wild, windy and stormy night, for that he is named "Thowra" meaning wind. His mother who is named Bell-Bell knows that great dangers that come ahead to him, so he must know the ways of the Brumby country.When Thowra is a foal, he is playful and,in a way, cheeky. Thowra plays and grows up with his half brother called St [...]

    15. The Silver Brumby books featured in my early reading days quite a bit. I love horse stories, despite my complete lack of horse knowledge. I've read the books, but I've never been on a horse. Thowra of course, is not for riding, but for the thrill of freedom. This is the first book, and one I haven't read for many years. I owned a book called The Silver Brumby, but have since realized it was a novel of the movie. It wasn't bad, but this book is truly beautiful. There is poetry in this writing, El [...]

    16. I read this countless times when I was a kid (in fact the entire series), and have just finished reading it to my son. Was really not as well written as I remembered, and so many typos too!, in my early edition! Still my son hopefully caught the Thowra bug.

    17. I really enjoyed The Man From Snowy River by Elyne Mitchell (the book based on the film based on the poem). I found this one was just too horsey for me. But I'm glad to have read it, being an Aussie classic, and set in the Snowy Mountains, not too far from where I live. I've passed the book on to a very horsey friend who can't wait to read it. :)

    18. A brumby is an Australian wild horse, and this tale by Elyne Mitchell is the first of a series, which as far as I knew was of just four books, this, The Silver Brumby’s Daughter, Silver Brumbies of the South, and Silver Brumby Kingdom. Looking on the internet now, I see there are more – maybe I should read them!The Silver Brumby of the title is Thowra, a cream-coloured wild horse in the Australian Snowy Mountains, whose coat turns silver in winter. The first book deals with his birth and gro [...]

    19. This novel is as good as I remember it being when I was a child. I don't think it's very often you can say that - usually such books are too simple, less complex and not as appealing to a more well-read adult imagination. The Silver Brumby has a brilliant mix of description and storyline, bringing the Australian mountains alive. Unlike other books i've read that spend a lot of time describing the environment (Jean Auel comes to mind as number one offender), Mitchell describes just the right ammo [...]

    20. I love this book so much, I love it from my childhood when I was first starting to read chapter books. I started reading it aloud to one of my partners a couple of years ago - it took us a while because I moved interstate but it was something we both really looked forward to. I really enjoyed the slow rereading, the sound of the words as I read and making the story come alive for someone else. This is a beautiful book, it's exultant about nature and freedom and wildness, but also family and frie [...]

    21. This novel is magical. I read it as a child, borrowed from a friend. Since then I hadn't seen the novel again, as it's been out of publication for years. I recently picked it up from a bargain bookstore and was pleasantly impressed to see that my positive impression of it wasn't due to my age. There's something incredibly compelling about Elyne Mitchell's writing. You find yourself engrossed in the story of Thowra before you even realise it. There is no conscious effort to make the reader pictur [...]

    22. I love this book. I've watched the animated TV series (petition here Petition for the entire series on DVD) and the live movie but unfortunately never read the book. Then I was at the library a couple of weeks back and decided to browse the children's section as well as the teen section (I'm 21) and found it nestled away and I quickly snapped it up.I'm just finishing reading it and I must say it is a magnificent book, I love the description of the characters, the description of the land and the [...]

    23. The Silver Brumby will always be a childhood favourite of mine. I first read this at about 7 or 8 and have loved it ever since. Everytime I pick it up I feel young and awestruck again. The writing gives a great imagery, helping you to see and feel the racing heart of the brumbies in their homeland. This book is a great read for those younger readers that are just starting to get into novels, but also for those older readers who can encapture the full emotion that is written in. Overall, this boo [...]

    24. This is a really sweet little book that I never read as a child. It tells the story of Thowra, a cream coloured brumby born in the outback that is coveted by any man who sees him. Growing up wild and independent, he learns how to survive and hide, leaving no tracks and disappearing into his hidden valley whenever he is threatened. He creates a legend both amongst the men of the bush and the animals that he shares it with. Fighting The Brolga, the stallion that killed his own father, he becomes t [...]

    25. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this story as an adult and not just in a nostalgic way. The scenery of the bush is just so vivid in my mind and the characters well defined through their actions rather than their monologues or the author telling the reader what to think about them explicitly. This is so rare in modern childrens fiction that it is refreshing to dip back into this story. I also enjoyed the biography of the author contained at the end of this edition, it made revisiting t [...]

    26. Recommended to me by a friend due to my insane obsession with anything equestrian-related. A book I would have adored as a child and one I adore as an adult. Set in Australia there are a few terms and turns of phrase I wasn't sure of but it didn't take anything away from this enchanting story. The map at the beginning adds a visual aid to the descriptions of the Brumby country while the glossary at the back explains some of those obscure Aussie terms.It has reinspired me to get a move on and wri [...]

    27. This was one of my favorite books as a young girl, and certainly my favorite horse book. I found it at the library and I would take it out time and time again. I loved the way the story is told from the point of view of the horses, and that it's about wild horses, not teens at the stables. I barely remember the story now, so many years later, but I remember the impact it had on me, and that the story had actual depth and meaning to it.

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